Rhynchosia tomentosa Plant Identification (Flower, Leaf, Care, Uses)

Rhynchosia tomentosa (L.) Hook. & Arn. – Twining Snoutbean

Rhynchosia tomentosa plant



Rhynchosia tomentosa plant


Rhynchosia tomentosa leaves




Rhynchosia tomentosa calyxCalyx.

Rhynchosia tomentosa flower

Flowering – May – August.

Habitat – Open woods, clearings, sandhills, flatwoods, roadsides.

Origin – Native to North America.

Other information – This attractive species can be found throughout much of Alabama. The plant can be identified by its trifoliolate leaves, hirsutulous to tomentose stems, and fairly large yellow flowers.
The genus name Rhynchosia derives from the Greek “rhynch(o)” meaning “a beak, snout” referring to the keel of the flowers.
The species epithet tomentosa derives from the Latin “toment(os)(um)” meaning “dense hair, stuffing” referring to the hairiness of the plant.

Alabama Distribution:

Rhynchosia tomentosa map

Photographs taken off Hwy 21 near Furman, AL., 6-4-05.