How to Get Rid of Leaf Miners: 11 way kill leaf miners in garden (Updated 2023)

Leaf mining is referred to the infestations of several mines generating larval stages of insects that leave a slimy trail on the surface of the leaves while digging a curling mine into the leaf tissues. This tunneling pattern would be similar if the larvae of beetles, moths, flies or wasp are present inside the leaf … Read more

Attitude seed bank review – The worlds largest cannabis seeds superstore

What you need to know about Attitude seed-bank Attitude seed-bank is a seed-bank from the United Kingdom and export globally from their office. They have more than a thousands strains to choose from and claim to have the biggest range of seed products in the world. They have won several awards; like the finest cannabis … Read more

Best LED Grow Light Stands (Review 2023): 9 Key Features Need To Consider

What light is needed to grow plants? It is fact that blue and red colors of light are significant and characterize the light consumed by the plants, but green and yellow are also important along with other colors for the physiological processes of the plants especially photosynthesis. So, any light that exhibits the full spectrum … Read more

Overwatered Cannabis Plant: How do I fix an overwatered cannabis plant?

The overwatering is a phenomenon that is commonly taken as a nutrient deficiency because it holds similar symptoms while it is more common in the indoor gardening plants compared to the plants growing under natural climatic conditions. There are several indications that overwatered plants exhibit while growing indoor that is common to some nutritive deficiencies … Read more

How to get rid of Mealybugs: 11 way to kill Mealybugs on garden (Updated for 2023)

You have started noticing white mould-like substance on your weed leaves, and you are wondering what they are. Well, you most likely may have mealybugs on your garden. Mealybugs are hairy bugs found predominantly in a warm climate. These pests can be found virtually anywhere, in greenhouses, outdoor garden, or indoor garden, they suck plant … Read more

Dr. Seeds Chem Dog Reviews with Unbox Video and Discount Code

Dr. Seeds Chem Dog Reviews with Unbox Video and Discount Code

Why would you choose Dr. Seeds? In every article we are taking a closer look at a marijuana, cbd or seed supplier. This time; the relatively new company Dr. Seeds. Lets start with some reviews from peeps that ordered:) Also check out the unboxing video of Dr. Seeds with a discount code provided by 420BigBud. … Read more

Best strains for anxiety: Top 6 cannabis strains for headaches

Anxiety disorder is a situation that many people encounter, especially many young people who suffer from this condition. It is difficult to identify the source of anxiety disorder. It may be due to stress, anxiety for a long time, or spontaneous appearance. This condition can cause infinite headaches and extreme discomfort. That’s why people with … Read more

Nirvana Seeds Reviews 2023 – #Oldest Seed Bank since 1980

Nirvana Seeds Reviews 2023 In every article we are taking a closer look at a seed marijuana, cbd and seed supplier or Crop King Seed (CKS). This time; Nirvana. Lets start with some reviews from peeps that ordered:) #1 Nirvana Seeds product review: Blue Dream Feminized Seeds Lisa Madroc from Russia. I Ordered the blue … Read more

Best Haze strain: Top 5 cannabis strains for amnesia

Whether you’re growers or stoners you’ve probably heard of Haze. This is the iconic name that forms the building blocks of most of the cannabis we know today. Cannabis smokers across the world enjoy Haze because of its long-lasting head high feelings. Cannabis growers prefer Haze strains because they give high yield and have intense … Read more