[Personal Experience] Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review 2023 – Best Cannabis Seeds Made in Canada

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a Canadian seed bank dedicated to providing top quality cannabis seeds and reliable service. The famous Quebec Cannabis Seeds in Canada are also a trending selection of overseas growers.

We have also bought quite a few seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds and through these orders, we have come to realize the potential and limitations of this seed bank. If you are thinking of buying cannabis seeds made in Canada from Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you can check out our article.

About Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds started with the cannabis industry in 2023. They are the leading famous seed bank in Montreal, Quebec, and always at the top of the best seed banks in Canada.

Although it does not have a long history like many other seed banks in Canada, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has established itself as a formidable competitor with the popularity and top quality cannabis strains.

Quebec cannabis seeds is a seed bank that has been in business for over 15 years. Quality is what they stand for. Strains and breeds that are resistant against diseases and pest is something Canada seed bank values most.

You can contact them for the best quality seeds that are resistant to specific diseases. Although Quebec cannabis seeds think that keeping the strains most native; the hybrids are better resistant against most pests.

Quebec cannabis seeds test every seed they post online themselves first. They strongly believe that cannabis will be legalized globally in the coming years. This is also something they inform about on their website.

Most hybrids on their websites are also tested and shipped to many countries. Quality is what Quebec cannabis seeds want to provide,  not quantity. No refunds or help with ceased goods, this is a drawback for Quebec cannabis seeds. The payment options are limited but sufficient.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review 2023

Like other online seed banks, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has certain strengths and weaknesses. We will be taking the role of the buyer to make the most realistic reviews about this seed bank based on personal experience.

Thereby, we realize that Quebec Cannabis Seeds have:


  • High-quality seeds with Uniform size
  • Wide range cannabis seeds collection
  • Discounts and weekly promotions
  • Stable genetics, high germination rate
  • 80% Germination Guarantee
  • Discreet delivery


  • Credit card fee of 3.8%
  • No additional option for shipping services
  • Simple website, little information

Above are our overview reviews of Quebec Cannabis Seeds after purchasing seeds from them. We also list out more in-depth reviews of this seed bank and you can read them right below.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has an extensive cannabis seed collection. Besides, we can say that their seed stock is trending. That means they are constantly updating the latest and most popular cannabis strains for their customers.

Other than the quality of their (mostly) hybrid seeds, Quebec cannabis seeds even provide some limited editions of their seeds. This is what they have been developing for years and are resistant to most diseases.

What makes Quebec cannabis seeds so popular is that they develop hybrids for specific diseases and pests. Some big farmers in the USA have diseases that are common in the areas they grow. This is why they need seeds on a big scale that are resistant to these diseases. This is where Quebec cannabis seeds come in. You can order 5 seeds as newb or bulk seeds if you are a professional grower.

It can be said that it is these seeds with high pest resistance that have made Quebec Cannabis Seeds famous. These seed bank seeds are of very uniform quality and we really appreciate their quality.

We purchased QC Super Shunk Fem, Blueberry Fem, Critical Magic Fem and more at Quebec Cannabis Seeds. All of these seeds are germinated and give significant yield, only 1 seed of Critical Magic is more difficult to germinate than other seeds.

We also love the fact that Quebec Cannabis Seeds deliver only the very best seeds to our customers. They are carefully selected and not racing with numbers. The seeds are more resistant to pests and diseases than other conventional seeds.

Their seed stockpile contains a wide variety of cannabis strains, from the THC and CBD-rich cannabis strains to the ones best suited to be grown indoors or on large outdoor spaces. Visit their website and you will definitely find something for yourself.

Germination Guarantee

Customers who purchase seeds at Quebec Cannabis Seeds are guaranteed up to 80% germination. That means if more than half of the seeds you are paying for cannot sprout, contact Quebec Cannabis Seeds who will send you new seeds.

This is a big plus that many customers, including us, love. Customers always want to get some guarantee for whatever they pay for. And this is especially helpful for growers who pay large amounts of seeds for greenhouses or other large cultivated areas.

New seeds are often much more carefully selected to avoid the customer having a bad experience again. The staff members will also give you enthusiastic guidance so you can swap out seeds that do not sprout for new ones.

