20+ Best Seed Bank Canada 2023: Top Canadian Seed Bank Reviews

Canada is a country with diverse seed suppliers that distribute all the different strains. From there growers will have dozens of choices about a supplier of seeds for their crops.

Canada seed banks are also ideal for foreign growers, especially the US when they are mailing seeds, discreetly and securely. However, they do not support too many payment methods but we still appreciate their efforts.
Here is the list that we mentioned earlier.

Seed Bank Canada Comparison Table

Canada Seed Bank ReviewsPrice
Crop King Seed (Editor’s Choice) Crop King Seed Bank
Coupon Code 10%: King10
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Discreet shipping
Customer service: Good
80% Germination rate
High reputation
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #cropkingseeds (27,122 posts)
ADDRESS: 1146 Pacific Blvd #62, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 (844) 276-7546
1.(April 20 – 21) [CK420] = 20% Off [5FREE] = 5 Free Seeds
1.Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
2.CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
3.CB Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
4.CB Diesel CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
5.White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank
Coupon Code 10%: 10%off
Fast & free shipping
Payment method: flexible
Free seeds
High germination rate
Customer service: normal
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #quebeccannabis (1,974 posts)
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 514-805-2741
1.Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.Quebec CBD 20-1 Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
3.Auto Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds  (05 seeds $49.00)
4. Green Crack Cannabis Seeds Feminized (05 seeds $48.00)
5.Auto Glue Gelato Cannabis Seeds Feminized (05 seeds $48.00)
Sonoma Seed Bank Sonoma Seed Bank
Safe and Secure Shipping
80% germination rate
Customer experience: Quite good
Free shipping & Free Seeds
Location: US
Instagram feedback: #sonomaseeds (1,396 posts)
1.Northern Lights Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
2.Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Regular Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $40.00)
3.Amnesia x Ak47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
4.Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized Marijuana Seeds (10 seeds $120.00)
5.Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds (10 seeds $120.00)
Elev8 Breeders Elev8 Seed Bank
High quality strains
Shipping: only US & Canada
Customer Service: Good
Website: Friendly
Location: Canada
Payment methods: Flexible
Instagram feedback:   #elev8seeds
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 323-412-8807
1.Runtz (06 seeds $89.00)
2.Gorilla Glue (06 seeds $89.00)
3.Gorilla Cookies (06 seeds $89.00)
4.Sherbet Cookies (06 seeds $89.00)
5.Gelato #33 (06 seeds $89.00)
Jordan Of The Islands Seed Bank Jordan Of The Islands Seed Bank
Strain selection: Quite large
Years of experience
Strain Quality: High
Price: Cheap
Website: Simple
Fast shipping
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #jordanoftheislands (979 posts)

