Nirvana Seeds Reviews 2023 – #Oldest Seed Bank since 1980

Nirvana Seeds Reviews 2023

In every article we are taking a closer look at a seed marijuana, cbd and seed supplier or Crop King Seed (CKS). This time; Nirvana. Lets start with some reviews from peeps that ordered:)

#1 Nirvana Seeds product review: Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Lisa Madroc from Russia. I Ordered the blue dream from Nirvana. These little babies grew out to be solid adult plants. They have a very short flowering time of somewhere between 7-8 weeks and they get grow until 2 meters! It is a real outdoor plant but the buds that will come off are huge.
They are called the Cali blue dream because the high you will get from it. When I want to chill with friends this is what we smoke. Turn on the radio and you will imagine you are on a beach somewhere; even when it is winter and live in New York City. It is a hybrid plant with a high level of THC; and also a very popular plant for meditational purposes, pain and people with depression.
The buds have a blue color and the strains of it contain a high THC level because of the large plant. Immediately after we smoked it; we felt so happy. I cannot even imagine what it will do with people in pain or depression. Nirvana creates great content and have all the information for patients ready on their website. We would really order here again; the plants however are far from gone:)

#2 Nirvana Seeds product review: AK 48 Feminized Seeds

Philip Dakar from Finland. I Ordered three packs of AK-48 from Nirvana. We already heard a lot about these seeds and they have such a great description. AK-48 gives its name honor; these seeds have the highest THC content I have ever had. During the growing, harvest and flowering of the plant you will notice it; a very, very strong smell. Some people call it the Uber sativa.
The AK-48 is also an easy plant to grow. A flower time of 7 to 9 weeks and they grow 400-500 grams of buds for 1 square meter. Which is crazy, the original plant was grown in Thai places and Mexican. It is a plant to grow outside; we live in a country were the winters are cold, but if you cover the plant under a roof or a corner with not much wind; it will do well enough.
We love to smoke some buds with our coffee; in the morning, afternoon or evening. Nirvana gave is al the information about the AK-48 and we will never come back from this seed bank. Giving them a thumbs up!

#3 Nirvana Seeds product review: Cannatonic CBD Feminized Seeds

Chris Hugenholt from Zweden We bought the Canna-tonic CBD seeds from Nirvana.This is a read CBD plant; with an average of 17% it is one of the highest content CBD out there. The THC level is actually low; around 4%, so we used this seeds only for CBD oil. I suffer from dementia for a while now on a very young age; and it helps me so much remembering things.
The strain of the plant can also be used for the CBD oil production. I use around 5 drops of CBD oil from Canna-tonic seeds every day. It also helps my husband who suffers from anxiety (especially when he sleeps). When he took some of the drops (2-3 drops before bedtime) he slept like a baby. The plant has a long flowering time of around 10 weeks but it is worth it. For people with medical conditions; canna tonic is the best.
Nirvana supported us every step of the way; they asked us what our medical conditions were and they prescribed some seeds. After 2 other seeds, Canna-tonic was send to us within no-time and we will never order another seed again. Thanks Nirvana:)

What makes Nirvana Seeds such a popular option?

This is the oldest seed bank from holland which started in 1980. The founder; Mau was working at Positronics, a weed stop shop in Amsterdam. This is were he started his fascination & passion for weed and seeds. After years of traveling; Mau found some of the finest marijuana seeds in the world. He spend years or growing, mixing and making hybrid plants, only the best could stay.
1995; Nirvana was a shop and ready to give its experience to other people. The cannabis specialist of The Netherlands, and also one of the first. The webshop of Nirvana came short after this. Because they have such a wide variety in seeds, they really provide the best information of all seed banks. This is why Nirvana seeds became such a succes, worldwide. Mau did not forget to write down everything he learned about the seeds that worked, and that did not work. This is why they have such a big name today.

Price & Quality (Nirvana Seeds)

Nirvana provides the seed for every person; if you have a low budget or a high budget; Nirvana has it all. They have some great discounts every week and they buy in Bulk. This is why they have such competitive prices.
The founder of Nirvana still has some great deals that he posts online himself. For professional growers; there are also some great seeds offered by Nirvana. The quality is great;  the bulk deals are weekly deals to make sure the purity of the seeds are persevered.

Payment options (Nirvana Seeds)

The payment options are more strict than other seed banks, but reasonable. If you make cash payments you can send them money with a registered e-mail. This is why you should use your official address. Bank transfers are allowed and can take up to 5 working days to be transmitted. They do not state on their website which currencies they accept; you should mail them for this. What we do know, they take Euros and Dollars.
Nirvana also accepts bitcoin; no other crypto currency. You can transfer them bitcoin from every coin wallet that you want; as long as it has its name, or code send to them. They even provide a bitcoin guide; how you should pay Nirvana with bitcoin.

Shipping & return policy of Nirvana Seeds

The shipping and returning policy of Nirvana seeds is state of the art. They have the support angel called Alice. They will check your package; were is it and when was it shipped; if everything is okay and you are satisfied with your answer, they will stop. If you still have questions; they will call you and solve the problem. Lost shipment will be a fully 100% refunded on behalf on Nirvana.
Nirvana also has its world wide stealth shipping which they are very proud of. They ship to every country in the world expect for Argentina, Australia and Japan. Unfortunately this is not possible for Nirvana at this moment. The order you make will be executed as soon as the payment is received. Our experience is that they ship fast and discrete!

Nirvana Seeds Conclusion

The best thing we can say about Nirvana is their information from their products. They have such a wide description with every seed they provide. The are based in The Netherlands, we’re  marijuana has been legalized for years and is actually one of the first countries were is has been legalized from the start. They have some great week deals for people on a tight budget.
We gave them a solid rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD-oils, hemp, growing and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. Nirvana Seeds is one of them.

The contact information

The contact information of NIRVANA: ([email protected]) or call them via their support form; after filling this in, you will get their phone number.