The 12 Best Propagation Kit for Growing Weed ( 2023 Reviews)

When it comes to the cultivation of marijuana, one of the most important is to have the best propagation kit. It exists in many forms and styles, but there is a common goal – to help you get started easily on the right foot. The propagation kit will ensure that it won’t take long before the seeds will sprout and will be instrumental in the overall health of your plant.
It should be pointed out, however, that not all propagation kits can deliver the same outcomes. This post will help to narrow down the options that are available, lessening the frustration of growing cannabis on your own. Whether you are a novice or an expert in weed cultivation, these kits will hold a lot of promise.

Top 10 Propagation Kit for Growing Weed

#1 (Editors’ Choice) Super Sprouter Deluxe

For a complete starter kit for getting your seeds and cuttings going then look no further than this Deluxe Propagation Kit from Super Sprouter. Getting the environment just right for propagation can be really tricky, so investing in a set which can create the perfect conditions for you is a worthwhile purchase for any budding cannabis grower.
This set is a little cheaper than the Premium Propagation Kit from Super Sprouter as it doesn’t include the heat mat, but it still gives you the dome with built-in light track channels, the grow light, tray, and instruction booklet to get you well on your way. It also has some vents so that you can control the humidity inside. From the moment you receive this product you can get to work and watch your seeds and cuttings come to life.
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#2 (Best Hot House for Seedlings) Hydrofarm CK64060

Cannabis seeds and cuttings need a very specific environment to get started in, with the right amount of heat, light, and humidity. These conditions can be difficult to control due to the nature of the weather and the changing environment that we live in. Fortunately, this problem is easily remedied thanks to such products as this Hot House from Hydrofarm.
This simple set up can handle up to 72 seeds at the same time, and with its 7.5-inch dome, it can handle those seeds that get off to a good start and grow tall. There is a watertight base tray and an all-important heat mat which will keep your seedlings cozy and protected. The only con of this product is that it doesn’t include a grow light, but for the price, you can’t really complain.
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#3 (Best Basic Propagation Kit) EarlyGrow 70738

If you don’t want any artificial methods interfering with your propagation, but you want to have a protected environment for your seeds or cuttings then this domed propagator from Early Grow is a cheap and efficient choice. It measures 15 x 9 x 7 inches and includes a bottom tray and domed lid with two vents in it so that you can control the humidity.
The pros of this product are numerous, it can be used both indoor and outdoor, it will protect your precious seedlings from insects and protect them from the weather. It is also incredibly durable and the big size of the dome means that any flourishing seedlings won’t be restricted. Once the lid is on it can be a little tricky to remove so make sure you take extra care when opening.
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#4 (Best Germination Trays) KORAM 10-Pack Seed

If you’re looking to get started with growing your own cannabis, then one of the easiest ways to give them the best start is in a seed starter tray. These pots from Koram have a water reservoir that ensures you can maintain even moisture to your seed and plant. They are also designed to improve humidity levels and maintain appropriate and consistent soil temperatures. The flexible containers also make it easy to transfer your plant when the time comes to move it into a bigger home.
There are many pros to this simple but excellent seed tray, particularly; the excellent drainage which encourages rapid growth; the easy transferability once developed; the excellent humidity lid that also maintains consistent temperatures; and the cheapness, all-in-all you get 10 complete 6-cell trays. One con is that they are a little easy to break at times when transferring your plants, but with 10 to play with, plenty will be reusable.
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#5 (Best Rooter Tray) General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter

If you’re after a seedling tray that comes complete with soil and nutrients to give your cannabis seeds the best start in life, then this great rapid rooter tray from General Hydroponics will be right up your street. Each tray cell is made from plant-based polymers and comes packed full of organic composted material. There are also doused in micro-nutrients that your seedlings will love and are designed to keep your seedlings moist, temperate and oxygenated.
The major benefits of this product are: that you get everything in one pack to get your seeds started; the nutrients encourage rapid and healthy growth; the pot design provides the perfect climate for strong growth, and; you have over 50 tray cells to play with. On the other hand, as this tray is all in one, it can make it slightly more tricky to manoeuvrer your plants out of the tray once they are ready and it is is more costly than just getting the trays.
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#6 (Best Starter Trays) 9GreenBox – Seedling Starter Trays

