Hydroponics Store Near Me – Where can I buy Rockwool Cubes Near Me

Growing hydroponically requires a bit of investment in getting the right kit together to ensure that your plants have everything they need. All of the equipment you will require will be available from a store that specializes in hydroponics, but you can also pick a lot of the products up from a local hardware store.

If you are wanting to buy your hydroponic set up locally then you can easily find stores near you by typing ‘hydroponics store near me’ into the search engine. This will highlight where all of the specialist stores are in your area, and show any reviews that customers have left about the store.

One of the key ingredients of a hydroponic set up is Rockwool. If you are looking for some Rockwool replacements then a quick search of ‘Rockwool cubes near me’ will throw up all of the places where you can purchase this vital hydroponic material.

Why is Rockwool good for cannabis?

You might be wondering what on earth Rockwool has to do with growing cannabis. Interestingly, this magical ingredient was traditionally used for insulation but it has been adapted over the years to make it an excellent growing medium for growing marijuana. It is made out of a combination of basalt rock (which is volcanic rock) and limestone.
The reason cannabis plants love it so much is that it creates an environment that is perfect for their roots. It allows for effective drainage and is also capable of taking up water. Rockwool is becoming increasingly more popular as growers are enjoying bigger yields from using it.
Make sure that you buy Rockwool that is specifically designed for plants as the industrial stuff will be too toxic for your sensitive marijuana plants.

How to Use Rockwool when growing Hydroponically

Stabilize the pH

Once you’ve got your Rockwool cubes you need to adjust the pH as, initially, they will be at a pH level of about 7 which is too high for your plants. To bring the level down, immerse your Rockwool cubes in a pH solution that is 5.5-6.3 and leave it for 24 hours. When using Rockwool you will be required to monitor the pH levels of your growing medium.


Plant your seedlings or clones in the Rockwool. They will love this environment and will take root comfortably here. You will know when it is time to transplant your cuttings when the roots start to poke out of the bottom of the Rockwool cube.


When your seedlings or clones grow bigger and need to be moved to a larger piece of Rockwool, the process is easy. Keep the plant within its original Rockwool cube, and simply cut out a hole in a larger piece of Rockwool so that it can fit snugly in there.

Where can I buy Rockwool if there are no shops near me?

Rockwool can be readily purchased online if you are unable to get to a store.

Great Rockwool that we recommend 2023

#1 Best Value Rockwool: Grodan 1×1 Starter Plug Rockwool(50 Cubes)

What’s great about Rockwool is that it’s not only effective, it is also incredibly cheap. This 50 cube set from Grodan is under $8 and is still a top quality product. These Rockwool cubes come with predrilled planting holes so that you can easily plant your seeds, seedlings or clones.
Once your plants take root and you want to transplant them, these cubes are incredibly easy to separate so that you can place them in a bigger piece of Rockwool. This is a set of 50 but if you don’t want to use that many you can simply break off what you need and save the rest for when you are next planting.
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#2 Best Rockwool Starter Cubes: Rockwool Starter Cubes

These Rockwool starter cubes are the perfect shape and size (2 inches squared) to fit a standard growing tray so once your order arrives, you’re good to go! This set of 25 Rockwool cubes come with ready drilled holes in them so you can easily plant your marijuana seeds, seedlings or clones with little effort.
With this growing medium, the roots of your cannabis plants will enjoy the ultimate water retention to keep them hydrated. Rockwool is also excellent at oxygen retention which your precious cannabis plants will be grateful for. These cubes can also be transplanted into larger Rockwool cubes once your plants have taken root.
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Best Rockwool Covers: Grower’s Edge Block Covers 4” (40 Pack)

When growing with Rockwool one of the downsides is that this material is susceptible to algae, this can be very detrimental to both the Rockwool and your plants. Fortunately, there is a solution, algae need light to survive so an easy way to get rid of it (and prevent it coming in the first place) is to cover up your Rockwool so your grow lights don’t shine on it.
These block covers from Grower’s Edge are an excellent solution to any algae woes. In this pack you will get 40 sheers for under $10 so is well worth the money. All you need to do is place them white side up on top of your Rockwool, placing it around your plant.  Get yourself some of these Rockwool covers and make sure your plants stay as healthy as possible.
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What type of fertilizer should I use with Rockwool?

We have already discussed that Rockwool needs to be at the right pH and that this needs to be monitored. However, there are some great fertilizers out there that will monitor this pH for you and make sure that it never drops or rises to the wrong level. Check out these excellent products below.

#1 Best Nutrient Combo for Rockwool: Advanced Nutrients 1L Each

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of nutrients to go with your rock wool growing space, then these advanced ph perfect nutrients will be just what you need. Designed to give your plants the exact nutrient ratio they need across the growing stages, these nutrients will help to ensure your plants are healthy enough to absorb everything they need and help to reduce the risk of nute burn. Give these nutrients a go if you are not confident about having to constantly readjust your ph level and want to see fast growing results.
Other positives about these nutrients are that: they are great for beginners to hydro growing and Rockwool setups; they use balance-free ph perfect technology which means they can automatically adjust ph levels for you; you can adjust the directions given on the bottle once you grow in confidence with assistance from adjustable plans on the company website, and; you’ll be amazed by the luscious growth inspired by this combo. Just be careful not overfertilize and to remember to flush your Rockwool.
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#2 Best Nutrients for Cannabis Growth in Rockwool: Advanced Nutrients 1 Liter

If you’ve read about the benefits of getting the grow phase right and what to give your plants the best start in life, then these excellent nutrients will have a lot to offer you. By ensuring your plants grow with strong roots and receive all the nutrients they need early on, you help to ensure your plant stays healthier in later life and is better prepared to produce the sort of yields that will fill you with unbridled joy. This is just a two-part base, but you won’t be disappointed by the results.
Other things that make these nutrients so good are that: they have easy to follow instructions; they are made with ph perfect technology taking out the need to get in expensive ph measuring equipment; the improved growth rate of your plants will be phenomenal, and; these are the only nutrients you’ll need from seedling to mature bloom. These nutrients are highly recommended for use in Rockwool setups.
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#4 Best Rockwool Nutrients for Advanced Growers: Advanced Nutrients 1 Liter

If you’ve been growing for a while and want to start improving the flavor of your buds as well as just making them grow bigger, then this bud candy is a perfect nutrient to add to the mix alongside Sensi Grow Part A+B nutrients outlined above. It has the added benefit of improving seed, clone and transplant survival rates and also contributing to healthier growth with bigger yields whilst also turning your buds into sticky and flavorsome trichomes giving you plenty of trimmings to make hash and edibles with.
Other pros about this product are that: it can be used right up until harvest (although you should always flush your plants before harvest); it is perfect for use with Rockwool hydroponic setups; it draws out the flavor and natural sugars in your plant which also helps to build potency during the curing phase, and; you will see huge buds forming when this is used alongside Sensi Grow. The downside of this product is that you will likely get through it quickly.
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When you’ve decided to grow your plants in Rockwool, it’s likely you will never look back. Just remember to make sure to buy Rockwool designed for plant growth and not go for the industrial stuff which will be toxic. When this is combined with the best ph perfect nutrients you’ll soon be growing the tastiest and biggest plants you’ve ever grown.