[Not ship To USA] True North Seed Bank Reviews: TNSB Review (Beware of Scam)

(Beware of Scam) Top 3 True North Seed Bank (TNSB)

In every article we are taking a closer look at a seed marijuana, cbd and seed supplier. This time; True North Seed bank. Lets start with some reviews from peeps that ordered:)

True North Seed Bank (Beware of Scam)
True North Seed Bank (Beware of Scam)

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#1 TNSB product review: Medical Mix Feminized Seeds

Damon Wensink from the USA. I have ordered 5 awesome seeds for medical condition. My third order however, was mixed with another cheaper seed unfortunately. Sending a picture to True North Seed bank however, was enough. Because I needed it prompt for my medical condition; I was straight forward about it to them. The next day I had a message from them; we will make sure a new seed order is shipped out today, without costs on your side.
The other day I thought about it and this customer service is not much found in this business area; seed-banks. However, one point of critics needs to be given; around 20% of the seeds did not pop. The regular average is 10-15% no pops. Although this is the case I would highly recommend seed bank as a supplier. They are fast in communication and have great customer service. Going the extra mile:)

#2 TNSB product review: Bubble Hash SuperAuto Feminized Seeds

Julien Patriete from France. I ordered the Bubble Hash SuperAuto Feminized Seeds at TNSB.  I wanted a plant which has a great taste of fruit for me and my wife. We tried about 5 different seed bank and we will never let go of the bubble hash anymore. The taste is so strong and the plants are growing very tall, we first grew inside but after 1 plant we decided to grow outdoors.
This plant grows best outdoors and around 25% will not pop. The growing style of the plant has to be taken seriously; check it daily. For the more experienced grower this plant is great and you have never tasted something like this before. If you like fruit weed; this is the way to go. Great experience with TNSB, we had no problems with payment or shipment; we used the normal shipment and paid via bitcoin. Would strongly recommend is to anyone.


Tom Kempers from Germany. We ordered the Ace AUTO FLOWERING FEMINIZED Seeds at TNSB with some friends. You will get around 40-60 grams per plant from it. And wow, we never had this high before! The plants are easy to grow but you will need some basic growing experience for it. They grow medium high and are great for indoor growing. For outdoor growing it could work, with the right soil.
It is also called the purest AUTO FLOWERING Ace. Because it improves the happy smoke or so called up lifting. It will make you laugh, whether you are in a good or bad mood. You will be happy after! We think it would also be very helpful to people with depression issues; but we cannot back it up. When we smoke this weed, we have the funniest nights with our friends. The buds are very big and the smell is cheesy, with some mango and citrus taste. We ordered also some other seeds from TNSB and we really like the way they work. They use stealth shipping which is very nice for us in a country with strict regulation.

What makes TNSB such a popular option?

The first and best reason to buy at TNSB is that they ship with stealth. This is a great asset because more and more customers from countries with strict regulation also want marijuana seeds. It will only be a matter of time before these countries will see the benefits and also legalize weed and related products.
They also have a good customer service and are on the market for more then 5 years now. They are a legit company which you can call on working days and e-mail. They have a wide range of seed products and are specialized in seeds only.

Price & Quality (TNSB)

Good quality seeds and an excellent customer service is what TNSB is. They help you with anything, even when it is not their problem or fault. In comparison with for example I49 they have some great promotions and sale products. These are very sharp priced, the quality of the seeds are also really good.
They keep seeds no longer than 6 months on stock, after this they will be thrown away. This company policy is nice for the customers; they do not have to worry about a lower pop % off the seeds. A wide variety of hybrid seeds also; they offer great seeds with a nice taste. The details of the seeds are explained very well; wen TNSB states that you will get a great high from it; you will, no way around!
We highly recommend checking out their sale products. They are not the cheapest but their sale products are most of the time the cheapest on the internet.

Payment options (TNSB)

We must say, TNSB offers all the payment methods possible and imaginable. They do international money orders; USD and CAD (only) currencies. They also do cash; they allow bubbled enveloped and registered in the mail. They cannot be help responsible though for cash lost by mail. Bank transfers and E-transfers from Canada. Like almost every seed bank, last but not least; they accept bitcoin. They even give bonus for bitcoin orders (also lite coin and Ethereum). The payment options are classified great; they offer a lot of options.

Shipping & return policy of TNSB

The shipment procedure of TNSB is the best we ever seen! World wide delivery and they assure delivery, although there are some comments about this, let us explain. They assure the fastest delivery because they are shipped from their distribution center in Canada, or from their distribution center in the United kingdom. They use a fixed shipping rate per order; no matter how many seeds you buy!
Whether you will buy 10 seeds or 100 seeds; the shipment costs will remain the same. This is very beneficial for people who want to buy more seeds in bulk. They do however warn for countries that have strict laws against marijuana seeds; they are not responsible for any legal problems during your purchase here. This is the only downside to their products.
If you have any problems with your delivery, you can contact TNSB day and night. They also deliver extra safe stealth shipping to countries who have strict regulation. They add for example a t shirt to the package. This option is very popular in countries like Vietnam.

True North Seed Bank conclusion

Summarizing TNSB we can state that the sales products are great. They are specialized in seeds and have a great variety. The stealth shipping is a really great asset of this company; the most customers of them are from countries with strict regulations.
We gave them a solid rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD-oils, hemp, growing and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. True North Seed Bank is one of them.

The contact information

The contact information of TNSB: info (at) truenorthseedbank (dot) com or call them at (+1) 416-679-0421