Top 4 Best Nutrients for Weed Seedlings (2023 Update)

Growing a cannabis to its desired size, flavor, strength, and health, among other conditions, is not an easy task. Especially if you are a beginner, it is most likely that you will end up in frustration. Thankfully, with the best nutrients for weed seedlings, success will be an easier feat although there is still nothing certain when it comes to assuring a healthy growth.
Clueless on the top options to consider for the best nutrients for growing weed? The rest of this guide has got you covered. We looked at some of the top fertilizers and nutrients that can help cannabis plants to grow in the healthiest way possible, with defense from diseases and pests. Use these products, and for sure, marijuana cultivation will be easier.
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Top Pick: Overall Best Nutrients for Weed

#1 General Hydroponics Flora Glow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set Review

This is my personal favorite from the nutrients that are effective in the growth of weed, especially because it already comes as a complete set. This building block nutrient system has been imitated many times, but it remains to be the best out there. It will work well in soil, although it also delivers exceptional performance when it comes to coco coir and hydroponics.
With the use of this product, you will have complete control over its formulation. You can adjust the mixtures depending on the needs of the plant in its specific stage of growth.
Lastly, it is also pH balanced, making it instrumental in promoting a healthy growth of the pant.

Q&A: What are the best cannabis nutrients that it can provide?

A: There are three products in one kit and they provide different nutrients depending on the reason for its use. Collectively, however, the nutrients that are present in this product include phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, nitrogen, and calcium.

Q&A: Is it organic?

A: This product is not organic. It is a chemical-based nutrient. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry as the chemicals used have been tried and tested to prove that they will not harm the plants.

Best Nutrients for Growing Weed in Soil

#2 General Organics Go Box Review

If you are looking for the best nutrients for marijuana plants that contain organic ingredients, this should be on the top of your list. Organic growers have been choosing this for years, not only cannabis cultivators. Whether it is for soil or hydroponics, this is one product that can prove to be promising.
The secret lies in the ingredients that are used in this product. It has natural minerals and botanical extracts. From seedling to flowering, this is definitely going to help in establishing the growth of your marijuana.

Q&A: What is included in this set?

A: This set is inclusive of fertilizers for all the stages of growth of marijuana. It contains 16-ounce bottles of Bio Thrive Grow and Bloom Fertilizers. Aside from this, it also contains 8-ounce samples of liquid go supplements.

Q&A: Do you use it individually or all together?

A: According to the manufacturer, to maximize the effectiveness of the nutrients in these fertilizers, you can mix them together along with water and apply as desired.

Best Coco Coir Nutrients

#3 Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus Plant Supplement 2-0-0 Formula Review

If you are growing the marijuana in a coco coir medium, this is the product that you will have to choose. The main ingredients that you can find in this product include calcium, magnesium, iron, and trace minerals. It is going to be effective in correcting the most common defects that you can find in cannabis, especially when starting out as a seedling.
With the 17 minerals that are present in this product, it is going to help keep the coco coir at its best state, which, in turn, will strengthen the root as the plant develops.
The product also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which can provide you with peace of mind.

Q&A: What is the shelf life of the fertilizer?

A: Once the fertilizer is opened, you should consume it within one year. On the other hand, if you have not yet opened the container, you can keep it up to the best before date that the manufacturer specifies in the label.

Q&A: When is the best time to use this fertilizer?

A: The good thing about this fertilizer is that you can use it at any point of the growth of the plant. From seedling to vegetative to the flowering stage of the cannabis, this can prove to be a promising choice for an effective fertilizer.

Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Weed

#4 General Hydroponics MaxiGro Review

If you are growing weed in a hydroponic medium, take note that you will have to use a fertilizer that is different from what you use in soil or coco coir. That being said, this is one option that should be part of your list. This is a specially-formulated product that you can use on its own. It exists in powdered form and is water-soluble, which makes the application easy.
The product is made specifically to trigger the growth of the healthy roots of seedlings and clones. Once the growth has been established, you can follow it up with the use of MaxiBloom, another fertilizer from the same maker of the MaxiGro. It is useful for improving flowering and increasing yield.

Q&A: What makes the best hydroponic nutrients different from others?

A: Using water as a medium for growing weed makes it require different nutrients. If you use soil fertilizers, they contain organic solids that are bad for hydroponics as they can cause clogging. Direct feeding of micro and macro nutrients will also be necessary to ensure the growth of cannabis in a hydroponic system.

Q&A: How many gallons can it serve?

A: Based on the instructions from the manufacturer, you have to use one to two teaspoons of this fertilizer for every gallon of water. The package is one kilo, which means that it can make up to 200 gallons. This allows it to offer the best value for the money.

