Best pH Control Kit – Organic Natural pH up down for Soil and Hydroponics

Top 4 pH Control Kit 2023 Reviews

#1 Best pH Control Kit for Hydroponics: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Getting the pH level right when growing cannabis is essential as it really affects the health of your plants. The level of pH can be influenced by many factors, such as the plant itself and the water in your region. An ideal pH level for growing cannabis is about 6.0, but it is alright if this floats a little lower or a little higher.
Fortunately, when growing cannabis hydroponically it is pretty straightforward to both monitor and control the pH levels for your plants. This pH control kit from General Hydroponics contains everything you need to check the pH level of the solution you are using to grow your plants in and to adjust the pH levels. The potassium hydroxide will allow you to raise the pH level and the phosphoric acid lets you bring the pH level down if it is too high. This is a great set for hydroponic growers.
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#2 (pH Down) General Hydroponics pH Down Liquid Fertilizer

Regularly checking the pH levels in your hydroponic cannabis garden is a must for any grower. If the pH level is too high this can stunt your plant’s growth and also prevent it from being able to take in any nutrients you are attempting to feed it.
With this pH down liquid fertilizer from General Hydroponics, you can easily bring down the pH levels of your plants quickly. This product is formulated of phosphoric acid which is well known to work well in reducing pH levels to a comfortable level for your plants. This product is incredibly strong so the one con is that you need to be extremely careful when adding it to your hydroponic solution – you just need a few drops and add it gradually otherwise you could bring the pH level down too much!
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#3 (pH Up) General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid Fertilizer

Having a too low pH level is equally as dangerous for your plants as a too high pH level. A too low pH level can mean your plants are unable to absorb those all-important nutrients, which could mean your plants could perish if this isn’t treated quickly. You will notice this is happening if your leaves start to yellow, but really you should be checking the pH levels regularly in your Hydroponic plants so that they don’t get to this stage.
Thankfully, this pH Up Liquid Fertilizer from General Hydroponics can sort the problem out for you very easily and will have an effect immediately. It is made up of a combination of potassium hydroxide and potassium carbonate and with a few drops, you can raise the pH level to a safe place for your plants. As with other General Hydroponics products make sure you add this solution gradually as it is easy to add too much.
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#4. Best pH Test Indicator: General Hydroponics PH Test Indicator, 8-Ounce

Some cannabis growers prefer to use the original pH testing method – where a test indicator will change color and give you a reading of the pH level. So, for a more traditional, and cheaper method of checking the pH levels of your hydroponics then this product from the trusty General Hydroponics is an excellent choice.
All you need to do is take a sample of the nutrient solution your hydroponics are growing in (ideally in a test tube if you have one) and then add a few drops of this pH test indicator. Within a few seconds, the liquid will change color which will indicate to you at what level your pH is at. A little goes a long way with this product so it will last you a long time even with regular pH level testing.
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