ADDRESS: Vancouver Island , Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Afghani (12 seeds $60.00)
2. Black Cali-Gold (Kosher Kush x Cali-O x Blackberry Kush) Super Dave Genetics (12 seeds $60.00)
3.Blue Afghani (Sticky Fingers Edition) (25 seeds $100.00)
4.Blue City Diesel (Platinum Sour Edition) (12 seeds $60.00)
5.Blue God (25 seeds $100.00)
Canuk Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) Canuk Seed Bank
High quality strains
Grow fast & big
Customer experience: Good
High germination rate
Fast delivery
Years of experience
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #canukseeds (11,981 posts)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: (+1) 416-309-0359
1.Afghan Hash Plant Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN (03 seeds $38.66)
2.AK Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $61.22)
3. Banana Kush Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $66.01)
4. Cream Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $61.22)
5.Agent Orange Regular Seeds (10 seeds $57.99)
True North Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) True North Seed Bank
Strain Varieties: Large
Customer service: Bad
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: Cheap
Germination guarantee: No
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #truenorthseedbank (2,930 posts)
ADDRESS: Toronto, Canada
HOT LINE: +1 416-679-0421
1.4 Assed Monkey AUTO Feminized Seeds (3 seeds $31.43)
2.Buy 24 Carat Auto Feminised Seeds (03 seeds $31.43)
3.Auto Chem OG Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $30.92)
4.707 Headband Feminized Seeds (03 seeds $41.89)
5.78 FEMINIZED Seeds (06 seeds $118.04)
Bc Bud Depot Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) Bc Bud Depot Seed Bank
Guaranteed orders
Customer experience: Good
High germination rate
Worldwide delivery
Website: Simple
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #bcbuddepot (1,317 posts)
ADDRESS: British Columbia, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected].
PHONE: +1-888-402-2283
1.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - BC God Bud (12 seeds $90.00)
2.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - BC Pinewarp (12 seeds $75.00)
3.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - Bubba God (12 seeds $75.00)
4.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - God's Gift (12 seeds $150.00)
5.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - Tangie Cookies (12 seeds $90.00)
Xotic Seed Bank Xotic Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Website: Attractive
Shipping: Only within Canada
High Germination rate
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #xoticseeds (766 posts)
ADDRESS: 40 Regan Road #12 #B, Brampton, ON L7A 1B3, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 905-840-4408
1.Blue Dream (HSO)fem (05 seeds $75.00)
2.Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem (05 seeds $70.00)
3.Pink Kush (BF) fem (05 seeds $65.00)
4.Blackberry Auto (FB) (03 seeds $45.00)
5.Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem (03 seeds $40.00)
Peak Seeds Bc Seed Bank Peak Seeds Bc Seed Bank
High quality strains
Fast delivery
Customer Service: Good
High germination rate
Website: Simple
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #peakseedsbc (727 posts)
ADDRESS: British Columbia, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bubba Kush Feminized $45.00
2.Amnesia Haze Seeds $53.98
3.AK (47 seeds $53.98)
4.Lemon Ice Feminized $45.00
5.Lemon Skunk Feminized $45.00
Oasis Genetics Seed Bank Oasis Genetics Seed Bank
Quality Strains: Good
Strain Varieties: Large
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: Friendly
Payment Options: Not limited
Price: Quite Cheap
Customer experience: Good
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #oasisgenetics (697 posts)
ADDRESS: 100-2 Toronto St., Suite 511 Toronto, M5C 2B5 Ontario, CANADA
HOT LINE: (+1) 416-548-3601
1.Auto Chem OG Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
2. Auto Crystal Widow Feminized Seeds (10 seeds $81.29)
3. Auto Aurora Borealis Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
4. Auto AK74 Feminized Seeds (10 seeds $81.29)
5. Auto Emperor J Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
Vancouver Seed Bank Vancouver Seed Bank
High quality seeds
Variety of strains
Years of experience
Customer sevice: Good
Guaranteed shipping
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #vancouverseedbank
ADDRESS: Vancouver BC, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: (778) 329-1930
1.CBD Tiger 40:1 – Feminized (05 seeds $55.00)
2.Grapefruit Kush (05 seeds $60.00)
3.Gorilla Glue #4 (01 seeds $15.00)
4.Auto Northern Lights (01 seeds $8.00)
5.Autoflowering Grapefruit Haze (05 seeds $60.00)
Ocs Seed Bank Ocs Seed Bank
Large strain selection
High quality products
Fast Shipping
High Germination rate
Customer Service: Good
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #ocsseeds
ADDRESS: 77 Wellington St S, Kitchener, ON N2G 2E6, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: + 1-888-910-0627
1.Headband Seeds (04 seeds $39.96)
2.Pink Lemonade Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
3.Error 404 Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
4.Triple Scoop Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
5.Cherry Head Seeds (04 seeds $39.96)
Dr Seed Bank Dr Seed Bank
High quality seeds
High Germination guarantee.
Customer Service: Good
Price: High
Website: Simple
Worldwide shipping
Deliver speed: Normal
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #drseeds
ADDRESS: Toronto, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bruce Banner #3 Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.White Tahoe Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
3.Purple Punch Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
4.Do-Si-Dos Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
5.Strawberry Banana Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank
Variety of strains
Fast & free shipping
Customer Service: Good
Payment method: Easy
Price: reasonable
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #montrealcannabis
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 438-345-3688
1.BLUE WIDOW Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $50.00)
2.CHEMDAWG Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
3.QUEBEC GOLD 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $60.00)
4.CANDY KUSH Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
5.NORTHERN LIGHTS FAST VERSION Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $56.00)
Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank
High quality seeds
Reputation: High
Payment method: Easy
Years of experience
Customer service: Great
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #torontocannabis
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 1-416-453-5363
1.CANDY KUSH Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.BLACK GOLD Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $60.00)
3.ZKITLLEZ Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $52.00)
4.GRANDDADDY PURPLE Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
5.GREEN CRACK Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
Attitude Seed Bank Attitude Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Reputation: High
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: Cheap seeds
Germination guarantee: No
Location: UK
instagram feedback: #attitudeseedbank
ADDRESS: The Attitude PO BOX 803
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 8XZ
United Kingdom
EMAIL US: [email protected]
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1. Barneys Farm Critical Kush 05 seeds $56.11
2. DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush 06 seeds $85.58
3. G13 Labs Pineapple Express 05 seeds $43.49
4. Rare Dankness Ghost Train Haze #1 06 seeds $95.4
5. Green House Super Lemon Haze 05 seeds $47.7
Seedsherenow Seed Bank Seedsherenow Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Free seeds
Customer experience: Bad
Germination guarantee: No
Location: US
Instagram feedback:  #seedsherenow
ADDRESS: 2728 W Main St. STE. 106 Medford OR Medford, Oregon, Oregon, United States
EMAIL US: [email protected]
HOT LINE: +1 844-697-3337
1. Exotic Genetix – Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade (10 seeds $124.88)
2. Irie Genetics – Orange Gasm Feminized (06 seeds $88.88)
3. Mephisto Genetics – Samsquanch OG (07 seeds $114.88)
4. Fast Buds – Zkittlez Feminized (05 seeds $68.88)
5. Fast Buds – Glue Auto Feminized (05 seeds $68.88)
Gta Seed Bank Gta Seed Bank
Quality Strains: High
Strain Varieties: Large
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: Unfriendly
Germination Guarantee: No
Payment Options: Limited
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #gtaseedbank
ADDRESS: 5671 Steeles Ave East, Po Box 32042, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
HOT LINE: 647-859-8863
1. Afghan Kush Ryder (07 seeds $89)
2. 10th Planet R1 (10 seeds $145)
3. 2 Scoops (Grape Sherbet x Orange Sherbet) (12 seeds $128)
4. Animal Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG BX3) (12 seeds $90)
5. Magnum (05 seeds $63)
Archive Seed Bank Archive Seed Bank
Quality Strains: High
Strain Varieties: Large
Reputation: High
Shipping: Only US
Website: Friendly
Location: US
Instagram feedback: #archiveseedbank
ADRESS: 10645 SE Henry St b, Portland, OR 97266, United States
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bazooka Joe (12 seeds $120.00)
2. Casper OG (12 seeds $70.00)
3. Burnt Orange (12 seeds $150.00)
4. Crazy Hazey (06 seeds $100.00)
5. Citrus Rush (12 seeds $150.00)
Dna Genetics Seed Bank Dna Genetics Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Reputation: High
Customer experience: Quite good
Location: Amsterdam
Instagram feedback: #dnagenetics
ADDRESS: US Sint Nicolaasstraat 41, 1012 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
PHONE: +31 20 778 7220
1.24k Gold (03 seeds $54.53)
2. Banana Split 12 seeds $ 96.95
3.91 Krypt (06 seeds $60.59)
4. Bakers Delight (06 seeds $48.47)
5. Cannalope Haze (03 seeds $48.47)
Th Seed Bank Th Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Reputation: High
Strain Quality: Top Notch
Customer experience: Good
Free seeds
Fast shipping
Location: Amsterdam
Instagram feedback: #thseeds

