Grow Room Cooling Solutions: How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool?

While growing Cannabis in any controlled environment, heat is the biggest opponent that suppresses the plants’ health and causes yield reduction to an exponential rate. The growers may find several heat contributors whatever the growing environments are. But, the major impact comes from the indoor Grow Lights. Since the Grow tents are more confined in space that’s the reason grow tent cooling takes priority as only a few hours of heat could affect plants’ health drastically. Before probing that how to lower temperature in grow tent, it is necessary to highlight the other heat sponsors that also generate heat, and correcting one or another could benefits growers in cooling down grow tent.

Reasons for Temperature Rise in Grow Tent

The reasons for the temperature rise in both a grow tent and a grow room remain the same as a grow tent is also a mini environmentally controlled grow room and uses all the same inputs and procedures for growing cannabis. The growers can establish a grow tent environment if they already grow there otherwise could build a new environment based on the findings that lead to creating heat in the grow tent. Check the aspects affiliated with heat production then we could figure out each aspect when discussing the grow room cooling solution;

Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is not only taking the fresh air into the grow tent but, expelling the polluted air out of the system. Any imbalance between taking fresh air from the outer climate and expelling the least could probably create heat in the grow tent. At a similar temperature as is in the case of a grow tent, the hot and humid air stays in the bottom that needs immediate evacuation. For cooling grow tent naturally, try placing exhaust fans at the bottom of the grow tent to stop heat accumulation. Similarly, pouring in the dry air from the top of a grow tent could help.

Grow Lights & other Heat Accumulators

As we already mentioned that grow Lights are the utmost heat contributors in the grow tent. Here the quality of the grow light matters. Some grow lights may be providers of the full spectrum while they could generate heat on the other hand. Similarly, electric motors installed in the fans and pumps could also build heat in a grow tent. Moreover, the location of a grow tent matters. Grow tents working in an open climate could generate more heat in the summer and keep the tent fairly warm during the winter. The grow tents away from the direct access to sunlight generate less heat. How to cool a grow tent bases on several tested methods that deal with the reduction of heat and lowering temperature both in grow tents and grow rooms. Let’s see how these cooling practices go in the favor of cannabis growers;

Methods to Cool Down a Grow Tent without Equipment

We will primarily focus on improvising, amending, and correcting the common practices that accumulate heat in a grow tent or grow room and a similar procedure for cooling a grow tent;

#1 Standardize Heat Emitting Equipment

The homogeneity among the equipment is necessary according to your planting space. All the equipment and accessories used must be in line with planting needs and the available space. Since the grow lights are one contributor to the production of heat in the grow tent, optimize them immediately and move on to the lights with better heat sinks that emit lesser heat along with delivering full-spectrum light. A quality light will help in this regard. Light scheduling is preferred also and switching such lights off during the day could reduce temperature rise. Moreover, the distance of lights from the canopy must adjust to assure maximum light penetration into plants’ foliage.  If the motors of the installed fans and pumps power draw are high, switch to the units that consume lesser power. This practice can cool the grow tent and eliminate 50 % of heat from the tent.

#2 Focus on Ventilation Process

The humidity of a grow tent is a lifeline for growing cannabis that must remain within the designated range so plants could thrive through all of the growing stages. A balance in the inbound and exhaust air is necessary for maintaining the humidity and temperature in the grow tent. The growers could take the following measures to improve grow tent ventilation that will also help in cooling a grow room along with heat reduction in the cannabis growing units;

  • Seal the entire holes that don’t install any accessories and seal the leakages around the holes used for fans, pumps, and filters.
  • Consider increasing the fans’ speed if they run too slow or vice versa.

#3 Regulate Humidity

Cannabis plants need high humidity for the seedling and vegetative growth while budding fits in lower ranges. High humidity (but adaptable) keeps the temperature low in the grow tents whereas temperature rise when humidity decreases. The best favorable humidity for the seedlings and vegetative growth is 70 and 60%, respectively. whereas flowering maximizes at 40% RH. Keep in mind both of these phases, and regulate both temperature and humidity, accordingly.

#4 Minimize Ducting Bends

Reducing ducting bends is another way to maximize both inbound and outbound air. Less bending could allow air to pass easily in both directions. Any ducting that bends around 90 degrees is not favorable for both processes that could accumulate heat in the grow tent.

#5 Install Smart-Gauges

Install smart gauges for monitoring and regulating both humidity and temperature in the grow tent. These gauges often come installed with a few grow tents and some manufacturers even offer mobile apps to monitor and correct these factors using a smartphone to adopt a practice that suits your living style.

There were the sorts of practices that often growers adopt when they free any trouble due to improper improvisation of equipment and accessories that are necessary to create an environment that cannabis plants need. Another thing that helps to cool the grow room is the installation of additional accessories or taking measures that immediately reflect the cannabis growers’ question on How to cool grow tent?

