Top 20+ Best UK Seed Bank 2023: Cannabis Seed Banks in The United Kingdom (London, Manchester, British and Royal Seeds)

The cannabis community in the UK should check out our article as we will list 20 seed banks under which you will buy the stable and highest quality cannabis seeds. Seed quality from UK seed banks is an outstanding criterion that sets them apart from other markets.

UK seed banks also ship to parts of the world so other cannabis communities have access to these top-notch quality seeds. By ordering seeds at the UK seed banks, the cannabis farming process will become a lot simpler, even with beginner growers.

Top 20 UK Seed Banks Review (Seed Banks That Ship to the UK)

#1 (Manchester Seed Bank) Manchester Seeds – A new Cannabis player emerging speedily

Manchester Seeds is located at Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, UK and they’re in the Cannabis seeds sale business for the last 8 years. Primarily they’re a garden store and distribute Cannabis seeds collected from several Seed companies, Breeders, and growers from the UK and Internationally.

That’s the reason they offer Cannabis seeds for sale from more than 80 Seedbanks and Breeders while the growers trust their quality.  All orders from Manchester Seeds (the UK and International) will be sent in discreet packaging using tracking and will require a signature on delivery. During the Covid-19 lockdown, they ship only twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday whereas the Cannabis seeds delivery could take an additional week for international and 4-5 days for delivery within the UK.

However, the growers could track orders with a number provided after dispatch. They accept payment through bank transfer for international orders along with cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

Here is the Manchester Seeds website:

#2 (London Seed Bank) London Seed Centre – A seed bank with authentic California strains

London Seed center also relies directly on the Cannabis breeders to collect and sell seed strains that are selected and packed by the breeders and available in the same packing. LSC holds stocks of more than 3000 cultivars comprising of 100000 Cannabis seed.

They offer a variety of Autoflowering, Feminized, hybrids, and regular seeds for selling on their platform that ships throughout the world whereas, next-day delivery is also offered within the UK. They started in 1998 and over the last 23 years, they established a professional relationship with breeders, Cannabis growers, and seed buyers. For Credit and Debit cards payment, they offer 3D encrypted verification and accept Bitcoin as well.

LSC maintains a big list of Cannabis breeders including the most prominent being Barney’s Farm, Greenhouse Seeds, Dutch Passion, Big Buddha Seeds, Paradise, Dinafem, and DNA Genetics.

Check more here:

#3 (England Seed Bank) Attitude Seed Bank – Flawless shipping & Awesome customer reviews

Attitude Seedbank is one of the largest Cannabis Seed Superstores based in the UK and cannabis seeds reselling for the last several years. Attitude Seedbank gathers promising strains from all over the world from different climate zones from the Cannabis breeders, seed production companies, and researchers who produce typically on their demand.

Attitude Seedbank also takes feedback from the Cannabis growers and collects seeds that are well in demand. They are efficiently shipping Cannabis seeds within the UK and across the world with easy payment solutions using multiple banking channels and cryptocurrencies. At the moment, they’re offering the following Top 10 strains which are hot selling and offer additional values to the growers.

Most prominent being the Barney Farm-Critical Kush, DNA Genetics-Holy Grail Kush, G13 Labs-Pineapple Express, Rare Dankness-Ghost Train Haze#1, Green House-Super Lemon Haze, and Dinafem-White Widow (AUTO) including 4 other promising strains that growers love. Discount offers may rise to 15% on cash orders and complimentary gift seeds on every order placed.

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#4 (UK Seed Bank) MSNL Seeds – Most Experienced Seller in the UK market

The company Marijuana Seeds-NL is also based in the UK while they supply Cannabis seeds to growers globally. They’re in the Cannabis Seeds business for the last 22 years. They are among the largest and the oldest cannabis seed sellers of the world and maintain a big seed inventory collected from the Dutch growers both for Indica and Sativa species.

They offer Feminized seeds of Girl Scout Cookies which is a dominant strain of California origin possessing more than 24% of THC. This cultivar is also a winner of the Cannabis Cup for the year 1995. Moreover, Northern Lights is also offered which is an Indica strain that won Indica Cup for the 3 consecutive years. They are marginal sellers and their prices are often cheaper compared to other cannabis seed distributors online.

Additionally, the Cannabis growers could buy seeds using several banking gears such as credit and debit cards, direct payment options, and cryptocurrency including BitCoin. Their online customer handling and shipping is also exceptional and discreet for all buyers.