ADDRESS: Zamenhofstraat 150, # 437, 1022 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Banana Candy Krush (05 seeds $78.77)
2.Mont Blanc (05 seeds $60.59)
3.Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos x SBC (05 seeds $60.59)
4.Strawberry Glue X SBC (11 seeds $151.48)
5.OG Bubblegum X SBC (11 seeds $151.48)
Growers Choice Seed Bank Growers Choice Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Free seeds
Customer experience: Good
Germination guarantee: Yes
Fast delivery
Reputation: High
Location: US
Instagram feedback:  #growerschoice
ADDRESS: Passeig de Gràcia, 21, First Floor, Barcelona, Spain, 08007
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 1.855.811.4769
1.Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $53.00)
2.Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds  (05 seeds $44.00)
3.Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $49.00)
4.Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $49.00)
5.White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $59.00)

Top 20 Seed Banks in Canada

With Cannabis Seed Banks becoming more and more popular, below is a list of the best Canadian seed banks that also ship to the United States of America.

#1(Editor’s Choice) Crop King Seed Bank – Most popular online seed bank in Canada


If you like to buy cannabis seeds and learn about them, you’ll be glad to choose Crop King Seed Bank. You will certainly get your Canadian dollars’ worth with every purchase since Crop King also offers an 80% germination rate and basic education on growing for beginners. They explain everything, including genetic backgrounds and THC-CBD ratios which may be helpful to starting growers. Experienced growers, however, may not appreciate the website and offers that seem to be geared towards beginners.

What’s good about Crop King Seed bank is its unique collection of 30+ marijuana strains that are exclusively available to the company. Aside from strains, you cannot find elsewhere, you can also get an auto flower, feminized, regular, CBD, or medicinal marijuana strains from them. Some of the most popular strains from Crop King are Blueberry, Northern lights, Sour diesel, Green crack, Train wreck, and Purple Kush.

Since they started doing business in 2012, they have been providing the best quality of marijuana seeds to customers and have been recognized by the Canadian Cannabis Awards as the TOP SEED COMPANY in 2023. Crop king has more than 100 storefronts in Canada from where you can directly buy cannabis seeds.

Shipping is not as consistent, however. You can experience seamless shipping transactions one day and then experience challenges on your next purchase. Payment is $10 for the shipping fee which usually takes a week or two to reach the buyer. On a positive note, the packaging of marijuana seeds is very robust and well-sealed.

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

The payment methods available are bitcoin and credit cards Visa, and Mastercard. Check out their online store here: https://www.cropkingseeds.com/

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank – Best seed bank with collection of exclusive strains


Started in 2013, Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank takes pride in collecting the exclusive cannabis strains and having them available online. If you are looking for high-yielding cannabis plants or phenotype plants, you can certainly find them at https://quebeccannabisseeds.com/. Among its collection of more than 50 types of marijuana strains, the best ones are Quebec Gold 2.0, AK47, QC black gold, and Jack Herer.

