Best Digital Timer for Growing Weed ( 2023 Reviews)

Growing weed at home is an idea that has captivated many people, especially marijuana enthusiasts. Nonetheless, it is fair to say that only a small percentage of newbie cultivators actually end up being successful. Even if you follow things by the book, success is not absolute. More than the right knowledge, you also need to have the right tools, such as the best digital timer for growing weed.
Using the right timer is important because it ensures the proper monitoring of the grow room. This makes it easier to control the environment, making sure that it is in accordance with the needs of the plant. Clueless on which timer will make the best option? Keep on reading and we will list down some of the top products that are guaranteed to provide the best bang for the buck.

Best Digital Timer for Hydroponics

#1 Hydrofarm TM01715D Dual Outlet Digital Programmable Timer Review

If you have a large hydroponic system and if you are looking for a digital timer that can help make your life more convenient, this is one option that should be part of your list. This will help provide a consistent amount of light in your hydroponic system, which is essential for its productive growth.
Looking at the features of this plug-in timer, you can set the desired time in advance for up to seven days. You will be able to control two outlets at a time. You will also be able to set eight on and off cycles per day.
Another thing that makes this a good product is the small display that makes it easy to monitor the time and to set the desired preferences. Under the screen, the buttons are strategically positioned.
It should be noted, however, that this is rated for indoor use only. An outdoor digital timer should be protected from harsh weather elements, such as rain.

Best Hydroponics Timer Setup (Kit)

#2 Apollo Horticulture GLK600LS24 Grow Light Set Review

For an advanced hydroponic system that can improve the success rates of marijuana cultivation, this is a timer setup kit that can prove to be promising. The 24-hour timer is not as advanced as the more expensive digital counterparts, but this is enough to give you the convenient ability to control the grow room.
Aside from the timer, another highlight of this kit is the 87,000-lumen HPS bulb and 68,000-lumen MH bulb. Regardless of the stages of the growth of the plant, this can supplement the light that is necessary for the best state of health of the plants. Aside from the bulbs, the kit also comes with a reflector hood that comes with a ballast. The latter will be useful in increasing the intensity of the light without using more energy.

Best Programmable Light Timer

#3 Topgreener TGT02-w Programmable Plug-in Timer Review

With the use of this programmable light timer, users will be able to input 18 unique on-off settings in a day. You can set the timer up to seven days in advance, which is a really convenient way to manage lighting in your plants.
While this is a plug-in timer, this does not mean that it will stop working when the power runs out. You will love how the unit comes with a backup battery, which makes it reliable.
The unit also has a clear LCD display, which is easy to see any time of the day. It has auto and manual operating modes. Plus, it has been pre-programmed for daylight savings time. There is also a random mode, which will allow the lights to turn on and off at a random schedule.

Best Grow Light Timer

#4 Purple Reign 115-volt Dual Outlet Grow Light Timer Review

With this timer, you will be able to control two outlets at the same time. You can program up to eight on and off settings daily through the controls that are conveniently located under the small screen. The screen, on the other hand, allows you to set and monitor the time in an instant.
The unit also comes with a built-in battery, providing backup power. This will make it a reliable tool to have in controlling your grow lights. This controls the timing mechanism.
In terms of versatility, this is also an excellent product. You can control the on-off intervals at different times and days.
However, even if there is a plug on both sides, this does not mean that you can control both plugs separately. They will share the same settings, making it impossible to run different programs from the two outlets.

Best Timer for LED Grow Lights

#5 Enover Digital Light Timer Review

While LED lights are already known for being energy-efficient, you can make it eco-friendlier with the use of this digital timer. Equipped with a three-prong outlet, using this product will allow you to input ten different on and off settings for the light for a period of seven days. Every programmed setting will be repeated after a week.
If you are looking for a timer that is user-friendly, you will have another reason to love this. It comes with a convenient screen to monitor the settings that you will input. There is also a manual override switch, which will allow you to bypass the programs in case there is a schedule change.
Similar to most of the products that are mentioned in this guide, it also comes with a backup battery. This means that in case of loss of power, the setting will remain in the memory of the device and there is no need for reprogramming.

What are the Benefits of using a Digital Timer

Convenience – this is perhaps the best thing about using a digital timer in a grow room. It is going to make your life a lot more convenient since you do not have to frequently monitor the lights and turn them off on your own.
It is also beneficial in terms of accuracy. You no longer need to guess when it is time to turn the lights on or off. The procedure will be automatic based on the program that you have earlier set.
Meanwhile, when it comes to its benefits as against a mechanical timer, one of the most significant would be precision. In the case of most mechanical or manual timers, you can set the timer only at an interval of ten to 15 minutes. With a digital timer, on the other hand, the interval can be one minute.

How Long Should Light be Turned On

Once you have the right timer for your grow room, the next concern would be the right settings. Many of you probably do not know how long the light should be turned on or off. Well, this will depend on a number of factors. The most important consideration would be the stage of growth of the plants.
During the vegetative stage, it is recommended that you turn on the lights for 18 to 24 hours straight. On the other hand, during the flowering stage, there should be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

How Long Should Fan be Turned On

Aside from the lights, the timer can also be used for controlling the fan. The duration at which the fan should be turned on will also depend on a number of factors, such as the climate from where you live. In most instances, it is impractical to leave it on for 24 hours. Nonetheless, keeping the fan on is important for air circulation and to make the stems stronger.

How to Choose a Grow Room Timer

When choosing a grow room timer, one of the most important considerations would be ease of use. Look for features that will make it user-friendly. For instance, it is important to have a large display that will make it easy to monitor the time and the settings that are being programmed. There should also be detailed instructions and it must be a snap to set.
Durability is also an important concern. It should be made of long-lasting materials. It would be a bonus if the warranty is more than one year.
Also, consider the number of outlets or plugs. Some only have one, while there are others with up to two plugs, which means that you can operate two lights or fans at the same time.
A backup battery will also be nice to have, which will allow the unit to save the programmed settings in case of a power outage.

How Often to Water Hydroponic Weed

If you are using an advanced timer and an innovative system, you can automate not only the light and the fan but also watering. You can set the timer to automatically water the weed based on the requirement.
It is important that you maintain a proper watering schedule to avoid overfeeding the plants. Individual situations will have an impact on the frequency of watering cannabis in a hydroponic system. The stage of growth will dictate how often you will water. In most cases, growers tend to water their marijuana once every 15 to 30 minutes, with an hour or two of interval in between. Again, this will be a matter of personal preference.

Wrap Up

The best digital timer is an investment you need to have if you are growing weed. With the right product, you can automate the on-off cycle of the light and the fan, among other equipment that will control the environment where the plants grow.