2023 Discover the Best Seed Banks For Indoor Feminized Seeds And Strongest Indica Strain Genetics: Safely Buy Online Now

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Are you looking to purchase cannabis seeds online? Working with a reputable, reliable, trustworthy, and customer-oriented autoflower seed bank is the difference between having a seamless experience and getting frustrated (and sometimes losing your cash). Choosing the best feminized seeds means you end up with superior genetics, thus guaranteeing optimum results.

While picking the ideal seed bank, it is crucial to consider factors such as the seed bank’s reputation, the quality of seeds, the seed bank’s policies and guarantees, and customer service and support. This piece explores the top 4 seed banks that you can safely purchase top-tier cannabis seeds from. It also highlights the top 3 cannabis strains for indoor growing, tips for safe online seed purchase, and answers to frequently asked questions on seed banks. Let’s begin…

Top 4 Best Seed Banks in the World for Safe Online Purchase 2023

  1. ILGM: Best Overall Seed Banks in the World ($17.8 per seed)
  2. Premium cultivars: Premium Seed Bank ($20 per seed)
  3. Seedsman: Widest Collection of Seeds in Europe (€3.99 per seed)
  4. Quebec Cannabis Seeds: Best CBD Seeds ($11 per seed)

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana, aka ILGM: Best Overall Seed Bank.

ILGM is a premium, reputable seed bank that was founded in 2012. For more than ten years, ILGM has been at the forefront of supplying novice and experienced cultivators across the USA, Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia with top-tier seeds with a 100% germination guarantee. This seed bank takes the best overall position as it delivers on all fronts – seed quality, customer service, customer engagement, deals & discounts, and affordable pricing.

Over 30,000 positive online reviews can attest to the company’s track record. Here, you can find over 100 different strains – feminized photoperiod and autoflowering seeds – with varying potencies, growth difficulty, and yield. The company stocks a comprehensive collection of indoor feminized seeds, including classics like Wedding Cake, Gelato, Super Silver Haze, GSC, and G13.

Are you a beginner looking for a helping hand? Worry no more. ILGM has created a whole section on their website for you. The seed bank provides grow guides with vital information and tips for the various growth stages. Additionally, you can engage other cannabis cultivators on the open support forum and advance your skills.

Another critical factor that makes ILGM a favorite among cultivators is its never-ending deals and discounts. The seed bank offers coupons, redeemable loyalty points, weekly deals, and a buy one get one offer. The BOGO offer includes top genetics, such as Godfather OG and GG4 seeds. More ILGM offers and guarantees include;

  • Free shipping across the USA
  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Multiple payment options and a 10% discount on bitcoin payments
  • Free grow guides and grow kits
  • Discreet, stealth shipping
  • Affordable mix packs

#2 Premium Cultivars: Premium Cannabis Seeds

Premium Cultivars is an American-based seed bank that supplies premium seeds across North America and Europe. The seed bank has a comprehensive inventory of seeds, including exotic genetics, such as Gary Payton, Pink Rozay, and Dolato. The site is a hub for free growing resources designed to make the cultivation process easy and fun for novice and experienced cannabis cultivators.

This seed bank’s pricing of products is on the high end, making its seeds the most expensive on this list. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with a high budget. According to online reviews and cannabis forums, Premium Cultivars has a good reputation. The seeds are of high quality and are guaranteed to germinate under optimum conditions.

The company is available 24/7 to answer, assist, and on any matter cannabis-related. The customer support team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. The company has thousands of positive reviews and ratings that range between 4 and 5. It is rated highly for its ability to deliver top-tier genetics. Other offers and guarantees from Premium Cultivars include;

  • Diverse payment options – debit and credit cards,
  • Free delivery for orders above $100,
  • Discreet guaranteed shipping
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free online growing resources

#3 Seedsman: Widest collection of seeds in Europe

Having been in business for more than 20 years, it is no surprise that Seedsman is one of the top seed banks in the industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, this company was the first to commercialize CBD and autoflowering seeds.

Seedsman has the best and most comprehensive collection of seeds. With over 4000 seeds in their inventory, growers are guaranteed to find the right seeds to fit their expertise level and preferred choice in terms of yields and potency. You can find hundreds of rare and hard-to-find seeds, such as Jupiter OG Kush and Elephant Auto.

This seeds bank has maintained a loyal pool of customers by consistently delivering top-tie, stable genetics, and excellent customer support. The company offers regular deals and discounts, such as free seeds on every order and reduced prices. The website is packed with multiple guides covering a wide range of topics, such as seed germination, growth cycles, nutrient feeding, environmental control, and harvesting.

