Grow shops near me – What to ask at a grow shop?

As barriers to buying weed are rapidly being removed, now is one of the best times in history to get yourself down your local grow shop. Fortunately, with more and more states relaxing the purchase of cannabis for personal use, most US citizens will have a grow shop right on their doorstep. Check out our ‘grow shops near me’ tool to find your nearest and soon to be dearest shop for all your cannabis needs.
To help you out, here are the best seed banks that work in any country.

What is a grow shop?

A grow shop simply refers to a retail store selling the equipment and supplies that make growing indoor and outdoor plants possible, whether that’s vegetables, herbs, or, as is more likely, ‘the’ herb! You’ll find all sorts of wonders here including LED lighting, hydroponic systems, grow tents, plant pots, nutrients, soil, propagation tools, and more. They are great places to get advice on how to get started with horticulture and hydroponic growing.

What to ask at a grow shop?

Grow shops are great places to get everything you need to start growing your own cannabis under one roof. However, it’s easy to walk into a place and not have the right questions to hand. Here are 5 top tips for the sorts of questions you should ask to make sure you leave with a great set-up that is perfect for the weed you love to grow.

#1 What growing medium should I use for an indoor grow?

Ultimately, the answer to this question comes down to personal choice but talking to someone face-to-face who has a passion one way or another can be both helpful and inspiring. Growing in soil requires less nutrient support and adds to the flavor of your weed. Hydroponic systems are more scalable and give you greater control over the final product. Pick the one that suits your needs and budget the best after a helpful chinwag!

#2 What lighting system will I need?

This is a key question for indoor growers! Light determines your plants’ grow cycles and their overall health and eventual yields so you want to get this choice right. The most common lighting types are LED, Fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium grow lights. They each have different benefits that a worth asking about. It may even be worth having a mixture.

#3 Will I need a water treatment system?

Finding information online is a great place to start but for real local knowledge going instore is your best bet. Here you’ll be able to get details on the local water quality and find out if investing in a water treatment system is necessary. It’s better to know this before getting halfway through a grow phase and seeing your plants’ growth turn to dust.

#4 What ventilation system will I need?

If you’re growing indoors ventilation is going to be a key consideration. When plants grow naturally they grow in a gentle breeze and warm and humid climates. Fortunately, there is plenty of kit that can help you recreate these conditions indoors and improve your yields. The perfect temperature to aim for is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

#5 What is the best marijuana strain for indoor growth?

To answer this you also need to ask what result you are looking for. Are you growing for medical use or is it recreational? Do you want a body stoning or a mental high? How quickly do you want to harvest? How big is your grow space? Once you’ve asked these you’ll probably find you want:

  1. A Sativa strain if you have a tall grow space, in a hot climate and want an upbeat high,
  2. An Indica strain if you want short plants capable of dealing with the cold with dense buds and a heavy stone, and
  3. Auto-flowering of either strain type if you want the quickest and easiest growth and the smallest plants.

Best products to look out for 2023

If you don’t fancy heading to the store or want an idea of some of the best products to grow cannabis with, here’s a few of our favorites that can also be found online for the more discrete buyer.

#1 Best Soil to grow Cannabis Indoors: FoxFarm’s FX14053

FoxFarm has been making high-quality soil with cannabis growers in mind for nearly 30 years. All their products are greenhouse tested ensuring they are top quality and consistently perform in the same way. This batch is made with everything you need to get started in one bag and full of nutrients and minerals from the broken down guano, earthworm castings and fish and crab meal inside. This soil also helps to keep unwanted insects at bay, is great value, and is designed for plants grown in containers.
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#2 Best Coco Coir for Hydroponic Setups: Triumph Plant Coco Coir Bricks

If you’re looking for a scalable growing operation or simply want extra control over how your plants grow, then hydroponic systems are the way to go. This is some of the best quality coco-coir out there on the market and is easy to hydrate and manipulate into any setup. The great thing about coco coir is that it is truly environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. These bricks are also odorless and will provide potted plants with great drainage and water retention all in one go.
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#3 Best LED Lights for Cannabis: MAXSISUN Timer Control 300W LED Grow Light

LED lights are a great choice for someone on a budget and are nice and easy to set up. This one is literally plug in and play and even comes with a handy remote control and built-in timer control system. One of the best things about this light is how cool it runs, making it easier to keep your grow space at an ideal temperature. The built-in reflector also helps to increase light penetration during the flowering stage to improve yields. The 2-year warranty isn’t half bad either!
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#4 Best Lights for Cannabis Clones: T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s

If you’re an experienced grower and have started cloning some of your tastiest and biggest yielding plants, then you might be interested in investing in a grow light that clones love. This fluorescent grow light is cheap, uses very little electricity, and is designed not to burn tender clones even when placed close to them. However, this should not be used for the vegetative and flowering stages as it will lead to smaller yields. Switch to High Intensity Diode lighting at the vegetative growth stage for the best results.
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#5 Best Lights for Bigger Buds: Hydroplanet™ Grow Light Fixture HPS 150W

High-quality HPS and Metal Halide grow lights can see your yields increase up to 4 times in comparison to fluorescent lights so are well worth checking out. This light is great value, easy to set up (it is plug and play) and comes with a built-in reflective aluminum hood to uniformly distribute light and to let it penetrate hard to reach areas. As with all HPS lights you will need to have a good ventilation system and an exhaust fan installed to make sure not to burn your plants.

Best Ventilation System for Growing Cannabis Indoors:

The key ingredients of a cannabis ventilation system are an intake fan and an exhaust fan. The reason for this is because it helps keep insects at bay whilst also maintaining the sort of humid climate your plants will thrive in.

#1 Intake fan: TerraBloom’s 4″ Silent Inline Duct Booster Fan

This fan runs nice and quietly and ensures you can exchange the air in your grow space every 1-2 minutes. This will enable you to maintain optimal humidity levels and the right temperature. This is particularly good to use in a grow tent. Once this is installed and running correctly you’ll notice your grow tent walls sucking inward. Install it in the bottom corner of your grow tent for the best results.

#2 Exhaust Fan: TerraBloom’s 6″ Inline Fan – 240 CFM

Your exhaust fan should ideally be connected to an external vent or window and should be the right size for your grow space. This fan comes in a variety of sizes and can also be used as an intake fan. It removes odor from your grow space without pumping it all back out the other side helping to make your setup nice and stealthy.
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#3 Best Water Treatment System for Growing Cannabis Indoors: APEC Top Tier 5-Stage

Whilst cannabis can grow in unfiltered water, it’s a good idea to filter the water you feed your plants, especially in a hydroponic setup. There is a large body of evidence showing that chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride, all found in tap water, have a negative effect on cannabis growth, particularly during the vegetative and flowering stages. This reverse osmosis filter is not cheap but will ensure you provide your plants with the purest quality water to keep them healthy.
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With the law increasingly on the side of cannabis growers, whether that is for medical use or just for the sheer pleasure of the smoke, now is as good a time as any to get yourself into your nearest grow shop and start growing your favorite cannabis strains.