Bad Girl Strain Review: Taste, Effects, and Growing Tips


Bad Girl is a popular strain developed by Twenty20 Mendocino known for its unique flavor profile, potent effects, and ease of cultivation. This indica-dominant hybrid offers a delightful combination of flavors and an uplifting high that leaves users feeling relaxed and euphoric. In this article, we will explore the taste, effects, and growing tips for the Bad Girl strain.


The Bad Girl strain has a distinct flavor profile that combines earthy, pine, and citrus notes. When properly cured, the buds emit a pleasant aroma reminiscent of pine forests with a hint of zesty citrus. The taste is smooth, with an earthy undertone that lingers on the palate. Many users appreciate the unique combination of flavors that Bad Girl offers, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.


Bad Girl is known for its potent effects that provide both physical relaxation and mental upliftment. The indica-dominant nature of the strain induces a deep sense of relaxation, relieving stress and tension in the body. Users often report feeling a gentle wave of euphoria washing over them, boosting mood and promoting a positive mindset.

The effects of Bad Girl are not overwhelming, allowing users to enjoy a functional high without feeling sedated or couch-locked. It is a great strain for both daytime and evening use, as it can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain while still allowing users to remain productive and focused.

Growing Tips:

If you’re considering growing the Bad Girl strain, here are some tips to help you achieve a successful harvest:

1. Climate and Environment:

– Bad Girl is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

– It thrives in a Mediterranean climate, but can also be cultivated in cooler regions with proper care.

2. Indoor Cultivation:

– Maintain a temperature range between 68-80°F (20-27°C) during the vegetative stage.

– Provide ample airflow and ventilation to prevent mold and mildew growth.

– Use a high-quality grow light to ensure proper light intensity and spectrum for optimal growth.

3. Outdoor Cultivation:

– Choose a location with plenty of sunlight and good soil drainage.

– Start planting in the spring when the threat of frost has passed.

– Protect the plants from excessive rain and wind by using stakes or trellises.

4. Nutrient Requirements:

– Use a balanced nutrient regimen during the vegetative stage to promote healthy growth.

– During the flowering stage, reduce nitrogen levels and increase phosphorus and potassium to enhance bud development.

– Monitor pH levels and adjust accordingly to ensure nutrient uptake.

5. Harvest Time:

– Bad Girl has a flowering period of approximately 8-9 weeks.

– Monitor the trichomes using a magnifying glass or microscope to determine the ideal time for harvest.
– Harvest when the trichomes are mostly cloudy with a few amber-colored ones for a balanced effect.


Bad Girl is a strain that offers a delightful combination of flavors, potent effects, and ease of cultivation. With its earthy, pine, and citrus taste profile, it provides a unique sensory experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The uplifting high and relaxing effects make it suitable for both daytime and evening use. Whether you choose to cultivate Bad Girl indoors or outdoors, following the recommended growing tips will help you achieve a successful harvest. So, if you’re looking for a strain that combines flavor, potency, and ease of cultivation, give Bad Girl a try.