Top 10+ Best Seed Banks in Australia 2023: Aussie Seed Bank Review (Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Australia)

In Australia, only residents of the Australian Capital Territory are allowed to grow and use marijuana. But we will make it possible for even residents outside of this region to buy the safest cannabis seeds and avoid legal troubles as much as possible with reputable seed banks.

Aussie can purchase cannabis seeds at local seed banks at a reasonable cost. Our list also includes seed banks outside of Australia, they have more cannabis strains but you will have to wait longer and pay more on your order. Check our list below.

Top 10+ Best Seed Banks in Australia 2023 (Ship to Australia)

#1 (Canada Seed Bank) Crop King Seeds – Largest selection of excellent quality and high potency cannabis seeds

Crop King Seeds are currently the top pick for cannabis enthusiasts around the world, not excluding Australia. They have stockpiles with largest selection of feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds. They also offer dozens of cup and other popular cannabis strains.

Crop King Seeds entered the cannabis industry in the 2000s, and they are constantly striving to gain such widespread recognition. They supply only the highest quality seeds to their customers through a rigorous manual selection process.

At Crop King Seeds, the seed bank specialists use a highly careful manual method to select the seeds with the highest germination rates. This results in a decrease in the number of seeds available in the stock, but the customer will receive the best.

Crop King Seeds ships worldwide and accepts a variety of payment methods, including payment by Bitcoins. They offer traditional and express shipping to customers in need for a little extra fee.

Customers can contact the seed bank through a variety of methods. But the toll free number is the most popular. To receive a special offer on your order, customers should subscribe to their newsletter.

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

More about Crop King Seeds here

#2 (Spain Seed Bank) Seedsman – Huge seed warehouse with plenty of promotional offers

Seedsman is Europe’s leading seed bank and it has gradually established itself as a place in the global cannabis industry. This seed bank was established in 2003 in the UK and has spent many years with the cannabis industry making it a top choice when growers want to find whatever cannabis strain is available.

Seedsman’s seed stockpile contains more than 1500 different strains of cannabis, an impressive number for any cannabis seed. And they also supply their seeds to many other retailers where you can easily spot a strain of cannabis from Seedsman even if you’re not in the UK.

Seedsman ship worldwide and they also offer different shipping services to customers at average prices. Customers outside the UK and Europe will take longer, but can shorten this time with separate shipping services. Customers in Australia can take up to 35 days to receive the seed they ordered.

What we love about Seedsman is their website. It contains enough information and is neatly organized so that it is easy for customers to find seeds. They also have multiple communication channels to answer their questions.

Seedsman’s customer service needs to be improved, however. Many customers receive completely defective seeds that are replaced with free seeds that are not of the same strain they ordered. is their official website!

#3 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) I Love Growing Marijuana – Most Reputable breeder & cannabis seed bank

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a famous cannabis breeder and seed bank in the global cannabis community. They consistently provide top-notch cannabis seeds with top germination rates.

ILGM was established in 2012, although it does not have a long life, they are rapidly moving to the top position in the current cannabis industry. They are genetically and customer service strong, they always aim for the best customer experience so that they come back to buy seeds more and more.

ILGM deliver to USA, Australia with fast delivery time after successful payment order. They have a germination guarantee policy for the seeds they provide. When ordering on the ILGM website, customers will also receive a variety of deals and free seeds.

Australian cannabis enthusiasts can order and pay easily with the ILGM system. They accept cash, credit card, Bitcoin or bank transfer payment methods. All methods are completely confidential.

Currently, ILGM has a preferential program to buy 10 seeds, get 10 free seeds, customers can choose any popular feminine strain or any autoflowering strain from them. This sale will end soon, so you should quickly place an order to get this great deal.

Try them on

#4 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) Green House Seed Company – Most successful cannabis company with award-winning cannabis seeds

Green House Seed Company is a leading cannabis distribution company, they founded in 1985 in Amsterdam. This company is very popular in the cannabis community and they have a very wide popularity. Green House Seed Company has a worldwide distribution network and they aim to bring cannabis seeds closer to more cannabis enthusiasts.

To do this, Green House Seed Company from the beginning has focused on researching and supplying top quality cannabis seeds. If the growers want to search for the seeds to reach the cup, there will be no reputable seed banks and many winning seeds like the Green House Seed Company.

This company has a strong global distribution network and they supply seeds at wholesale prices. And when it does retail, prices are not as high as some other retail seed banks. So price is not a controversial issue for Green House Seed Company.