Aside from their germination ratio of 80%, Quebec Cannabis Seeds also guarantees the best quality of strains as they source all their marijuana seeds from their official set of high-quality breeders only. If the seed that you receive does not germinate for any reason, they will replace them for free.

When it comes to payment methods, you can choose from online payments via credit cards, VISA, and Mastercard. For commercial marijuana growers, a lot of free seeds await big orders.

#3 Elev8 Breeders & Seed Bank – Best Cannabis Breeders


Elev8 Seeds is another company that offers good cannabis seed options such as Alien Otto, Birthday Runtz, and Biscotti Cake. They provide a wide selection of high-quality Canadian seed options, excellent customer service, and a great website that allows you to easily navigate and find whatever you need. They also offer tips and tricks on how to grow your seeds.

Elev8 ships only to Canada and U.S.A., payable via cash, credit card, debit card or Bitcoin. For seed shoppers, you may be a bit disappointed with their lack of germination guarantee, lack of shipping options, and more expensive prices. Check them out here: https://elev8seeds.com/

#4 Sonoma Seed Bank – Well-known Canadian bank with high germination rate


Sonoma Seed Bank is a well-known Canadian seed bank that sells a range of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid seeds. They offer strains ranging from beginner-friendly options to harder to cultivate and rarer ones as well as high THC and CBD seeds. they have a guaranteed 80% germination rate.

Aside from a promise of safe and secure shipping, they also offer free shipping for orders above $200 USD. It takes 3 to 5 days in Canada and 7 to 14 days in the US, although you do have to pay $20 for express tracking information. Payment methods available are money transfer, credit card, bitcoin, Intera e-transfer, different types of cryptocurrencies, and cash.

Sonoma Seed’s website also provides a user-friendly experience. They have organized their products into easy-to-navigate pages that eliminate confusion and time-waste for all growers doing their shopping online. Sonoma Seeds ships to you in unmarked packages, and the seeds themselves are sent outside of retail packages. Buy seeds here: https://www.sonomaseeds.com/ if you want to try them out!

#5 Jordan of the Islands Seed Bank – Creator of God Bud strain


Known as one of the oldest breeders in North America, Jordan of the Islands is more than the legendary creator of the God Bud strain. Located in the most ideal breeding ground in Canada, Jordan of the Island aims to create exceptional strains for growers and the medicinal marijuana community.

What they offer is a comprehensive line of the best quality well-bred strains, including a range of award-winning genetics poised at being the most aromatic, potent, flavorful, and generous yielding strains of all time. Check out their website here: https://jordanoftheislands.ca/shop/.

#6 Canuk Genetics(Not ship To USA) & Seed Bank – Best Cannabis Genetics


Based in the US and Canada, Canuk Seed Bank offers over 150 different strains of auto-flowering, feminized and regular varieties for all kinds of growers such as Canuk Cookies, Gelato, and Quarter Pounder. To ensure fast delivery anywhere worldwide, orders are shipped discreetly from Canuk’s Shipping Center in Canada. Accepted payment options are credit and debit card, international money order, bank transfer, cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

As part of the growing list of Canadian seed banks, Canuk promises competitive prices and good quality strains that buyers expect from this thriving cultivation area. Check them out here: https://www.canukseeds.com/.

#7 True North Seed Bank(Not ship To USA) – Best Canadian seed bank


Considered one of the best Canadian seed banks, True North has over 1,584 different types of cannabis strains available to customers on their online store alone. Some of the most popular strains on the website include Agent Orange, White Widow, Pure Kush, and Afghan Hash. All these strains are guaranteed fresh and have a high germination rate.

One main advantage if you buy marijuana seed options from True North is its loyalty program which lets you points with each order and acquires discounts for future purchases. Delivery is also guaranteed so you don’t have to worry much since they will send you a new order if anything happens to your current one. If you are ordering online, it can take somewhere between 5 to 14 days for the marijuana to deliver to your doorstep.

Aside from this, you can also be assured of your order’s privacy as True North provides an extra safe stealth shipping option in which you will get the seeds hidden in random objects such as shirts, mugs, or pens. Payment options are debit card, credit card, bank transfer, cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, bitcoin, or money order. Order from them here: https://truenorthseedbank.com/

#8 BC Bud Depot Seed Bank(Not ship To USA) – Reliable seed bank with fast and discreet shipping


BC Bud Depot Seed Bank is one of the best Canadian seed banks and one of the biggest brands in the online cannabis industry. BC Bud Depot produces the world’s finest cannabis seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at reasonable prices.