If you have a huge grow space and have a mega growing project lined up, then this multi-pack of 24 trays with 144 cells will be a great cheap option for you to get all seeds planted at once. The included planted labels can help you keep track of which variety you’ve started off in each tray too! These excellent cells are designed to transmit room temperature evenly through the soil, whilst the drain holes at the bottom of each cell ensure your roots will remain oxygenated.
The major pros of these trays are that; the cells are pliable making it easy to wiggle out seedlings without damaging their roots; they are cheap but plentiful; they are specially designed for optimum temperature for seedlings and provide excellent drainage, and; are surprisingly sturdy. On the other hand, they are not quite as well designed as the Koram starter trays on this list and can be a little wobbly.
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#7 (Best Propagation Station) SeedFactor Germination Station Heat Mat

This propagation station exists in the form of a heat mat. With the heat that the mat generates, this can ensure the ideal temperature that can trigger the growth of the plant, which will be anywhere from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
The mat comes with a waterproof construction, which is why there is no need to worry that it will get wet. You can water the plant without being concerned that the water will infiltrate and damage the mat. Aside from being fully-waterproof, the cover also comes with a multi-layer construction, making it possible to withstand the test of time.
Depending on how many plants you have, there are four sizes that are available. The smallest has an area of 3.5×21 inches while the largest is 48×20 inches.
To add, the mat meets the MET standards, providing an assurance of its safety. It is fire-proof and waterproof. It is also energy-efficient.

#8 (Best Propagation Kit with Light) Super Sprouter Premium

This propagation kit might be small, but do not underestimate its ability to help your seeds germinate. It comes with a vented dome to accommodate the growth of the plant and to provide air circulation.
One of the highlights of this propagation kit is the presence of a T5 light. The latter mimics the natural heat of the sun, which is important to trigger photosynthetic activity. The light output is not too extreme, making sure that the plants will not end up being burnt.
If you are a newbie, there is also no need for you to be worried. It comes with the Art of Propagation booklet, which will provide you with insights on everything that you have to know to start on the right foot.
Meanwhile, similar to the other options that are mentioned in this post, it also comes with a heated mat to regulate the temperature for the right internal environment to trigger the germination of seeds.

#9 (Best Germination Kit with Light) Yield Lab Plastic

This is another top option when searching for the best seed starter kit with grow light. To be specific, the kit is inclusive of 24-LED all-blue light. The light has a broad spectrum of 430 to 460nm, which is specifically designed to trigger the vegetative growth of the plant. Aside from the light, it also has a propagation tray, humidity dome, heat mat, and a thermostat controller.
It is also a good thing that it comes with a clear plastic dome. The latter will make it easy to monitor the growth of the plants in the absence of having to lift the cover, making it easy to maintain the ideal environment for the growth of the plant. The dome comes with two vents on the top, which will come handy if there is a need for ventilation.

#10 (Best Cloning Propagation Kit) PowerGrow Systems Deluxe

If you are on the lookout for the best cloning kits hydroponics, this is one of the best choices worth considering. The system is complete with almost anything that you will need to get started. Among others, one of the highlights of this product is the 3.5-gallon bucket with a cover and 21 cloning sites. The cloning sites are made of reusable neoprene foam collars where the cuttings will be placed.
The kit is also inclusive of five spray nozzles with 360-degree coverage, making sure that it will be able to provide the water that the plant needs.
More so, it comes with a heavy-duty pump that is capable of pumping up to 160 gallons per hour. There is also an upgraded suction to improve its reliability.
To complete the cloning kit, you will also receive a small jar of cloning gel and detailed instructions on how you can proceed.