The thing that many customers are not satisfied with is the customer care service. They only respond to customer inquiries Monday through Friday, and email inquiries are usually responded very late.

Order Green House Seed Company’s seeds at this website

#5 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) Barney’s Farm – Most eclectic and exciting collection of cannabis seeds

Barney’s Farm is today’s leading cannabis breeder and their reputation doesn’t stop with Amsterdam. They are always working to create new and exciting cannabis strains for the global cannabis community and contribute to the diversity of the ecosystem.

With more than 30 years in the cannabis industry, Barney’s Farm is now widely popular. They deliver to many parts of the world with professional packaging services and affordable prices.

Despite having overwhelming longevity compared to most cannabis seed banks today, Barney’s Farm shows no sign of declining in popularity. They continuously create new strains of cannabis with top-notch quality.

Barney’s Farm is also very focused on customer service. They create multiple communication channels and deliver incentives to customers. However, they are quite busy and many customers will have to wait a long time to answer their questions.

Join Barney’s Farm community here

#6 (UK Seed Bank) MSNL Seedbank – Reliable online seed bank that shipping worldwide

Perhaps MSNL Seedbank is no longer a stranger to the Australian cannabis community in particular and the global cannabis community in general. They are an old and reliable seed bank from London, UK.

This seed bank delivers genetically stable cannabis seeds with maximum freshness to the customers’ hands. They preserve the seeds very carefully and strive to transport the seeds as quickly as possible so they stay fresh. Because freshness greatly affects the germination rate of the seed.

Their seed stock contains a large number of different strains of cannabis so growers with different levels can find the cannabis strain that is right for them. They also provide seeds at the most competitive rates and so MSNL Seedbank is also the ideal seed buying place for growers who want to save money.

MSNL Seedbank ships worldwide and they pack the seeds very carefully so that the order will not be confiscated or crushed when it reaches the customer. However, many customers believe that the seed bank’s customer service needs to be improved.

Visit their official website at

#7 (Spain Seed Bank) Ministry of Cannabis – Top breeder of high quality cannabis seeds

Ministry of Cannabis was first established in Amsterdam in 2007 but then moved to Spain. With nearly two decades in the cannabis industry, Ministry of Cannabis has provided many top quality cannabis strains and received very positive reviews from the cannabis community.

Although there are not as many seeds in stock as other seed banks, growers can still find a few seeds whether you love sativa, indica or hybrid. And especially these seeds are carefully selected by experts and difficult to grow is not something you need to worry about.

Ministry of Cannabis supplies cannabis seeds to almost all regions of the world, and the Australian cannabis community can fully receive cannabis seeds from them. Although there are many regions that have not yet legalized marijuana, the Ministry of Cannabis still works hard to serve customers with sneaky transportation.

In particular, Ministry of Cannabis deliver 24 hours, which means staff are always ready to pack your order and ship in the shortest time. This is absolutely a big plus for any online seed bank.

Their customer service did not have special note or many negative reviews. In general, Ministry of Cannabis deserves a place to buy your regular cannabis seeds.

Here is their website:

#8 Canna Seeds Australia – Extensive variety of autoflower and feminized cannabis seeds

This cannabis seed bank is run by people who have a strong passion for cannabis and have a desire to bring cannabis seeds closer to the Australian cannabis community.

Their seed stock contains a wide variety of seeds feminized and autoflower. These are easy-to-grow cannabis seeds and allow the growers to reap impressive yields.

Transactions at these seed banks are very secure when they are not using customer information. The payment methods they accept like credit cards, bank transfers or Bitcoin are completely secure.

They deliver to all areas in Australia. Whether you are in New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Queensland will get their secure transportation services. Canna Seeds will send confidential orders to customers within two days of the transaction.

If the order goes missing or has any problem that can’t reach the customer, this seed bank will send you a brand new order, including free seeds.

Check them on

#9 (US Seed Bank) i49 Seed Bank – Best place to buy feminized strains and CBD marijuana seeds

i49 Seed Bank is not only an outstanding online seed bank in America but also a reputable place to buy cannabis seeds with many other countries. For Australian cannabis enthusiasts, the i49 Seed Bank is the place to buy cannabis seeds you can trust.

This seed bank offers many different strains of cannabis, and they are especially known for their feminized and CBD marijuana seeds in top-notch quality. If you are thinking of buying these seeds, the i49 Seed Bank is a great resource.