Seedsman offers worldwide shipping, except to countries with shipping restrictions. Unlike other seed banks on this list, the company does not offer free shipping or a germination guarantee. The seed bank’s excellent loyalty program fosters a better experience for repeat customers, leading to a high retention rate. According to online reviews and ratings, Seedsman is a reliable, reputable, and consistent company. Seedsman’s offers and guarantees include the following;

  • An impressive seed inventory
  • Access to rare and hard-to-find genetics
  • Excellent loyalty program
  • Fast, worldwide shipping
  • Reliable customer support

#4 Quebec Cannabis Seeds: Best CBD Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a Canadian seed bank founded in 2007. The company stocks hundreds of seeds and is an excellent choice for outdoor and CBD genetics. The creation of CBD-dominant seeds revolutionized the medical marijuana scene.

These strains are instrumental in treating and managing a myriad of conditions, such as pain, inflammation, appetite loss, insomnia, seizures, anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD. At Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you can get popular seeds, such as CBD Black Gold, CBD AK47, CBD Charlotte Web, CBD Purple Kush, and CBD Painkiller XL.

The seed bank actively breeds marijuana seeds, so you can always be guaranteed variety. To make work easier, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has categorized seeds by harvest time – September and October. Additionally, the seed bank offers free seeds for all orders.

The company has garnered a mass of loyal customers thanks to reasonable pricing, quality consistency, and good customer relations. It is no surprise that Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ online reviews are primarily positive, while the ratings are between 4 and 5. The company offers the following;

  • A wide selection of indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds
  • An exclusive collection of CBD-rich seeds
  • Free worldwide shipping for orders above $200
  • Free seeds for all orders
  • New, stable genetics bred by the seed bank
  • Multiple payment options
  • Stealth shipping

Top 3 Best Strongest Indica Strain in The World for Indoor Growing

  1. Chemdawg Feminized Seed (ILGM.com)
  2. Chronic Widow Feminized Seed (ILGM.com)
  3. Godfather OG Feminized Seed (ILGM.com)

#1 Chemdawg feminized

Chemdawg is a strain whose genetics are engulfed in mystery. That notwithstanding, this is one of the most sought cannabis classics of all time. This Indica dominant strain has an impressive cannabinoid composition, including 25% THC, 0.1% CBD, and 0.2% CBN. Due to the soaring THC levels, Chemdawg is best reserved for veteran consumers.

Chemdawg is a challenging-to-cultivate strain as it is susceptible to mold and pests. Experienced growers will produce good results are they are better placed to deal with biotic and abiotic factors. Chemdawg does well with the SOG technique. Pruning the plants is recommended as they grow bushy, interfering with unrestricted airflow and light penetration.

The seeds are fast flowering (7 to 9 weeks), making them an ideal choice for commercial growers. Chemdawg produces 300-450g/m² indoors and 300 grams/plant outdoors.

#2 Chronic Widow feminized

Chronic Widow is a celebrity strain that results from a cross between two legendary strains: Chronic and White Widow. The strain inherits impressive attributes from its parents, making it a favorite among cannabis consumers and growers. This Indica-leaning variety boasts a whopping 23% THC and less than 1% CBD. Besides its recreational use, Chronic Widow is an excellent therapeutic strain used to manage mood fluctuations, mild and chronic pain, and mental conditions.

This moderately easy-to-cultivate strain does exceptionally well in a sunny, warm environment. Indoor growers should replicate these conditions to get optimum yields. Utilizing the ScrOG technique helps to manage the plants’ height and boost yields. This fast-growing variety flowers for 8 to 9 weeks and produces 500 to 600 g/m².

#3 Godfather OG feminized

Godfather OG, or the Don of all OGs/Kush, is an award-winning cannabis strain holding the ‘most potent strain on earth’ title. With THC levels ranging between 30% and 34%, this hybrid promises a unique experience. This Indica dominant strain is a cross between the potent XXX OG and award-winning Alpha OG. The strain is an excellent pick for cerebral bliss and extreme relaxation.

This hybrid has impressive resistance to mold and common diseases. The plants grow to a maximum height of 100cm indoors and tend to be extremely bushy. Regular pruning helps with airflow and light penetration. Growers need to keep an eye on humidity to prevent bud rot. Maintain a cool and dry growing environment for optimum results. SCROG, SOG, and topping techniques are excellent techniques to try as they lead to higher yields. The final yield is 500-600gr/m².

