Best LED Grow Light Stands (Review 2023): 9 Key Features Need To Consider

What light is needed to grow plants? It is fact that blue and red colors of light are significant and characterize the light consumed by the plants, but green and yellow are also important along with other colors for the physiological processes of the plants especially photosynthesis.

So, any light that exhibits the full spectrum (380nm to 800nm) of light to meet the entire process of germination to growth, vegetative to the final harvest is needed to grow plants.

LED Grow Light stands (Pros and cons)

Grow light stands are manufactured for the general need of growers while the manufacturers keep on modifying their posture and structures based on the customers’ feedback from the market. Generally speaking, these stands may have several pros with a few cons that you need to know before ordering online.

#1 Pros

  • Most of the stands come with lights while you don’t need to buy additional lights to install.
  • Most of the stands come with adjustments to alter hanging height.
  • They are often portable that can be carried anywhere in the grow room while their foldability takes little space when in use.
  • With installed modules, you may have the option to add more shelves as per need.
  • Already installed grow lights may have a full spectrum for seedlings and vegetative growth of plants.
  • They may have adjustable pillars and plants hanging rachets
  • Depending on the price they may have wheels for mobility, durability and the bigger grow space.

#2 Cons

  • Pre-installed lights may have limited light intensity.
  • Not suitable for the bigger plants other than the recommended.
  • Overhead space limitations for the taller plants or vegetables.
  • It might be highly-priced if looked for bigger grow spaces.
  • They are not ideal for the flowering stages of any plant.

Top 5 LED Grow Light stands Review

#1 Grow Light Stand- iPower

If you are looking for a stand that can provide enough light for a large number of indoor plants, do not miss this product. This is a 36 watt LED light that has a wide spectrum, providing enough light and balance between areas. There is definitely no shading and the plants in the far corners are not provided with light.
It can be said that this product has a wider coverage than most floor lamps available on the market today. Moreover, this LED can provide the red and white light needed for plant growth. The four legs of the stand will securely fix the device to keep the plant healthy and well developed.
The product comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, but many people will find it quite entangled and occupy a lot of space in your space. But this is still a quality investment for a large number of crops.

#2 All-Purpose LED Grow Light-Root Farm

The best available light stands in the price that is quite cheaper than the rest of the stuff in the market. It contains 45 Watts grow light that is sufficient for growing a variety of plants from starting seeds until harvest. As the seedling grows taller, LEDs distance can be adjusted with the help of provision on the sides of the rack while for the flowering stages it can be hanged above the plants on provided stands.
45 Watts LED grow light with an adjustable stand is sufficient to provide light during the entire growth stages of the plants whereas the light hanging kit and hanging wire with hooks make it feasible to adjust the height of the light whenever needed.

#3 Stack-n-Grow Light Stand- Gardener’s Supply Company

This S-n-G light stand contains 3 LED lights that give extraordinary growth to the plants during all stages of their growth. Initially, you may start using the base unit while stacking up the base unit is possible through the addition of another 3 lights that may increase your grow space. The LED light is bright enough to provide full intensity to the plants underneath.
no tools needed to install while the shelf can more than 100 pounds of weight. You can easily grow 72 seedlings in more than 3 square feet of space that can be doubled with the addition of an extra shelf. The only disadvantage is that adds are sold separately.

#4 Jump Start JSV4T Light, 4′ Stand, Fixture

This light stand from Jump Start will help support your plants in all stages, from germination to flowering and fruiting. This is an adjustable LED grow light stand and it comes with great durability.

Growers can adjust the timer with this LED grow light stand so that they don’t have to be constantly on their crops. With this built-in timer, growers can easily set 12 hours on/12 hours off schedule or 18 hours on/6 hours off schedule with just one operation.

This model is very easy to set up and it won’t require you to spend a lot of time and effort on it for a complete setup. To adjust the height of the LEDs, growers only need to operate through the toggle clamp.

Moreover, this LED grows light stand provides 15-20% more Lumens. So it is especially good for the outstanding growth of young plants and germinating seeds.

#5 iGrowtek 2 feet LED Grow Light Stand

The iGrowtek 2 Feet LED Grow Light Stand is not only beautiful in appearance, but it is also a powerful and reliable helper for growers who are intending to grow houseplants. This LED grow stand also comes with an affordable price tag for its quality.

This model’s T5 LED illuminator is of very good quality, it provides full spectrum while wide coverage. The light from this LED is also very soft and does not harm the eyes of growers, so growers may not have to buy additional glasses specifically for LED lights.

Besides, growers can also adjust the height of this LED grow light stand simply. Its sturdy construction allows for comfortable handling without compromising its working quality or lifespan.

And another good news is that this LED grow light stand will help you save your electricity bill every month. As it can save energy up to 70%.