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#5 (Scotland Seed Bank) The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store – Amazing Genetics and superb delivery

The Vault Seed Bank headed by Jack and George maintains more than 1906 strains of Feminized seeds, 1130 cultivars of regular seeds, and about 800 strains from Autoflowering seeds for selling online. They are one step ahead in customer satisfaction and work on Cannabis literacy even in the UK streets.

They also work with other establishments to spread public awareness about growing marijuana in home gardens. Their direct dependence on Cannabis seed breeders makes them a leader in the collection of multipurpose strains from different sources. Whatever strain you’re looking for, The Vault Seedbank could effectively deliver to your legit address within 3 working days. If you need a bit faster delivery, they would charge you extra. The payment procedures are easy for credit & debit cardholders and buyers who want to pay through Bitcoin.

Primarily, they depend on Seedman, Nirvana, Exotic, and Ace seed banks along with Sensi, Bomb, and Royal Queen Seeds for collecting elite cannabis genetics.

More information at this website:

#6 (Vancouver Seed Bank) Crop King Seeds – Ever best Cannabis seeds & Promising strains

If you’re a new Cannabis grower, Crop King Seeds is one of the ideal seed banks that ship to not the only UK but, throughout the world. They offer the biggest list of Cannabis seeds on their online buying portal with stealth delivery for the selected buyers and speedy delivery that they could track online.

Free shipping and Free seeds are offered on orders valuing above $200 & $420. Respectively. Moreover, they are famous for maintaining the biggest collection of Cannabis seeds in multiple categories including Feminized & Autoflowering strains from both Sativa and Indica origins. The buyers are pretty happy with their 24/7 Live support on chat and email. Whereas, they provide a complete growing guide through blogs and articles for the Cannabis growers around the world.

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

Try more strains here:

#7 (UK Seed Bank) Seed Supreme – Biggest collection and cheaper prices

Seed Supreme is an online shop that handles all selling operations from the UK and ships Cannabis seeds worldwide with secrecy, efficiently and smoothly. They maintain more than 4000 strains for Feminized, High THC, Auto-flowering, and Regular Seeds. When you are determined to buy a specific strain, do look at the catalog and scroll down to your favorite strain.

You could select any strain under the header like High THC or Feminized Seeds whatever is your varietal choice. The majority of their strains are promising in different climates and growing environments such as Greenhouse or hydroponics culture. They also offer competitive prices and ship your chosen strain between 3-5 working days within the UK.

Visit their website:

#8 (UK Seed Bank) Grizzly Seedbank – A Seedbank with affordable prices

The most skilled and competent breeders support and develop every Cannabis seed variety that Grizzly offers for sale in the market. Their seeds are handpicked, selected, and standardized according to the international breeding and packing values. The germination is also reported above 90% from the strains distributed by the Grizzly.

Their Cannabis seeds are genetically stable, lesser segregating, promising, and adaptable to a variety of growing environments. That’s the reason these qualities place this seed bank among the elite distributors that provide stable strains throughout the world with discrete shipping and several payment options for their customers around the globe.

Whenever you search Cannabis seeds for medicinal and recreational purposes, do trust them as they offer feminized, auto flowering, and hybrids cultivars which are award winners. Their dominant strains include Tangerine Dream Feminized, Wedding Cake, and Girl Scout Cookies (Feminized).

If you want order seeds, check here:

#9 (Birmingham Breeder) BSB Genetics – Top Genetics that you remember forever

BSB Genetics is based in Birmingham, UK, and maintains supreme Cannabis seeds collection from over 150 top breeders in the Cannabis seed production process. Their top slot contains more than 24 types of strains that they collect from several skilled growers and top slot Cannabis breeders of the world.

They collect Cannabis strains from Dutch, American, and Asian origins and place them for growing in different adaptable zones in the United Kingdom and other countries. They also offer 24k Tangie for selling online which is a brilliant and legendary cultivar with the highest potency, flavor, and getting a user high in minutes. it’s a cross between Kosher Kush x Tangie and often used for making exceptional hash.

They also accept payment from several banking channels, direct bank transfers, and Credit & Debit cards. Other list includes several cultivars of Autoflowering and Regular Seeds along with some promising strains of Feminized seeds and hybrids.

