The 10 Best Base Nutrients for Cannabis ( 2023 Reviews)

Top 5 Best Nutrients for Hydroponic Setups 2023

#1 Best Reference Solution for Maintaining pH Meter: General Hydroponics PH 4.01 Calibration Solution for Gardening, 8-Ounce

It might not be something you have thought about but that pH meter that you use to check the pH levels of your plants needs a bit of maintenance. But, fear not, this is easily done thanks to some very cheap and effective calibration liquid from the trusty General Hydroponics – the go-to brand for so many cannabis growing related products.
This solution can be used with most brands of pH meters and is very easy to use. Simply pop you pH meter into a small container, submerge in this Calibration Solution and leave for one minute.
It is also a good idea to keep your pH meter in a small amount of reference solution when it is turned off and you are not using it as this will maintain its lifespan.
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#2 Best Reference Liquid: General Hydroponics Ph 7.0 Calibration Solution – 8 Ounces, 1 bottle

While this might not be the most interesting of products, making sure you have a good quality calibration solution in your repertoire is essential. That’s because this is what takes care of your pH meter, and you need your pH meter perfectly calibrated so that it can measure those pH levels accurately and alter them accordingly.
This Calibration Solution from General Hydroponics will do just the job, it is a high-quality solution and will work with most well-known brands of pH meters currently on the market. This is a great product which you can also use a small amount to store your pH meter in so that they last longer. Happy calibrating!
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#3 Best Nutrients for Hydroponic Setups: General Hydroponics FloraMicro, 1 Gallon

If you are concerned about the Nitrogen, Potassium or Calcium levels in your hydroponic setup, then this product from General Hydroponics will be just what you need. With this product, you can aggressively add nutrients without risking nutrient burn and help boost plant growth speed. This formula is highly reliable, so will allow you to really get to know exactly what your plants need to produce the best and tastiest buds.
The major pros of this product are that: it is pH balanced, making it easy to use; it improves the aroma and taste of your buds; it goes a long way, and; its application can be easily adjusted throughout any stage of the growth process. The negatives of this product are that it is not really suitable if you are growing in soil and can lead to heavy salt build up.
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#4 Best Value pH Buffer Calibration Kit: Innovating Science – pH Buffer Calibration Kit – 16.9oz (500mL)

This kit from Innovating Science has everything you need for both testing your pH levels and maintaining and storing the pH meter. It can calibrate your pH level to either 4, 7 or 10 and comes with easy to follow instructions on the calibration technique. These can also be used to change the pH levels in your solution so that you can reach the perfect pH.
Another great aspect of this pH Buffer Calibration Kit is that it comes in at a bargain price, for under $25 you get 4 different solutions which are going to last you a long time. A smart and economical choice, we are sure you will love this set from Innovating Science.
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#5 Best  Bulk Buy CALiMAGic: Bloom City Professional Grade Ultra Pure Cal-Mag Growing Supplement Gallon (128 oz)

If you’re looking to give your plants some additional calcium and magnesium, then CALiMAGic is the supplement for you. Deficiencies in either of these minerals stunts your plant’s growth will affect the whole plant if left unattended and will stifle nutrient intake, cell vitality, and proper plant formation. As the symptoms of a deficiency in either of these minerals can overlap, this product helps to ensure you nip any issues in the bud.
This product provides a whole range of benefits for your plants such as: optimizing nutrient uptake; preventing growth deficiencies; improving flower growth and yields; being suitable for all growth phases, and; ensuring good root and overall plant development. If you’re growing in coco coir, this is also a nutrient you would be wise to use as this can inhibit micro-nutrient absorption. This product has very little to say against it and is even made in the US!
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Top 5 Best Nutrients for Seedling Marijuana 2023

#1 Best Organic Seaweed Fertilizer for Cannabis Plants: Liquid Kelp Natural Seaweed Fertilizer 32oz

Many people prefer to use natural, organic products on their cannabis plants and there are plenty of options out there if you fall into this camp. Seaweed is regarded as a ‘superfood’ for cannabis plants, this is because it is jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins that your hungry plants will love. This product from Liquid Kelp is made from the seaweed superfood and promises to work miracles on your plants!
With a few drops of this stuff, your cannabis plants will improve in size and vitality with stronger roots and a greater ability to intake minerals. Other benefits include an increase in the size of your flowers which is sure to make your harvests a more prosperous time. Many growers swear by this stuff which is a great natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.
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#2 Best Liquid Seaweed for Cannabis Plants: Maxicrop 1001 Liquid Seaweed, 1-Quart

The benefits of using seaweed have been well recognized when it comes to cannabis growing. It contains a multitude of beneficial nutrients and vitamins that boost plants growth, health and resilience. Don’t worry if you’re not fortunate enough to live by the sea, you can access the benefits of seaweed through products such as this from Maxicrop who have produced an easy to use Liquid Seaweed.
Just mix this Liquid Seaweed with the correct ratio of water and you are ready to go. Working as a natural growth stimulant you will witness your plants have a growth spurt and see the roots grow long and strong. Your plants will love this stuff and the environment will be thanking you also as there are no harmful chemicals in this product.
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#3 Best Liquid Fertilizer for Strong Roots: Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice Fertilizer, 250 ml

When looking at the breadth of liquid fertilizers out there for cannabis plants it can be difficult to choose which is the best option for you and your plants. Well, with this Voodoo Juice Fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients you have a great all-rounder, it contains 8 microbial super strains which target one of the most important parts of your plants – the roots.
Thanks to this liquid formula your roots will grow big and strong (and prevent root rot) which will aid the health of the rest of your plant and lead to bigger harvests. It also helps your plants to be more absorbent to nutrients – a key factor in the success of marijuana plants. What’s more this product works fast – so it won’t be long before you see a noticeable difference in your plants.
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#4 Best Value Fertilizer for Healthy Roots: Advanced Nutrients Sensizym Fertilizer, 250ml

For those of you that are on a bit of a budget but equally want strong and prosperous cannabis plants then this Sensizym Fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients could be just what you are looking for. Not only does this fertilizer come in at a bargain price, but the way it works also serves to keep your pockets happy.
Thanks to the enzyme formula that this fertilizer is made up of, it is able to break down dead material that is lying around your roots and converts this into nutritional fodder for your plants – very clever! It can be used if you grow in soil or hydroponically and is also a helpful means of combatting root rot. Due to the multiple benefits of this fertilizer and its cost-effectiveness we’re confident that you will be very happy with your purchase.
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#5 Best Liquid Fertilizer for Healthy Plants: Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid Fertilizer, 250 ml

Keeping the roots of your cannabis plants healthy is a key concern of growers – that’s because they are the lifeblood of the whole system, ensuring that all of the elements of your plant receive nutrients. So, if this essential element of your cannabis plants is suffering the whole plant will suffer. However, don’t worry, for this Piranha Liquid Fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients is the answer to your problems.
This liquid fertilizer is a type of fungi (the good kind) that will help your roots to absorb nutrients most efficiently and make sure they get the most out of them. With these extra nutrients, you will see healthier plants and bigger yields. This product works really well with hydroponic growing systems but can also be used in soil. It works best when used in a combination with other Advanced Nutrients fertilizers – Voodoo and Carbo Load.
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