#11 (Best Propagation Dome Tray) Vivosun Germination Kit

Anyone who has been growing weed for a long time now would surely recognize this brand as it is one of the most trusted on the market. This high-dome propagator comes with a single vent on the top. You have the option to open or close the vent depending on the condition that is ideal for that plant in the tray.
The digital thermostat is another thing that gives it an advantage over many others you can find in the competitive landscape. The thermostat comes with a display that makes it easy to monitor the temperature. There are also strategically positioned buttons that will allow you to effortlessly set the temperature based on the requirements of the plant. It maintains the ideal temperature range, which is from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.
Meanwhile, with the included heat mat, you can be confident that the plants will receive the right level of heat, even when it is indoors and cannot be reached by the sun.

#12 (Best Small Propagation Kit) SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit

When it comes to starting out having a little bit of extra help to grow seeds or cuttings is a very wise decision to give your cannabis plants the best start in life. You can do this by investing in a propagation kit which is a bit like a mini greenhouse for your marijuana plants. This premium kit from SunBlaster ticks all of the boxes and comes with everything you need to get started.
Included in this kit is the dome to keep your plants cozy, a fluorescent grow light, a tray and a detailed instruction booklet on the art of propagation. With this set up you can create the perfect environment for your seeds to flourish and let the propagation kit do the hard work. The only con of this product is the size, as it is on the small size, it is best for use on smaller projects.
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How to Make your Own Humidity Dome

When it comes to a propagation kit, especially one that comes with a dome, one of the most important is to have the right level of humidity, making sure that the environment is ideal for the growth of the plant. With this, if you are interested in a humidity dome DIY, here are the simple steps that you have to follow:

  1. The first thing that you need is to have two identical Tupperware. Put the cover of the first Tupperware and place the other one on the top with the open part being at the bottom.
  2. Use a glue gun to seal the Tupperware on the top to the lid. Make sure that the glue does not touch the bottom Tupperware.
  3. Remove the Tupperware on the top. At this point, the lid should already be glued into it. Cut the edge of the lid to remove the inner part.
  4. For the other Tupperware, tape the edges. Spray it with a black paint and take off the tape.
  5. Mist the bottom and put the plants inside. Put the other Tupperware on the top, which will now act as a dome. Open it every now and then depending on the ventilation that is needed to maintain the right level of humidity.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Propagation

Especially for beginners, a lot can be intimidated by the use of a propagation kit. While the manufacturer may provide detailed instructions, this is not enough. With this, here are some hacks and tips that many of you will find useful.

  • Take note that there are generally two ways by which you might want to propagate marijuana – clones or seeds. Seeds will take quite some time because you have to start from scratch. Clones, on the other hand, can be quicker, but this is a meticulous process that requires your attention for success.
  • You also need to know the time for seed germination. More often than not, in the case of seeds, within 36 to 96 hours, the root tip will pop out. The root hairs will be visible within two weeks and will grow within 21 to 30 days.
  • To prompt the seeds to germinate, one of the most important things that you have to do is to soak it in water. The penetration of moisture will help in activating the dominant hormones. This also softens the seed coat and makes it easier for the root hairs to grow.
  • The right temperature will also be crucial in propagation. This is the reason why propagation kits include a heat mat. Generally speaking, weed will grow best when the temperature range is from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too low, the germination can be delayed. If it is too high, on the other hand, seed chemistry can be affected and the quality of the marijuana will most likely be compromised.
  • Pay attention to the health of the mother plant. If you start with an unhealthy seed or clone, expect that the outcomes will be equally frustrating. Buy seeds only from trusted sellers.
  • Especially for cloning, make sure that you use only sterile equipment. Using dirty scissors can cause pathogens to transfer to the healthy plant and will make it suffer.

Wrap Up

Indeed, the best plant propagation kits will be important for any weed cultivator. It helps to make the process of growing marijuana a lot easier, increasing the likelihood that the seeds will germinate successfully. Keep an eye on the products that have been mentioned above and it will be easier to succeed in propagation!