Top 10 Best 600 Watts LED Grow Light Review & Guide 2023

Generally, when it comes to growing Cannabis and vegetables then the selection of LED light is made with the utmost care while looking into the different features that help you to maximize the yield. The light intensity, spectrum, Lumens, PAR, and coverage area of the light is important while the economy comes the next.

There is no harm in spending a few dollars extra for the desired product that makes your plants looking healthy and flourish under these artificial lights. We are supposed to make things easy for your selection whereas the reviews are being posted based on their performance instead of the price variation on different online selling forums.

We hope it would help you to choose the desired light for the features you’re looking for.

Top 10 Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light Review 2023

#1 King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

Every good feature you would like to have in any light is King Plus. 10 Watts dual Chips, Vegetative & Bloom switches, economical to run, and extended Guarantee period of 3 years.
PAR, LUMENs, and wavelengths are also exceptional while I feel no hesitation for recommending the best light, I ever used.

#2 Advanced Platinum Series P600

Another excellent light for the brilliant features having 12 bands spectrum and 2 times more coverage compared to a similar light of the same capacity. The brightness is extraordinary while heat sinks are superb with 4 additional fans to will keep the system cooler in the long working.
Product warranty stands valid for 5 years whereas the coverage is 6 feet x 4 feet that stand double than any other light of 600 Watts.

#3 ViparSpectra VA600 600W Full Spectrum led Grow Light

ViparSpectra led grow lights are made especially for indoor flowers, medicinal plants or might be used in the greenhouse as well. It contains Dual-Chip (10W) LEDs than the regular 1W chips since they are more efficient and energy-saving. The makers claim that their grow lights only use 100W of energy only.

It has a long lifespan and high brightness coverage. It saves around 80% energy from the regular sodium lamps. ViparSpectra led grow lights can last for around 50,000 hours. The lights emitted from these grow lights are all (around 90%) absorbed by the plants. It is suitable for any plant culture and especially it is one of the best 600W LED grow lights for weed.

#4 VIVOSUN- Full spectrum LED grow light

Vicosun’s 600 watts led grow light coverage is optimum and provides reasonable PAR output values at the variable distances. These lights are super bright and thus helping your plants to get enriched with all the required nutrients. Vivosun’s full spectrum lights have a high penetration grading and have 2 built-in fans as well, for the cooling process.
According to its makers, it utilizes only 270W power to provide the best quality luminous lighting. Its lifespan is estimated to be at least 100,000 working hours, which comes with a 3 years warranty as well.

#5 MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light

It has double chips of 5W, which is more efficient than the 1W and 3W LEDs. Its energy-saving capabilities help it utilize no more than 110W. Recordcent has introduced new, dual-lens technology to its product, which increases the Canopy penetration of the rays.

These full spectrums grow lights, disperse and focuses the LED rays in the 60- and 120-degree mixed angles. This helps it in saving 30% more energy than its fellow competitors.

This LED grow light provides the plants with all the sunlight’s requirements they want for all the stages of their life. To keep the system from overheating itself, every kit has two separate fans and works independently. The sellers also provide you with a 120-day satisfaction period to try it for the plants’ growth cycles. It is the best light for growing Cannabis in your grow room under artificial light.

#6 DIPINGX Upgraded Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 600W 

These LED comes with a special set of double switches for full-spectrum, thermometer humidity monitor, and adjustable rope. Its unique design does not use any reflectors thus, the spotlight is safe for the plants and seems aesthetic as well. Its heat generation is comparatively less than all the HPS and MH lamps. This 600-watt LED grow light yields a better coverage area than any other reflector lights.

The double switches have bloom and veg buttons in it. The bloom switch turns on the red and white LED, which is useful for the flowering plants. On the other hand, the veg switch provides with the blue and white LED, and it comes handy for the young vegetable plants and seedlings.

#7 ViparSpectra V600 600W Full Spectrum led Grow Light

This product ensures safety with efficiency and has UL certification as well. Its optimum full spectrum lighting helps all the plants in their growing stages to provide them with similar nutrients as those coming by the sunlight. This 600w LED grow lights for cannabis is one of the best sellers around the globe. It is equipped with bloom and veg switch for better coverage.

These LED lights come with a special daisy chain function, that assists the customers to connect lights as many as they want with fewer outlets. Its vegetable coverage is 32” and 22” for the flowering light. The sellers also guarantee a 3-year warranty for worry-free usage.

