Top 5 Best Hygrometer for Growing Weed ( 2023 Reviews)

Best Hygrometer for Growing WeedWhen you are growing plants, whether it is indoor or outdoor, there are certain elements that will have a strong impact on its growth. Among others, humidity or moisture will be highly instrumental in its health. With this, you need to invest in a device that will help in monitoring the latter. That being said, you should have the best hygrometer on the market.
Choosing a hygrometer is not an easy task, especially considering the abundance of the options that will confront you. To help you out, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll help you to come up with the right choice when it comes to which one should you buy. While hygrometers can be used for a variety of purposes, those that are mentioned in the rest of this post will be especially useful for indoor or outdoor cultivators.

Best Indoor Humidity Monitor

#1 AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor Review

If you are on the lookout for the best air hygrometer that is made specifically for indoor use, this is one option that should be on the top of the list. It is made not only to monitor humidity but also temperature, making sure that plants in a grow room will have the ideal environment for their healthy growth.
Among others, it is known for its accuracy, which is one of the most important things for a hygrometer. It has high-level sensors and reads the humidity level in an indoor environment every 10 seconds. It measures 1 to 99% relative humidity. Aside from the numbers, there is a color-coded bar that makes it easy to monitor when the humidity is high, low, or just right.
One thing to note, however, is that it does not come with a light, making it quite difficult to see the display at night.

Q&A: Does it display historical data?

It is a good thing that it is capable of displaying historical data. The screen shows the highest and lowest levels that have been recorded in the past 24 hours. They are conveniently seen on the left side of the screen.

Q&A: Can the hygrometer be calibrated?

Yes, there is an option for calibration. A detailed guide is included in the user manual. By calibrating the hygrometer, you will be able to have it adjusted based on personal preferences.

Best Outdoor Humidity Monitor

#2 Dr. Meter Hygrometer Review

This will be an excellent choice if you are searching for the best soil hygrometer to monitor the moisture level for your plants. It has ten numbers that will make it easy for you to read to moisture level, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. It is also color-coded.
The simplicity of this device is one of its best assets, making it a user-friendly choice. There is no need for electricity or battery. All that you need to do is to plug the probe into the soil, wait for a few minutes, and look at the screen to read the humidity level. It is also compact and portable.
The hygrometer comes with an 8-inch metal probe that can penetrate deeply into the soil for a more accurate reading.

Q&A: What is the meaning of the colors in the scale?

The colors indicate the humidity level that is recorded from where it is used. If the tip is in the red section, this means that the environment is dry. If it is in the blue section, this means that it is wet. If it is in the green section, it is in the middle of dry and wet.

Q&A: How do you clean the tip?

The best way to clean the tip is to wipe it using paper towels or a clean cloth. Submerge in water for the soil traces to soften. Do not submerge the entire unit in water. Regular cleaning helps to improve its accuracy.

Best Digital Hygrometer

#3 ThermoPro TP63 Wireless Digital Hygrometer Review

This digital hygrometer can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has professional-grade and rechargeable sensors that are guaranteed to provide accurate readings with a refresh rate of up to 50 seconds. The humidity range that it can detect is from 1 to 99%.
One of the best features of this hygrometer is its ability to track conditions in up to four separate locations at a distance of 200 feet or approximately 60 meters.
Even for outdoor use, this can promise durability and reliability. One of the reasons for this is the cold-resistant lithium-ion battery and tough construction. The sensor comes with a weather-proof case. It is also a good thing that it comes with a backlit display, making it easy to see the screen even at night.
The display shows the humidity and temperature in large figures, making them easy to see. You can also switch from Fahrenheit and Celsius to monitor temperature. Plus, there are trend arrows that will let you know the changes that have been recorded.
The standard warranty that is offered by the manufacturer is one year. However, if you register the hygrometer online after it is purchased, you can enjoy the extended three-year warranty at no additional cost.

Q&A: How do you turn it off?

A lot of users are confused about turning it off as there is no physical button that can be seen in front of the unit. To turn it off, you have to manually take off the battery by unscrewing the back cover.

Q&A: Is there a need to calibrate this hygrometer?

Right out of the box, it is already pre-calibrated, which means that it is easy to use. Unfortunately, there will be no option to have it calibrated on your own.

Best Analog Hygrometer

#4 Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer Review

While this is made by a company that is known for hygrometers in the cigar industry, it can be used beyond such. At first look, it seems like a compass, but it is actually a handy device that manually measures the relative humidity in the surroundings.
This model is known as the most accurate analog hygrometer currently available on the market, so you can be confident about the functionality that it can deliver.
It comes with a secure magnetic backing, which will make it easy to install in the desired location. More so, when it comes to its construction, it is made of an aluminum case, which is good as it is lightweight and has the excellent ability to resist corrosion. The glass face is also fog and scratch-resistant, providing an assurance of its long-term functionality.

