41 Animal Strain Review: Taste, Effects, and Growing Tips


With the increasing popularity of cannabis consumption, more and more strains are hitting the market. One particular group of strains that has gained considerable attention is the “Animal” strains. These strains are known for their unique flavors, potent effects, and impressive growth characteristics. In this review, we will delve into 41 different Animal strains, examining their taste profiles, effects, and providing some useful tips for growing these strains.

1. Club 41 #12 Animal Tsunami x Gelato 41:

The Club 41 #12 strain offers a sweet and earthy taste, reminiscent of Gelato. It leans towards the indica side, providing relaxing effects, making it perfect for nighttime use. When growing this strain, make sure to provide adequate space as it tends to stretch during the flowering stage.

2. Animal 41 by Jukebox:

Animal 41 by Jukebox is a strain loved for its sweet and gassy flavor. It delivers a potent punch and is known for its strong effects. When cultivating this strain, ensure a well-ventilated environment as it can be susceptible to mold.

3. Gelato 41 x Animal Tsunami:

This strain combines the incredible flavors of Gelato 41 and the powerful effects of Animal Tsunami. With a THC content of 26.5% and 2% terpenes, it is a highly potent strain. When growing Gelato 41 x Animal Tsunami, keep an eye on the nutrient levels as it is a heavy feeder.

4. Mohave Reserve 3.5g Animal 41:

Mohave Reserve’s Animal 41 strain offers a sweet and gassy flavor profile with a satisfying punch. The strain is popular for its potent effects. When cultivating Mohave Reserve’s Animal 41, maintain a consistent temperature and humidity levels to maximize its growth potential.

5. 1964 Gelato 41 and Carmel Animal Face:

The 1964 Gelato 41 and Carmel Animal Face strains are well-received for their taste and effects. While Gelato 41 uplifts the mood, Carmel Animal Face provides a potent experience. These strains require attention to detail when cultivating, including adequate ventilation and pest control.

6. Gelato Mintz (Gelato#41 x Animal Mints):

The Gelato Mintz strain combines the mind-blowing flavors of Gelato#41 and Animal Mints. With a THC content of 28%, it packs a powerful punch. When growing Gelato Mintz, ensure a longer flowering period to maximize the development of its unique flavors.

7. Lost In Translation – The Super Soap:

Lost In Translation – The Super Soap strain combines Gelato 41, Sherb, and Animal Mints BX1. With a THC content of 26% and 1.8% terpenes, it offers an excellent experience. When cultivating this strain, provide support for its dense buds during the flowering stage.

8. Alien Labs x Cresco “Animal Cookies x Gelato 41 x Heavy OG”:

The Alien Labs x Cresco strain is a combination of Animal Cookies, Gelato 41, and Heavy OG. This strain offers a unique smoking experience, allowing users to enjoy the flavors and effects of multiple strains. It is important to note that this strain is typically found in cartridge and gram form.

Overall, these 41 Animal strains offer a wide range of flavors, effects, and growth characteristics. Whether you are looking for a sweet and gassy flavor or a potent effect, there is an Animal strain to suit your preferences. However, it is essential to note that cultivation conditions will greatly impact the final product. Paying attention to factors such as temperature, humidity, nutrient levels, and plant support will ensure the best possible yield.