Fimming vs Topping: Which is Better?

Fimming and topping cannabis plants are both cutting methods used by cannabis growers to improve the shape of the plant (so they can better access light), induce the growth of more colas (flowering sites) and, ultimately, harvest bigger yields. But which is the best method for training your plants? Here we will go over the pros and cons of each technique to help you make your decision.

Topping is better for:

  • Beginners
  • Controlling the shape of your plant
  • Prettier plants

Fimming is better for:

  • Small-scale growers
  • Producing more colas
  • Causing less stress to your plants

What is ‘Fimming’ and ‘Topping’?

Both of these techniques are essentially methods of pruning your cannabis plants in order to get bushier plants and better results come harvest time. Topping and fimming are known as ‘high-stress training techniques’ (HST) and are often used in indoor growing as a means of helping plants make the most of the light source.
‘Topping’ refers to the technique of cutting off the top of the plant in between the nodes. On the other hand, ‘Fimming’ is the process of removing new growths but avoiding cutting between the nodes. While pretty similar, these techniques do produce slightly different effects and often growers have a preferred technique.

What are the Pros and Cons of Topping?

Topping is the recommended HST for those that are beginners to growing as it is very easy to undertake and will give you some great results. All you need to do is wait until your plant has grown a minimum of 3 nodes and then cut off the newest node – cutting just above where the leaves of the node underneath are. This will lead to 2 colas growing in the place of the 1 you cut off – giving you 2 for the price of 1!
This is a quick and easy technique which will not only increase the number of colas you produce but also help your plant to grow bushier and healthier. Topping will also help to control the shape of your plants, making them less like a Christmas tree and more able to be exposed to more light – this is especially important if you are growing indoors to make the most of your grow lights.
This is a pretty successful technique but the one con of topping is that it might take a bit of time to work up the courage to take a scissor to your plants –  but it will be worth it for those bigger yields.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fimming?

Fimming is pretty similar to topping but this technique will produce even more colas so is a good choice if you just have a couple of plants growing in order to achieve maximum productivity. It is also pretty easy and hard to get wrong so, while a technique favored by more advanced growers, you can still try it out as a beginner. Simply wait until you have at least 3 nodes on your plant and then pinch the leaves of the most recent node with your finger and thumb.
After a few weeks of the fimming taking place, you will be blessed with at least 4 new colas and it will help your plant to grow bushier. However, fimming it isn’t as effective as topping at reducing the height of your plants and, as it isn’t as ‘stressful’ to plants as topping, it might not always achieve the desired effect.

The Best Pruning Tools for Cannabis

You don’t need much in terms of equipment for topping and fimming. For fimming, you simply need your fingertips but for topping it is a good idea to get a pair of good quality pruning tools so that you can be assured of a quick, clean snip to your precious plants. Here we review some of the best.

#1 Best High Quality Pruning Shears: Professional Bypass Pruner & Garden Hand Tool

These pruners from Zavaland are designed to ensure comfort and longevity. The steel blades are incredibly sharp and are able to maintain their sharpness so that you can use these for topping and both wet and dry trimming – so you’ve got all your pruning needs covered. They even come with some free gardening gloves included.
If comfort is what you are looking for, or if you are a sufferer of arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome then look no further than these pruners. They have been designed especially to deliver maximum comfort thanks to their ergonomic handles that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. There is also a lock fitted so you can keep these out of harm’s way when you’re not using them. The only downside of this product is that they are a little pricey, but for that, you are getting an extremely high-quality product.
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#2 Best Precision Pruners for Cannabis Plants: Felco F-310 Trimming Snips

For the ultimate precision pruners, these state of the art Picking and Trimming Snips from Felco are the ones for you. Made of only the best materials you are sure to be using these snips for all your cannabis pruning needs for years to come. Fitted with stainless steel shears they have been carefully designed with smaller, more fragile plants in mind. Their fine cutting head is built for ultimate precision – giving you more confidence when topping your nodes.
Your comfort has also been considered. These pruners are fitted with ergonomic handles so they fit perfectly in your hands, and there is also a soft spring action so the snips return to their original position once you’ve made the cut. As with all Felco products the parts are replaceable, so you don’t need to buy a whole new product when the time comes. A top quality pair of pruners that will look after your cannabis plants well.
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#3 Best Value Pruning Scissors for Cannabis Plants: Tabor Tools K77

This set of pruning shears from Tabor Tools is a great value option if you have a lower budget. Despite the low price, they are still made out of top quality materials – this pair has stainless steel blades but if you want to go even cheaper you can opt for carbon steel blades. The blades themselves are nice and long so great for hard to reach places and expert precision.
These shears have been expertly designed for quick snips on small to medium-sized plants so are perfect for topping your cannabis plants. With comfortable handles and an automatic spring which re-opens the shears after each cut, you can use these shears for a long time without becoming fatigued. There is also a safety latch so you can close these shears when you’re not using them to avoid any accidents. This product has all the key features you need for successful cannabis pruning – so get your hands on a pair of these!
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#4 Best Smooth Cut Pruning Shears for Cannabis Plants: Gardenite Ultra Snip 6.7 Inch

Specially designed for precision pruning of small plants, these pruning shears from Gardenite are ideal for all of your cannabis pruning needs. These would be a great choice for both wet and dry trimming and topping your plants. Their precision grade stainless steel blades will provide a smooth and quick cut – making cutting your precious plans as painless as possible.
That’s not all, the chromed zinc handles are great at keeping your hand comfortable, and the carbon steel spring makes sure that the blades re-open after you make each cut so you don’t have to repeatedly do this, thereby reducing strain on your hand. There is also a safety lock to make sure these sharp shears don’t cause any unnecessary damage. A great pair of pruning shears for your plants.
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Deciding between high-stress training techniques for your cannabis plants isn’t easy. Generally speaking, topping is the best technique if you are wanting to manipulate the shape of your plants so that they can absorb more light, and fimming is better for producing more colas and a quicker recovery time for your plants.
The good news is that not a lot can go wrong with either topping or fimming so why not experiment and give them both a try to see what works best for you? Both are great for increasing yields so we recommend that you definitely try a high-stress training technique as part of your growing routine.