Best Air Pump and Water Pump for Hydroponics (New Reviews 2023)

Top 2 Best Water Pump for Hydroponics

#1 Best Fully Submersible Water Pump: EcoPlus 160 GPH (605 LPH, 10.5W)

If you are delving into the world of full-on hydroponic cannabis growing, then it is well worth investing in a submersible water pump. This robust pump will help to ensure you have enough pressure to keep the water running when needed to keep your plants receiving the nutritious water they are craving. The pump is also oil-free and has a powerful rotor magnet that will truly keep the pressure flowing in your system.
The major pros of this product are; its high-quality rotor magnet that will always and consistently maintain pressure; its useful energy-saving design that will save you on running costs; and the relatively low running sound from this unit if you are trying to keep your grow space a secret. One negative of this product is that it only has a fixed flow rate so you won’t be able to adjust this.
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#2 Best Value Water Pump: Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW250 Submarine

A successful hydroponic growing system will undoubtedly have a water pump at its heart. This is because your plants are mostly dependent on the water solution that they are growing in – so with a water pump this will create the right amount of pressure to make sure the water and nutrients are running as much as they are needed.
This water pump from Hydrofarm (who are experienced at creating products for hydroponic systems) can pump up to 250 gallons per hour and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its pros include a powerful mag drive construction, and that it is an environmentally friendly product as it is oil free. It is also fitted with rubber mounting feet so that vibration is kept to a minimum. One con of this product is that it can be a little noisy.
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Top 2 Best Air Pump for Hydroponics

#3 Best Air Pump for Hydroponic System: VIVOSUN Air Pump 1110 GPH 8 Outlet 50W 70L/min

For a healthy and thriving hydroponic system, you need to control many factors, and one that is often overlooked is the amount of oxygen that the cannabis plants receive. As your plants are growing in water they can run out of oxygen if this isn’t carefully maintained. This can be done easily through the use of an oxygen pump.
With this oxygen pump from Vivosun, you can connect it to your hydroponic system directly and it will run at the constant pressure and temperature that you set it at so that your plants receive a steady level of oxygen. This product comes fitted with a rubber base to ensure it is quiet as it can possibly be which is another pro. The only con of this product is that you have to buy the connecting tube separately.
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#4 Best Air Pump for Multiple Hydroponic Systems: Hydrofarm AAPA45L 6 Outlets, 45 L/min

Maintaining the oxygen levels in your hydroponic system is essential if you don’t want your plants to drown in their water solution. Keeping the levels of oxygen at an optimum level can easily be done through the use of an air pump. This product from HydroFarm is the crème de la crème of air pumps thanks to its heavy duty alloy casing, and wear and tear resistant material – you will be using this product for years to come.
This product is ideal if you are running a few hydroponic systems simultaneously thanks to its 6 outlets which can each be individually controlled. Another great feature of this air pump is that the air flow output and pressure can easily be adjusted so you can get it at the right level. As is a common feature of air pumps this one is a little loud, which is one downside of this product.
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Top 2 Hydroponic Pump Timer

#5 Best Cheap Timer for Cannabis: Century 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer

If your serious about growing your own weed and don’t want to use auto-flowering seeds then one boring but essential device you are going to need to invest in is a timer so that you don’t have to schedule your life around when your plants do and don’t want light. This timer will soon have your plants seeing you as a god-like figure who gives light and takes it away to their leaves’ desires. When it comes to telling your plant winter is coming you’ll soon be flush with tasty buds.
This cheap but vital device is a great bit of kit as it has a built-in dial and can be used on a variety of electronic devices. It will be the perfect device for the forgetful, as all you need to do is set it once and it will repeat the cycle until you change it. It also has great safety features so you won’t have to worry about your green going down in an electrical blaze. The one downside is the pins to set it can be a bit difficult to get your head around.
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#6 Best Digital Timer for Weed: Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer

If you’ve had your fill of messing around with old-fashioned pin based timers that just seems to make no sense, then you’ll be relieved that digital timers are now storming the market. This great value unit from Century serves all the same purposes as the analog variety but makes programming your light cycles much easier. There are also two outlets that can be controlled by the device, giving you more flexibility.
The major pros of this product are that: it comes with a host of useful pre-set options; it can also be programmed to your own tailored needs; it will save you money on energy bills, and;it will not require you to be at home when your plants need the lights switched on or off. The main negative of this device is that it runs on batteries. However, the included batteries do last a long time, just make sure you’re not away for a long time when they do finally run out.
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Top 1 Best Aqua Chiller for Hydroponic System: Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller

If you are new to hydroponic growing you might wonder what an Aqua Chiller has to do with growing cannabis. But, if you think about it, when growing cannabis hydroponically the reservoir of water that your plants grow in can easily become too warm which can be catastrophic for your plants. Water that is too hot can lead to a lack of oxygen for your roots and, in addition, hot water is also a good feeding ground for bacteria – a definite no go for cannabis plants.
Thankfully with an Aqua Chiller, like this one from Hydrofarm, you can keep the temperature of your hydroponic solution at the perfect level for your plants. This product has some great features, including an LCD display so you can easily check the temperature, a temperature memory system and its eco-friendly. The only negative we can see is the price, however, for a high initial cost, you will be rewarded with healthy plants.
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