Q&A: How do you calibrate this hygrometer?

Calibration is important to maintain the accuracy of the hygrometer. There are many methods to do this, but one of the best is to put it in a sealed bag with a little air. Put the bag on the top of a dish that contains water and Kosher salt. Let it sit for about eight hours. After this, the dial should be at 75%. Otherwise, use a screw to turn it to 75%.

Q&A: Can it be used outdoors?

Unfortunately, while it has a rugged construction, it is only for indoor use. Mist can easily get inside and can make the readings inaccurate.

Best Hygrometer for Grow Tent

#5 Habor Digital Hygrometer Review

With dimensions of only 2.3×1.8 inches, this is an ideal choice for a grow tent since it is not going to consume too much space. Despite the sleek body, however, you can expect that the accuracy will not be compromised in any way.
The hygrometer comes with 24 vents, which are all sensitive and can provide accurate readings that refresh every ten seconds. The humidity range that it can measure is from 20% to 95%.
There is also a comfort level indicator which will automatically let you know when the temperature or the humidity is already at a level that is uncomfortable.
With the large LCD display, you will not have difficulty in reading the temperature or humidity level that is shown on the screen. It is also backlit, which makes it easy to view whether it is day or night. Even from a distance, the screen is easy to see.
The best thing is perhaps the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which means that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q&A: How is this hygrometer mounted?

This is another model that offers several options for mounting. It comes with a magnet at the back, so you can easily attach it to a metal surface. It can also stand in an upright position and you can hang it on the wall.

Q&A: What battery does it use?

The hygrometer runs using CR2 batteries. It is already included upon purchase. On average, new batteries will last for approximately six months.

Types of Hygrometers

While there are many factors that are important to consider in your search for the best humidity meter, one that should be emphasized is the type that will work best for your needs. That being said, here are the options that will confront you:

Analog Hygrometers

Also known as a mechanical hygrometer, this is a traditional choice for measuring humidity. It is like a compass. There is a dial that points out to the number with the corresponding humidity level. They need regular tune-up or calibration. Otherwise, they can be easily prone to inaccuracy, especially after long-term use.

Digital Hygrometers

This is the more modern counterpart of the analog hygrometer. They come with a screen that automatically displays the humidity readings, refreshing at about every ten seconds. Most of the premium options can also double as a thermometer. They use modern sensors, which is why they are hard to beat when it comes to their accuracy.
The hygrometers can also be classified on the basis of their applications. Aside from the greenhouse, they can also be used for monitoring humidity at home to ensure everyone’s comfort and for cigar humidors.

Choosing the Best Humidity Sensor

To make it easier to narrow down the options for a top-rated hygrometer, here are some of the most important things that you have to take into account:


The first thing that you have to note is the accuracy of the sensor. It is important to choose one with accuracy 1 to 5%. This means that you can expect that the average readings will be right.

Ease of Use

The hygrometer also needs to be user-friendly. When it is taken out of the box, there should be no calibration required. Minimal effort should be needed on your end when it comes to care and maintenance. It should also have a large display that is easy to read whether it is day or night.


A lot of the hygrometers that you can find on the market are designed not only for reading humidity levels but also for detecting temperature. For the best bang for the buck, pick a model that acts both as a thermometer and hygrometer.

Power Source

From the models that have been mentioned in this guide, they are powered by a battery. Take note of the battery that is used. Lithium-ion batteries are good since they will last for a long time.

Data Logging

This is an important feature if you would like to view the historical humidity data that the device was able to record. This can be useful in terms of checking the trends or changes in the environmental conditions.


Not all hygrometers will offer the option to be calibrated by the user. Most of the digital options no longer need to be calibrated. Nonetheless, if you are using a model that requires calibration, make sure to adjust it from time to time to ensure that the readings will remain accurate.

Mounting Options

For versatility, you should pick one that offers several mounting options. Most of them will come with a magnet at the back. There are also many that can be mounted on the wall or simply be placed on the top of a stable base.


This is especially important if you are buying a hygrometer that will be used for outdoor applications. It should be made of premium materials that could withstand the test of time. Inferior construction can allow mist to easily infiltrate and can make the readings unreliable.

Wrap Up

To ensure the best humidity and ideal environment for growing your plants, whether it is an indoor or outdoor environment, the right hygrometer will be able to extend a helping hand. The products that have been mentioned above can be a big help when it comes to making sure that the moisture level is just right based on the needs of the plant at a specific stage of growth.