Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains Review 2023 [My Experience]

Sativa is one of the two main classifications of the cannabis plant, next to Indica. These Sativa strains are often used to enhance creativity, energize, socialize, and have fun. Whereas Indica strains have larger applications with medical purposes.

Nowadays, with the increasing entertainment purpose, Sativa strains have since also evolved. Growers often tend to look for the strongest Sativa strain to satisfy their entertainment, creativity and relaxation needs.

You can find a wide range of different Sativa strains at any seed bank, however not all online seed banks offer the best sativa strains. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the strongest sativa strains based on personal experience for growers to choose from.

Effects Of The Sativa Plant When Smoked

Sativa strains are very well known for their ability to boost the energy as well as the spirit of smokers. They are really suitable for use during the day and when you are really down, tired or not in any mood to get your work done.

These smokes are great for giving you an amazing burst of energy to keep getting work done. These best Sativa strains for creativity will keep your mind alert and creative, especially suitable for those in the arts.

There are a few reasons why sativa cannabis strains help you feel focused, and full of energy. Presumably, the main reason is that the sativa and indica strains exert their psychoactive effects in different ways due to the unique cannabinoid properties found in these two varieties.

In their natural environment, sativa varieties have lower THC content than indica varieties that tolerate cold. For cannabis plants, Cannabinoid compounds act as a kind of external immune system. They are chemicals, help this herb survive in its natural environment. Varieties that require Indica come from colder regions with harsher weather conditions. That simple fact means, they produce more THC as an adaptation mechanism.

Don’t get me wrong, THC is amazing. However, the THC content is high, can leave you stuck on the couch instead of getting up to start the day.

In contrast, Sativa strains prefer warmer climates; and face different environmental challenges. This means that the sativa cannabis plant naturally has a different cannabinoid profile than the indica variety. While cannabis sativa varieties tend to produce lower levels of THC, they produce large amounts of other cannabinoid compounds. It is these other cannabinoid compounds, combined with THC to give the cannabis sativa strain its distinct energy efficiency.

Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains Review 2023

#1 Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is probably the most powerful sativa strain in our opinion. This cannabis strain is a cross between Haze Sativa, Northern Lights Indica and Skunk No. 1 Hybrid. It is a 10% Indica and 90% Sativa cannabis strain.

With 18% THC, this cannabis strain offers a great mood-boosting, immediate stress reliever. These smokes will help bring a feeling of euphoria, calm happiness, and it also helps to treat depression. The effect it brings receives a lot of compliments from the most demanding people.

While it can be a great mood booster, Super Silver Haze doesn’t lock you into a chair, it still allows your mind to stay clear and focused to continue on with your work. Super Silver Haze has a spicy, citrusy taste.

Super Silver Haze is also a super yielding Sativa cannabis strain. It is suitable for growers with medium or higher cultivation techniques. Beginner growers can also challenge this strain, but may not be able to reap the highest yields.

Super Silver Haze can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, this strain will grow better indoors, and gives the highest yield with the hydroponic growing method. A warm tropical climate, with plenty of light or sunshine is the best condition for Super Silver Haze to thrive.

This Sativa strain needs about 9 weeks to flower and harvest time falls in mid-October. With good care, growers can obtain up to 550 grams of shoots. The buds of Super Silver Haze are quite large and thick. You can fully expect a bountiful harvest season.

There are many online seed banks that offer Super Silver Haze seeds, however you should be careful of reliable and reputable sources for the best genetics.

#2 Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is really well known in the cannabis community for its sweet taste like a strawberry. And the name Strawberry Cough is also derived from the outstanding characteristics of this strain of sativa cannabis.

Strawberry Cough has a strawberry flavor, which is indisputable, but according to folklore it has this flavor because in the past this cannabis strain was grown on the eastern fields of strawberries. And Strawberry Cough really causes coughing, sudden, uncontrollable coughing fits. These coughs spare no one, even beginner and more experienced smokers can avoid them.

This 80% Sativa dominant strain offers a calming, relaxing and slow paced experience for those looking to slow down their busy lives. Initially, it will bring coughs and an itchy sensation in the throat, but after this cough passes, you will feel strangely happy and cheerful.

It will also help you clear your mind, but at the same time can focus more on something. It is possible that Strawberry Cough will help you continue to complete a long-term project, unfinished work. But the side effect of this cannabis strain is that it will make your eyes dry.

Strawberry Cough is not a difficult strain to grow, so even beginner growers can start with this Sativa strain. The plant grows quite wild, rather low but bushy. It also requires no special technical preparation by growers to obtain significant yields.

However, growers still need to regularly prune unnecessary foliage so that light can more evenly penetrate the lower areas. Strawberry Cough loves a well-lit location with a temperature and humidity that is not too high.

Growers can grow this sativa strain indoors or outdoors. However, growers should pay attention to equip some items to prevent and protect their plants from mold and pests. The smell of strawberries is very attractive to insects, so growers should pay attention.

