Helianthemum corymbosum Plant Identification (Flower, Leaf, Care, Uses)

Helianthemum corymbosum Michx. – Pinebarren Frostweed

Helianthemum corymbosum plant



Helianthemum corymbosum stem


Helianthemum corymbosum leaves




Helianthemum corymbosum calyxCalyx.

Helianthemum corymbosum flower

Flowering – March – June.

Habitat – Sandhills, dunes, dry, open hammocks.

Origin – Native to North America.

Other information – This showy little species can be found in extreme southern Alabama. The plant can be identified by its habitat, tomentose stems and abaxial leaf surfaces, glabrous ovaries and fruits, and cymose inflorescences.
The genus nameHelianthemum derives from the Greek “helio” meaning “the sun” and “anthem” meaning “a flower” becasue the flowers open only in sunlight and only for one day. The petals are shed that same night or the following day.
The species epithet corymbosum derives from the Greek “corymb” meaning “the top, summit, a cluster of flowers” referring to the clusters of terminal or sub-terminal flowers of this species.

Alabama Distribution:

Helianthemum corymbosum map

Photographs taken at St. George Island State Park, FL., 3-29-05.