The 5 Best Coco Nutrients 2023 – Cannabis Grow and Bloom Reviews

Top 5 Best Coco Coir Nutrients 2023

Best Fertilizer Booster for Coco Coir: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco Part A+B Soil Amendments 1 L

If you are growing your cannabis plants in coco coir then Advanced Nutrients have a pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Soil Amendment especially for you. This product has been specifically designed to supplement the nutrients that your plant are not receiving from the coco coir – such as calcium and magnesium while ensuring they don’t get overloaded with potassium (as this is already abundant in the coco coir).
Not only this, but this product will also keep your pH at the perfect level for your plant – so no more pH tests and difficult adjustments to your set up. After using this product you will see a boost in the size of your buds, as well as an increase in the bud sites on your plant. This really is a superb product that is great when using coco coir to grow your cannabis plants in.
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Best Bloom Fertilizer for Dense Buds: Flower Fuel 1-34-32, 250g – The Best Bloom

In the early stages of the blossoming phase, your plants can sometimes double in size. This is great, but what you really want to start encouraging your plant to do is redirect its energy towards bud formation. This amazing flower fuel is packed with amino-acids, hormones, and vitamins that will do just that, as well as encouraging more essential oil production and a nice resin coating. Your plants will get plenty of all the most important building blocks for bud growth with this fuel.
For what this product does to your plants it is great value. The major pros of its use are that: it will create big and dense buds; it is suitable for soil, hydroponic, coco-coir, and aeroponic setups; a little of it goes a long way, and; it helps with trichome production. The major negative is that it is not completely organic, but you won’t regret using this if you want to see bigger buds on your plants.
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Best Liquid Nutrient for Ph Control: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco Part A+B Soil Amendments

When your pH levels have got all out of whack, then this nutrient will be what you need to bring your pH levels into balance. A decent pH environment for cannabis plants is between 5.5 to 6.5, with numbers closer to 1 indicating acidity and numbers closer to 11 indicating a higher alkaline content. If pH levels fall too far one way or the other, then your plant’s roots won’t be able to take in certain vital nutrients and fungal infections can be fostered.
The major pros of this product are that; it eliminates any pH issues in your soil which will ensure improved yields; works great if you are a big coco coir user by ensuring calcium and magnesium does not get bound to this growing medium rather than absorbed by your plant’s roots; and the funnily named Wet Betty nutrient formula is 100% organic! The downside is using this product is a bit more difficult to get your head around, but it has useful instructions included.
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Best Big Bud for Coco Coir: Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco Plant Nutrient, 1 Liter

If you use coco coir to help with cannabis plant growing then you will love this fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients as it is specifically designed for this type of growing medium. Through delivering the exact nutrients they need, at the time they need it this bloom buster will make sure that the flowers on your plants are abundant.
Thanks to this Big Bud Coco Plant Nutrient your buds won’t only be bigger, they will also be tastier and you will be enjoying bigger yields than you have previously. It works best when growing hydroponically and is commonly regarded as one of the best bloom busters currently on the market. This stuff certainly works!
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Best Bulk Buy CALiMAGic: Bloom City Professional Grade Ultra Pure Cal-Mag Growing Supplement Gallon (128 oz)

If you’re looking to give your plants some additional calcium and magnesium, then CALiMAGic is the supplement for you. Deficiencies in either of these minerals stunts your plant’s growth will affect the whole plant if left unattended and will stifle nutrient intake, cell vitality, and proper plant formation. As the symptoms of a deficiency in either of these minerals can overlap, this product helps to ensure you nip any issues in the bud.
This product provides a whole range of benefits for your plants such as: optimizing nutrient uptake; preventing growth deficiencies; improving flower growth and yields; being suitable for all growth phases, and; ensuring good root and overall plant development. If you’re growing in coco coir, this is also a nutrient you would be wise to use as this can inhibit micro-nutrient absorption. This product has very little to say against it and is even made in the US!
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