Full Spectrum LED Plant Light (LED circular form, bar or panel)

Although plants are dependent on light for their vigorous growth that can be provided using multiple light systems available in the market, the best light provides the complete wavelength of light needed for their growth. You can opt for any of the Circular Lights, Bars, and Panel that exhibit a full spectrum of light with maximum intensity and brighter light. Here are 3 best lights from each category that will make your plants looking healthy and growing to the full extent.

#1 TeerwereLED Grow Light 1200W 250LED Round Plant Growing Lamp

It offers bright multispectral Light that is need of modern horticulture if growing indoors. It is equally good for grow rooms, grow tents, and commercial greenhouses for its utility to maximize plant growth and quality of the produce.

Circular grow lights come with the adjustable spectrum and variable mounting heights to cater to the varying difficulties of large processes especially commercial Greenhouse and grow rooms. This 1200 Watts light consumes very nominal energy and saves a lot.

#2 Bar Light 64 Watts Plant Growing- VAZILLIO

It is exclusively 4 headed 64 Watts bar with adjustable gooseneck to grow plants in 4 different directions in your grow area. They use COB LED to exhibit more uniform light with less glare and is useful for germinating from seeds, vegetative and reproductive growth of the plants.
it has a long service life with quick heat dissipation that saves a lot of energy when in operation for longer.
Due to timing gear, the timing period of illumination can be adjusted to 4, 8, and 12 hours along with adjusting the desired brightness according to the plant’s need.

#3 Panel Light 75 Watts – Roleadro

This light provides a spectrum that contains full wavelengths of light from 380- 800 nanometers during all phases of the plant’s growth. No fans used to dissipate heat but the aluminum cooling plates and individual chip dissipates heat in the long working.
it can cover up to 9 square feet area while the light hanging height varies from 18 inches to 45 inches during different stages of growth.

What to look for when buying LED grow lights stand?

First of all, it depends on the available space within your grow room and the type of plants you want to grow in any area. Microgreens or smaller plants can grow in the small stands while for vegetables and fruits the best options are to use multi-tier stands. If you already own lights then you will prioritize your selection for the stands without lights but it must have the built-in feature to hang lights already in your possession. The stands with foldable and adjustable shelves are more convenient than the fixed structure while for the quality it must be durable and low cost.

You need to consider the following features when you are considering a purchase for growing your favorite plants, indoors:

#1 Wattage (How many led watts per weed plant?)

You need to consider the size of the grow room and the plants that are inside to determine the right wattage of the light strips to buy. For a small grow room with only one or a few plants, you will already be good with a light that has a minimal wattage. If the grow tent is large, you need a more powerful light or use several light  strips.

#2 Light spectrum (What is the spectrum resolution for weed?)

The light spectrum is the wavelength of light that the plant needs at different stages of growth. The light spectrum needed to grow indoor weed varies for different growth stages. Usually, weed needs blue wavelength during germination and vegetative stages and red at flowering stage The best Light Spectrum for growing Cannabis differs during different stages of growth in plants and what they need. The weed plants, like all other plants, rely on the light spectrum for signs about their growth. Blue light is particularly useful during vegetative growth, while the red light is particularly useful during the flowering stage. For the best results, you will also want to supplement these with the other colors on the visible light spectrum. Similarly, all other plants use the light of different wavelengths during different growth stages but generally, blue light is important for initial plant growth and red for flowering and bud formation.

#3 Amount of light

Weed plants are adaptable to blue and red wavelengths for germination, vegetative growth, flowering, and bud formation. So, select a light that delivers the entire range of the light spectrum that your plants need. Even if you are not growing weed plants, it is necessary to select a full spectrum light for your grow room that exhibits the following wavelengths range.
Ultra Violet (380-410 Nanometer), Blue (1st Spectrum 440-450 and 2nd Spectrum 450-460 Nanometer), Orange (605-610 Nanometer), Red (1st Spectrum 620-630 and 2nd Spectrum 655-660 Nanometer), Far Red (730 Nanometer).

#4 Wattage per square foot and coverage area

Your grow lights are supposed to be operative most of the growing time probably 12-14 hours if you are growing Cannabis. So, it is import to know the wattage and the daily light consumption your selected lights will consume. On the other hand, your selection must be based on future gardening programs keeping in mind that these selected lights would go a long time with you. Your selection must be based on the type of plants and the area they might cover during their growth. Large spaces need more lights while growing 1 or 2 plants indoor should limit you buy accordingly.

#5 Low Heat Emission

High heat omission may be of substantial damage to your lovely plants due to burning issues. Choose only those light that is durable and protect your plants from the heat burns. The lights remain close to the plant’s foliage whereas high heat omission lights are prone to burn plants when kept lightening for several hours during a day. So, make a careful choice by selecting a light that omits a balanced heat.