The Canadian company boasts of breeding its own strains and is home to some of the best cannabis seed genetics that is popular with both first-time and experienced growers. Aside from their locally-grown seeds, they also offer strains from well-known breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs among others. They carry feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds.

BC Bud Depot has reaped awards for The Purps and Sweet God, for The Black, for The Purps and BC Mango, and for The Purps, God Bud, and Texada Timewarp. Find out more and buy seeds here: https://www.bcbuddepot.com/.

#9 Peak Seeds BC Seed Bank – Reasonable prices, original strains


Breeding since 2000, this Canadian breeding company prides itself on providing authentic products at reasonable prices. They always strive to treat orders like it’s their own, so customer satisfaction is a top priority in every transaction. At Peak Seeds, they aim to protect the original strains and constantly perfect the progeny.

The only con is they only accept cash or international money orders. Shipping takes 2-4 weeks depending on the location. For more information, check their website here: http://www.peakseedsbc.com/.

#10 Xotic Seed Bank – Creator of Sweet candy kush


Another seed bank you can consider is Xotic Seeds. This Canadian company based in Ontario also offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds from breeders all over the world. Currently, Xotic Seeds provides regular seeds, feminized seeds, and feminized auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

In 2014, Xotic Seeds launched their first genetics at the Karma Cup with Sweet Candy Kush.

#11 Oasis Genetics Seed Bank – Best auto-flowering strains


A proud Canadian Seed Bank, Oasis Genetics is an auto-flowering seed breeder from Ontario, Canada. This company focuses on offering and perfecting varieties of auto-flowering strains that can promise to blow people’s minds. With the rise in popularity of auto-flowering strains, Oasis Genetics was born with the goal of perfecting auto-flowering genetics and providing the best choices available such as Autoberry Blue, Auto Chem OG, and Auto AK74 seeds.

Oasis Genetics offer fast and stealth shipping worldwide taking 3 – 25 days depending on your location. They also accept different payment options including credit or debit card, international money order, bank transfer, e-mail transfers, cash and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others. Buy weed seeds here: https://www.oasisgenetics.com/.

#12 Vancouver Seed Bank – Top seed bank offering outdoor fast-growing seeds

With a total collection of over 200 types of cannabis strains and seeds, Vancouver Seed Bank is considered one of the top seed banks out there. Among their popular marijuana seeds are Northern lights, Gorilla Glue, Skunk #1, Amnesia, Great white shark, Chemdawg, and Strawberry cheese.

They also offer about 35 types of outdoor fast-growing marijuana seeds, which are specially made for those who are growing marijuana in outdoor weather.

Aside from the certified good quality of its products, they also promise to go the extra mile of making a special order for you in case what you’re looking for is not available in their current varieties. Another differentiating factor of Vancouver Seed Bank is its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They will give a full refund if you are not happy with what you ordered. They even offer to exchange the seeds for free in the case at least 80% of their seeds don’t germinate and to send a new order (also for free!) in case the first one was misplaced or simply did not reach you.

Available payment methods are email transfer, bitcoin, and money orders. Payment for Canada deliveries is $5 and $16 for express. Check them out here: https://vancouverseedbank.ca/.

#13 OCS Seed Bank – Only legal cannabis retailer

OCS is actually the only legal retailer of recreational cannabis in Ontario, including some strains of cannabis seeds. At OCS, they ensure customers that they receive legal and rightly-labeled cannabis products through working closely with a group of licensed producers authorized by Health Canada.

Through its user-friendly website, buyers can be guided in searching for different products such as vapes, extracts, oils, edibles, and even accessories. They also offer educational information on any product you wish to buy. Check them out here: https://ocs.ca/

#14 Dr. Seeds Seed Bank – Small-scale player offering grow supplies

Dr. Seeds is a small-scale business that only started operations in 2023. Despite its scale, Dr. Seeds Seed Bank competes well with other household names as it offers a wide variety of cannabis seed strains, including many auto-flower types, high CBD plants, and feminized marijuana seeds.

As a bonus, Dr. Seeds offer free shipping when you use the code “seedfree” at checkout. Apart from this, their website (https://drseeds.net/) has a useful search engine for finding strains based on searchable qualities and has a wide list of growing supplies such as yucca extract and hydroponic fertilizer.

#15 Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank – Best quality of strains

Another top Canadian seed bank that ships worldwide is Montreal Cannabis Seeds. Apart from an 80% minimum germination rate guarantee, they also promise that all of their seeds are tested and hand-picked for maturity and viability. Among their top varieties are Gorilla Glue, Quebec Purple Bud, and an auto-flowering mix pack.

Their website (https://montrealcannabis-seeds.ca/) also provides added value to growers through its educational tips on growing practices and cultivation. Through the site, you can learn about growing plants in small spaces and everything from feminized seeds to hydroponic gardening.