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#10 (UK Seed Bank) Bulk Seedbank – Buy bulk to enjoy bigger discounts

They don’t only name it but, they offer extra discounts while placing a bulk order. However, any order worth €2000,00 or more Is considered a bulk order. Otherwise, they offer up to a 30% discount if a grower buys 100 packs of 10 seeds each. At a lower limit, they offer a 10% discount on buying 10 packs. Bulk Seedbank is capable of collecting and supplying the potent, trustworthy, and promising Cannabis strains from Indica and Sativa origin along with their hybrids, Feminized, and Regular Seeds.

They accept payment from several banking channels including Direct Bank Transfer, Credit, and Debit Cards. Moreover, they accept almost the entire range of crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Digibyte. The delivery schedule varies between 3-5 days for local purchase and up to 15 days for international clients.

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#11 (Brierley Hill Seed Bank) PK Pukka Seedbank – Seeds and smoke together

PK Pukka Seedbank is located at Quarry Bank high street, the UK that deals in Cannabis Seeds of all types, smoking accessories, Cannabinoid, oil extraction machinery, and LED Grow lights for greenhouses and hydroponic culture. They accept all payments in pound sterling otherwise the growers need to inform first and discuss the conversion factor before paying for goods.

The Credit and debit cards are also accepted and the shipments take place on the same day. Moreover, they maintain a big list of Feminized, Regular, Autoflowering, and hybrid strains from several Cannabis breeders and growers. The shipping procedures are simple and fast while the majority of growers are pretty satisfied with the stuff purchased from PK Pukka Seedbank. is their website!

#12 (UK Seed Bank) SeedCity – Speedy delivery with Royal Mail

Seed City is a UK-based seed bank that is consistently helping growers regarding providing a guideline for growing different cultivars as per the requirements in different hardiness zones and planting environments. They’re in the Cannabis seeds business for the last ten years and fantastically experienced to introduce new promising cultivars from the selected breeders across the globe. They ‘have the biggest collection of pot seeds and the growers don’t need to search for any other option for this purpose.

Moreover, they’re retailers of the most popular recreational Cannabis strains in the UK. You can trust Seedcity for seed germination matters however, no seed bank or breeder could guarantee seed germination as it is not legal in the UK. The payment acceptance procedures are easy and accept payment from both banking channels and cryptos. Cannabis seed delivery is flawless while instant discounts are available throughout the selling process. if you want to buy seeds!

#13 (UK Seed Bank) Gorilla Seedbank – Cannabis jungle never seen before

Another British Seedbank is famous for selling thousands of selected strains that are adaptable to the UK and many other climatic conditions across the world. Gorilla Seedbank also depends on Cannabis breeders and offers cheap cannabis seeds online comprising of several strains which are truly breeders’ choice. Moreover, they maintain the biggest seed resource that comprises the most promising strains around the world.

The UK seed wings deploy certain laws about ensuring the germination of Cannabis seeds within the UK that’s the reason Gorilla Seedbank doesn’t offer any guarantee on the germination of seeds. However, they provide replacement against non-germinating Cannabis seeds. They also offer technical services regarding the germination of multiple strains for different hardiness zones.

They’re always improving their strains, testing them in the field, and distributing them among their growers globally. Their products catalog offers Top 10 Autoflowering, Top 20 Feminized, Top 20 Medical Marijuana, and Top 10 high yielding strains selected from the available range.

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#14 (England Seed Bank) Natural Selection – Best cannabis seed and connoisseur smoking shop

Natural Selection seed is located at Crown Street, Leeds, England and they’re among one of the best Cannabis Seeds suppliers in the UK for the UK and their Cannabis growers around the world. Their selected genetics revolves around Autoflowering, Indica, and Sativa Dominant strains which are collected from DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada, Archive Seed Bank, Barney’s Farm, Big Head Seeds, and Cali Connection Seeds in both Feminized and Regular Seeds category.

They also offer complimentary seeds with instant offers and new arrivals. Payment acceptance is through easy banking solutions whereas delivery within the UK and across the world is flawless and trackable.

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#15 (England Seed Bank) Indica-Seedbank – The strains that get you high

Indica-Seedbank is located in Bradford, United Kingdom, and deals in the biggest range of Feminized, Autoflowering, Hybrid, and Regular Seeds from the Indica origin only. Their presented varieties are Indica dominant and possess high THC levels.