However, you will also need to prove that the non-germinating seed is due to the fault of Quebec Cannabis Seeds and not a defect in your seeding technique.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

Talking about the prices of the seeds at the Quebec Cannabis Seeds, we will give them another plus point. Quebec Cannabis Seeds offer seeds for quite a cheap price, compared to their seed quality. You will even be able to find some cannabis strains that are cheaper than average on the cannabis market.

Especially if growers are planning to buy seeds commercially, it is wise to buy seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. They will give you a more favorable price when you buy large quantities of seeds from them.

If the price is a plus, the payment method that Quebec Cannabis Seeds accepts is a minus point. Payment methods at Quebec Cannabis Seeds are quite poor and we think they should improve this.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds accepts wire transfer, Mastercard, Visa card, Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. Transactions will use USD, and this is quite good for customers outside of Canada. However, sometimes the bank you use will have to convert the currency and this will cost you a little fee.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds should offer a variety of other payment methods to save customers money when they check out. And we don’t like the cost of paying by credit card.

In general, the methods of payment from them are quite safe and secure. But for us, customers outside of Canada still want more payment options, with more savings.

Shipping & Return Policy

Quebec Cannabis Seeds delivers their seeds around the world, and you can count on their delivery service. This seed bank tries as hard as possible to safely bring its seeds to the customers’ hands in the shortest possible time.

The average time to deliver seeds to customers outside of Canada is about 15-20 days, of which customers in the US will receive the seeds earlier than other countries, with about 13-14 days.

Growers in Canada will likely receive their seeds the same day after the transaction is completed. The average delivery time is about 7 days. Quebec Cannabis Seeds tries to deliver the seeds in the shortest possible time to ensure the freshness of the seeds, thereby increasing the germination rate.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds delivered its seeds as stealth packaging and stealthy shipping. Each country or region has its own regulations on buying, selling and using marijuana, so stealthy delivery with stealth packaging will ensure the safety of the buyer.

This seed bank puts its seed in a zip-lock poly bag and disguises it with some other souvenirs. That way the seeds will be able to safely pass to the customer’s hands through customs. Quebec Cannabis Seeds also did not fill in any information regarding the order so other people would not have any information about the order.

Unfortunately, Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers no additional transport services so you won’t have any additional options. And the delivery fee of Quebec Cannabis Seeds starts from $ 10, which will vary depending on the country you are in. You should also note that, at Quebec Cannabis Seeds, there is no free delivery.

In short, Quebec Cannabis Seeds ship globally only with stealth shipping. So you do not need to worry about any delay or ceased packages. The company name will not be mentioned on the package and they will ship with no countries excluded. Quebec Cannabis Seeds does not take any responsibility for legal problems for the seeds they send.

There can be a problem at the customs but most of the time, Quebec Cannabis Seeds will make the order happen. If your order is troubling; they will not offer a return or refund. Shipments are done o working days from 9 am to 5 pm and the orders will be at the estimated place in 10-25 working days.

Customer Service

Regarding the customer service of Quebec Cannabis Seeds, there were not too many complaints recorded and we did not have a bad experience with their staff. They have a staff of very responsive and professional staff who are always enthusiastic to advise customers.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is not limited to an online seed bank, but it also has a number of retail stores in Canada. The staff at these retail stores also have a very good attitude towards customers and have good knowledge of cannabis.

This seed bank provides a variety of ways for the customer to communicate with their employees. However, you can sometimes get annoyed when staff responds slowly because they seem quite busy.

You can contact them by email or phone. These staff will be available from 10 am to 6 pm all weekdays, except weekends.

But overall, their customer service was pretty good and didn’t have a lot of complaints. If you take a look around some of the cannabis forums you should see a level of customer satisfaction with the customer service of Quebec Cannabis Seeds.

Website & Promotions

The Quebec Cannabis Seeds website is quite simple and has a simple (if not old) layout. However, their website is very easy to navigate and intuitive. Once you visit the Quebec Cannabis Seeds website, you’ll easily find what they sell.

They arranged pretty clear categories. It includes information about bestsellers, seed types, most recent appearances, terms & conditions, exceptional offers, about us, FAQs and more.

With bright blue and blue main tones, this site focuses the attention of customers on the cannabis seeds they provide. Many customers also positively rated the Quebec Cannabis Seeds website because they did not feel confused about the information.

