Best LED Grow Light Glasses: Top 10 Best LED Grow Room Glasses (Review 2023)

The need for the LED grow light glasses arises when a gardener is supposed to spend continuously several hours under artificial lights dealing with the health and vigor of the plants to adjust and maintain grow room temperatures. It can add essential nutrients and finding the right humidity level for the optimum growth of the lovely greens where he is compelled to focus his plants and fixtures under bright LED lights that emit rays of multiple wavelengths including UV and IR to affect his vision.

So, the protection of this precious God gift needs to be protected from the harms of rays that is only possible if he is using a quality looking glass to save himself from these harmful rays. It is necessary to consider the following perimeters if you are interested to buy LED grow light protective glasses for your personnel use.

Top 10 Best LED Grow Room Glasses (Review 2023)

#1 Full-spectrum LED Grow Room Glasses-Method Seven

This product brings a comfortable scientific formula for LEDFx. It promises visual safety, performance, and visual insight. Method Seven’s lens seamlessly fit for Full Spectrum LED and perfect for life outside the grow too. Its makers state that it blocks all the infrared rays and is the first of its kind in the world.
Even in the warmest areas, it keeps your eyes cool and moist. For complete light protection, it is equipped with a curved and bold base lens. Moreover, its rubber nose pads and bomber hinges make it completely comfortable and durable to use.

#2 Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Room Glasses-VIVOSUN

This product is of high quality that not only alleviates glares but also blocks UVB and UVA rays. It reduces the tension from the eyes and thus lower straining when working under intense grow lights. Its design is lightweight and has proper uniform distortion formula, thus helps in a proper and clean vision for convenience.
This product provides complete protection by its bold, wrap-around lens design. These glasses wrap around the face and provide a wide face coverage. According to its makers, these glasses have met all the safety standards of CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87+.

#3 HPS Grow light Eyewear Glasses-Apolla Horticulture

These glasses are designed in a fashion that is both lightweight and sits perfectly on the face. It is widely being used by the growers and the gardeners. The company promises to bring safety from all the UVB and UVA radiations to the eyes. Moreover, pain-causing glares are also prevented by its lens, thus reduces the tension on your eyes.
LED grow light glasses have met all the safety standards regarding the CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87+, and reduces all the glares under the HPS, HID and MH lighting. Other than that, it also helps in preventing fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. One special feature of its own is that it can be easily fit on the regular glasses too, for the visual ease of the user.

#4 Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses- Happy Hydro

Happy hydro glasses are engineered to help all types of growers around the globe, either small scale or commercial scale. Its lens is green in color and filters all the damaging waves. This product also comes with blue lenses that protect HPS lights too. 100% protection is guaranteed from UV rays and has a half upper jacket frame.
It saves your vision from the harmful UVA, UVC and UVB rays while providing comfort and clarity with it. No-slip rubber jackets on the frame prevent it from falling and its mold frame fits perfectly around the eyes for long usage. It comes with a pouch so that it can be stored with safety when not in use.

#5 LED Grow Light Room Glasses -Apollo Horticulture

Apollo Horticulture gets you optimal eyewear that provides superior eye protection in indoors. These glasses work fit for a variety of hydroponic grow lights. It can also be used in lighting systems like MH, HPS and LED, blocking all the UVA and UVB rays. Infrared heat rays are forbidden to pass through to its lens.
It reduces pain and strain from eyes in harsh lighting. It is designed to wear on the prescribed glasses. Its comfortable design can be worn for hours and it has a 90-days money-back guarantee.

#6 Indoor Hydroponics Grow Room Light Glasses-iPower

iPower grow room glasses are designed to be used under a variety of different hydroponics grow lights. Blocks all the UV rays, especially UVA and UVB. Reduces all types of tensions from the eyes and thus prevents fatigue and headaches.
This product is verified by all the ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards. This set of glasses cannot be worn above the regular glasses. It’s bold, wrapped around style protects the eyes from all the directions. It can be used in growing spaces, rooms, and greenhouses.

#7 WESTLINK LED Grow Light Glasses Protective Safety Indoor Room

LED lighting causes the eye’s long-lasting or sometimes permanent damage to your eyesight. These grow glasses have rendition lenses that help in balancing the room lighting that reaches your eyes. It reduces eye strain and mental fatigue. Blocking all the UV rays and infrared radiation can help prevent irreparable eye damage. It helps in stopping all such radiation and ways.
It is specifically made to be used for extensive and long use. It also provides a clear view that can help in working with ease. Now its users do not need to turn off the lights when working in the grow rooms.

#8 Derlights Indoor Grow Light Glasses

It has a versatile design that is scratch and force-resistance. It is made from polycarbonate material that protects your eyes from both front and sides. Derlights lenses provide color correction, so the indoor grow rooms look exactly like how it should be in the broad daylight. Protection against all the UV rays is granted from these glasses.

If the eyes were to be exposed to the grow room lights without the protective glasses, heavy strain and fatigue results, that can cause damage to the eyes. These Derlight glasses prevent this from happening. Eyestrain can also cause headaches, which causes mental fatigue. So mental fatigue is also banned by it. Its makers provide 12 months guarantee and 30-days return warranty too.