Tips for safe online seed purchase

Purchasing cannabis seeds for the first time or trying out a new seed bank is not as easy as it seems. Although there are hundreds of legitimate seed banks, there are few that provide non-viable seeds or end up scamming you out of your hard-earned money. To avoid such scenarios, we have highlighted a few tips below to help with safe online seed purchases;

  1. Conduct thorough research on the prospective seed bank of choice. Find out the services they offer and weigh if it’s what you are looking for.
  2. Examine online reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of its products and services. Are orders delivered safely and on time? Do the seeds germinate as guaranteed? Talk to fellow growers and find out their experience with the seed bank.
  3. Check the legality of cannabis in your respective state to avoid breaking the law
  4. Does the seed bank offer secure payment and shipping methods?
  5. Do not be quick to take up offers, especially those that seem too good to be true. Sometimes, the seed bank may be looking to dispose of out-of-date seeds. Take your time and choose offers that seem reasonable.
  6. Work with a seed bank that offers a germination guarantee. This entitles you to request a replacement for seeds that do not pop when germinated under optimum conditions.
  7. Start with a small order first, then increase as you develop a relationship with the seed bank.
  8. Call the seed bank and evaluate how the customer representatives respond to your queries and concerns and their knowledge of cannabis seeds and cultivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is a cannabis seed bank?

Seeds banks are companies that collect cannabis seeds from breeders across the globe and sell them to novice and veteran cultivators. The seeds chosen are of top-tier quality and have stable genetics. A seed bank’s catalogue may include classic landrace strains, old-school hybrids, and newer genetics. The diversity allows growers to have a wide variety to choose from. These seeds are stored properly to maintain their integrity.

#2. Are all seed banks legitimate?

Yes. Most of the seed banks are legitimate and provide premium products. However, there are some non-reputable seed banks that are formed by individuals looking to make a profit rather than provide quality products. As a buyer, you need to perform due diligence to ensure you work with a reliable, trustworthy, and reputable seed bank.

#3. How do I pick a reputable, reliable seed bank?

First, conduct thorough research on the seed bank – when was it founded, and how are the online reviews and ratings? Ask other cultivators if they have worked with the seed bank and their experience. Lastly, look for secure payment and shipping options.

#4. Are there any US-based seed banks? Which is the best?

There are multiple seed banks in the USA, all offering great genetics and excellent service. One of these seed banks is ILGM. This is a reputable company that has, for the last 10+ years, been at the forefront of supplying premium seeds to American cannabis cultivators.

#5. Is it legal to order cannabis seeds across the US?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to transport cannabis seeds across state lines, regardless of the legal status of cannabis in your state. However, it is unlikely for anyone to face charges for purchasing cannabis seeds if the plant is legalized in their state. It is prudent that one conducts thorough research on the legality of cannabis in their respective state before making an order. Cannabis seed banks, like ILGM, provide stealth shipping, ensuring your order reaches you without issues.

#6. What happens if my seeds are confiscated?

Most seed banks, like ILGM, have a delivery guarantee, meaning that if the seeds are confiscated, you can contact the seed bank and have your order reshipped.

#7. Is ILGM a reliable seed bank?

Yes. The company is one of the top seed banks in the USA. ILGM has been in business since 2012 and has been a reliable source of top cannabis genetics. Online reviews and ratings indicate that the seed bank provides top-quality products, excellent customer service, and multiple cannabis cultivation resources.

#8. How long does shipping take?

For a fast seed bank like ILGM, shipping may take 2 to 5 business days. If ordering from Canada or the UK, shipping may take 2 weeks or more.

#9. Which are the best indoor seeds, and where can I purchase them?

Starting your cultivation journey with the right genetics works in your favor in that you are already set to succeed, especially if you do everything right. Additionally, growing indoors allows you to control environmental factors for optimum results. Some of the top indoor seeds include ChemDawg, Chronic Widow, Godfather OG, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Super Silver Haze, GSC, and G13. The seeds are available in various seed banks, including ILGM.

#10. How do I pick premium genetics when buying from a seed bank?

First, ensure that you are working with a legitimate, reputable seed bank. Such seed companies ensure that all the seeds they collect from breeders are stable and have a clear heritage. The seed bank will then provide the seeds’ information (parent strains, sativa/Indica percentage, expected yield, effects, and growth information) on their website.


This piece has been intricately put together to ensure you have everything you need to make a safe online seed purchase – whether a first-timer or not. The seed banks highlighted here are all excellent choices. The ideal choice will be based on individual factors, such as location, shipping duration, seed diversity, and ideal payment method. ILGM is the best choice for US growers thanks to rapid shipping, reliability, and a diverse catalogue of seeds. We wish you a happy growing – adios!