10 Best California Seed Banks 2023: Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds (with US delivery)

California was one of the earliest adopters of medical and recreational marijuana. If you’re living in California, it’s an ideal time to think about researching and growing marijuana. Before that, newbie growers need to learn about the best cannabis seed bank, the most suitable cannabis strains and some cannabis growing techniques.

It is not difficult to find an online cannabis seed banks that ship to California, however not all of these results are quality options. There are many cannabis seed banks out there but only a few are reputable and worth your investment.

That’s why we’ve prepared the 10 most trusted best California seed banks. Accordingly, growers can purchase quality cannabis seeds for their crops.

Seed Bank Best For
#1 ILGM Seed Bank(Editor’s Choice) for Germination Guarantee
#2 Growers Choice Seeds for Cannabis Seeds Price
#3 Pacific Seed Bank for Online Website
#4 Humboldt Seed Company for Quality Marijuana Seeds
#5 i49 Seed Bank for Highest THC
#6 Gelato Seeds for Potential
#7 Greenpoint Seeds for Discounts
#8 Crop King Seeds for Strain Selection
#9 Quebec Cannabis Seeds for Genetics
#10 SeedSupreme Seed Bank for Extensive Inventories

Can I Grow Marijuana Legally in California?

Yes, adults can legally grow a total of six indoor plants. However, cities and municipalities can still choose not to legalize marijuana.

The ability of some regions to refuse to legalize marijuana has been criticized. So far, many low-income countries have chosen to legalize cannabis, and fewer wealthy nations have decided to join.

This raises concerns that counties with the resources to really shrink black market cannabis deals are opting out.

However, medical marijuana holders are allowed to grow significantly more. In fact, patients are allowed to grow as many plants as they want in the 100 square foot space.

Are Marijuana Delivery Services Legal in California?

Fortunately for all the cannabis fans who prefer to partake in life in the comfort of their own homes, California will be allowing a delivery service. However, these methods of delivering cannabis seeds, weed by bicycle, boat, robot or drone are illegal.

Top 10 Best California Seed Banks

#1 ILGM Seed Bank (Editor’s Choice) – Best Germination Guarantee


  • 100% Germination guarantee
  • Large collection of cannabis seeds
  • Stable genetics
  • Many promotions and discounts
  • Free stealth shipping
  • Shipping Discreetly from California
  • Friendly customer service
  • Bitcoin discount
  • Free seeds


  • Not many rare cannabis seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a leading popular seed bank today. ILGM is considered as the best seed bank for US growers as they offer the best marijuana seeds at the right price. Moreover the service of this cannabis seed bank is also highly appreciated.

ILGM was founded by Robert Bergman, a man of good knowledge and having been with the cannabis plant for decades. This online seed bank aims to build a stronger cannabis community.

They have a diverse collection of cannabis seeds and are suitable for growers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner grower or a seasoned grower, there is always the right cannabis seed for you. In particular, ILGM will provide up to 100% germination guarantee, which very few online seed banks do.

ILGM’s customer service staff is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Customers can also contact them through various communication channels.

ILGM also conducts many discounts and promotions. They also have a loyalty program and free seeds. For example, if you buy 10 marijuana seeds, you will get 10 more seeds for free. And offers free seeds for orders in the United States.

ILGM offers flexible payment methods. They accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash payments, and of course checks as well.

#2 Growers Choice Seeds – Best Cannabis Seeds Price


  • California seed banks online super fast delivery to US states
  • Competitively priced cannabis seeds
  • Genetically stable, high quality cannabis seeds
  • A team of experts and gardeners with a lot of experience
  • Hand-selected cannabis seeds
  • Worldwide discreet delivery
  • Guaranteed germination 90%
  • Loyalty program


  • Payment method restrictions
  • The collection of cannabis seeds is not large
  • No free seeds
  • Customer service needs improvement

Growers Choice Seeds is a California cannabis seed bank that is quite popular in the US cannabis community. This cannabis seed bank has a long history with a team of horticultural and medical professionals with over 20 years of industry experience.

Growers Choice Seeds aims to provide the highest quality cannabis strains produced through the best genetic resources in the cannabis industry. This seed bank always discloses the provenance of the cannabis seeds that it offers. Besides that, they also hand-select these cannabis seeds by hand, to ensure they are of the best quality.

