[Personal Experience] Crop King Seed Review 2023 – Best Seed Bank from 2005

Crop King Seeds (CKS) is a familiar and popular seed bank for growers in Canada or the US. These seed banks are quite large and reputable, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages like other seed banks.

As a seed buyer of Crop King Seeds, we have also drawn many advantages and disadvantages of this seed bank after many times of buying seeds from them. Continue reading our Crop King Seeds review below.


About Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds started in 2005 and they were in the cannabis business already over 14 years. They started with one entrepreneur who had this operation going from 2005 onwards. Now they have grown to a bigger company with several employees and with their solid experience, they ship seeds all over the world.

This Canadian seed bank since its inception until now, owns more than 100 locations to sell its seeds around the world. Besides, they cooperate with the leading seed breeders in the world to provide customers with top-notch quality seeds.

CKS is specialized in medical marijuana, experienced growers and beginners. They have a wide variety of products like Sativa, hybrids, India and CBD plants with a high THC level. This firm also specializes in information; state of the art packaging and low stealth prices.

They do not offer a lot of specialized deals but build their name through the years. Online chat service is something not many seed banks have; CKS does! You can answer your questions on business days and someone will respond to you within 5 minutes! This is one of the main reasons people buy from them.

Crop King Seeds (CKS) Reviews 2023

After purchasing seeds from CKS many times, we have observed and recorded the experience to list the pros and cons of this seed bank.


  • Wide range of cannabis strains
  • Selected seeds from top breeders
  • Top-notch cannabis seeds quality
  • High germination rate: 80%
  • Detailed information about each cannabis strain
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Great service with 24/7 live chat support


  • A bit expensive compared to general premises
  • Limit payment method
  • Not much discount, no free seeds
  • Expensive shipping fee

If you need to know more about our assessment with CKS, we will give it to you. We’ll list the most basic of the criteria you are looking for at a seed bank and apply it to Crop King Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

Crop King Seeds are well known and respected in the cannabis community in Canada and the US for their superior seed quality. They only provide the best quality seeds from top breeders. And all of these seeds are handpicked to ensure the best quality.

The seeds provided by the CKS have germination rates of up to 80% and this seed bank guarantees that. Most of the customers who buy CKS seeds successfully sow seeds.

We bought some seeds from CKS including Early Miss, Bubba Kush, Gorilla Glue # 4, Revolver, Durban Poison, and others. Out of them only 1 Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized seeds are difficult to germinate.

But you will also find some negative reviews on the success rate of sowing on some cannabis forums. This happened with some strains of cannabis, and CKS solved these cases by sending replacement seeds to the customer.

On the CKS website, there are instructions for growers on how to successfully sprout seeds. If not much experience growers can refer to this tutorial. We found it very helpful and have successfully followed their instructions.

In general, the seeds from CKS are of fairly uniform quality with good germination rates. While there are still underestimations, they don’t take up too much.

Customer Service

Crop King Seeds is a seed bank with good customer service and they provide as many communication methods as possible to optimize the customer experience. Their staff is quite professional, available 24/7 to answer customers’ questions.

Customers in Canada and the US can call them directly on the hotline. This is the fastest way to answer questions without waiting. Or can send a message to CKS.

We usually contact them on the website through online chat. We can be sure that they are real employees responding to messages and not bots.

But we once chatted a staff member who was not very friendly with our questions. However, this experience does not happen often and there are also many other enthusiastic counselors.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

The seeds from CKS are a little bit more expensive than that of other seed banks. The quality however is very good; they even suggest you do research before you place an order with them. Most seed banks do not say this.

They are very good in feminized and auto flowering cannabis seeds. These two product groups have very compatible prices at the day of this writing.

Price/quality wise we can say that they have a deep range of products, are more expensive than other banks but have a quality that is nothing like the other seed banks. If you like a good information bank; CKS is the way to go!

The payment options from CKS are quite limited. They accept Canadian and US dollars, credit cards, MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoin.

The only thing that is a little less beneficial is that for e transfers they only accept Canadian dollars. If you are from Europe, you should pay with MasterCard or Bitcoin. Euros will not be accepted. And note there is no incentive to pay with Bitcoin.