What is the Best Way to Start Weed Seeds?

Now that we have talked about some of the best products that are available on the market, let us now discuss some of the basics of growing weed seedling. Let us start with the best way to grow it. Here are some of the things that you need to know:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the best feminized seeds to grow. Decide on where you intend to grow the cannabis. Once you know, it will be easier for you to choose from the best marijuana seeds to grow outdoors and indoors. Choose a healthy seed from a trusted supplier, which is one of the best ways to prevent frustration.
  2. Start sprouting the seeds. The towel method can be a promising choice when it comes to allowing the seed to germinate. You can also sow it directly on your medium of choice. This will eliminate the need for transplanting, which will minimize the stress that the plant can experience.
  3. Wait for the seedling to grow and make sure that you take care of it throughout the process. Choose an ideal location for its growth and control the external environment in such a way that it will be favorable for the growth of the cannabis. This is one thing that will be easier to do if the plant is grown indoors.

What is the Best Medium for Marijuana?

Aside from knowing the best way to sprout pot seeds, you also have to be familiar with the mediums that are available, which include those that will be briefly mentioned below.


This is one of the most popular mediums amongst cannabis growers. While there are many soils that are available on the market, this does not mean that you can choose just any medium. Aeration and permeability are two of the most important considerations. The right soil is important to boost the development of roots, as well as in the prevention of pests and diseases.
The soil needs to have nutrients that will help the seedling to establish its roots. Sterilized and loose soil will be the best choice for growing cannabis. It will also be good to have at least 20% mixes in the soil, such as perlite. This is going to improve the drainage capabilities of the soil, improving the amount of oxygen that is present to speed up growth.

Coco Coir

If you want to have a soil-less medium, this is the one that you have to use. This is an organic medium that comes from frayed and ground coconut husks. It has a good pH balance and will be instrumental in improving the supply of oxygen to the roots of the cannabis. It has a great aeration property, which is one thing that makes it better compared to soil.
However, one of the problems with coco coir is that it tends to become dry quickly. A good solution to this is to ensure a sufficient supply of water.


This has been one of the most innovative gardening methods, even when it comes to marijuana cultivation. While there are many types of hydroponic systems, one of the most popular amongst cannabis growers is known as Deep Water Culture or DWC. This is one of the best ways for your seedlings to become large quickly.

What is the Best NPK Ratio for Weed Nutrients?

As you search for the best nutrients for growing marijuana, one of the most important considerations would be the blend of the NPK nutrients that should be present in the product that will be used. This will depend on the specific stage of the growth of the plant. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are three of the most important nutrients the weed will need to survive.
During the vegetative stage, you need to use a fertilizer that has high nitrogen, medium phosphorus, and high potassium. On the other hand, during the flowering stage, you should pick a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen, medium to high in phosphorus, and high in potassium.
If the soil already has a high nutrient content, you can skip the use of fertilizer during the first four weeks of planting. You should avoid overfertilizing as this can inhibit the growth of the plant, which is sure to be a frustrating situation.
It is important to note, however, that aside from the nutrients, the pH level of the soil will also have a huge impact in the growth of cannabis, which is why it deserves your attention as well. The pH level should depend on the medium that you are using. For soil, it should be 6.0 to 7.0. Meanwhile, for coco coir, keep it at 5.5 to 6.5. The same level will also be best for hydroponics.

Which is Better for the Best Nutrients for Weed Plants: Organic or Chemical?

This is another question that you need to answer before you start searching the market for the best products to use. Chemicals always have a bad reputation. However, in reality, they can also offer a number of advantages.
Organic nutrients as great when you are planting in soil because of the natural components. It can help in improving the smell and the taste of the buds, making it influential of the quality of the harvest.
Meanwhile, when looking for the best nutrients for hydroponic weed, chemical is the way to go. They will help in preventing the growth of anything in the water reservoir that could affect the health of the roots. Chemicals are also known for enhancing the potency and speeding up the growth of the plant.

Wrap Up

With the best nutrients for weed seedlings, including those that have been mentioned in this post, you can have an assurance of a healthy plant up to the harvest stage. Take note, however, that not all fertilizers are the same. Start by considering the medium that you are using, and from here, you can begin your search for the best fertilizers!

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  2. Lmfaoo.yea u don’t use chemicals first few weeks . Lightly , very lightly mix small amount of nutrients into you soil . Wait till your plants at least 6” or so with 2-3 node sets before adding nutrients directly. Restart seedlings . Don’t rush growing or be cheap with your grow foundation . It’s all about a thriving , well habituated & well kept garden . STOP RUSHING AND DO YOUR READING AND RESEARCH

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