Question: How to cool grow tent?

The growers can easily cool a grow tent by following one or more of these steps;

  • Install a mini portable Air Conditioner and it depends on the size that you want to cool.
  • Check the performance of both intake and exhaust fans, and install an oscillating fan, if grow space allows.
  • The growers may use a grow tent cooler if an air conditioner doesn’t look economical.
  • The cannabis growers can install precision devices to control the humidity, temperature, CO2, and odor and set them according to cannabis needs.
  • A simple icebox could also help as one of the cheapest alternatives to cool down a grow tent.

Question: How to cool a grow room without ac?

If you the growers can correct the humidity, CO2, inbound and outbound air, and grow lights then could probably cool a grow room using one of these two options;

They could either install a grow tent cooler having pads for pouring water and a fan for pushing cool air into the tent or they could place an icebox in the grow room to cool for longer.

Question: How to cool grow room?

There are several options that cannabis growers could adapt depending on their budget and the grow space that could probably help them on how to keep the grow room cool? Let’s have a look at some frequently used equipment that cannabis growers use for both local and commercial production;

Methods to Cool Down a Grow Tent with Equipment

#1 Black Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, 8,000 BTU

The growers could depend on this 8000 BTU portable AC for cooling a grow tent or grow room that measures 150 square feet. It takes hardly a floor space of 16.5 x 11.5 inches, and they could place it at any suitable location in both the grow room and a grow tent. It could help the growers to maintain a temperature to 65°F, and that’s what a cannabis plant needs indoor for thriving. It’s also an excellent machine that would service 3 functions at a nominal cost. Along with cooling your grow tent it will also dehumidify and ventilate your growing environment. It comes on wheels and you could easily drag it to the desired location, and attach it with the drain outlet, plug, and play. You could also detach the hose pipe at the end of a growing season or it is not desired to regulate grow tent temperature. For the reviews and customers’ ratings, here is a link;

#2 HLG 65 V2 4000K Quantum Board LED Grow Light

This light stands ideal for if you’re looking to grow cannabis plants in a 2×2 space where it could supplement lighting needs for the seedlings, vegetative, and flowering stages of cannabis preferably in a grow tent or a grow room of a similar capacity. HLG uses Samsung LM301B LEDs for this quantum board light that draws only 65 Watts for giving 10000 Lumens. It’s a passively cooled design that doesn’t produce heat in a small space such as a grow tent or small grow room. It’s also capable of delivering full-spectrum white light with 4000 Kelvin that is ideal for the entire vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis. The growers may find it a good fit for lowering down the temperature of their grow tent.

Here is a link to see customers’ ratings and feedback on Amazon;

#3 Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller, 1/10 HP

The cannabis growers may find it a user-friendly unit since Hydrofarm installs a microcontroller with a liquid crystal display on the front top of the unit. Besides its sleekness, it could refrigerate approximately 200-400 liters of water in 20 hours to the desired level. This unit draws only 2.2 amperes and works on only 110 power source. As far as the pricing is concerned, the growers could buy this chiller $100 cheaper than the chillers of the same capacity in the market. The hydroponic cannabis growers could find it an excellent solution to maintain the temperature of the reservoir between the ideal range. They could ideally place it in a 2×2 space since measures only 15 x 21 inches. Other chillers are also available in the marketplace but, it’s cost-effective. Here is a link to see its performance and customers’ feedback;

#4 AC Infinity-CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan

If the cannabis growers still need an inline Duct Fan for controlling both the humidity and temperature together, CLOUDLINE T6 typically meets their requirements. They could install it either in a grow tent or grow room with a hydroponic arrangement. It works fine in both types of facilities. AC Infinity also installs a programmable feature with timers to control fan speed and the system alarms if any factor touches the upper or lower limits. The majority of precision growers with hydroponic facilities use the same inline fan for both local and commercial cannabis production. The growers use it for several functions that it performs to transfer cooling and heating across multiple growing units. Other accessories that include in the package are a sensor probe, two ducting clamps, a power plug (AC), and hardware for mounting it. Their customers’ base is pretty strong with they got several thousands of ratings on Amazon;

#5 Torna do-16 Inch Digital Wall Mount Fan – Remote Control

This wall mounting fan offers 90 degrees of oscillating within compact spaces like grow tents and grow room that could throw air into the hidden corners of the tent to decrease accumulated heat. Moreover, it’s a remote control fan, and the remote could control all fans installed within the facility. Fan blades diameter is 16 inches with a 3-speeds motor, and the growers could mount it across tight locations in grow tents for successfully cultivating cannabis plants. Moreover, they offer a 3-year warranty for the fan motor and their customer service is open to take suggestions along with providing excellent service to the issues faced by the clients. Here is a link to see detailed product specification and customers’ feedback;