4 Corners Cannabis (Review 2023): What can we buy from them?

In every industry there are the biggest and the most famous companies. Cannabis isn’t an exception. The most popular brand among weed users is probably 4 Corners Cannabis. Let’s make a research about this brand.

Who are 4 Corners Cannabis?

According to their website, this is a company established in 2013. It’s famous for its products from cannabis, especially with CBD. They claim that delivering high-quality products is their aim. Also, manufacturers attach importance to the quality of seeds and the process of growing. The company has a wide range of products. They offer a few of CBD products, for example, tinctures, salves and even pet products. The last one is the most interesting because there aren’t a lot of companies which offer weed products for pets.

4 Corners Cannabis Brand Review

To choose the best of products and manufacturers, we often search the internet to read some reviews and ratings. To help you in creating your own opinion about this brand, we have checked what their former clients think about them. If we read some of the reviews, we can see that the company provides customers with great shipping. Sometimes you have to wait for less than 24h for delivery (in the USA). The other advantage of the 4 Corners Cannabis is the quality of products and their results. The majority of users claim that the service of the company met their expectations.

What can we buy from them? 4 Corners Cannabis Products

ImageProduct LinkPrice
Pet Products - Pet Tincturefrom $24.99-$99.99
Oral Tincturefrom $29.99-$199.99
Cinnamon Oral Tincturefrom $29.99-$199.99
Salve - CBD Salve Stickfrom $9.99-$29.99
Salve - CBD Salvefrom $59.99-$99.99
Edible - CBD Honeyfrom $59.99-$99.99
Glycerin Tincturefrom $29.99-$199.99
Avocado Oil Tincturefrom $29.99-$199.99

The first group of products we see when we go to buying section are4 Corners Cannabis CBD Tinctures. There are three groups of products: glycering tinctures, cinnamon tinctures and avocado oil tinctures. Every of them is avaiable in a few sizes. Each of products has its ownc certificated which informs about the level of cannabinoids and results of test for THC. Trials are certified by Aurum Labs. The second group of avaible product is 4 Corners Cannabis CBD for Pets. Alike the first product, its avaiable in a few sizes. We can find certificate too. Have you ever tried a CBD hooney? If not, you have a chance. In 4 Corners Cannabis CBD Edibles category you can find CBD hooney. The last product with medical purpuse is salve. It’s avaiable in a few sizes too. This 4 Corners Cannabis topical product can be used on damaged and dry skin. It can be very usefull during outumn and winter. Every description of product contains info about dosage.

#1 Advantages: 4 Corners Cannabis Pros

First of all – a strong reputation. They are in the market for a long time, so they have a lot of satisfied clients who bought something from them. Due to that, they are trusted seller of CBD products, This is important because there are a lot of os scammers in the market who sells poor-quality products, which sometimes can be dangerous to use. The company does its best to keep this great opinion about them alive. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of this company. This is not all. They attach huge importance to the process of growing and manufacturing starting from choosing seeds to finishing the product. They describe in details the whole process of extracting, choosing chemical ingredients for the manufacturing. Each of their product has a description of the dosage, conditions and any other important information. They are one of a few companies, which shows lab analysis of their products. The other positive sides of 4 Corners Cannabis are: customer’s service and shipping. The products is delivered sometimes in less than in 24h (mainly in the USA). Clients claim that support is usefull and they answer for their questions.

#2 Disadvantages: 4 Corners Cannabis Cons

As you probably think, the quality costs money. Yes, the money is probably the biggest disadvantage of 4 Corners Cannabis. The price of their products is much higher than competitor’s. If you aren’t a US citizen you can have a problem in shipping. In a lot of cases they don’t ship products internationally.

4 Corners Cannabis – company profile

As we can read at their website, they started with growing cannabis. Today they do everything – from growing to manufacturing products. They bet on high-quality products, which don’t contain harmful chemical substances. The company claims that the process of creating the best product starts at choosing the best seeds to grow. They are innovative in methods of production. 4 Corners Cannabis uses an innovative method of extraction which uses alcohol from sugar cane. This substance isn’t as dangerous and harmful as butane (if you want to know a bit more about extraction and solvents, look at our articles about hash and dabs). This technique is approved by the USDA.The company sells its products on its own. In conclusion, this is growing, manufacturing and selling CBD products company which carries out every step by themselves.