#16 Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank – One of the best seed banks in Canada

Another awesome Canadian seed bank is Toronto Cannabis. The company’s goal is to provide quality marijuana seeds to customers worldwide through efficient and easy purchase methods. Toronto Cannabis seed bank offers a wide collection of different strains from the best Canadian seed bank breeders. Whether you are looking for regular, medicinal, feminized, CBD, or auto-flowering marijuana seeds, Toronto Cannabis has it for you in their online store.

For over 15 years, Toronto Cannabis has been considered one of the best seed banks in Canada. Some of their most sold products are Quebec Durban, AK-39, Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, Quebec Gold, Girl Scout Cookies, and Green Crack.

Like its competitors, Toronto Cannabis also provides a discreet packaging system where no marijuana-related signs are added to the package. No matter which country you live in, you are guaranteed fast, stealth, and safe shipping. In terms of payment methods, you can choose to pay using international money orders, bank transfers, cash, e-transfers, Visa, and Mastercard.

Buyers can look forward to receiving free cannabis seeds with every order. Check them out here: https://torontocannabisseeds.com/.

#17 Attitude Seed Bank – Fastest and discreet shipping with great customer service

A UK-Based online Seed Bank that has been in business for many years, Attitude Seed Bank is one with a good reputation with its customers. Attitude Seed Bank does not grow its own cannabis seeds but serves as a reseller of over 2,000 strains. For those looking for specific strains or types of marijuana seeds, you can definitely find what you are looking for at Attitude Seed Bank. Here’s a list of some of the brands that Attitude Seed Bank has: Ace Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Big Buddha, DNA Genetics, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Nirvana Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, G13 Labs, Delicious Seeds, and CBD Crew.

The company also ships orders all over the world guaranteeing fast, stealth and seamless transactions. Customers can rely on the seed bank’s professionalism and convenient order processes. Through the website (http://www.attitude-marijuana-seeds.com/), you can search and sort all kinds of products available by breeder, brand, type, or cannabis cup results.

#18 Seeds Here Now Seed Bank – Fast shipping and best customer satisfaction guarantee!

Located in the USA, Seeds Here Now is owned and operated by James Bean. It was launched to provide top-quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices, for even as low as $30 seed packs. One of the leading cannabis seed banks in the U.S., Seeds Here Now ships seeds faster than anyone else in the industry and customers often receive their orders within two days of ordering.

Now, customers can enjoy not only affordable seeds but also great customer service as Seeds Here Now offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the seeds you purchased, the team will replace them and ensure you are satisfied with your products. They also have a rewards program wherein for every $10 a customer spends, they’ll get one reward point. Each reward point is worth $1 and can be redeemed once two points are earned. Check them out here: https://www.seedsherenow.com/.

#19 GTA Seed Bank – Stealth and speedy shipping, affordable prices

Another option to consider is Ontario-based GTA Seed Bank. GTA carries over 750 varieties of high-quality strains from world-renowned breeders and provides fast and convenient shipping worldwide. They also sell weed seeds at very affordable prices.

However, GTA does not offer a germination guarantee and does not provide a lot of payment options, only accepting money orders, money transfers and cash for payment. Aside from this, the website is not updated which all resulted to mixed reviews from customers. Check them out here: https://www.gtaseedbank.ca/.

#20 Archive Seed Bank – Best quality, authentic cannabis genetics

A company that sells premium, high-quality, and award-winning strains, Archive Seed Bank carries a wide variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options of cannabis seeds that both beginners and experienced cultivators can choose from such as Face Off OG, Dosidos, and Moonbow Crosses. There is currently no available information on their guaranteed germination rate.

They only ship to states where cannabis is legal in the US and usually take 3-7 days once the order is placed. For big orders, you can get a lot of free seeds. Archive Seed Bank also regularly has 30% off on select seeds. From household names to legendary strains, growers can certainly find what they need at Archive Seed Bank. Order here: https://www.archiveseedbank.com/.

#21 DNA Genetics Seed Bank – 200 Award-winning seed bank

Started in the late 1980s by two herb enthusiasts dedicated to collecting rare Californian strains and seeds, DNA Genetics was officially born in Amsterdam. The owners focused on breeding their own strains of marijuana focusing on medical use and have since won multiple Cannabis Cups every year for their famous Sativa strain called The Martian Mean Green. DNA Genetics has reaped over 200 awards worldwide at some of the most prestigious events and trade shows for their contributions towards the cannabis industry.

Today, DNA Genetics boasts of its ever-growing medical catalog of superior strains such as the Rocklock and other exceptional and high-quality strains such as 24K Gold, Holy Grail Kush, and Kosher Kush. They ship worldwide except in Switzerland, Canary Islands, and Norway, within 1-3 days after ordering. Payment options are credit card and bank transfers only. Customers can also avail of free seeds and other promos for select quantities. Order here: https://www.dnagenetics.com/.

