10 Best Autoflower Seed Banks 2023: Find Your Top 10 Auto Seed Banks From California To Europe For Beginners!

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When autoflowering strains were introduced in the early 2000s, the demand was extremely low. This was understandable since the plants did not yield much, and the potency was not impressive. Fast forward 20 years later, and autos are the best-selling varieties in the market. What happened in between? Advancements in breeding technology have made it possible for breeders to create autoflowering seeds with yields and potencies that match their photoperiodic counterparts. Other features that have made auto popular include;

1.    They have high pest and disease resistance.
2.    The short growth cycle (7 to 12 weeks) allows for multiple harvests per year.
3.    Their ability to automatically transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage means growers don’t have to stress about setting lighting cycles.
4.    Autoflowers are compact and short. This makes them highly discreet varieties that can be grown in small spaces.

If you are looking for the best autoflower seed banks to purchase premium seeds from, you are in the right place. This piece explores 7 of the best autoflower seed banks, making it easier for you to find your perfect strain, whether you are in the US, Canada, or Europe. Let’s begin…

Top 10 Autoflower Seeds Banks 2023  from California to Europe!

●    #1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – best overall – $7.45 per seed (click here)
●    #2 Crop King Seeds – best Canadian seed bank – $10 per seed (click here)
●    #3 Seedsman – Cheapest Cannabis Seeds in Europe – $3.71 per seed (click here)
●    #4 Rocket Seeds – one-stop-shop for bulk purchases – $7 per seed (click here)
●    #5 TheSeedConnect.com Autoflower Seeds in Arizona, USA- $7.27 per seed (click here)
●    #6 Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Seed Banks – $11 per seed
●    #7 MJ Seeds Canada – best source for popular seeds and personalized service
●    #8 Marijuana Seeds Netherlands (MSNL) – reliable seed bank and best reward system
●    #9 Rocket Seeds autoflower weed seeds – Ship stealthily to any destination in any country
●    #10 Crop King Autoflower Seeds Canada (cropkingseeds.ca) – $9.6 per seed

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – best autoflower seed bank overall

ILGM is a reputable, reliable, one-stop shop for stable auto genetics. The company started as a cannabis-growing blog but eventually became one of the best banks, with over 30,000 positive reviews. ILGM provides a large collection of cannabis seeds, tailored grow kits for beginners, tons of guides for novice and experienced cultivators, exceptional customer service, and multiple deals and discounts. Payments can be done via Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, cash, and bank transfers. ILGM offers a 10% discount on Bitcoin payments.

ILGM handpicks the best seeds from top breeders and provides a 100% germination guarantee. One of its popular deals is the BOGO offer, which gives out free seeds for every purchase. The seeds are categorized into different groups to make selection easier. On the website, you will find categories like ‘‘high THC, high CBD, indoor strains, outdoor strains, fast flowering, etc. If undecided, the seed bank provides mix packs.

The seed bank offers free shipping to all US states. It provides stealth shipping and a delivery guarantee, which means you can always be assured of getting your seeds. It also has a VIP program that gives members access to exclusive strains and deals, and discounts. Some of the top auto strains from ILGM include Sour Diesel, GSC Extreme, Gold Leaf, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, and White Widow. The seeds are available in packs of 5, 10, and 20. The seed bank has thousands of positive reviews online, with most customers praising the quality of seeds, after-sale service, and fast shipping.

ILGM takes the top overall position as it offers top-tier genetics, a 100% germination guarantee, a wide selection of products, excellent customer service, helpful grow guides, multiple deals and discounts, and free shipping. The seed bank is reliable and customer-oriented, making it an excellent store for purchasing autoflower seeds.

#2 Crop King Seeds Autoflower Review – best Canadian seed bank and best customer support

Crop King Seeds is one of the top seed banks in Canada. The company was founded in 2005 and has grown into a large enterprise with a 500+ seed catalog. This inventory includes classic and new-age autoflowering strains with varying cannabinoid composition, growth difficulty, and growth duration. The seed bank offers multiple deals and discounts and an 80% germination guarantee.

When it comes to pricing, the seed bank offers affordable prices without compromising on quality. According to hundreds of online reviews, Crop King Seeds’ top quality is excellent customer service and efficient and fast shipping. The company ships to Canada, US, EU, the UK, NZ, and AUS and offers free shipping for orders above $200.

Crop King Seeds is an excellent company to work with if you want a seed bank with affordable pricing and fast shipping. Unfortunately, the deals and discounts it offers are limited and do not run throughout the year compared to seed banks like ILGM. Crop King Seeds offers variety, a ton of helpful information on cannabis cultivation, and exceptional customer support.