Quebec cannabis seeds have specials every week, they normally provide around 15-20% discount on their specials. They are however not the cheapest seed bank in the world. They stand for quality and do not sell their strains cheap. The special deals are updated every week and they provide the best hybrids on this page.

Some customers also state that this seed bank provides more seeds than you actually ordered. This is really nice, the packaging is a little outdated but the seeds are great. A lot of them pop out and because (most of the time) you get more seeds than you ordered; it is a great seed bank to start with.

Some famous cannabis strains of Quebec Cannabis Seeds (Must Try)

#1 Amnesia Haze XL Cannabis Seeds Autoflower

Sofia Marbla from Canada. I ordered the Amnesia Haze XL seeds. Because we grow a lot outdoors, we wanted a strain that was resistant to some diseases. This seed is called the hall of fame seeds and they are priced because of the pep-up effect you will get from smoking this strain. Someone who feels sleepy and smokes the Amnesia Haze XL will be up and running is no time.

I live in Canada and in the winter period, I get so tired in the afternoon. On the weekend I love to smoke some Amnesia Haze XL to get me up and running again.

This seed will only take 70-80 days to grow and will get a height of approximately 80cm indoors. You can yield around 350 to 400 m2 with some seeds and with some well-led lamps harvest around 150grams per plant from it.

The genetics of this one is great; 18% THC level, but the Chem Dawg strain has even 24% of THC in it. I have been growing this beauty indoors, but you can also try to make it work outdoors.

Quebec cannabis seeds provide great shipping, the package was concealed so well that we understand why not many seeds are being ceased. Quebec cannabis seeds any day for us!

#2 CBD Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Matt Johnson from Poland. We ordered the auto CBD Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized. This one is a typical CBD seed that has the most CBD in it we ever tried. We even ordered the same seed with another seed bank. Because Quebec cannabis seeds provide such a nice service and shipping we ordered with them.

We experienced that quality is everything. The harvest from this CBD Kush was much higher than from the other seed bank we purchased. Because the harvest is bigger; we can make more CBD oil from it for our medical conditions.

I and my wife both suffer from a muscle disease and this is great for our condition. This plant has to be grown indoors and has a flowering time of 75 days and 8% CBD content. The Yield is quite nice and the service of Quebec cannabis seeds is also good. They provided us with all the information we could not find on their website.

#3 Auto Berry Bomb Cannabis Feminized

Marko Korbastjow from Russia. I purchased the Auto Berry Bomb Cannabis Seeds from Quebec cannabis seeds. We wanted a seed that had a great fruit taste and could survive outside in the winters of Russia. Because Quebec cannabis seeds have a lot of experience with hybrids; we ordered with them. The flowering time is 6-8 weeks and you can get a yield of 500-600 grams per m2.

Not only the taste of this plant is great, but also the THC level is between 15 and 20%. It has a sweet berry flavor and it has a great resistance against cold. Of course, you have to grow this plant without freezing temperatures, but they can survive under a garage or another wall that prevents the soil and plant from freezing.

You will need to check the availability of this plant before ordering. This is a very popular strain and we had to wait 5 months before we could order this beauty.

Quebec cannabis seeds provides good information about their stock levels and also about other options if you do not want to wait so long for your seeds. In the meantime, we even ordered 10 other seeds from Quebec cannabis seeds and they arrived.

Within 10 working days. It is true what they say about Quebec cannabis seeds; we ordered 10 seeds and got 13!. A great seed bank.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Conclusion

Overall, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a top Canadian seed bank and a trusted cannabis seed buyer for any growers in the world. They have a stable quality seed stockpile, carefully selected and highly resistant to pests and diseases.

Their customer service doesn’t have too much to complain about either. Not to mention that the price of their seeds is considered cheaper than the quality and common ground. But we hope Quebec Cannabis Seeds improves on a number of things such as payment methods, adding shipping services and optimizing its website.

We will make sure you know everything about Quebec cannabis seeds after reading this article. We gave them a solid rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD-oils, hemp, growing and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. Quebec cannabis seeds, seed-bank is one of them.

The contact information

You can contact Quebec cannabis seeds here: [email protected]. They also have a phone line: 1-450-272-9693 (closed during weekends).