Shipping & Discretion

As we mentioned earlier, CKS ships its seeds to every country imaginable. Because CKS is based in Canada, only Canadian customers will receive the seeds in original packaging. Customers from anywhere else in the world will receive their seeds with random objects like pens, shirts or lights.

You can buy seeds from CKS when you are over 19 years old. They seal the package to preserve the freshness of the seeds. The packages are shipped privately; so your name will not be on the package.

They charge $10 for shipping in Canada and $30 for shipping elsewhere. The delivery time for Canada is 2 to 7 business days and the rest of the world can take up to 3 weeks.

You can also choose to register your order for an additional 30-60$. In this case, the lost shipment will be replaced. CKS is also very open about their orders being seized; that is +/-5%.

If you want to take the risk without insurance, you are free to go. But they will not replace the order (like with any other seed bank). We can state that they are quite secreted with their shipping information and regulation.

You may even say that they are overdoing it, but we love being too careful to receive seeds in non-legalized cannabis areas like where we are. Not many seed banks have good shipping services like CKS.

Website & Promotions

We appreciate the Crop King Seeds website. While their website design is still a bit old-fashioned, it’s easy to navigate and contains enough information.

They organize the information and layout well so that it is not difficult and time-consuming for users to find what they want. They also provide enough contact information right at the bottom of their website.

Regarding promotions, on the contrary, we did not give the CKS a positive rating. They don’t have too many promotions and are infrequent. They only offer certain discounts on special holidays, but not too big.

Nor are they too seed-free and any outstanding discounts on Bitcoin payments. Compared to their competitors, they are not really doing well in this regard.

But lately, it seems that CKS has listened to and absorbed customers’ opinions. We see their offers appearing more frequently than on our website and on some social networks. This is a positive change and hopefully, they are on the right track.

Some famous cannabis strains of CKS (Must try)

#1 Bubba Kush Feminized Seed

We bought the Bubba Kush Feminized before. If you really want to relax and have a day off, no work, try the Bubba Kush from CKS. The plants are very thick and they have the most sticky buds. The flowering time will be somewhere between 10 and 12 weeks.

After this, you will have a great harvest of 80-100 grams. This plant is a great pain reliever. It also helps very well with insomnia; whenever you need a good high or are in pain after surgery I would also recommend this.

#2 Candy Cane Autoflower Seed

Candy Cane Autoflower Seed is something weird but leaves a lot of impressions. In 7 weeks you will have a very nice plant with medium buds. They are really for beginners. The best plant to grow indoors, they are small but need room temperature.

The THC level of the Candy can be 18%! The CBD level is around 0,10% to 0,40%. It gives a great lasting buzz. The buzz will go on (even after some time of consumption) for around 30-50 minutes.

#3 Autoflower Mixed Seed

You will get around 15-25 seeds per pack and they include all the nine auto flower strains they have on their website. They have low maintenance, but 15% of the seeds will not pop.

However, with the mix auto flower, you can mix the buds. It is a great mix of fruit plants. Also, the height of the seeds is not the same. Dwarf plants, mature plants, around 18 inches is the average height. They will be done growing in 7-8 weeks, which is actually quite fast. We never liked a mix, but with the auto flower, we will never go back.

This stream is also of great use to make CBD oil. It has a high THC level and the results will, of course, vary per mix, but most of the time; mix the buds and you can make the best CBD oil, out there!

Crop King Seeds Conclusion

Recapitulating CKS we can state that they have solid quality and a higher price than other seed banks. They offer good shipping, but payment options are limited in comparison to other seed banks. Another plus is that they provide an online information platform to be used. Questions can be asked free of charge, during business days via their online question platform.

We gave them a solid rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD oils, hemp, growing, and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. Crop King Seed is one of them!

The contact information

The contact information of CKS: [email protected] or call them at Canada: (604) 563-0291/USA: +1 (844) 276-7546/Worldwide: +1 (604) 563-0291.