The majority of Indica strains are best recreational that also help patients with serious ailments from severe pain. Indic-Seedbank largely depends on Ace Seeds, Barney’s Farm, and Big Buddha Seeds for acquiring the most powerful and promising Indica Cannabis strains for their customers. They also deal in value-added Cannabis byproducts and oils for therapeutic purposes and maintain a smoke shop with all accessories.

The payment procedures are easy and delivery schedules are convenient for the growers with discrete shipping.

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#16 (Newbridge Seed Bank) The British Seed Company – Great Genetics and Rare Strains

The British Seed Company founded in 2014 and located in Bath, the United Kingdom is new in the Cannabis industry but, an enthusiast to advocate Cannabis grown for medicinal and recreational purposes in the UK. There are constructively working to build connections with the most experienced growers, cannabis breeders, and suppliers to enhance their range of Feminized, hybrids, Autoflowering, and Regular seeds in the bank. They are collecting their genetics from Dying Breed Seeds, Aficionado, Woodstock Pharmacy, and First Class Genetics.

The British Seed Company also owns a smooth delivery system and the growers trust them what they say. They also offer after-sale services and guidelines for the growers willing to grow Cannabis for both medicinal and recreational means and actively working for the legalization of Cannabis in the UK. They accept payments from multiple banking channels, cryptocurrencies, and cash forms. The growers can trust the quality of all types of strains from BSC.

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#17 (Harehills Seed Bank) Seed Madness – Great collection could make you mad

Seed Madness is another UK seed bank that locates in Leeds and they’re quite capable of collecting more than 2500 promising Cannabis cultivars from all around the world from Cannabis growers, breeders, and seedbanks and that might be the reason for their madness since they collect such a big seeds lots that otherwise is not possible without madness and true professionalism.

They also include every cannabis strain that won either one or multiple cannabis cups. The top breeders in their list are Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Dr. Krippling, DNA Genetics, Sweet Seeds, and Sensi Seeds. Payment options are similar as the majority of other seedbanks adopt while the delivery is efficient and flawless.

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#18 (London Seed Bank) Pick and Mix Cannabis Seed Bank – Shifts inventory to SeedCity

Pick and Mix Cannabis Seed Bank has been a leading Cannabis seed bank since 2007 with over 4400 Cannabis strains securing more than 2 hundred thousand customers worldwide while they used to ship more than 99% of their orders on the same day. They had the biggest range of all types of Cannabis cultivars from famous breeders around the world.

Pick and Mix Seeds was an online business that used to sell cannabis seeds and was located in Sheffield, UK. Now, the entire selling operations along with cultivars are shifted to SeedCity, which looks after the entire process started by Pick and Mix Seed bank in past. We don’t either it was a technical closure or a merger between two Cannabis giants.

More strains here

#19 (UK Seed Bank) Killa Beez Seeds – An emerging supplier with more strain choices

Killa Beez Seeds is an emerging Cannabis seed supplier which primitively targets selling fresh Cannabis seeds collected from all over the world from skilled breeders and growers. They offer several perks and advantages for the growers who buy bulk seeds directly from the company.

They’re pretty experienced in handling seed deliveries as the local delivery reaches the very next day after placing an order, while international deliveries are handled efficiently and quickly reducing a considerable time worldwide. Their collection enables them to offer more than 10000 Feminized seeds having the best genetics collected all over the world and they add small quantities of Feminized seeds in every order.

Their payment procedures are also simple and quick and they accept payments from bank transfers, Credit & Debit cards, and several Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

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#20 (Southsea Seed Bank) Freedom Seeds – Cannabis growing freedom & multiple payment options

Freedom Seeds have more than 30 years of selling experience with a 5 Star rating on TrustPilot while they are highly efficient with a flawless delivery system for dispatching cannabis seeds for the UK growers. Freedom Seeds bestsellers range from Runtz Muffin & Dos Si Dos Auto-Barney’s Farm, Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast-Sweet Seeds, and Midnight Express Auto-Freedom Seeds. Whereas Royal Runtz, Wedding Crasher, and Dos Si Dos Auto, and Watermelon Auto from Royal Queen Seeds are among the new arrivals.

They offer multiple promotion products and extra seeds on every pack purchased from their website. They’re located at Fawcett Road, South sea, Portsmouth, UK. The growers might face a slight delay in the delivery schedule due to COVID reasons. Freedom Seeds also accepts payments from multiple bank channels including cryptocurrency.

Learn more about Freedom Seeds at