#22 TH Seed Bank – Amsterdam’s finest genetics

TH Seed Bank claims to be the home of Amsterdam’s finest medical genetics. Their goal is to bring the best quality of genetic strains from America to the Netherlands and has actually been credited with introducing the Original Bubblegum to these shores. Apart from breeding award-winning seeds, TH Seed Bank has been part of the transition of medical marijuana from underground to over the counter culture.

Located in Amsterdam, they ship over 100 variety of seeds worldwide such as Afghaniberry, Strawberry Glue, and MK Ultra x Bubblegum. Know more here: https://www.thseeds.com/

#23 Growers Choice Seed Bank – Highest germination rate (90%)

Located in Europe is another good seed bank option, Growers Choice Seeds. Aside from the promise of 90% germination rate or your money back, they also have multiple international shipping hubs, payment options such as bank transfer, cash and cryptocurrencies, and very reasonable prices. Grower’s choice seed bank’s website also have some useful information and tips for growers of all kinds and regularly have online promos for customers to avail of.

However, you should note that Growers Choice still has a lot to improve on particularly in terms of seed quality consistency, shipping options, and customer service. Check them out here: https://www.growerschoiceseeds.com/.

25 thoughts on “20+ Best Seed Bank Canada 2023: Top Canadian Seed Bank Reviews”

  1. True North “scammer”?? I buy from them regularly from their wholesale. I will be letting them know about your “Scammer” point. Screen shots taken

    • They are a very scammy company and it’s been confirmed dozens and dozens of times on the various forums. They selectively scam, as well as swap beans with cheaper ones unless you specifically demand the breeders pack (lots of times they ignore that request, even though they say they will do it for you). They have a track record of sending beans that have totally dried out (super old stock) and if you complain they won’t germ – they say “sorry, they’re souvenirs only so we can’t help you”.

      • No they are right true north is not a good bank to buy from. Garbage customer service and to be blunt they don’t carry much worth popping. Most is knock off crap. RUN AWAY FROM ANYTHING CANUK PRODUCES. There just crappy reverses done poorly.

    • Hey, we have made a review about I-49 which will come online this week. Please check it out; they discrete information; in our opinion.

  2. Dr seeds are scammers . All their strains are the same . Tried three of em . Bruce Banner . Sour Diesel and Super OG Kush . All the same strain !!!
    Even had 3 bruce banner photoperiods autoflower on me !!!

  3. i49 are operating fraudulently BEWARE! I was lucky enough to get my money back
    Do NOT use anyone who does not take major credit cards

  4. I’m a two time purchaser at Montreal Cannabis Seeds. Since i’m in a nearby city and their site claims 2-4 days shipping, they seemed like the best place to buy seeds; especially after being pleased with their Bruce Banner 3 last year.
    I ordered 5 Grapefruit Fem + 5 Purple, naturally I was super excited to start my outdoor grow this year after preparing all season to make it my largest yet.
    This order was placed nearly one month ago on the MCS website. My confirmation email took two business days and the message only informed me they would be shipping it the following day. (umm ok, why not wait one more day and be able to say it WAS shipped)
    Anyhow, over 2 weeks later I’m wondering where my seeds are. My yields are being sabotaged since I completely missed my scheduled germination day and am growing angry about the expensive price I paid to be screwed. I sent an email expressing my concern. Instead of being offered tracking, offered to have the order resent, or trying to resolve this issue IN ANY WAY; their careless customer service department replies saying “this is normal, some customers are receiving their orders late” There was no notice about delays and their site boasts FAST SHIPPING and 2-4 day arrival times.
    MCS in their own words implies DISHONESTY is normal, false advertisement is normal and disregard for their customers and their grows is normal for a seed company. They also are too lazy to offer their customers any updates. This company is one of the least involved not to mention the reviews are rigged. You cannot freely post reviews, they are screened by their employee to ensure the most positive reviews.
    MCS is dishonest, they recycle photographs so it’s hard to be sure of genetics, especially since they offer a mixed bag of quality seeds and Frankenstein garbage that grows like a rejected science project.
    Being thoroughly dissatisfied with their response I followed up with a longer and more expressive email. I explained In detail my neighbor had placed two orders both WEEKS after mine, yet he received his promptly and mine are missing. We have the same postal code, the same courier and ordered from the same exact store. I have both shipped and received numerous unrelated packages this past month with no delay or issue. Even after hearing this information MCS assures me there is nothing they can do and it is in Canada posts hand’s. This makes no sense, MCS shipped my order 3 business days after my order; that puts their 2-4 day promise out the window.
    This vendor blames their own laziness and disorganization on the postage company and take no responsibility for their actions. I know my orders were either left aside or forgotten for at least 3 business days after purchase and before “shipping”; if it even shipped. This is proven by my neighbor receiving not one but two orders placed one week apart in 8 days flat.
    All this aside they should update their site instead of boasting false ship times. They also need work on customer service. I’ve spent days writing to MCS about this and I haven’t been offered a solution.
    I really fear my seeds will never arrive and I’ll be left working tirelessly to get a refund from these crooks.
    MCS is the LEAST consistent vendor I’ve ordered from, in regards to shipping times, genetics, service and price. EVERYTHING is hit or miss; everything from receiving your order to the quality of the seeds is a gamble.
    Please try Xotic Seeds or Grower’s Choice Cannabis seeds if you live in Ontario and value your time, money and dignity.