Are There Any Better Online Seed Bank? Yes! You can take a look at my comparison here

Seed Bank Canada Comparison Table

Canada Seed Bank ReviewsPrice
Crop King Seed (Editor’s Choice) Crop King Seed Bank
Coupon Code 10%: King10
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Discreet shipping
Customer service: Good
80% Germination rate
High reputation
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #cropkingseeds (27,122 posts)
ADDRESS: 1146 Pacific Blvd #62, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 (844) 276-7546
1.(April 20 – 21) [CK420] = 20% Off [5FREE] = 5 Free Seeds
1.Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
2.CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
3.CB Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
4.CB Diesel CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
5.White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank
Coupon Code 10%: 10%off
Fast & free shipping
Payment method: flexible
Free seeds
High germination rate
Customer service: normal
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #quebeccannabis (1,974 posts)
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 514-805-2741
1.Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.Quebec CBD 20-1 Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
3.Auto Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds  (05 seeds $49.00)
4. Green Crack Cannabis Seeds Feminized (05 seeds $48.00)
5.Auto Glue Gelato Cannabis Seeds Feminized (05 seeds $48.00)
Sonoma Seed Bank Sonoma Seed Bank
Safe and Secure Shipping
80% germination rate
Customer experience: Quite good
Free shipping & Free Seeds
Location: US
Instagram feedback: #sonomaseeds (1,396 posts)
1.Northern Lights Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
2.Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Regular Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $40.00)
3.Amnesia x Ak47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds (05 seeds $65.00)
4.Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized Marijuana Seeds (10 seeds $120.00)
5.Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds (10 seeds $120.00)
Elev8 Breeders Elev8 Seed Bank
High quality strains
Shipping: only US & Canada
Customer Service: Good
Website: Friendly
Location: Canada
Payment methods: Flexible
Instagram feedback:   #elev8seeds
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 323-412-8807
1.Runtz (06 seeds $89.00)
2.Gorilla Glue (06 seeds $89.00)
3.Gorilla Cookies (06 seeds $89.00)
4.Sherbet Cookies (06 seeds $89.00)
5.Gelato #33 (06 seeds $89.00)
Jordan Of The Islands Seed Bank Jordan Of The Islands Seed Bank
Strain selection: Quite large
Years of experience
Strain Quality: High
Price: Cheap
Website: Simple
Fast shipping
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #jordanoftheislands (979 posts)