In addition, i49 Seed Bank also offers a lot of cannabis seeds with neat and clear arrangement. They classified these seeds according to flowering type, variety, cultivation, and strain type. From there, customers can search for seeds more easily.

Besides, at i49 Seed Bank, customers can join their blog. Here provide a lot of grow guides and special instructions on how to choose the best seed for beginners growers. So the beginner growers will be able to gather the best knowledge for optimal home cannabis cultivation.

There weren’t too many serious problems related to i49 Seed Bank’s customer service and shipping. They pack the seeds carefully and deliver them at the right price.

Check more at

#10 (US Seed Bank) Homegrown Cannabis Co – Legit seed bank that ruly committed to growers

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a reputable American seed bank and they ship cannabis to most areas in Australia. This seed bank is very famous for its highly rated articles from cannabis experts and they really offer a wide variety of quality cannabis strains.

Growers will find a lot of cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co, from the most popular seeds to the ones that win the cannabis cup. Their seed stock is always filled to make sure customers don’t have to wait too long if their favorite seeds are out of stock.

Besides, Homegrown Cannabis Co offers seeds for a great price. They also offer numerous discounts for customers. To buy seeds at a more favorable price, growers should regularly monitor their website.

Customers can get free shipping when ordering seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Loyal customers will also receive exclusive offers. And 24/7 customer service is something we appreciate at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Visit and order seeds here

#11 Weed Seeds Australia – Supply high-quality cannabis seeds with detail  grow guides

Weed Seeds Australia is a reputable place to buy cannabis seeds for Australian cannabis enthusiasts. This seed bank specializes in providing top-quality cannabis seeds from a wide variety of reputable breeders and at a discounted price.

This Aussie seed bank offers a wide range of cannabis seeds from medical seeds, cup seeds to popular seeds. Besides seeds, they also provide other cannabis-related items such as fertilizers, nutritional stimulants, pest treatment products, etc.

They also prepared a lot of detail to grow guides for beginners. The seeds also come with detailed information so the grower has a good knowledge of the cannabis seeds they choose.

Weed Seeds Australia has very secure transportation service. They will carefully hide seeds in each package so that the order will not get stuck at customs. If unfortunately your order is withheld by customs, they will send you a completely new order to replace the stuck order.

Check more information at

#12 Australian Seed Bank – Australia’s legit seed bank with fast domestic shipping

Australian Seed Bank is a valid cannabis seed buying address for cannabis enthusiasts in Australia. They provide a wide variety of high quality cannabis seeds as well as have a stable genetics so that Australian cannabis enthusiasts can easily cultivate at home.

This seed bank also offers a wide range of native Australian cannabis seeds with shorter flowering times. They want these cannabis seeds to grow healthily in Australia’s climatic conditions.

Australian Seed Bank has partnered with Marijuana Seed Shop USA to provide high quality seeds to inland Australia. They deliver to anywhere in Australia with the fastest delivery times. These stealth orders will be sent as soon as the payment is complete to keep the cannabis seeds as fresh as possible.

Customers can also subscribe to another separate carrier service if more privacy is required. And the seed bank also has a 100% delivery guarantee to its customers with deals when ordering online at their website.

Order seeds here

Is it Legal to Grow Cannabis in Australia?

In September 2023, the lawmakers of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) region voted in favor of a bill that would allow people 18 and older to own and grow cannabis for personal use. Canberra is also the only city in the Australian Capital Territory, a territory southeast of Australia, located in New South Wales.

Under the new regulation, effective January 31, 2023, residents of the Australian Capital Territory can own up to 50 grams of marijuana and plant up to two plants per person or four plants per household. This change makes the Australian Capital Territory the first of the six Australian states and three inland territories to legalize cannabis for personal use.

Currently, drug-related regulations in Australia vary depending on the state or territory. ACT’s new legislation allowing the legalization of marijuana is currently at odds with drug legislation enacted by the Australian Parliament.

This is not the first time ACT law has contradicted national law. In 2013, ACT legalized same-sex marriage, but it was later rejected by the Supreme Court of Australia.

However, on the general level, the views of the Australian government and people about cannabis have also changed a lot. In 2023, the Australian Parliament passed a law, which for the first time the country allows the cultivation of cannabis for scientific research and professional activities of the health sector.

Currently, there are two countries that have officially legalized cannabis, namely Uruguay and Canada. Many US states have also allowed recreational use of marijuana. In some countries of Europe and Asia, the use of cannabis for research and treatment of diseases is permitted by law.