#3 Seedsman – a comprehensive collection of seeds and good deals & discounts

Seedsman has been in business for over 20 years, making it one of the first-ever seed banks. This reputable company has a comprehensive collection of seeds amounting to 4000+. This means you can choose from a wide range of autoflower (1000+ strains) and photoperiod seeds. Seedsman collaborates with top breeders to provide stable and high-quality genetics.

The autoflower inventory comprises feminized and regular seeds with varying THC and CBD levels, growing needs, and yield potential. You can also pick the strain of choice depending on your level of expertise – Seedsman provides an option on the website to filter the results to make your selection process seamless.
Seedsman has one of the best deals and discounts. It offers free seeds with every purchase, BOGO deals, and up to 30% off on holidays. The seed bank’s reward program earns you points when you join or make a purchase. These points are redeemable on your next purchase.

If you are looking for variety, Seedsman is the way to go. The seed bank is reliable and customer oriented. However, it does not provide a germination guarantee, which is quite important. This is a good pick for growers who want variety and stealth shipping.

#4 Rocket Seeds – one-stop-shop for seeds from top breeders and good for bulk purchases

Rocket Seeds is a premium seed bank in Vancouver, Canada. The company does not produce its own seeds. Instead, it partners with top breeders and reputable seed banks (Beaver Seeds, Crop King, and Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds) to offer growers a comprehensive collection of seeds. In short, it is a middleman that puts top genetics in one place. Rocket Seeds has a catalog of over 600 strains, which includes over 50 autoflowering strains.

The seed bank stocks exclusive strains ideal for adventurous growers who enjoy trying new things. These strains include Bing Bang auto Intergalactic Budder Feminized, Kalashnikova auto, and First Lady Feminized. Rocket Seeds ships its products to Canada and 45 US states, and 2 territories. It offers an 80% germination guarantee and free shipping for orders over $200.

The online reviews are predominantly positive, with a majority acknowledging Rocket Seeds’ professionalism, good customer service, and product diversity. The website is easy to navigate, which makes finding your preferred seeds much easier. You will also find multiple guides that cover the entire cultivation process, from germination to curing and storing the buds. Rocket Seeds accepts multiple payment options, including PayPal.

Rocket Seeds is the perfect fit for growers looking for a one-stop shop. The seed bank brings together over 20 reputable breeders to provide growers with a variety to choose from. The bulk prices are favorable, and you can get multiple deals and discounts during the holidays. The only cons are that the prices are a bit expensive for small purchases and that the seed bank offers limited discounts.

#5 Quebec Seeds – exclusive seeds plug and same day shipping

Quebec Seeds is a Canadian-based seed bank founded in 2013. It has been in the business of breeding and selling cannabis seeds for a decade. During this time, the seed bank has positioned itself as the go-to choice for premium genetics. The company stocks a wide variety of autoflower seeds to suit the needs of novice and experienced growers. The seed bank also breeds an exclusive collection of seeds, such as Alaskan Thunder F*ck, for growers who want to try new, exciting genetics.

According to thousands of online reviews, Quebec Seeds excels in good customer service, quality seeds, a good variety of CBD seeds, and fast shipping. The seed bank offers free seeds for every purchase and free shipping for orders above $150. Additionally, customers are treated to a 10% to 15% discount on selected items.

Payment options include cash, Bitcoin, Mastercard, and Visa.

Quebec Seeds is a reputable, legitimate seed bank that ships quality seeds to Canada and the US. This is an excellent pick for exclusive seeds and same-day shipping. The seed bank has limited deals and discounts, but the affordable pricing makes up for it.

#6 MJ Seeds Canada – best source for popular seeds and personalized service

Are you looking for a seed bank that sells popular strains like Amnesia Haze, Animal Cookies, Blue Diesel, and GSC? Look no further than MJ Seeds Canada. This seed bank was founded in 2009 and is based in Canada. The online store focuses on stocking the most sought-after, best-selling strains in one place. These seeds are available in retail and bulk at reasonable prices.

MJ Seeds Canada offers worldwide, same-day shipping with tracking and guaranteed delivery (for an extra $30). The website is easy to navigate, making it easy to find the strain of your choice. Additionally, each seed has a detailed description of its characteristics and growing needs. The guides on the website provide valuable information on cannabis cultivation.

This store has thousands of positive reviews online. Customers applaud MJ Seed Canada’s fast shipping, top-tier genetics, exceptional customer service, and wide range of products. The seed bank offers free shipping for orders above $200 and free seeds for orders above $420.

