Sporobolus junceus Plant Identification (Flower, Leaf, Care, Uses)

Sporobolus junceus (P. Beauv.) Kunth – Pineywoods Dropseed

Sporobolus junceus plant



Sporobolus junceus nodeNode of stem.

Sporobolus junceus baseBase of plant.


Sporobolus junceus leaf baseLeaf base.


Sporobolus junceus whorlWhorl of inflorescence.


Sporobolus junceus flowerClose-up of flowers.

Flowering – September – November.

Habitat – Sandy woods, flatwoods, sandhills.

Origin – Native to North America.

Other information – This species can be found scattered throughout Alabama. The plant can be identified by its very thin basal leaves and whorled inflorescences. The plant’s sandy habitat is another good character for identification.
The genus name Sporobolus derives from the Greek “spor(o)” meaning “a seed” and “bol(us)” meaning “a throw, stroke, cast forth” referring to the grains of the plant.
The species epithet junceus means “rush-like” from the Latin root for rush “junc(us).”

Alabama Distribution:

Sporobolus junceus map

Photographs taken at Fort Benning, GA., 10-9-05.