The 20 Non-Organic Pest Control for Cannabis (Reviews in 2023)

Top 20 Non-Organic Pest Control for Cannabis 2023

#1 Best Cannabis Pest Control Spray: Bonide All Seasons Concentrate Pest Control Spray

For an all year round effective fertilizer then this product from Bonide is a popular choice among cannabis growers. Containing paraffinic oil, this pest control spray will get rid of common pests that like your cannabis plants such as aphids, whiteflies and mealy bugs, including russet mites.  As well as a pest killer it can also be used as a preventative spray to keep unwelcome guests away.
This concentrate will go a long way as you just need 1 to 2 ounces of this stuff per gallon of water. Also, if you make up too much it will keep for a couple of months and still be as effective. This clever pest controller works by smothering the insects that it interacts with and can kill them at any stage of their life cycle. So for an all seasons and all harvest, fertilizer this spray is a great choice.
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#2 Best Permethrin Spray: Control Solutions – 82004504 – Permethrin

If natural and organic products are not cutting the mustard, then this powerful man-made insecticide derived from pyrethrum, but with added punch, will likely sort out any mite or bug infestation you have been unable to clear. With just a small application of this product, no bug stands a chance of survival and you will also repel their return and prevent any development.
The main pros of this product are that: it goes a long long way, no bug stands a chance of surviving its application; it prevents bugs from developing, and; it puts bugs off returning. The major cons of this product are that you will no longer be able to call your sweet green organic, it can also lead to skin irritation and rashes developing. It is also lethal to bees so you should not be using this outdoors.
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#3 Best Device to Capture Fungus Gnats: Biocare Gnat Stix S5333

With an infestation of fungus gnats on your hands, your cannabis plants are under a real threat. These nasty pests attack the roots of your plants which are the essential foundations of a healthy and prosperous marijuana crop. However, don’t worry – there is an easy way to catch these pests and that is through these excellent Gnat Stix from Biocare.
These yellow sticky stix are perfect for catching fungus gnats as they are especially attracted to the color yellow – once landed they will be unable to get away. Just stick these stix near to your cannabis plants and they will capture the fungus gnats as they come out of the soil. One downside is that due to the prevalence of fungus gnats you might need a couple of packs of these stix as they fill up quick! The good news is they are cheap – a great value way of tackling one of the most common predators to cannabis plants.
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#4 Best Non-Organic Fertilizer for Caterpillars: Bonide Chemical 802 Bacillus Thuricide Liquid

This liquid bacteria from Bonide can be used on all kinds of common pests that love to target your beloved cannabis plants. From caterpillars and leaf rollers to cabbage loopers this product will get rid of all three – and on the plus side, it promises not to harm those insects that are good for your plants such as those all-important ladybugs and praying mantis.
The one con of this product is that it has a strong smell, so not a great choice for those of you that favor the more natural gardening products. However, if you are looking for something really strong then this can get rid of those pesky caterpillars within a day – which your plants are sure to thank you for. Make sure you look out for those rain clouds, however, as this fertilizer will need to be reapplied after a downpour.
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#5 Best Solution or Fire Blight: Fertilome Fire Blight Spray – 10363

A real difficulty that many cannabis growers face is the onset of fire blight in their plants. This is a really destructive disease that, if left untreated, can destroy your marijuana plants. You can spot fire blight (which is caused by bacteria) by checking out your leaves – if they have started to turn brown it is likely they are infected, and if your stems are looking a little limp this can be an indication also.
Fortunately, this product from Fertilome can help to control fire blight on your cannabis plants. With just one tablespoon of this stuff you can make 2.5 gallons of spray and with regular spraying, you will soon notice that the fire blight is receding and that your plants are starting to recover. A great remedy for one of the marijuana plants worst enemies.
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#6 Best Fermented Insect Spray: Monterey LG6150 Garden Insect Spray

You know your plants are in trouble when you spot a caterpillar on your cannabis plants – these little terrors love to eat up your precious buds and need to be dealt with immediately if you spot them on your plants. The same goes for leaf miners – these little guys nibble through the middle of your leaves which not only inhibits your plants growth, it also means they are open to infection.
So, how do you go about getting rid of these damaging insects? Well, it is pretty easy if you invest in a good insect spray. This one from Monterey will do just the job, it consists of bacterial product which is produced by fermentation and is said to be one of the newest and most effective treatments on the market. As well as getting rid of caterpillars and leaf miners it will also target those pesky thrips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get rid of aphids which is one con of this product.
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#7 Best Copper Fungicide for Cannabis Plants: Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz

Copper Fungicide has been used for years as a means of keeping cannabis plants healthy. Its main purpose is to combat any diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi. Key signs that your cannabis plants are suffering from either powdery mildew or downy mildew are white fuzzy patches on the leaves, this mold can completely take over your plants and damage them beyond repair if it isn’t treated quick enough.
This is where the Copper Fungicide comes in – thanks to this product from Bonide can help to treat this mold on outdoor marijuana plants. Simply dilute it down and then spray onto your plant before it gets to the flowering stage. Make sure you check the label directions carefully as with the wrong concentrate to water ratio it is possible to ‘burn’ your plants, especially if they are young. Also, what’s great about this product is that it won’t harm infects that benefit your plants such as ladybugs.
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#8 Best Caterpillar Killer: Monterey 704596 Caterpillar Killer Pesticide

As the name suggests this pesticide from Monterey will target your cannabis plants worst enemy, the caterpillar. These hungry insects eat up as much of your plant as they can and they especially love the buds which could be disastrous if they get to them. What’s more, this pesticide is specially designed for hydroponics so great for you indoor growers. It can also be used outdoors and is a great option if your soil is a little low in quality or quite rocky.
Just follow the instructions and mix up this concentrate and get spraying your plants. With one nibble of the sprayed area, the caterpillar will cease to damage your plants – and this pesticide won’t hurt any precious ladybugs either. You can also use this pesticide up until you harvest your buds. For a fast working pesticide, you won’t be disappointed with this product.
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#9 Best White Powdery Mildew Remover: DOW Eagle 20EW Fungicide – 16 Ounce

If you have noticed the dreaded dusty round patches with a flour-like appearance popping up on your plants’ leaves there is a good chance your plant has developed white powdery mildew. This powerful product’s main ingredient is myclobutanil, a chemical fungicide that will wipe out White Powder Mildew and other fungi such as: Rust Scab; Blight Poinsettia; and Black Spot. If you see this white powder growing, you will need to stop it fast as it will render buds unusable.
The pros of this product are that it rapidly deals with the growth of fungi on your plants, allowing them to fully recover, and is enough to treat 1,000 square feet a year. The cons are that it has been banned for use in Canada on medical marijuana, will cause lung damage if smoked and traces remain in the plant no matter when used so you should find a way of eating your buds if you do have to use this product.
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#10 Best Pyrethrum Fogger: Pyrethrum Total Release Fogger, 2 Oz

If you have found your plants overrun with spider mites, thrips or aphids and you can’t stand the stink of neem oil, then a good alternative is pyrethrum, derived from the chrysanthemum family. This powerful fogger can be set to go off like a bomb or sprayed on target areas if preferred and unlike many pesticides is not very toxic to humans and breaks down quickly under the light. It has also been used as a pesticide in plants, in gardens, on livestock, and on stored foods for 100’s of years.
The pros of this product are its rapid effect on killing unwanted bugs without harming good bugs, its impressive coverage (3,000 cubic feet), and an option for single or multiple use. However, cons are that it should not be used once flowering has begun and certainly not within 3 weeks of harvest and it can cause skin irritation and be more toxic when heated or smoked if traces remain on your buds.
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#11 Best Non-Organic Spider Mite Killer: Avid 0.15EC- Spider Mite Control – 8 oz

When you’ve exhausted all the organic options trying to free your plants from a horrific spider mite infection to no effect, then you will not find any issues killing them off with this product. You will need to take good ventilation precautions with this product as it is highly toxic, but with just a spray or two you will be able to see your plant free from the evil effects of spider mites, russet mites, leafminers, aphids, thrips or whiteflies.
The pros of this product are its high toxicity to insects that will kill them off in no time whilst leaving your plant perfectly healthy. On the other hand, its toxic nature means you need to take extra precautions when using it, especially if you are growing indoors, and it is not a cheap option. However, you won’t have any bug troubles after application of this product.
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#12 Best Non-Toxic Fungus and Mite Killer: Mite Massacre 8 oz

If your after a product that is versatile enough to deal with bug problems, powdery mildew, mold, and fungus, then this highly effective spray is worth a look. Despite its versatility and not being organic it totally suitable for use on consumables and no matter how many times you use it bugs will not be able to adapt immunity to it. If spider mites, gnats, Aphids, powdery mildew, rust or more are an issue for your plants, this impressive product will have them cleaned up in no time.
The obvious pros of this product are that: it is extremely versatile (it can see off bugs, eggs, fungi, and molds), it comes with a money back guarantee, and it is highly effective. Cons are that it is not fully organic, although this is likely due to the high soybean content which may not be certified organic so it is not like spraying highly toxic pesticides on your plants as the contents themselves are natural and safe for use on all food and consumables.
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#13 Best Combined Insecticide and Fungicide: Flying Skull Nuke Em Pest Control, 1-Quart

