Top 3 Best Micro Grow Setup ( 2023 Reviews)

Micro growing refers to a setup of cannabis cultivation in a small-scale environment, which is perfect for novices. This means that even with a limited space, you can still grow marijuana and the success rate can be high, as long as you know the fundamentals of growing weed, and of course, you should have the right tools for the best micro grow setup.
What are the essential elements that should be present in your micro grow setup? I suggest that you read on and we’ll tackle the equipment that you will need. We’ll also have a short discussion on the basics of micro growing that can provide valuable insights for you to succeed in your endeavor even in the absence of prior experience.

What is a Micro Grow Set Up?

As it has been mentioned in the introductory paragraph, a micro grow setup is a small enclosed environment for growing weed, which is especially popular amongst hobbyists or casual weed users. This provides the experience that is needed by beginners to harness the fundamentals of growing. It is also an opportunity for experimentation, although there are more people who choose to do it by the books for a slimmer chance of being frustrated.
In a nutshell, micro growing is all about achieving the biggest possible harvest from the smallest possible grow room. It is all about efficiency and productivity.

Is it Legal?

Yes, having a micro grow setup is legal, but this is a question that will depend on where you live and where you intend to set it up. It is not enough that you are from a place where the use of medical and recreational marijuana is legal. You should also be from a state or city where the public is allowed to grow their own plants at home. More often than not, there is a limitation with regards to the number of weed plants that you can grow. If you will be growing it for business, on the other hand, you need to secure the necessary permits.

How is it Different from Regular Indoor Growing?

Truth is, there is not much difference between the two. It is only the amount of space that is used in growing the marijuana. In a micro grow setup, the space is similar compared to the space that is needed in regular indoor growing.

Best LED Light to Grow Pot

#1 VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review

While there are different types of lights that can be used in a micro grow setup, LED is the most promising, as it will be discussed later on. If you are looking for the LED light to use, this is one that should be on the top of the list. The light comes with a convenient switch that will make it easy to alter the spectrum depending on what you assume is needed by the plants.
As a full-spectrum light, this means that you can use it in all stages of the growth of the marijuana. There is no need to replace it. It has 240 LEDs that cover both the red and light spectrum for the vegetative and flowering stages of marijuana.
You also do not have to worry that the marijuana will end up being burnt. This is because it comes with high-speed quiet fans to provide the air circulation that is needed in the grow room. It is also a good thing that it is equipped with an aluminum cooling heat sink.
To provide you with peace of mind, the manufacturer is offering a three-year warranty for this light. Also, if you are unhappy within the first thirty days of use, you can return it to the manufacturer and they will have it replaced or they will issue a refund.

Q&A: What is the size of the micro grow room for this light?

Based on the specifications from the manufacturer, the answer to this question will depend on the stage of the growth of the marijuana. When it is under the vegetative phase, the coverage of the light is around 4.5×4.5 inches. On the other hand, during the flowering stage, the coverage of the light is at 3.5×3.5 inches.

Q&A: Is there a need for a separate ballast?

Lucky for you, there is no need for the installation of a separate ballast. This is already built-in into the unit, which is one of the reasons why it is user-friendly.

Best Reflective Material for Light

#2 Apollo Horticulture 2 Mil Reflective Mylar Sheet Roll Review

This 4’x100’ is one of the top choices if you are looking for a reflective material that can be an effective supplement to the light that you have installed in your grow room. The main material that is used in this product is a highly-reflective polyester film, which is believed to have the ability to reflect about 92 to 97% of light.
While it is primarily used as a grow light, you do not have to be restricted when it comes to the applications of this reflective film roll. You can use it even in arts and crafts projects.

Q&A: What does this reflective material do?

It might seem useless, but it actually does a lot in the growth of marijuana. Basically speaking, this is going to increase the intensity of the light that is generated in the absence of having to add more lights or using more electricity. It also helps to retain the heat in an indoor grow room.

Q&A: Is it waterproof?

In the specifications of this reflective material, there is no direct indication from the manufacturer with regards to whether it is waterproof or not. However, it is important to take note of the fact that it is made of a polyester film that will never bleed even with exposure to water. When the water dries, there are some traces that can be evident in the film.

Best Hood for Grow Lights

#3 Sun System Grow Lights Blockbuster Reflector Review

The expensive price of this hood/reflector can discourage some people from buying it, but this should never be the case. The premium price tag is indicative of superior quality, which makes it worth every dollar that you will be spending. It provides a uniform and intense light pattern that will be instrumental in the growth of your marijuana.
It is also worth noting that the interior material is made of German aluminum. The latter is known not only for its durability but also for its ability to reflect up to 95% of light. For added durability, there is also a galvanized housing that is powder-coated, which will provide protection from the external elements that could possibly speed up wear and tear.
The hood also comes with 6-inch fitting for air cooling. This will provide the guarantee that it is not going to produce too much heat that can cause stress to the plant.

