Top 10 Best Seed Banks In New Zealand 2023: Auckland & Wellington Online Cannabis Seed Banks (Ship to New Zealand)

New Zealand doesn’t have too many seed banks but if you are in New Zealand, we will help you find a place to buy cannabis seeds. We have spent a lot of time and effort putting together a list of 10 seed banks for Kiwis to buy seeds at a reasonable price and delivered in the shortest possible time.

The list also includes overseas seed banks with flexible payment methods, the most discreet and convenient shipping for Kiwis to purchase seeds. But you will have to wait a little longer. Check out our list below and you won’t regret it!

Top 10 Seed Banks (#420newzealand, #auckland420 and #420wellington)

#1 (Canada Seed Bank) Crop King Seeds – Most Reliable and high quality seed bank

Crop King Seeds is certainly not an unfamiliar name in the international cannabis community. They are a reputable seed bank and specialize in providing top-notch quality cannabis seeds to their customers.

Crop King Seeds was established in 2005, at first they started on a very small scale, but then they have grown rapidly. The bottom line is that Crop King Seeds pays great attention to seed quality as well as quality of service. So the customers of Crop King Seeds tend to come back very high.

Besides, Crop King Seeds also invests heavily in its website to give foreign customers a happy shopping experience. The website has a bright interface that is easy to find by category and contains all the information you need.

They are shipping worldwide and the growers in New Zealand will receive their order after about 14 days. They ship the seed packages discreetly and try to get the orders to the customers even in areas where marijuana is not yet legalized.

However, it is possible to find that the seed prices at Crop King Seeds are more expensive compared to some other seed banks. This is understandable as they put a lot of effort into ensuring genetics as well as a great customer service. They are never busy and are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

Order cannabis seeds here:

#2 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Most popular seed bank with top-notch cannabis seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has always been one of the top seed banks in the cannabis industry. They are both a seed bank and an experienced breeder with top-notch quality cannabis strains.

Although only established in 2012, the head of ILGM – Bergman has been with cannabis since 1990. He has been dedicated to cannabis and wants the experience he has with the cannabis plant. can be made more widely available to the international cannabis community.

ILGM establishes a very professional service. Customers will see this professionalism from the moment they visit their website. The ILGM offers a lot of cannabis seeds but they are very neatly organized so that no seeds will be left behind.

They also provide a lot of detailed information about each strain of cannabis seeds such as flowering time, THC-BCD content, care considerations, etc. So beginners will find it easier to get started with these cannabis strains from ILGM.

ILGM is quite focused on customer service. They create a blog with useful information regarding cannabis farming for their customers and they are also available to answer questions. However, their response time was quite long, probably due to the time difference between New Zealand’s time zone.

Currently, ILGM has a preferential program to buy 10 seeds, get 10 free seeds, customers can choose any popular feminine strain or any autoflowering strain from them. This sale will end soon, so you should quickly place an order to get this great deal.

But in return, they deploy a lot of incentive and discount programs for customers. Follow their posts on the website to get more deals:

#3 (Canada Seed Bank) True North Seed Bank – Especially suitable for large-scale buyers

True North Seed Bank is Toronto’s leading seed bank and they are definitely worth the trust and your budget. True North Seed Bank always supplies fresh, high germination cannabis seeds to customers. And if you are planning to establish a large-scale cannabis garden, buying seeds at True North Seed Bank will save you a lot of money.

True North Seed Bank’s seed stockpile contains more than 1500 different strains of cannabis from more than 50 top-notch breeders around the world. So you can buy all of your favorite cannabis strains in one order.

True North Seed Bank places great emphasis on customer experience and they are very focused on their website where customers order online. Their website is well-designed, detailed and easy to find. Each item is classified and arranged accordingly to save customers time and effort to place orders.

They also deploy many communication channels so that customers can contact whenever needed. Payment methods are also very diversified and flexible so that foreign customers can make transactions simpler.

True North Seed Bank packages the cannabis seeds carefully and discreetly in the original breeder’s packaging. They then use a large packaging to seal it. They do their best so that non-legalized cannabis areas can also receive seeds.

Need more informations? Check this link

#4 (UK Seed Bank) MSNL – Provide top-notch quality cannabis seeds from an impressive variety of strains

MSNL is a leading prominent name in the European cannabis industry. They got started in the cannabis industry very early, in 1999 and with this experience, MSNL really brings a lot of good experiences to the cannabis community.

The MSNL seed repository contains a variety of seeds from Feminized, Autoflowering, Regular to High CBD strains. MSNL is also constantly adding new seeds to growers with a variety of choices. Beginning Growers can also find strains that match their technical level in MSNL.

MSNL is shipping seeds discreetly worldwide. They have a lot of experience in the cannabis industry so they know how to safely pack the seeds. New Zealand isn’t fully legalized yet, so you’ll need a reputable and experienced seed bank to order seeds like MSNL.

In particular, growers will buy cannabis seeds at a preferential price at MSNL. They offer the seeds at a good price compared to other seed banks and they also have a lot of discount codes. The easiest to navigate and time saver site for growers to place their favorite seeds.

More about MSNL at

#5 (Canada Seed Bank) Sonoma Seeds – Reputable seed bank that ship worldwide

Sonoma Seeds is a reputable seed bank from Canada and they are also very popular in the global cannabis community. Sonoma Seeds deliver their quality cannabis seeds worldwide with top-notch safety. So the cannabis community in New Zealand can safely place cannabis seeds at this seed bank.