ADDRESS: Vancouver Island , Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Afghani (12 seeds $60.00)
2. Black Cali-Gold (Kosher Kush x Cali-O x Blackberry Kush) Super Dave Genetics (12 seeds $60.00)
3.Blue Afghani (Sticky Fingers Edition) (25 seeds $100.00)
4.Blue City Diesel (Platinum Sour Edition) (12 seeds $60.00)
5.Blue God (25 seeds $100.00)
Canuk Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) Canuk Seed Bank
High quality strains
Grow fast & big
Customer experience: Good
High germination rate
Fast delivery
Years of experience
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #canukseeds (11,981 posts)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: (+1) 416-309-0359
1.Afghan Hash Plant Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN (03 seeds $38.66)
2.AK Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $61.22)
3. Banana Kush Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $66.01)
4. Cream Auto Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $61.22)
5.Agent Orange Regular Seeds (10 seeds $57.99)
True North Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) True North Seed Bank
Strain Varieties: Large
Customer service: Bad
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: Cheap
Germination guarantee: No
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #truenorthseedbank (2,930 posts)
ADDRESS: Toronto, Canada
HOT LINE: +1 416-679-0421
1.4 Assed Monkey AUTO Feminized Seeds (3 seeds $31.43)
2.Buy 24 Carat Auto Feminised Seeds (03 seeds $31.43)
3.Auto Chem OG Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $30.92)
4.707 Headband Feminized Seeds (03 seeds $41.89)
5.78 FEMINIZED Seeds (06 seeds $118.04)
Bc Bud Depot Seed Bank (Not ship To USA) Bc Bud Depot Seed Bank
Guaranteed orders
Customer experience: Good
High germination rate
Worldwide delivery
Website: Simple
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #bcbuddepot (1,317 posts)
ADDRESS: British Columbia, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected].
PHONE: +1-888-402-2283
1.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - BC God Bud (12 seeds $90.00)
2.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - BC Pinewarp (12 seeds $75.00)
3.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - Bubba God (12 seeds $75.00)
4.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - God's Gift (12 seeds $150.00)
5.Marijuana Seeds - BC Bud Depot - Tangie Cookies (12 seeds $90.00)
Xotic Seed Bank Xotic Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Website: Attractive
Shipping: Only within Canada
High Germination rate
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #xoticseeds (766 posts)
ADDRESS: 40 Regan Road #12 #B, Brampton, ON L7A 1B3, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 905-840-4408
1.Blue Dream (HSO)fem (05 seeds $75.00)
2.Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem (05 seeds $70.00)
3.Pink Kush (BF) fem (05 seeds $65.00)
4.Blackberry Auto (FB) (03 seeds $45.00)
5.Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem (03 seeds $40.00)
Peak Seeds Bc Seed Bank Peak Seeds Bc Seed Bank
High quality strains
Fast delivery
Customer Service: Good
High germination rate
Website: Simple
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #peakseedsbc (727 posts)
ADDRESS: British Columbia, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bubba Kush Feminized $45.00
2.Amnesia Haze Seeds $53.98
3.AK (47 seeds $53.98)
4.Lemon Ice Feminized $45.00
5.Lemon Skunk Feminized $45.00
Oasis Genetics Seed Bank Oasis Genetics Seed Bank
Quality Strains: Good
Strain Varieties: Large
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: Friendly
Payment Options: Not limited
Price: Quite Cheap
Customer experience: Good
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #oasisgenetics (697 posts)
ADDRESS: 100-2 Toronto St., Suite 511 Toronto, M5C 2B5 Ontario, CANADA
HOT LINE: (+1) 416-548-3601
1.Auto Chem OG Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
2. Auto Crystal Widow Feminized Seeds (10 seeds $81.29)
3. Auto Aurora Borealis Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
4. Auto AK74 Feminized Seeds (10 seeds $81.29)
5. Auto Emperor J Feminized Seeds (04 seeds $39.01)
Vancouver Seed Bank Vancouver Seed Bank
High quality seeds
Variety of strains
Years of experience
Customer sevice: Good
Guaranteed shipping
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #vancouverseedbank
ADDRESS: Vancouver BC, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: (778) 329-1930
1.CBD Tiger 40:1 – Feminized (05 seeds $55.00)
2.Grapefruit Kush (05 seeds $60.00)
3.Gorilla Glue #4 (01 seeds $15.00)
4.Auto Northern Lights (01 seeds $8.00)
5.Autoflowering Grapefruit Haze (05 seeds $60.00)
Ocs Seed Bank Ocs Seed Bank
Large strain selection
High quality products
Fast Shipping
High Germination rate
Customer Service: Good
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #ocsseeds
ADDRESS: 77 Wellington St S, Kitchener, ON N2G 2E6, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: + 1-888-910-0627
1.Headband Seeds (04 seeds $39.96)
2.Pink Lemonade Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
3.Error 404 Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
4.Triple Scoop Seeds (04 seeds $49.96)
5.Cherry Head Seeds (04 seeds $39.96)
Dr Seed Bank Dr Seed Bank
High quality seeds
High Germination guarantee.
Customer Service: Good
Price: High
Website: Simple
Worldwide shipping
Deliver speed: Normal
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #drseeds
ADDRESS: Toronto, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bruce Banner #3 Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.White Tahoe Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