#6 Quality of materials

The quality of any material is judged only after you use it. There might be several products with different capacities and prices but you may not aware of the quality. Go and check the brand repute, check existing users’ reviews and check the portfolio of the company for their business history. Make purchases after you are fully satisfied with the product and services by the supplier.

#7 Energy Savings

Your grow lights are supposed to be operative most of the growing time probably 12-14 hours if you are growing Cannabis. So, it is import to know the wattage and the daily light consumption your selected lights will consume. Go the energy-saving options that will not increase your cost of production for the particular plants especially if you are a hobbyist and not supposed to grow commercially.

#8 Lifespan

LED lights are supposed to operative for the years under normal conditions in your grow room. Check for the maximum viable guarantee that consists of years with the replacement options. Don’t compromise on quality for cheap purchase as it would harm you in the long run.

#9 Easy to use

Be sure that the product you are going to purchase is easy to handle, easy to install and operate.

Why do people often use an LED stand than an LED wire?

LED wire is a rough idea as the cords hang around your stands and there is always fear of electric shock due to breakage and since such shocks may get more severe as growing is associated with water that makes it more severe in case of an accident whereas the stands have concealed wiring that reduce the chances of such shocks for the users.

Instructions: LED Grow Light stand setup

Setting up in different Grow Lights will differ due to their assembly and the material used to raise such stands. PVC stands are convenient to assemble and dissemble as the piping gets easily fit into the brackets, T’S, Elbow, and sockets if all the accessories are available with the package arriving from the manufacturer while aluminum stands might be a bit difficult if the instruction manual is not available with the pack. Always follow the user’s manual to make things easier and working.

What tools are needed to set up?

For setting a good LED Grow Lights Stand you may need the following accessories:
– A couple of extension rods
– Flexible Gooseneck
– T-Joints, Elbows
– sockets
– PVC pile
– power cord
– LED lamp holders
– Reflector Bar, and rachet set to hang lights above the plants
You can jump onto the online market place to order all accessories.

LED grow light plant stand

LED lights are the friendliest way to grow plants at home. They have low energy usage, low heat emitters and have colors that are customized according to the required plant and its age. LED lights are quite effective and efficient in its working and thus the LED plant stand serves as the best customer friendly product.
Plant stands have 2 or more levels for the placement of the plants, with LEDs connected on the bottom side of the upper levels. These plant stands do not require any other light source and can work perfectly with these LEDs only.

LED grow light stand the best buy

For buying the best led grow light stand, one must visit Amazon for the best picks. They have all the stands categorized based on the number of levels, usage, size, type of LED used, even the weight and the types of indoor plants too. A person can easily go there and choose what best fits his house, plants, and most importantly pocket.

LED grow light stand bar

LED grow bars gives great coverage to the indoor growers. They are always considered the top choice for indoor growers. They are quite firm and thin, because of which they can be easily fitted into any high production facilities. If the bar length is increased, it can provide better disperse and wide coverage. There are many different types of bars present in the market, all made for your custom requirement.

LED grow light stand box

It is a small tent life structure, that helps in growing the plants indoor. Its dimensions are designed in a fashion to be placed in any house or flat. The enclosure provides the plants with the best light, temperature, and humidity.
It has a reflective inside layer, that helps in around 98% consumption of the produced light completely. Moreover, it also provides ventilation holes for proper crossing over of the airflow.

LED grow light stand bulb

The bulbs of the LED grow light stands are way different than the normal ones. The normal LED bulbs are not powerful enough to help plants grow. This can only be possible if a huge sun of these is bought and placed together. Thus, the LED grow bulbs are quite different and have a more power intensity emission ratio. They are relatively expensive than normal LED bulbs.

LED grow light stand coverage calculator

There are many lighting coverage calculators present online for your help to get the best set of LED lighting for indoor plants. The logic behind the existence of such a calculator is that the plants view light completely differently than us. The calculator utilizes the area of the growing plants in width and length. After that it recommends the required watts and length of the LED grow light needed.

LED grow light stand distance

There must be some specific distance between the plants and the LED lights. This distance defines the coverage and density of the required LED light. These factors play an important role in the growth of any plant. All these parameters are decided based on the age and the type of plant mainly. The lighting conditions must be varied simultaneously with plant growth.

LED grow light stand quantum board

Quantum boards are large circuit boards, that contain many LEDs incorporated on a wide surface. These circuit boards are usually hanging down the roofs or are fixed on the ceilings. Their distance from the plants must also be taken into consideration while fixing it somewhere. It is also one of the most effective solutions for indoor plants.

LED grow light stand veg and bloom switch

There is a veg and bloom switch present on some of the LEDs, it is basically therefor switching the light type depending upon the plant needs. It changes the light intensity of different wavelengths for better functioning of the indoor plants.