That is why Growers Choice Seeds marijuana seeds always have a high germination rate and receive many positive reviews from customers. Growers can expect to receive top genetics when purchasing marijuana seeds from this seed bank.

Their seed collection includes auto-flowering varieties, feminized seeds, and high-CBD medical grade seeds. There will always be options for you whether you are a beginner grower or a seasoned grower.

This online seed bank offers up to 90% germination guarantee and that is a big plus for growers to grow with peace of mind.

However, we do not appreciate the customer service of Growers Choice Seeds. Although this seed bank establishes many communication methods between customers and employees such as chat boxes, phone numbers and emails, it will take quite a while for customers to receive a response.

Growers Choice Seeds only accept a few payment methods such as:

  • Debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard only)
  • Cryptocurrency (BitCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)
  • Zelle (U.S. only)
  • Interac eTransfer (Canada only)
  • Mail (Certified check or money order)

#3 Pacific Seed Bank – Best for Online Website


  • Legal online marijuana seed bank
  • Long history
  • Team of founders, seasoned experts
  • Guaranteed 90% germination
  • Clean, easy-to-navigate site
  • Stealth packaging, discreet shipping


  • Genetic quality is not stable
  • Customer service needs improvement
  • No loyalty program, not many promotions
  • Slow delivery

If you search for California seed banks reviews, Pacific Seed Bank is the name that will appear commonly on every list. This online cannabis seed bank was founded by cannabis enthusiasts, drawing on over 20 years of experience and background in horticulture, medicine and business.

This seed bank offers over 150 varieties of marijuana seed strains from many of the world’s top breeders. Their cannabis seeds are advertised as fully feminized and reliable cannabis seeds that have been genetically tested.

Pacific Seed Bank has a primary shipping hub and marketing presence in Santa Rosa, California, USA. So orders in the US will be delivered in the shortest amount of time. They also deliver to Canada. EU, Australia and many other regions.

In particular, Pacific Seed Bank also offers up to 90% germination guarantee. Within 60 days of receiving the order, the customer must complete the return procedure. But unlike other seed banks, Pacific Seed Bank will not send you new seeds to replace ungerminated seeds. Instead, they will refund you.

There are many customer complaints about them receiving cannabis seeds of unequal genetic quality. They found that some of the seeds were very thin, small and fragile when they applied a little force. And of course those marijuana seeds can’t germinate.

And there are also many negative reviews regarding this seed bank’s customer service. The response time to email inquiries and customer feedback is often very long. Many people believe that Pacific Seed Bank prioritizes responding to positive customer reviews over complaints.

But in return, Pacific Seed Bank’s website design is one of their strengths. The site is very clean and easy to navigate. Customers can easily find the information they need quickly because the layout is very neat.

#4 Humboldt Seed Company – Best Quality Marijuana Seeds


  • Breeders and growers with extensive industry experience
  • Environmentally friendly farming methods
  • Genetically stable cannabis seeds
  • Unique collection of cannabis seeds
  • Good reputation
  • The price of cannabis seeds is in line with the quality


  • Germination is not guaranteed
  • Seed collection is not too big

Humboldt Seed Company is the leading US cannabis breeder and the company is a leader in breeding unique and rare cannabis strains. The breeders of Humboldt Seed Company are all knowledgeable and have decades of experience in the cannabis industry.

Established since 2001, Humboldt Seed Company has provided the most unique range of cannabis strains to the cannabis market. There are many cannabis strains from this breeder that you will never see in the market.

Humboldt Seed Company works with local growers to maintain and cultivate strains that only appear in Humboldt County. Humboldt County has long been known as an ideal growing location for rare cannabis strains with exceptionally good soil and climate conditions.

The experts and breeders of Humboldt Seed Co have put a lot of time, money and effort into preserving these rare genetics and breeding new ones based on them. Because of this, growers will be able to find many unique marijuana strains that cannot be found in any online seed bank.

In addition, Humboldt Seed Co uses the most environmentally friendly farming methods to deliver stable quality genetics. So their cannabis seeds always have a high germination rate with stable genetics.

Growers can purchase cannabis seeds from the Humboldt Seed Company at local pharmacies, or through retailers in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Maine, Canada, and Spain.