This strong sativa strain will flower in about 9 to 10 weeks. With good care, growers can harvest about 14 oz of quality Strawberry Cough shoots.

#3 Amnesia Haze

What is the most popular sativa strain? There are many different answers to this question, but Amnesia Haze is a name that can hardly be missed no matter how many strains of cannabis your answer includes.

Amnesia Haze is a typical cannabis strain with a citrus flavor. If you are looking for a cannabis strain with an impressive citrus flavor, Amnesia Haze will always be on the nomination list. And it also comes with a great energy effect.

Amnesia Haze is 80% Sativa dominant and it contains up to 21% THC content. That is why it is named one of the best sativa strains for energy. Amnesia Haze will give you an energetic yet alert feeling.

Citrus-flavored smoke that Amnesia Haze brings will help you enjoy a time of excitement, light fun, like being on a cloud. This energy will not make you tired afterwards, but it will help you relax a lot, and even help you fall asleep easier.

Amnesia Haze and its popular appearance lead many to mistakenly believe it is an easy-to-grow sativa strain. However, on the contrary, Amnesia Haze is a sativa strain that requires experienced growers to be able to control the habitat well as well as deal with pests.

This cannabis sativa strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, but it thrives best in plenty of sun and warm temperatures. If grown outdoors, the Mediterranean climate is the most suitable climate for the plant to grow.

For growers who don’t have a lot of cultivation skills, controlling Amnesia Haze indoors is much easier because this sativa strain is very susceptible to pests and diseases. Be careful to prune unnecessarily large foliage so that sunlight and wind can reach the lower areas of the plant.

Growers can harvest 21 ounces/m2 indoors. Let the plants eat enough nutrients so that the shoots are thick and best quality.

#4 Chocolope

If you are looking for some of the best sativa strains to grow indoors then don’t miss Chocolope, this almost 100% sativa strain on your list. Chocolope is one of the classic sativa strains, it is a cross between Chocolate Thai Sativa and Cannalope Haze Sativa, 10% Indica and 90% Sativa.

Chocolope has a very unique and sweet taste that you will never forget. It brings rich chocolate aroma and seductive coffee flavor, this room-filling scent will make your day more pleasant than ever. It is also very suitable to start a new day.

Chocolope is not a tough sativa strain. Beginner growers can also control this strain well, just pay attention to feed the plants properly or pay attention to pest control.

You can grow Chocolope both indoors and outdoors. If you grow this cannabis strain indoors, you should note that it should be planted in a well-ventilated space because it is very susceptible to mold. Chocolope is one of the best sativa strains to grow indoors.

You should also pay attention to pruning so that the shoots do not accumulate too much moisture, and receive enough light to grow well. Growing indoors is the best option for beginner growers.

If you choose to grow Chocolope outdoors, you need to take special care not to expose the plant to frost. Chocolope will thrive especially in a Mediterranean climate, so plenty of sunshine, warm climate, and not too much humidity are just what you need to maintain.

The flowering time of this sativa strain falls between 9 and 10 weeks. The plant will yield about 21 ounces/m2 with beautiful and very fragrant buds.

#5 Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another popular sativa strain and it is one of the Sativa dominant hybrid strains with the highest THC content, around 21%. Blue Dream is an 80% sativa dominant strain and it is considered the great sativa strains for anxiety.

The effect that Blue Dream brings has a wonderful mood-altering effect, reducing stress and keeping the mind more relaxed. This cannabis strain primarily affects your mood, helping you to maintain a feeling of light euphoria and joy. It also won’t make your body tired or overpower your body and mind. In general, Blue Dream will help you to experience a feeling of happiness and eliminate negative thoughts.

Blue Dream is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. However, when growing indoors, you need to make sure there is enough space for the plant to grow as this cannabis strain grows quite tall. As for planting outdoors, it is necessary to pay attention to weather conditions so as not to affect the plants.

A subtropical or Mediterranean climate is ideal for healthy plants to grow. You should also pay attention to prepare support frames so that the plants can stand up in harsh weather conditions.

Another note for beginner growers is that sweet, berry-flavored cannabis strains like Blue Dream are very attractive to insects. So whether you grow Blue Dream indoors or outdoors, you should also pay attention to the problem of preventing disease-causing insects.

The yield per square meter of Blue Dream that growers can obtain after 9-10 weeks of flowering is about 21 ounces.

#6 Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an already well-known cannabis strain and this 100% pure sativa strain is widely loved for its huge resin-filled glands and the unique effects it provides.

Durban Poison has a sweet, spicy aroma of grapefruit. This fragrance will pervade your room and bring an effect of happiness and joy. It will also give you enough energy to overcome the fatigue and negative thoughts that are dominating you.

With up to 20% THC content, its high can satisfy everyone. And 100% Sativa purity makes it a highly sought after cannabis strain. Since the 1970s this sativa strain has been a popular cannabis strain and its popularity has not waned.

Durban Poison can grow both indoors and outdoors, but growers can be easier to care for if the seeds are grown indoors. Durban Poison is also not a complicated strain to grow, so beginner growers can also try this cannabis strain.