#8 ZXMEAN-Indoor grow lamp

It can save up to 80% energy compared to the regular MH/HPS lights. This design is best for 24” height and 3x3ft area. It is equipped with fans as well, with zero noise pollution. The fans greatly increase their working life, by providing uniform cooling, even after the straight use of 24 hours.
It is the best 600 Watts LED grow lights in Canada that can provide with 90/120 degrees coverage, with mixed LEDs for multiple uses. This product seems to deem fit for the hydroponics greenhouses and aquatic plants. This product has a wide range of serving applications, from water culture to tissue culture, farms to flower planting and many more while best suitable for Cannabis and tomatoes in your grow room.

#9 BLOOMSPECT Upgraded 600W LED Grow Light

This product has 90-degree optical lenses, which ensures the proper concentration of the light. This also helps in reducing the light loss by around 30%. The BLOOMSPECT’s 600 watts LED grow light has improved lumens and PAR output. Its full spectrum ranges from 380-760mm and includes IR and UV rays as well. These rays’ aids in the growing process of the plants.

This one set is perfect for 3×3 feet growing area, with a height of 24”. It comes with selectable veg and bloom switches as well, with a three-year warranty and some positive reviews from the clients in the US.

#10 BESTVA- 600W grow light (SAMSUM series)

BESTIVA combines optical technology with its LED grow lights for providing the customers with the best fit. Their product reduces light losses by 30%. These lights have high penetration values, with higher PAR as well. It comes with bloom and veg switch as well for better usage. It has a special radiator of aluminum structure, for better and stronger cooling of the product.
Compared to the other fellow competitors, it uses only 132W of energy and works best for a 2 x2.2 feet growing area, with a height of exact 24”. This product comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90-days trial as well, for checking the satisfaction level of the product.

What to look for when buying 600-Watt LED grow lights?

You need to consider the following features when you are considering a purchase for growing your favorite plants, indoors.

#1 Wattage (How many led watts per weed plant?)

You need to consider the size of the grow room and the plants that are inside to determine the right wattage of the light strips to buy. For a small grow room with only one or a few plants, you will already be good with a light that has a minimal wattage. If the grow tent is large, you need a more powerful light or use several light  strips.

#2 Light spectrum (What is the spectrum resolution for weed?)

The light spectrum is the wavelength of light that the plant needs at different stages of growth. The light spectrum needed to grow indoor weed varies for different growth stages. Usually, weed needs blue wavelength during germination and vegetative stages and red at flowering stage The best Light Spectrum for growing Cannabis differs during different stages of growth in plants and what they need. The weed plants, like all other plants, rely on the light spectrum for signs about their growth. Blue light is particularly useful during vegetative growth, while the red light is particularly useful during the flowering stage. For the best results, you will also want to supplement these with the other colors on the visible light spectrum. Similarly, all other plants use the light of different wavelengths during different growth stages but generally, blue light is important for initial plant growth and red for flowering and bud formation.

#3 Amount of light

Weed plants are adaptable to blue and red wavelengths for germination, vegetative growth, flowering, and bud formation. So, select a light that delivers the entire range of the light spectrum that your plants need. Even if you are not growing weed plants, it is necessary to select a full spectrum light for your grow room that exhibits the following wavelengths range.
Ultra Violet (380-410 Nanometer), Blue (1st Spectrum 440-450 and 2nd Spectrum 450-460 Nanometer), Orange (605-610 Nanometer), Red (1st Spectrum 620-630 and 2nd Spectrum 655-660 Nanometer), Far Red (730 Nanometer).

#4 Wattage per square foot and coverage area

Your grow lights are supposed to be operative most of the growing time probably 12-14 hours if you are growing Cannabis. So, it is import to know the wattage and the daily light consumption your selected lights will consume. On the other hand, your selection must be based on future gardening programs keeping in mind that these selected lights would go a long time with you. Your selection must be based on the type of plants and the area they might cover during their growth. Large spaces need more lights while growing 1 or 2 plants indoor should limit you buy accordingly.

#5 Low Heat Emission

High heat omission may be of substantial damage to your lovely plants due to burning issues. Choose only those light that is durable and protect your plants from the heat burns. The lights remain close to the plant’s foliage whereas high heat omission lights are prone to burn plants when kept lightening for several hours during a day. So, make a careful choice by selecting a light that omits a balanced heat.

#6 Quality of materials

The quality of any material is judged only after you use it. There might be several products with different capacities and prices but you may not aware of the quality. Go and check the brand repute, check existing users’ reviews and check the portfolio of the company for their business history. Make purchases after you are fully satisfied with the product and services by the supplier.

#7 Energy Savings

Your grow lights are supposed to be operative most of the growing time probably 12-14 hours if you are growing Cannabis. So, it is import to know the wattage and the daily light consumption your selected lights will consume. Go the energy-saving options that will not increase your cost of production for the particular plants especially if you are a hobbyist and not supposed to grow commercially.