#5 i49 Seed Bank – Best Online Seed Bank for US Customers


  • Unique genetics
  • More than 400 strains of cannabis
  • The price is quite cheap compared to other US seed banks
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Discrete shipping to all US States
  • Diverse payment options


  • Shipping to the US only
  • Much controversy regarding seed quality
  • Customer service needs a lot of improvement
  • Not much promotions
  • Long delivery time

I49 Seed Bank is a name that is no longer too strange to the US cannabis community. This online seed bank has been around for a long time in the cannabis industry. It was founded by people with a strong passion for cannabis, and this seed bank is based in Los Angeles, California.

I49 Seed Bank offers its own self-produced seeds and their collection contains many unique cannabis strains. These cannabis seeds are quite popular on the cannabis forums, despite mixed opinions, but overall, they still receive good reviews.

The archive of this seed bank contains up to 400 different strains of cannabis. These cannabis seeds come in many categories like CBD seeds, feminized seeds and AUTO seeds. Growers of all levels should be able to find a suitable cannabis strain.

In particular, i49 Seed Bank guarantees up to 80% germination for customers when buying their seeds. This means that if the seed you receive has a germination rate lower than 80% then the i49 seed bank will replace you with other seeds with a higher germination rate.

However, many customers receive replacement seeds of a different strain than the one in the original order. Many growers complain about this because they have no intention of growing a cannabis strain other than the one they ordered.

Besides, i49 seed bank should really improve its customer service. Customers often receive prewritten responses instead of personalized responses. And the response time to customer emails or calls is relatively long.

This seed bank discreetly packs and ships cannabis seeds. However, they only ship to US customers. Foreign customers who want to buy i49 cannabis seeds can go to their retailers.

#6 Gelato Seeds – Best Potential


  • Cannabis seeds are handpicked from top seed banks
  • Stable genetics
  • Open source, clear
  • Delivery to every state in the US
  • Discreet Shipping, Free Shipping
  • Free Seeds
  • There are promotions


  • Limited cannabis seed collection
  • Shipping to the US only

Gelato Seeds is a cannabis seed bank with an address in Burbank, CA. This seed bank does not have a long history but they are a relatively new name. But we’ve seen some of their remarkable potential.

This seed bank offers cannabis seeds sourced from a network of 16 top renowned distributors/breeders/seed banks around the world. Among them are some names such as Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion Seed Co, Green House Seed Co, Fast Buds Seeds and many more.

These marijuana seeds are selected through a proprietary system in which only good seeds are selected. Gelato Seeds redistributes these cannabis seeds at a discounted price and ships them from Los Angeles. The marijuana seeds on the site are 99% feminized.

Gelato Seeds offers discreet shipping on all orders. They guarantee that nothing related to your cannabis seed order will be shown on the packaging. This seed bank will also provide super invisible packaging upon request.

Currently this seed bank is offering free shipping on any order. Customers will receive their orders in about 4-5 working days nationwide. Customers can also choose to apply promotions or free seeds to their orders.

Gelato Seeds accepts payment using the following payment options:

  • MESH debit card/ credit card $1900 max
  • E-check $5000 max
  • Zelle $500 max or higher depending on your own Zelle maximum up to $1500
  • Cryptocurrency $5000 limit
  • Cash

#7 Greenpoint Seeds – Best Discounts


  • Well-known U.S. breeders
  • Stable genetics
  • Germination guarantee
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Detailed information about every strains
  • Friendly website, easy to navigate


  • Limited quantity of high-CBD strains
  • No auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Greenpoint Seeds is a prominent and popular American seed bank in the Golden Triangle. Greenpoint Seeds is also known as a reputable US breeder and has a good reputation for producing genetically stable cannabis strains.

This seed bank offers a high quality, genetically stable collection of cannabis seeds. However, their seed collection only includes feminized seeds, regular seeds. So growers looking for CBD or autoflowering cannabis strains probably won’t be satisfied.

But in return, the company has the best employees in the fields of animal husbandry, farming and customer service. They provide their customers with the best quality marijuana seeds, along with a good experience. That’s why Greenpoint Seeds are often rated positively on cannabis forums.

Besides, Greenpoint Seeds implements a lot of promotions and discounts so that customers can buy their seeds at the most favorable price. These discounts are often offered, and there are great deals on special days.

