Bigger Better Buds Box Reviews: How to Grow Big Buds outdoors?

When it comes to growing Cannabis plants outdoors, the growers remain to deprive of the growing media that they normally use for growing cannabis plants indoors and in hydroponics culture. They become cautious that how to grow big buds outdoors without having the facility or privileges that they enjoy with indoor farming. The fertility of the soil is very important if you consider growing plants outdoor and provide them with much-needed fertilizer according to their growth stages. Since cannabis plants need well-drained planting soil along with several major and supplemental nutrients, it is necessary to feed them with the desired nutrients program right from planting to the bud formation stages.

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#1 Root Mass Expanders Box

Since root development is one of the critical stages while growing cannabis plants outdoors, it becomes necessary to feed plants with the nutrients that help in the robust development of roots. It’s also necessary for the entire lifecycle of cannabis plants depends on how healthy their root is. As it is more important to know how to get big buds outdoor and it starts with the application of the most suitable fertilizer at planting. Cannabis like all other plants needs a higher amount of Phosphorus and Potassium fertilizers at planting. These fertilizers normally mix and incorporate into the planting soil if, it is in a granular or powder state. Otherwise, applied as water solutions soon after planting. There is a complete range of Root Mass Expanders that includes Voodoo Juice, Parinha, and Tarantula that could help Cannabis in developing an extensive root system that means more number branches. It also reduces branch intermodal distance on the main stem and secondary sprouts ensuring a greater number of flowers on them. The cannabis growers could either apply it at planting or immediately after planting as a water solution. Here is a link for a detailed product description and suggested dose;

#2 Bigger Buds Box

The Bigger buds box allows you: How to grow bigger buds outdoors with an exceptional additive range from Bug Ignitor, Big Bud, and Overdrive that responds exactly as their names determine. Bud Ignitor promotes extensive and robust flowering at a rather earlier age of plant growth. It could also shorten the flower initiation period to five days which is otherwise 10 days or more. Since the Bug Ignitor derives its Phosphate and Potassium from Mono-Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Sulfate, respectively, it becomes incomparable for flower initiation due to Growth Regulators it contains. The mid-flowering phase needs an extra amount of Phosphorus and Potash nutrients which Big Bud provides along with amino acids such as L-tryptophan & L-cysteine that trigger big bud formation during this phase. As far as the weight, flavor, and aroma of cannabis are the biggest concern for the growers, they could overcome this issue with the addition of Overdrive during the last flowering stage before they start flushing. Here is a link to see a detailed description of each product that you need for growing cannabis bigger buds;

#3 Nutrients Organic OIM Box

Some cannabis growers are least interested in a synthetic line of agricultural inputs and products besides, they want to be a part of potential cannabis growers’ community could trustfully rely on OIM listed organic products for getting bigger buds to complete with traditional growers. The United States Department of Agriculture runs an organic certification program in collaboration with California Organic Input Material (OIM), and the Nutrient Organic OIM box comes with complete certification by the relevant authority. There is a range of several organic products that the growers could depend on getting an “all organic” certificate.

#4 Big Bud Organic® OIM

If you want to grow bigger buds and at the same time want to remain fully organic, Big Bud Organic OIM could probably help for achieving both targets together. The manufacturer inducts rather a higher value of Potassium than Phosphorus nutrients for the short days maturing cannabis plants. Additionally, it includes amino acids that derive from the biological source also chelate Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron while formulating this superficial formula to produce heavy buds with better taste and aroma. The growers could considerably enhance the size and weight of floral arrangements that result in bigger buds.

#5 Bud Candy Organic™ OIM

Bud Candy contains carbohydrates that the soil-dwelling bacteria live on. It greatly enhances their activity as a source of food for them and in response, they trigger robust root development which is a healthy sign for any plant growing outdoors. The food that cannabis plants fix releases during the critical nutrients needs of plants. Bud Candy provides instant glucose to cannabis plants that are responsible for increasing Cannabinoids level. It also ensures the production of trichomes in cannabis that is a plant natural defense against phytophagous insects.

#6 Ancient Earth® Organic OIM

It’s a combination of both organic humic acid and Fulvic acid. Humic acid deals with soil permeability and enhances nutrients absorption from the cannabis plants, and also helps in transporting nutrients to the different parts of the plants. It’s also a potential source for increasing soil drainage and for enhancing the water holding capacity of the soil. Whereas, the Fulvic acid is itself an amino acid that deals with providing oxygen, nitrogen, and other essential nutrients to the parts of the cannabis plants, where needed. It also acts as a natural chelating agent for several other compounds and let them retain their identity by stopping them from reacting with other compounds. The combination together, helps plants making exceptional growth and better, bigger buds that growers want.

 #7 Sensizym Organic™ OIM

Sensizyme is an enzymatic emulsion that speeds up the process of breaking down organic matter in the soil and releases a range of essential nutrients organically. It converts complex organic compounds into a simpler ones that become available after rapid decomposition. The enzyme contained in Sensizym works two processes simultaneously for decomposing organic matter. Firstly, it enhances the activity of soil microbes that in turn decompose complex substances both physically and biochemically. Secondly, its enzymes directly breakdown complex organic matter into simpler forms to become available for cannabis plants. It’s an excellent soil conditioner that cannabis growers could apply in combination with Ancient Earth to get the size of the buds they want. Here is a link to see the product dosage and method of application of Nutrients Organic OIM Box;

The Cannabis growers could use the entire range of Advanced Nutrients for hydroponic grow closet if they establish it either way. Moreover, a closet grow setup is easy to develop and start both indoors and outdoors.

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