26mm Strain Review: Taste, Effects, and Growing Tips


26mm is a cannabis strain that has been gaining popularity among consumers and growers alike. In this strain review, we will explore the taste, effects, and growing tips for 26mm.


The taste of 26mm can be described as earthy and herbal, with hints of pine and citrus. Some users have also reported a sweet undertone to the flavor. Overall, the taste is well-balanced and enjoyable, making it a favorite among many cannabis enthusiasts.


The effects of 26mm are known to be uplifting and energizing, making it a great strain for daytime use. Users have reported feelings of euphoria, creativity, and focus when consuming this strain. It is also said to provide a cerebral high that can enhance motivation and productivity. Additionally, some users have reported feelings of relaxation and stress relief after consuming 26mm.

It is worth noting that the effects of cannabis can vary from person to person, and individual experiences may differ. It is always advisable to start with a low dosage when trying a new strain and to monitor your reaction accordingly.

Growing Tips:

If you are interested in growing 26mm, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Climate and Environment:

– 26mm thrives in a temperate climate, ideally with temperatures ranging between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius).
– It is recommended to grow 26mm indoors in a controlled environment to ensure optimal conditions for growth.
– Provide sufficient ventilation and air circulation to prevent mold and mildew.

2. Soil and Nutrients:

– Use a well-draining soil mix that is rich in organic matter.

– Add nutrients appropriate for the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

– Monitor pH levels to ensure optimal nutrient uptake.

3. Lighting:

– Use high-quality grow lights, such as LED or HID lights, to provide the necessary light intensity for healthy growth.
– Adjust the light cycle to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness during the vegetative stage, and 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness during the flowering stage.

4. Watering and Feeding:

– Water the plants when the top inch of soil feels dry, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
– Feed the plants with a balanced fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Pruning and Training:

– 26mm can benefit from pruning and training techniques such as topping, low-stress training (LST), and defoliation to improve airflow and light penetration.
– Monitor the plant’s growth and adjust training techniques accordingly.

6. Flowering and Harvesting:

– 26mm typically flowers in 8-10 weeks.

– Monitor the trichomes (resin glands) on the buds to determine the optimal harvest time. Look for milky white or amber trichomes for a more potent and relaxing effect.
– Harvest the buds, trim off the larger leaves, and dry them in a well-ventilated area with low humidity. Once dried, cure the buds in glass jars for a few weeks to enhance their flavor and potency.


26mm is a strain known for its pleasant taste, uplifting effects, and relatively easy cultivation. Whether you are a consumer looking for an energizing and creative high or a grower seeking to cultivate a new strain, 26mm may be worth considering. Remember to start with a low dosage and experiment with different growing techniques to achieve the desired results. Happy gardening!