Q&A: What is the recommended size of the growing area for this hood?

Take note that this is one thing that will depend not only on the hood but on the grow light that will be attached to it. Nonetheless, based on the reviews of the past users of this product, this will be ideal for a grow room with an approximate size of 3×3 feet.

Q&A: What type of bulb does it support?

To maximize the functionality of the hood, it is important to use only the right type of light. For this model, it is designed for metal halide or HPS bulb.

20 Stealth Grow Box Ideas

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Kush Cabinet Stealth Grow Box Review

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Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow Box

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Automated Stealth Grow Box

Living room flexin

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Pc Stealth Grow Box

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Choosing the Best Indoor Grow Light Systems

If you are searching for the best indoor grow light to be used in your micro grow setup, this section will provide you with a glimpse of some of the most important factors you have to consider.
Basically, you can choose the same type of lights that are used in a regular grow room. As usual, LED is the preferred type, which is because of its energy-efficiency and longevity. The initial price can be expensive, but when you think of the long-term benefits, you can easily realize that the price will be worth it.
CFLs and T5s are also popular choices when it comes to lights that can be used to complement the best micro grow setup. The good thing about this type is that they generate minimal heat, which is why they will never burn the plant.
You should avoid HIDs when you are looking for a light to be used in a small space. This is because their wattage is generally too high. What this means is that they can produce excessive heat, which will hurt the plants. This could cause stress to the marijuana.

Beyond the Best Grow Light for Small Space: Other Important Elements

As you all know, the right lighting alone will not complete your micro grow room setup. To enjoy the highest level of success, here are some of the most important things that should also be given attention.

Marijuana Strain

One of the first things that you have to consider is the marijuana strain to plant. Take note that not all strains will grow in a limited space, which is why you need to choose wisely when it comes to which one you should plant. It should not be too tall. Most growers choose indica strains because they are bushy and short. It will also be good to choose auto-flowering strains as they are generally small plants.


The quantity and quality of the soil to be used will also be a paramount consideration in your setup. The soil is a more popular choice for a growing medium compared to hydroponics. If the average size of the plant is 13 centimeters, you need to use about a ½ liter of soil. Meanwhile, if it grows up to 24 centimeters, you will need two to three liters. The soil should also not be too compact, which will provide the roots with the room to grow. From time to time, you should also check the pH level of the soil. Invest in a handy pH testing kit to do this.


Throughout the different stages of growth of the marijuana, you will need to feed it with the essential nutrients. However, it should also be emphasized that overfeeding is one thing that you need to avoid, especially during the initial stages of growth. Avoid nutrient burn or the stress that becomes a burden to plants when they are fed with more than the nutrients that they need to survive.

Air and Water

Cannabis, like humans, need air and water for survival. However, similar to feeding it with nutrients, you have to observe caution to be sure that you are providing the plant with only what is enough for what it needs. Water supply will help the roots to grow. Meanwhile, ventilation will help to encourage photosynthetic activity and will also prevent a foul odor in the grow tent.


You have to make sure that the plant is trimmed every now and then. Since a micro grow room is a small area, you will have to make sure that the size of the plant does not become too big for the space that is available. Growers use a process that is known as topping, which is simply cutting the top part of the plant to be able to limit its growth. This also allows the plant to grow wide and not tall. Be careful with the scissors that you are using as they can be a source of contamination.

Tips for Using Lights in a Micro Grow Setup

Before we end this post, allow us to give you quick tips for making sure that the benefits and functions of the lights in your grow room will be maximized:

  • As it has been mentioned in the previous section, the most important is to spend time evaluating the kind of light to use. The wattage should just be sufficient without causing too much heat. Remember, because of the small space, the heat can be easily felt by the plant.
  • The height at which the light is positioned is also an important consideration. Avoid hanging it too close as this can lead to plant stress. Make sure to adjust the height as needed.
  • It is also critical to pay attention to the spectrum of the light that you will pick for the grow room. Full spectrum lighting does not need to be replaced throughout the growth of the plant. Meanwhile, light with the red spectrum is for flowering while blue is for the vegetative growth of the marijuana.
  • You also have to know the best way to hang grow lights. It should be positioned in such a way that the light will hit the plant. You have to find the right angle. It will be good to use a reflector or a hood if you need the light to have enhanced intensity.

Wrap Up

The best micro grow setup is a combination of different tools that will create the perfect indoor environment for growing marijuana. Lighting is one of the most important, including hoods and reflective materials. Nonetheless, light alone will not guarantee the healthy growth of the cannabis. It is also important to pay attention to the other important elements, such as the strain and soil, among others.