4 Corners Cannabis – dedication to quality

From almost every part of their website, facebook profile etc. it goes that their main goal is providing customers with high-quality CBD products. As we can conclude from client’s rating and reviews, that’s true! We have mentioned in this article that the carefully select the seeds for growing. They say that they are experts in cannabis’s genetics. It’s important because there are a lot of cannabis strains (about a few of them you can read in our other articles). The next step, extraction, is very important too. On this stage of production, the manufacturers must decide which method and solvents the want to use. It determines if the final products contain harmful substances like butane or other. Every product has its own unique description and analysis. So, the client knows how to use it and which phytocannabinoids it contains.
In conclusion, it looks like the 4 Corners Cannabis do what they can to provide clients with the best quality they can on every step of production and delivery.

Extraction – the key of the high quality product

We have mentioned the process of extraction at least a few times. Now we are going to look at it closer. Why it’s so unique? How 4 Corners Cannabis extraction of CBD looks like? Keep on reading. To be honest with you. The majority of companies don’t care about the process of manufacturing CBD. There is no secret that a huge amount of CBD products in the market are poor quality and even dangerous to use. However, 4 Corner Cannabis use different, out of the ordinary process of extraction. How it goes? The biggest difference is the solvent. The most common solvents used during extraction are alcohols, butane and other harmful chemicals. Using them isn’t big sin but very often due to speed of production the solvent didn’t evaporate totally from the product, so it’s consumed bu users with that. It can lead to poisoning. 4 Corners Cannabis uses healthier and much safer solvent – sugar cane alcohol. This method is one of only a few organic methods of extraction. Also, it’s only one  approved by the FDA and widely used in the food and medical production. Technically, the biggest advantage of this method is achieving high-CBD extracts, which can be impossible by performing extraction using the other method.

Testing the quality:third-party lab tests of 4 Corners Cannabis products.

Why should we trust that the quality of products is high? Every manufacturer and seller can say or write in the description that their product is great. If you think that way, you are absolutly right. In distinction good and bad products, third-party test are great tools for us. On 4 Corners Cannabis website we can find lab test for each one product. It show the level and kind of phytocannabinoids in ever product. Unfortunately, tests doesn’t tell us about level of contamination of THC. In our opinion, tests for other substance like growth hormones, heavy metals should be also available. They should perform similar tests by diferent lab and put results of them on website. In that case, the customer can judge on his own the quality of product and reliability of the tests. Maybe other independent lab will perform their trials of 4 Corners Cannabis products in a near future? Who knows.

4 Corners Cannabis shipping and returns policy

If you are a US citizen, we have great news for you. Shiping across your country is totally free. The customers says, that the delivery system is efficient, so you can expect your package for maximum 2 days. Sometimes you can get it within 24h. You can also add your specific requirments for delivery, for example custom package. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can return the produt within 30 days.
Ok, what if you don’t live in the USA? Unfortunatly, 4 Corners Cannabis doesn’t ship orders internationally.You can try to buy their products on the online auctions but be careful. Today people false almost every product in the world, so there is a risk of buiyng fake product. Also keep in mind tha return policy of the seller will be probably less client-driendly than the manufacturer’s. If you want to know more about delivery and return policy, visit the website of 4 Corners Cannabis.

4 Corners Cannabis Our Verdict

What do we think about 4 Corners Cannabis? After considering the pros and cons, we think that their products are worth to buy. First of all, we pay the greatest attention to the quality of the products. The company uses unique, safe and approved by FDA method of extraction. That guarantee that the extract is high in phytocannabinoids and free from hazardous substances. Also, using alcohol during this process instead of other substances allows keeping CBD in good condition and quality. As customers, we appreciate that each one product on the website is well-described and contains information about using and dosage. Today’s market is full of poor-quality products with uncertain origin. So, the 4 Corners Cannabis stands out from the crowd. Also, they present data from lab analysis of their products. Of course, you can say that they could fake the data or pay for presenting good results. But notice, that no one of the CBD manufacturers don’t present lab results of their products. We hope that they do their best to provide better quality in cannabidiol products than competitors. Buying and shipping policy is client-friendly. Due to that, people don’t risk if they buy something from then and it proves low-quality. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of possibility of shipping internationally. So, non-US citizens must wait for any alternatives in the future. Some people can say that the price is another big con too. It depends how we look on that issue. Trust me, it’s better to buy something expensive but good than buy something bad and must pay for another better product. In other words: the quality must be expensive.

4 Corners Cannabis coupon

Ok. If we are talking about some financial issues, we want to inform you about some available discounts for 4 Corners Cannabis products. So, It’s possible to reduce the price of even 20%. You can do it by using promo codes. They are sometimes available on some blogs and websites due to affiliate and promo programs. Because of the high price of the products, it’s worth to consider. Sometimes their products are available on the biggest online auctions with discounts. You can also try to buy them this way but remember about the risk we mentioned in the paragraph above.
Source: https://4cornerscannabis.com/