  5. Ordered from MCS, they charge $10 for shipping on top of my $200 order, but I never received it.
    MCS = Wish of cannabis seeds who knows if they’ll ever come.

  6. Do not buy from i49 they ripped me off big time and is a huge scam I have proof of everything and payments

  7. Here are some MUCH better Canadian sources. Why the heck wasn’t JOTI (Jordan of the Islands) or HempDepot, PeakSeedsBC mentioned in this article? Or the newer Jahseeds…. I’ve made dozens of orders through each over the decades and have always gotten exactly what I paid for, usually with freebies. The banks/breeders I just mentioned are BY FAR the best quality/price here in Canada. PSBC is absolutely legendary.

    • I suppose they didn’t pay the $$$ bribe to be put on this “best of” list lol. They let their products speak for themselves. Look @ the thousands if positive reviews/feedback/grows all over the web!

      • This comment was in reference to the good seedbanks/breeders I mentioned above in my other posts. Make sure you do your research guys and NEVER willy nilly trust a compiled list like this – the fact that half of these companies are even on it is very revealing. Be careful with your $$ folks!!

    • Or GTASEEDBANK – they’re really good too! Crop King is a joke; the genetics aren’t authentic. Dr. Greenthumb is legit and sells legit rare strains but he’ll rake you over the coals for $$…. pretty big ripoff (but legit). BCBudDepot are both scammers and crooks (do your research!). True North = selective scammers (see my other post).
      This is a really sad list. Either zero actual legwork was involved, or the companies paid to be on the list lol.

  8. Wonder what kind of kick back you get from crop king?
    TNSB is incredibly reputable. I’ve done business with them multiple times.
    Can’t find a better selection in Canada.

  9. BEWARE buying Seeds
    Placed an order with True North Seed Bank, worst mistake.
    After placing and paying for my first order True North cancelled the order but kept my money???
    Bullshit. This is an enterprise that needs to be exposed.
    Buy your seeds from legit American Co. folks.

  10. Lols at this list. You are missing ALL the best banks in this country. Plus your pushing poorly done reverses which is mostly what a few of these banks sell. Best in Canada are joti, bcbd, frosted phenos, and a couple others but it gets slim after that. But by all means if u want garbage genetics run to the top ones they recommend.

    • Ps. From someone who has done this for 20 years, genetics/growing/drying curing make up equal parts of killer bud. So most of these banks are handicapping you before you start. Why does someone spend thousands to setup a grow room and then cheap out on crap seeds from garbage breeders? Makes no sense. Good to bad genetics is literally comparing a Lamborghini and a corolla and yes that is how different the performance is….

      • True North gelato auto, cheese auto and pure cbd auto 3 crappy auto strains all the buds were super airy and not good formed bud basically a few calyx here and there were nice buds should form . It was not my fault this was a genetic issue as other autos i ran at the same time had great bud They all got the same treatment grow medium nutes ph water etc..

  11. I tried Toronto Seed Bank I ordered 5 Quebec Warp and 5 B.C.Big bud what l got was 5 Bigbud and one very large unknown, and the Quebec warp had only 4 seeds and for a bonus they sent me 10 Berry Bomb regular seeds l grow in hydro and regular seeds take up too much time to grow when you waste your time and resources growing male plants.To make matters worse only 4 bigbud sprouted and 1 of the 4 Quebec Warp sprouted I have used True North good quality,fast shipping freebies as well BUT…..IN AMERICAN DOLLARS so it gets quite expensive if you find a place that has it all together stick with them.

  12. This bastard has posted the best review you could find anywhere on the net…. if you read the comments only

  13. How do we get reviewed and put on the list. Crop King #1 . Hahahaa did they pay you for that one.? Our stuff blows them away with their hermie seeds. Crap King they are commonly referred to FYI

  14. I can tell you i49 does not stand behind there products at all.Buy from these guys you will get ripped off. crappy seeds; customer service sucks. Once you send money your nightmare begins.joti and montreal seeds value customers, and any problems they rectify the problem.Others ive talked to had issues with these scammers as well.

  15. A lot of these are just knock off strains that don’t even use the real genetics just the name ,if your looking for cookies ,wedding cake, gelato,zkittlez, or any exotic strain try and get it from the original breeder not these knock off people

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