For an amazing product which is guaranteed to tackle some of the most common parasites to attach cannabis plants look no further than this Nuke Em Pest Control from Flying Skull. Whether your plant is being eaten away at by mealy bugs, whiteflies, spider mites or thrips this pesticide will kill them all – as well as any eggs or larvae which have been deposited on your plants.
This product is also great at targeting powdery mildew, the white fluffy substance that can spread over the leaves of your plant and take over. The only real downside of this product is the price, it is a little expensive but as it has been designed with cannabis growing in mind it is a good choice for growers. For a great all round insecticide and fungicide you can’t get much better than this product from Flying Skull.
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#14 Best Spidercide for Cannabis Plants: Floramite 8oz

Have you spotted tiny bite marks on the leaves of your cannabis plants? Are there yellow, white or orange marks on your leaves? If the answer to these questions is yes then there is a good chance that your plants have a spider mite infestation. Spider mites are very damaging to marijuana plants as they suck out the nutrients of plant and can cause them to perish altogether.
Floramite is a great way to get rid of spider mites at all stages of their development. Some users have found that all of their spider mites were gone within one application – so great for fast action. This pesticide should not be used during the flowering stage of the growth cycle, however, as it may affect the taste of your product.
#Floramite #Miticide #Non_Organic #Spider Mites #Spidercide

#15 Best Miticide for Cannabis Plants: Forbid™ 4F Miticide 8 oz

If you want the guaranteed destruction of a variety of mites that might be attacking your cannabis plants and are happy to splash the cash then this miticide from Forbid is the product for you. At the high end of the market, this miticide is able to tackle russet mites, spider mites, and broad mites, often with just one application.
Simply spray this onto the top side of your leaves and it will control the mites even if they are on the underside. It will also work to help prevent the mites returning, and they won’t become resistant to the stuff if you need to use it again in the future. Some users have complained about the short shelf-life of the product (1.5 years), so this is one con of this product from Forbid.
#Broad_Mites #Miticide #Non_Organic #Russet_Mites #Spider Mites

#16 Best Root Cleaner for Cannabis Plants: Root Cleaner – Soil Gnat, Fungus and Pathogen Killer (8 Ounce)

When growing cannabis plants in soil it is really important to keep your soil healthy as this has a massive effect on the yield of your plants. With that in mind, it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in your soil – you will know if you have soil gnats or fungus gnats if you see very small white spots wriggling on the topsoil.
Fortunately, with this product from Green Cleaner, you can easily get rid of these gnats and also get rid of any fungi that can cause root rot. You can use this product from planting to harvesting and another bonus is that the pests won’t become immune to it. This root cleaner can also be used if you are growing cannabis hydroponically. A great all round product to invest in for any cannabis grower.
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#17 Best Non-Organic Pesticide Spray: Bonide Products 202 Fruit Tree Spray, 16-Ounce

This fruit tree spray from Bonide is a great all-rounder if you are looking for something which will both get rid of unwanted insects and protect your cannabis plants from disease. And, with this product, a little goes a long way as you only need 1-2 tablespoons each time you apply it.
You can use this product if you are having issues with spider mites, caterpillars and whiteflies – they should be gone within one application. Make sure you are careful with this stuff as it is super strong – reviewers have commented on potential ‘leaf burn’ if you get the water to concentrate ratio wrong. Once you have sprayed your plants with this fruit tree spray it should continue to kill any bugs for up to a week. It can also help to protect your plant from botrytis – a fungal infection common in cannabis plants.
#Botrytis #Caterpillars #Fungus #Mold #Non_Organic #Spider Mites #White Flies

#18 Best Large Hand Sprayer: Chapin 20002 2-Gallon Poly Lawn

If your growing setup is much larger then the medium and small sprayers on this list are likely not going to cut the mustard in terms of providing you the necessary power and storage to get around your crops without constantly having to re-concoct your spray. However, this 2-gallon funnel-top will do just that. Suitable for use with common fertilizers and pesticides and well designed for easy carrying and pumping, you’ll have your plants treated I no time with this beast.
The major pros of this unit are that: it is actually very cheap; it has an excellent anti-clogging filter; it is easy to clean, and; it is built to last. It also has an adjustable nozzle for different spray needs and either a 12 or 28-inch spraying hose. The cons of this product are that because it is larger it will weigh more to lug around and the locking mechanism which keeps the sprayer going can be a bit temperamental.
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