3.Purple Punch Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
4.Do-Si-Dos Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
5.Strawberry Banana Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank
Variety of strains
Fast & free shipping
Customer Service: Good
Payment method: Easy
Price: reasonable
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #montrealcannabis
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 438-345-3688
1.BLUE WIDOW Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $50.00)
2.CHEMDAWG Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
3.QUEBEC GOLD 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $60.00)
4.CANDY KUSH Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
5.NORTHERN LIGHTS FAST VERSION Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $56.00)
Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank
High quality seeds
Reputation: High
Payment method: Easy
Years of experience
Customer service: Great
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback:  #torontocannabis
ADDRESS: MCS. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 1-416-453-5363
1.CANDY KUSH Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $55.00)
2.BLACK GOLD Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $60.00)
3.ZKITLLEZ Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $52.00)
4.GRANDDADDY PURPLE Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
5.GREEN CRACK Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $48.00)
Attitude Seed Bank Attitude Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Reputation: High
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: Cheap seeds
Germination guarantee: No
Location: UK
instagram feedback: #attitudeseedbank
ADDRESS: The Attitude PO BOX 803
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 8XZ
United Kingdom
EMAIL US: [email protected]
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1. Barneys Farm Critical Kush 05 seeds $56.11
2. DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush 06 seeds $85.58
3. G13 Labs Pineapple Express 05 seeds $43.49
4. Rare Dankness Ghost Train Haze #1 06 seeds $95.4
5. Green House Super Lemon Haze 05 seeds $47.7
Seedsherenow Seed Bank Seedsherenow Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Free seeds
Customer experience: Bad
Germination guarantee: No
Location: US
Instagram feedback:  #seedsherenow
ADDRESS: 2728 W Main St. STE. 106 Medford OR Medford, Oregon, Oregon, United States
EMAIL US: [email protected]
HOT LINE: +1 844-697-3337
1. Exotic Genetix – Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade (10 seeds $124.88)
2. Irie Genetics – Orange Gasm Feminized (06 seeds $88.88)
3. Mephisto Genetics – Samsquanch OG (07 seeds $114.88)
4. Fast Buds – Zkittlez Feminized (05 seeds $68.88)
5. Fast Buds – Glue Auto Feminized (05 seeds $68.88)
Gta Seed Bank Gta Seed Bank
Quality Strains: High
Strain Varieties: Large
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: Unfriendly
Germination Guarantee: No
Payment Options: Limited
Location: Canada
Instagram feedback: #gtaseedbank
ADDRESS: 5671 Steeles Ave East, Po Box 32042, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
EMAIL US: [email protected]
HOT LINE: 647-859-8863
1. Afghan Kush Ryder (07 seeds $89)
2. 10th Planet R1 (10 seeds $145)
3. 2 Scoops (Grape Sherbet x Orange Sherbet) (12 seeds $128)
4. Animal Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG BX3) (12 seeds $90)
5. Magnum (05 seeds $63)
Archive Seed Bank Archive Seed Bank
Quality Strains: High
Strain Varieties: Large
Reputation: High
Shipping: Only US
Website: Friendly
Location: US
Instagram feedback: #archiveseedbank
ADRESS: 10645 SE Henry St b, Portland, OR 97266, United States
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Bazooka Joe (12 seeds $120.00)
2. Casper OG (12 seeds $70.00)
3. Burnt Orange (12 seeds $150.00)
4. Crazy Hazey (06 seeds $100.00)
5. Citrus Rush (12 seeds $150.00)
Dna Genetics Seed Bank Dna Genetics Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Years of experience
Reputation: High
Customer experience: Quite good
Location: Amsterdam
Instagram feedback: #dnagenetics
ADDRESS: US Sint Nicolaasstraat 41, 1012 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
PHONE: +31 20 778 7220
1.24k Gold (03 seeds $54.53)
2. Banana Split 12 seeds $ 96.95
3.91 Krypt (06 seeds $60.59)
4. Bakers Delight (06 seeds $48.47)
5. Cannalope Haze (03 seeds $48.47)
Th Seed Bank Th Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Reputation: High
Strain Quality: Top Notch
Customer experience: Good
Free seeds
Fast shipping
Location: Amsterdam
Instagram feedback: #thseeds

ADDRESS: Zamenhofstraat 150, # 437, 1022 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands
EMAIL US: [email protected]
1.Banana Candy Krush (05 seeds $78.77)
2.Mont Blanc (05 seeds $60.59)
3.Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos x SBC (05 seeds $60.59)
4.Strawberry Glue X SBC (11 seeds $151.48)
5.OG Bubblegum X SBC (11 seeds $151.48)
Growers Choice Seed Bank Growers Choice Seed Bank
Large strain selection
Free seeds
Customer experience: Good
Germination guarantee: Yes
Fast delivery
Reputation: High
Location: US
Instagram feedback:  #growerschoice
ADDRESS: Passeig de Gràcia, 21, First Floor, Barcelona, Spain, 08007
EMAIL US: [email protected]
PHONE: 1.855.811.4769
1.Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $53.00)
2.Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds  (05 seeds $44.00)
3.Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $49.00)
4.Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $49.00)
5.White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds (05 seeds $59.00)