Besides, Sonoma Seeds strictly manage the quality of their seeds. They select carefully to ensure the best quality seeds and germination rates. At Sonoma Seeds, they make sure the seeds they provide have germination rates above 80%.

The customer service at Sonoma Seeds was also appreciated. They have an enthusiastic staff, always available to answer customers’ questions. Sonoma Seeds also has a variety of communication channels available to customers.

Sonoma Seeds will be stealthily shipping seeds to overseas orders. Growers in New Zealand can take more than 21 days to receive their seeds. But in return they pack the seeds very carefully. Orders over $ 300 will be free of charge.

Cannabis seeds available here

#6 (US Seed Bank) Sunwest Genetics – Home of superior cannabis seeds

Sunwest Genetics is a prominent name in the world cannabis industry and they are a formidable competitor to the biggest seed banks today. Sunwest Genetics offers the highest grade cannabis seeds to customers and they are proud that there aren’t many seed banks out there that can do this.

At Sunwest Genetics, growers can find any cannabis strain they want. These strains are carefully selected to ensure any growers can be harvested with significant yield. Sunwest Genetics offers high quality seeds with germination rates above 80%.

In terms of service, there weren’t too many complaints from customers, and reviews on major cannabis forums gave Sunwest Genetics very positive. Staffs are on hand to answer all customer inquiries about marijuana ordering or cultivation matters. Customers can also call and speak directly with staff during business hours.

Shipping cannabis seeds to New Zealand is not yet fully legal, but Sunwest Genetics does its best to get the order they ordered. Currencies will also be flexibly changed according to the country in which you live and they accept a variety of payment methods.

Visit and order Sunwest Genetics’ seeds here

#7 (Barcelona Seed Bank) Ministry of Cannabis – First and foremost breeder of cannabis community

Ministry of Cannabis is at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Since its inception, Ministry of Cannabis has always brought the best customer experiences and received countless positive reviews from the cannabis community.

Ministry of Cannabis has many years of experience in cannabis production and from the beginning they have worked with top cannabis breeders and growers. So they understand and know how growers need seeds, thereby providing the best quality seeds.

They continually maintain the most common genetics in the world, while at the same time researching new and more impressive cannabis strains. Ministry of Cannabis selectively select seeds to ensure the highest germination rates are available to customers.

Ministry of Cannabis ship worldwide and they accept a variety of payment methods. But they will not assume any liability for orders sent to New Zealand because your country has not yet legalized cannabis. Even so, they try to transport them discreetly so that your package won’t get stuck at customs.

New Zealand customers can also track their orders by signing up for services with Ministry of Cannabis. This shipping service comes with a little extra cost, but it will help you get the hang of the order.

Ministry of Cannabis customer service does not have many shortcomings. They are very active both on the website and on social networks, so it is not difficult to communicate with them.

Visit their website here

#8 New Zealand Seed Bank – New Zealand’s legit cannabis seed bank connection

New Zealand Seed Bank is a legal seed bank in New Zealand and operated by a British couple. They arrived in New Zealand in the 1970s with suitcases filled with cannabis seeds from Europe and Canada.

The weather in New Zealand is quite harsh, so they work hard to find the best farming methods for cannabis seeds to germinate. They have finally found the best way to cultivate cannabis in New Zealand is to use natural nitrogen from fish food scraps.

They also travel to many countries to research and learn about cannabis seeds. It is these rich experiences that make New Zealand Seed Bank a trusted seed buying location for the New Zealand cannabis community.

The big plus of New Zealand Seed Bank is that they use local Postie to deliver goods to you. They make sure your order gets delivered as quickly and discreetly as possible.

New Zealand Seed Bank cooperates with Marijuana seedshop to provide seed to its customers. But they won’t have any special deals.

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#9 New Zealand Seeds – Super stealth shipping with quality genetics

New Zealand Seeds is also a seed buying site that New Zealand cannabis enthusiasts can add to their list. The seed bank is also affiliated with the Marijuana seedshop in the US to provide quality seeds for the New Zealand cannabis community.

This seed bank has over 16 years of experience in the cannabis industry and they know how to provide the best service to their customers. They offer dozens of cannabis seeds, recreational cannabis enthusiasts or medical marijuana enthusiasts can find their favorite cannabis strain here.

In particular, New Zealand Seeds offers a super stealth shipping service, safe enough to pass multiple checks. They are shipping worldwide and New Zealand customers will receive the seeds rapidly less than 7 days after the transaction is completed.

Check more about this seed bank at

#10 Australian Seed Bank – Fast delivery with free cannabis seeds

New Zealand cannabis enthusiasts can also order seeds at the Australian Seed Bank. This seed bank offers a wide variety of cannabis strains for a decent price.

This seed bank preserves seeds carefully so that they stay fresh at all times. As you know, freshness directly affects the germination rate of the seed. They also pack carefully to make sure the seeds you order don’t get crushed on arrival.

All these cannabis seed orders are discreetly packaged and shipped. They also add a separate shipping method for privacy-demanding customers. They accept many payment methods and ensure not to use customer information data.

You can refer to this seed bank at this link