[Personal Experience] Herbies Seeds Review 2023: Great Spain Online Seed Bank With Top Notch Cannabis Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a reputable and safe place to buy seeds for all growers in the world, especially Spain and EU growers. Herbies Seeds is a Spain seed bank and this seed bank is really trustworthy and they offer top notch cannabis seeds. Herbies Seeds is also a popular name on cannabis forums. They have … Read more

Seed Supreme (England) Review – Best online shop to go for high THC strains

What you need to know about Seed Supreme Seed Supreme Seed-bank is the best online shop to go for high THC strains, auto flowering or feminized seeds. They have sticky buds and specialize in particular strains. Whether you are looking for THC levels, CBD content or specific strains; seed supreme is your webshop. They are … Read more

Best LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Review 2023: What is the best light spectrum for plant growth?

Every manufacturer has the right to say that they provide a full spectrum LED Grow Light as part of their marketing campaigns but this is not the case exactly as the best full spectrum LED grow light is one that replaces the sunlight and allows the users to adjust the varying intensities of light according … Read more

Need to Buy Marijuana seeds in Amazon United States!  A quick CHECK LIST

Amazon is a leading major e-commerce site in the world and that is also the reason why people tend to search for what they intend to buy on this site first, including cannabis seeds. Buying on Amazon is a wise choice when customers can read product reviews of previous customers, customers can get free shipping … Read more

LED Grow Lights Near Me: Where can I buy LED grow light if there are no shops near me?

LED Grow Lights near me (light store) If you are pretty sure that you can find LED grow lights at nearby light store then there is no harm provided that you know a lot about the quality and specifications needed to grow your plants and the local sellers is authorized to raise warranty and abides … Read more

Part 8: How to Set Up A Grow Room – Best Grow Room Setup 2023

Part 8: How to Set Up A Grow Room – Best Grow Room Setup 2023

Setting up an optimal growth environment for your cannabis is crucial for reaping a big potent harvest. Your plant’s healthy productive growth cycle is a direct result of the quality and care put into setting up your grow area, so take your time! Hydroponic gardens and soil gardens can both be set up outdoors, but … Read more

How to get rid of fungus gnats: 12 way to kill fungus gnat for indoor plants (Updated for 2023)

Fungus gnats are small dark-winged flies similar to fruit flies that may cause a major threat to the developing seedlings, indoor plants, potted and environmental plants for the reason that they feed on the fungi living in the potting soil and on the organic matter where they lay down their eggs that hatch into larva … Read more

Part 13: How to Grow Weed for Beginners: Glossary of Terms

18/6: Time normally associated with the vegetative stage of growth i.e. 18 hours of light to 6 of darkness. 12/12: Timing used to initiate the flowering stage of the plant i.e. 12 hours light to 12 hours darkness. Abiotic Stress: Non-living environmental factors such as frost, drought, excessive heat, etc. that can have harmful effects … Read more