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  1. I read into to much topping and trimming. I took off the tops and took off all but 2 fans leaves .I hope I didnt mess up my plants they are only 5 inches tall or so.please tell me if I screwed up. They look bare but are not dying, knock on wood

    • How did they recover

    • Hey so with my sweet Thai when was in Vegas I topped and rapped all the leaves just leaving 2 at top of each head. It looked bad and bare but now I have a huge beauty of a plant buds half size of my arm. Pic acalible if u want to see

  2. I’m currently growing 5 geletto seeds that are about 4” under 2 600w mars led lights in a 3×3 tent. How far should my lights be from them. Then I have 1 1000w and another 1000w in my 4×4 tent over 2 3-4f real nicely budding plants. How high should my lights be. One is a coloured 1000w one is a white 1000w Mars. Is it to much light in my tents or is it ok.

  3. I have a 100w LED light. What distance would you recommend for the seedling, veg and bloom stage? I guess closer than usual, right?


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