Houseplants will grow shorter and have a wide canopy. Whereas outdoor plants grow taller, it will be about 7-8 feet tall. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, growers will yield buds rich in resin and trichomes.

Durban Poison prefers a warm and sunny climate. Pruning is a good technique to keep your plants healthy. With good care, growers can harvest 13 ounces/m2.

#7 Green Crack

Green Crack, originally named Green Kush but later Snoop Dogg changed that name to Green Crack due to the euphoric, soaring effect it brings. This cannabis strain is a hybrid, containing 60% sativa and 40% indica. Pineapple, tropical mango flavors will surely satisfy you.

Green Crack specifically contains a THC content as high as 22%, while the CBD content is negligible. It is this ratio that gives an energetic, energizing effect that keeps you going all day long. It does not dominate your body and mind strongly, but it will bring you excitement, focus and relieve stress.

This sativa cannabis strain is not a very difficult cannabis strain to grow. However, we recommend that beginner growers who want to grow this strain learn some basic care techniques to get a substantial yield.

Green Crack can grow well whether growers grow it indoors or outdoors. This cannabis strain will grow into quite tall plants even though growers grow it indoors. So you need to pay attention to choose an open space and the right height for the best growth. And do not forget to arrange equipment to help maintain humidity and provide regular air circulation so that plants do not get pests.

If grown outdoors, the Mediterranean climate is most ideal for Green Crack for the highest yields. However, Green Crack is very susceptible to white fungus, so growers need to be regularly checked for appropriate prevention and treatment measures.

#8 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel aka Sour D, is one of the most popular cannabis strains today, and coincidentally it is also one of the strongest sativa strains with up to 20% THC content. The origin of Sour Diesel is still a lot of theories, but most believe it is a combination of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, 40% Indica 60% Sativa.

Just like its name, Sour Diesel smells like a fuel, and this is also a unique smell that few strains of cannabis have. While many people don’t like the smell of Sour Diesel, professional smokers appreciate the taste of this cannabis strain.

The effect that Sour Diesel brings is quite vague and relaxing, but not serious. It brings about a rapid brain response, causing both energy and morale to increase. Accompanied by a feeling of excitement, confusion. It is suitable to use to find moments of relaxation.

Sour Diesel can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but for them to thrive outdoors, growers will need experience and technique. Because this strain is very fond of hot dry climates, low humidity and is especially susceptible to white fungal diseases.

So for less experienced growers, growing Sour Diesel indoors is much easier to control. Make sure the room in which you grow this cannabis strain has adequate equipment to establish a suitable humidity level as well as enough ventilation so that the plant does not get fungus. The light cycle is also a determining factor in the yield of this cannabis strain.

#9  Trainwreck

Trainwreck, this name seems to be quite special and gives a rather “heavy” feeling. But yes, Trainwreck will bring such powerful effects that you will feel like being hit by a freight train. And with a THC content of up to 21%, this sativa strain will leave you feeling euphoric, happy, and full of creative inspiration.

The spicy scent combined with the fresh, sweet lemon scent will definitely be enough to keep you hooked forever. It’s a little bit stimulating, yet very relaxing. And that’s why Trainwreck, a 65% sativa strain, is always a top-selling cannabis strain.

Trainwreck is the ideal sativa strain for growers of all levels. This cannabis strain does not require the same meticulous maintenance and care as many other sativa strains. It can be said that Trainwreck is one of the easiest sativa strains to grow, and it is suitable for both personal entertainment and commercial use.

This cannabis strain can grow both outdoors and indoors without much maintenance. When planted outdoors, the plant will grow tall and have strong roots and thick stems. Trainwreck loves warm sunlight but it is extremely sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so growers should take note.

Growing houseplants is easier to control and care for. When grown indoors, Trainwreck will have a shorter height, but it will tend to develop wider foliage. That’s why you need to prune regularly so that the shoots don’t get moldy.

#10 Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a 60% sativa 40% indica hybrid cannabis strain and it is also a globally popular cannabis strain. Jack Herer is named after legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer, in honor of him.

With a THC content of up to 20%, this cannabis sativa strain provides an immediate brain-boosting, refreshing and brain-boosting effect. The effect it produces is strong, but not severe. If you are looking for something that can change your mood with excitement and happiness, but at the same time bring creativity and mind stimulation, Jack Herer is your muse.

With the scent of earthy, fruity, lemon combined with woody will make you feel completely refreshed. It tastes like a tropical fruit salad you’re enjoying under a forest early in the morning. It will surely bring you relaxation and happiness.

Jack Herer is an easygoing sativa strain. Jack Herer is easy to grow, suitable for beginner growers and is ideal for commercial gardens. This cannabis strain can flower fast and produce high yields even without meticulous care from growers.

This cannabis strain is highly resistant to pests and diseases, so it will be a lot easier for beginner growers who want to grow plants outdoors. It will grow best in a Mediterranean climate. When grown indoors, growers can control the light cycle to shorten the flowering time of the plant.