MJ Seeds Canada is a 100% owned company that provides personalized services that improve the overall experience. Since the seed bank stocks fast-selling popular strains, one can be assured that the seeds do not stay long in storage. Besides the limited deals and discounts and the lack of exclusive strains, MJ Seeds Canada delivers on other fronts.

#7 Marijuana Seeds Netherlands (MSNL) – reliable seed bank and best reward system

MSNL is one of the first seed banks. The store was founded in 1999 in the UK by a geneticist who aimed at creating stable, superior cannabis seeds. The seed bank has over 250 seeds, ranging from regular, feminized, and autoflower. The auto seeds are around 30 and have varying properties to suit the needs and preferences of growers. The seed bank also offers autoflower mix packs that feature classic strains like White Widow, AK-47, and Berry.

Marijuana Seeds Netherlands has an impressive rewards system that earns you point every time you make a purchase, during birthdays, sign in for the MSLN newsletter, and by writing reviews of products bought. These points can be redeemed and used as a discount or to make a free order (excluding the shipping fee).
MSLN offers 3 types of shipping – Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed. The seed bank provides a 90% to 100% germination guarantee. Payment options include credit or debit MasterCard, bank transfers, international money orders, bitcoin, or cash. You can get 15% off for Bitcoin payments.

MSLN is a reliable seed bank with a wide collection of autoflower seeds. The store’s reward system is exceptional and one of the best on the market. You will have to pay for guaranteed delivery, which adds extra cost. However, customers outside the UK get free stealth shipping for orders over £99 and free guaranteed stealth shipping for orders over £150. UK-based orders are shipping free if valued at £100 or more.

Top 3 Best Autoflowering Seeds for Indoor

1.    Super Lemon Haze auto – 20% indica 80% sativa
2.    Cookies and Cream auto – 70% indica 30% sativa
3.    Critical Mass CBD auto – 80% indica 20% sativa

#1 Super Lemon Haze Auto

Super Lemon Haze auto is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides a stimulating, energetic buzz that lasts hours. The subtle Indica influence provides a mellow body stone that offers balance. This award-winning genetics has 22% THC and a citrus, herbal, and sweet flavor.
This is an easy-to-cultivate strain. It is compact and easy to manage, making it ideal for novice growers. Super Lemon Haze auto does well in a Mediterranean climate and grows from seed to harvest in 10 to 14 weeks. For optimum yields, use soil and hydroponic and expose the plants to 18 hours of sunlight. The expected yield is 500 grams/m2

#2 Cookies and Cream Auto

Cookies and Cream auto is an Indica dominant variety best suited for experienced growers due to its susceptibility to mold and bud rot. This hybrid results from crossing Cookies and Cream (Starfighter X GSC) and Ruderalis strain. THC levels range between 15% and 22%. This delicious strain has a flavor reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. It provides a good balance of mental euphoria and a calm body stone.
Cookies and Cream auto produces quality buds and reliable yields. The plants thrive in a warm and sunny environment in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Growers are advised to maintain optimum humidity and airflow levels to prevent mold and bud rot. Cookies and Cream auto grows from germination to harvest within 8 to 10 weeks. The yield is around 350 to 500 grams/m2

#3 Critical Mass CBD Auto

Critical Mass CBD auto is a CBD-rich strain used to treat and manage a myriad of conditions. The hybrid’s phytochemicals interact with the human ECS to relieve pain, inflammation, mood fluctuations, sleep, muscle tension, and seizures. Critical Mass CBD auto has 6% to 9% CBD and 6% to 9% THC. This is also an excellent recreational choice for consumers with a low THC tolerance. The strain has a distinct Earthy, Pungent, and Sweet flavor.

This hybrid is easy to cultivate and requires minimal attention and care to flourish. It has a short, 7 to 10-week growth cycle, which allows for multiple harvests per annum. The plant’s resilience makes this a top choice for growers. The yields range from 300 to 400 grams/m2.


Do not make online purchases blindly. Using this guide, you can get premium, affordable autoflower seeds without a hassle. The seed banks highlighted above have been in business for years and have a solid reputation. ILGM is an all-around seed bank that delivers on all fronts. This is an excellent pick for anyone looking for diversity and multiple deals. MJ Seeds Canada is another good pick, especially for growers in Canada. Whether you are a novice or an experienced grower, you are sorted. Enjoy a variety of autoflower seeds, affordable pricing, multiple deals and discounts, and other perks. Happy growing – au revoir