This seed bank ships its seeds discreetly to many regions of the world. So not only US growers can buy their seeds, but growers from other countries can order easily through their website.

Greenpoint Seeds prepares many different payment methods so that foreign customers can choose a suitable payment method. Customers can pay by cash, check, debit, credit card, digital currencies and money orders.

#8 Crop King Seeds – Best Strain Selection


  • Quality cannabis strain selection
  • Reputable US online seed banks
  • Stable genetics
  • Careful selection of marijuana seeds
  • 80% germination guaranteed
  • Discreet delivery
  • Fast shipping
  • Reliable customer service


  • The selling price of weed seeds is above average
  • Lack of freebies and other promos

Crop King Seeds is not a seed bank unfamiliar to US growers. This online seed bank is quite well known in the cannabis community for its diverse and quality seed collection. They are also US growers’ top trusted seed address with a wide range of offers.

The marijuana seeds that Crop King Seeds offer are clearly sourced from top breeders like Quebec cannabis seeds, Amsterdam marijuana seeds, etc. With more than 400 seed variations, growers are sure to find a marijuana seed that suits their level and conditions.

This seed bank offers carefully selected marijuana seeds. So these seeds have good quality, stable genetics and high germination rate. In particular, Crop King Seeds offers an 80% germination rate guarantee. The new replacement seeds will be of better quality and easier to germinate.

Besides, Crop King Seeds’ reliable customer service makes many customers satisfied. They have 24/7 live chat support so customers can reach the staff anytime, anywhere. Quick response and helpful knowledge is what customers will get.

Crop King Seeds accepts debit cards, credit cards, a bank transfer, and Bitcoin. They also offer a variety of shipping options for customers to choose the right one for their area.

#9 Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Genetics


  • Top cannabis genetics
  • Good quality marijuana seeds
  • High germination rate
  • Legit online seed bank
  • Germination Guarantee
  • Fast shipping to California
  • Weekly Discounts


  • Limited payment options

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a reputable and reliable address to buy marijuana seeds. This bank is one of the best seed banks that ship to the United States at a reasonable price and comes with guarantees.

This online seed bank has been around for quite some time in the industry and the founders and staff are all well-versed and experienced in cannabis cultivation. If you are a newbie grower, you can ask the staff for help and they are very enthusiastic to provide you with knowledge about growing cannabis.

They also offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds with a cultivation difficulty suitable for beginners to more experienced growers. And growers also don’t have to worry too much about seed quality and germination success because Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers guaranteed germination for all orders.

In particular, Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers weekly discounts, and each week customers will buy cannabis seeds at different preferential prices. The discount usually ranges from 10-25%, but there are also weeks when this seed bank reduces the price up to 50%.

However, the seed bank only offers some popular payment methods such as Visa, Mastercards and bank transfers.

#10 SeedSupreme Seed Bank – Best Extensive Inventories


  • Over 4000 cannabis strains
  • Shipping direct from California
  • Weed seeds selected from top breeders
  • Regular discounts and rewards
  • Friendly website, easy to navigate
  • The price of seeds is suitable for the quality
  • Free seeds


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Long shipping time

SeedSupreme is a seed bank with no long history but is slowly showing its potential in the cannabis industry. This seed bank offers an extremely large and extensive collection of cannabis strains.

In SeedSupreme’s seed inventory, growers can find the highest THC strains, quality landrace strains, feminized or auto-flowering seeds. No matter what level of growers you are, there will always be cannabis seeds that are right for you.

With such a large number of seeds, SeedSupreme seed bank always uses the best techniques and technology to preserve them. From there their cannabis seeds are guaranteed the best freshness and germination rate.

This seed bank’s cannabis seeds contain clear information about their provenance so customers know what they are buying. They carefully select seeds from leading breeders such as Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Nirvana Seeds, and more.

SeedSupreme ships seeds discreetly and does not put any information about the sender or recipient on the packaging. This seed bank has two shipping hubs, one in California and one in the UK.

Final Verdict

There are hundreds of other seed banks for California growers out there, but the number of the most reputable and trustworthy seed banks is limited. That is why newbie growers should carefully consult the information to choose the right online seed bank.

Our list of the best California seed banks above are the names that we have purchased their cannabis seeds from, and have experienced their service. We have evaluated these banks objectively to give you the most comprehensive view.