#8 Lifespan

LED lights are supposed to operative for the years under normal conditions in your grow room. Check for the maximum viable guarantee that consists of years with the replacement options. Don’t compromise on quality for cheap purchase as it would harm you in the long run.

#9 Easy to use

Be sure that the product you are going to purchase is easy to handle, easy to install and operate.

600 watts LED grow light power consumption

The good lights consume little energy while maintaining the brightness of the light they yield. A good 600-Watts must draw between 120 to 180 Watts of energy during the peak running whereas the lights consuming more energy than that are often cheap and produce heat that may affect your valuable plants in the grow room. Looking into the power consumption must be given priority whereas the user’s manual and online reviews would help you to the actual wattage use of the lights from the clients who already purchased such lights.

600W LED Grow Light comparison to HPS

The LEDs are not supposed to generate that big heat as the HPS lights of a similar capacity produce during the process of growing in a closed environment. HPS needs additional cooling arrangements to keep the temperatures under control whereas the electricity bills are also on the higher side. The 600 Watts can save you up to 70% bills compared to the HPS light of a similar capacity. Moreover, LEDs are not associated with the production of any type of heat in the grow room.

600-Watts LED Grow Light cost to run

It’s quite easy to estimate the cost of running 600-Watts LED light for the entire month. You simply need to know how much power it draws while running for 16 to 18 hours a day. As already mentioned, a good light may draw between 120 to 180 Watts to run. Taking the highest of both values let’s consider it draws 180 Watts and runs for 18 eighteen hours a day. Simply multiply hours (18) with the power draw (180 Watts means 0.18 Kilowatts per hour) that equals 3.24 KWH for the day, again multiply it with the average electricity rate in your relevant state and get the approximate cost of running 600-Watts LED lights for 18 hours per day. Say, if the cost is 16.23 cents per KWH then the monthly cost would be (3.24 x $0.1623 kWh x 30 days = 15.77 or $16.

Mistakes to avoid when using 600W LED Grow Lights

Always remember that the light setting does that tricks with the Cannabis either you grow it successfully or ruin your crop if the following parameters are not looked into. You must avoid these mistakes at priority.

  • Setting your light too close to the plants in the way that excess heat burns the foliage.
  • Setting the light too far that it doesn’t meet their light intensity needs.
  • Not placing the light at the recommended distances by the manufacturer during different stages of growth.
  • Not following the light schedule as per crop needs.
  • Using inferior quality lights and not providing the plants with the intensity they need to grow healthy.

What’s the best LED Grow Lights?

While selecting any of the grow lights, the expert’s advice to look for the following features at priority along with your intention before you make any decision for purchase.

  • Always select the superior quality chips not having less than 3 Watts capacity as the chip converts electricity into light energy desired for the effective plant’s growth.
  • Also, look for the lights that produce less heat and are installed with cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks.
  • Be sure that the selected light would yield full wavelength, High PAR and LUMENs as per plant’s need.
  • It’s easy to use, good customers record, reviews from the users and validate the warranties within the given time frame. Long warranty periods are always rewarding for customers.

How many plants can I grow under a 600-Watts LED light?

A minimum of 25 Watts per square feet is needed during the vegetative stages of plant growth while the requirement gets double during the flowering stages. i.e. 50 Watts per square feet. Depending on the size of the plants and their growth stages, you can grow as many as 12 plants and to a lesser amount 1-2 mature plants in case of the Cannabis. A 600-Watts LED light is sufficient for 12 square feet area, now it is up to you to monitor whether all plants are getting a similar amount of light that they need for healthy growth.

How much electricity does a 600-Watts LED grow light use?

Depending on the energy consumption, A 600-Watts LED Grow Light may use between 0.18 KWH to 0.40 KWP and for the entire day about 3.24 KWH to 7.2 KWH if run for 18 hours a day.

600W LED Grow Light distance (from a plant, seedlings, during flower)

For seedlings, adjust your light at 26-30 inches above the foliage and run for about 18 hours a day.
For Vege Stage, keep it 20 to 26 inches above the canopy and run for 14 hours.
For Flowering, keep your light 18 inches above the foliage and run for 12 hours, at least.

 When to Use a 600 Watts Grow Light?

The use of 600 Watts Grows light becomes necessary when you are supposed to grow Cannabis or vegetables such as Tomatoes, Peppers, and Chilies that need relatively more amount of light during different stages of growth in your grow room. A 600 Watts light is the best choice of Cannabis growers who are eager to grow it at home.