Best Grow Tent for Growing Cannabis: Reviews (2023 Update)

Best Grow Tents

Starting your own cannabis grow setup can be a challenge, especially if you’re strapped for space and cash. Most beginner growers who don’t have the amount of space that established growers have, and they’re unsure where to start. In fact, many have a small apartment to work with. Under these conditions, there are certain obstacles … Read more

Best Smell Proof Grow Tents 2023: How to smell proof a grow box

What is the phenomenon behind smell During the process of food assimilation, in response to photochemical reactivity, the plants release different Volatile Organic Compounds which, produces smell or odor in any growing environment. Technically speaking, Volatile organic compounds mean “Any compound of carbon, excluding carbon monoxide, CO2, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium … Read more

Top 5 Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms ( 2023 Reviews)

When growing marijuana indoors, the best reflective material for light will prove to be essential. This is going to increase the intensity of the light that is produced in an enclosed space, which is important given the fact that there is no sunlight that encourages photosynthetic activity and improves the overall growth of the plant. … Read more

Grow Room Cooling Solutions: How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool?

While growing Cannabis in any controlled environment, heat is the biggest opponent that suppresses the plants’ health and causes yield reduction to an exponential rate. The growers may find several heat contributors whatever the growing environments are. But, the major impact comes from the indoor Grow Lights. Since the Grow tents are more confined in … Read more