#9 Happy Hydro-HPS Grow Room Glasses

Eyes comfort is the main need of the farmers and these glasses stop them from getting eye fatigue or damage of any kind. It provides clarity to the eyesight and thus the farmer can easily work and observe the required area. Its specially engineered lenses also come with blue lenses, that can come in handy when working under High-Intensity Discharge lights. Other than that, the green lenses help under LED lights.

Its elegant and smart design comes with a sleek back frame that fits perfectly around the eyes. Its user can easily change the lenses according to the requirement. It can be worn outdoor as well as in grow rooms. Having a one-year guarantee makes it perfect for use.

#10 LED clip Glow room glasses-Method Seven

These new glasses completely change the way you look at your plants while working. It is used with your prescribed glasses and this clip is attached over it. Its green lenses block all the harmful and intense rays from getting into your eyes. Infrared rays, UVA, UVB, and UVC are all stopped from it.
These lenses are manufactured by the specialist in Italy and meet all safety standards by Carl Zeiss. These lenses can be fitted on all types of glasses for complete protection. Clarity and clear vision are the best features of these glasses.

Things to consider before buying led grow light safety glasses

#1 UV Protection & Eye Protective

We must know that both Ultra Violet-A and Ultra Violet-B are damaging to our eyes so the selection of the safety glasses is supposed to base on protecting from these lights. Blue light is also considered if the exposure to light is longer as it passes through the cornea to hit retina while UV-B is limited to cornea only but may develop a growth on the out surface of the eye creating a hindrance for vision.

#2 Style of glasses

Since the style of the protective glasses is not much important compared to the safety needed for the eye. Anything goes if the purpose of the glasses is met.

#3 Lens color

Always prefer green, blue or blond of both color because they are capable of holding the harmful wavelength of rays not desired for looking things natural.

#4 Frame size

Any size of frame that your eye feels comfortable doesn’t irritate your eye and never slip from the fixture is good.

#5 Affordable price

The affordability of the glasses can never be compromised on the quality. Never go for the cheaper since it might not suit your eye. Even some cheaper products may have good quality and vice versa. Check with friends and colleagues for the quality of the products they use or go for online reviews if you are supposed to buy from the online market place.

#6 Extensive use

Check with the design that is easy for longer wearing since it sometimes needs several hours to remain inside grow room for the gardeners or professional workers looking after their plants.

#7 Special features

Also check for the special features or tasks that you can perform using these features like wearing it on eyesight glasses, heat resistance, ability to use it on camera to take pics, and anti-fogging quality.

Do these glasses work for an LED lighting system?

LED Grow light protection glasses are manufactured to the typical spectrum that harms your eye whereas it will give a natural look of your plants, fixtures, and accessories in a grow room. They work to give you a natural look since it is necessary for the grow room workers to monitor the health and vigor of the plants that become possible if they can see the entire plant growth in natural green whereas these glasses also work to save their eye from Ultra Violet rays. Many eyeglass manufacturers claim the authenticity of their products for protecting your eye from the wavelengths emitted by LED grow lights while you spend time with the plants in a grow room, efficiently.

Will you be able to see the real color of plants in led lighting conditions?

Don’t depend on the regular sunglasses for protection from LED grow lights since they are not capable of protecting you from the rays emitted by LED lights. Moreover, your plants may not show the natural color they possess. LED grow lights glasses allow you to see the real color, contrast, and margins of the plants, fixtures, and installation inside your grow room under bright LED lights.


What types of light can cause us harm?

UV radiations of all types, Infrared radiations, LED’s and blue lights are harmful to humans.

Can LED grow lights damage your eyes?

Extensive exposure to the LED lights can cause permanent damage to our eyes. So, it is best to use protective glasses when you are in a grow room.

What is the effect of UV light on our eyes?

The exposure to UV light can cause temporary vision loss and cataracts while it may convert into permanent sight failure.

Is it bad to look at led grow lights?

Not really, but if the exposure is longer then it is alarming for the eyesight.

Are led lights safe for human eyes?

Yes, as for as ordinary exposure is concerned, they are pretty safe for human eyes but long exposure can cause irreversible damages.

Benefits of Grow Room Glasses

#1 Saves Eye Fatigue

These glasses are capable to protect you from multiple wavelengths of Ultra Violet-A, Ultra Violet-B, and Ultra Violet-C or at least from Ultra Violet-A and Ultra Violet-B. The highest proportion of blue and red lights may cause eye fatigue when exposed for longer while protective glasses are good at saving your eye from their brightness.

#2 Impact-resistance

Another benefit of the grow glasses is their impact resistance that comes in polycarbonate glasses. There is are chances of jerks or falling of glasses during extensive and busy schedules while working in a grow room, impact resistance will help them to stop from such breakage.

#3 Clear Vision

The clear vision is of prime importance when working in hot and humid indoor environments while their anti-fogging features will let you see clear through the humid conditions. Most of the grow room workers are supposed to be monitoring the occurrence of diseases or pests even on the minor level. A slight color change in foliage needs to be noticed for the nutrient’s deficiencies or abnormal growth. These glasses help them in performing their duties with their ability to see clearly on the objects in the grow room.