[2023 Personal Warming] i49.net USA Reviews: Are the seeds of i49 that good?

i49 Seed Bank is a well-known and long-standing American seed bank in the cannabis community. Currently, more and more online seed banks appear, but i49 is still the familiar choice to buy seeds of many growers.

We have also bought seeds from the i49 seed bank many times and from these purchases, we have drawn a personal review of them. i49 seed bank has many advantages, but there are many problems that need to be overcome in parallel.

Below is our personal review of the i49 seed bank based on the real experience of buying seeds from them.

About i49 Seed Bank

The I49 seed bank is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and was founded by cannabis lovers. Before establishing the i49 seed bank, they had a lot of experience in cannabis farming and have been with the American cannabis community for a long time.

The I49 seed bank offers home-produced seeds and their collection contains many unique strains of cannabis. They are quite popular on cannabis forums, although there are mixed opinions, but overall they are still well rated.

They have 7+ years of experience in the cannabis culture. It is a reliable partner and they focus on one product with a deep range. They do not recommend using fake names for this service. They do not take responsibility for people who use fake names, mix up orders, and try to get free products.

At i49 seed bank they are very strict in what they do; this is also a reason for us to highly recommend I49. Using a fake name is common in the online cannabis and CBD oil business because people do not want to take the risk of getting into trouble.

But you can never be troubled; the sender will send the package; no one else. If you use a fake name; they again, will not take responsibility.

Is I49 Seed Bank Legit?

Absolutely! The I49 seed bank is recognized as a legit seed bank with unique, quality cannabis strains. American growers can purchase cannabis seeds securely at this seed bank.

Most of the i49 seed bank customers appreciate their unique genetics. However, many customers report that they are receiving unstable genes instead of quality ones.

I49 Seed Bank Review 2023

We have bought seeds from the i49 seed bank many times, enough to realize the strengths and limitations of this seed bank. Whereby:


  • Unique genetics
  • More than 400 strains of cannabis
  • The price is quite cheap compared to other US seed banks
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Discrete shipping to all US States
  • Diverse payment methods


  • Do not ship worldwide
  • Much controversy regarding seed quality
  • Customer service needs a lot of improvement
  • Not much promotions
  • Long delivery time

Those are our most obvious feelings about the i49 seed bank. If you want to learn more about this US seed bank, we will give a more detailed review of them, to see if they are the right seed bank for you.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

The I49 seed bank provides more than 400 different strains of cannabis, most of which are the genes of the seed bank itself. They have cannabis seeds, CBD seeds, feminized seeds and AUTO seeds.

The quality is very high because they focus on one product group of seeds. A lot of other seed suppliers offer any product they can get their hands on. Like growing lamps, oils and even weed butter.

I49 only focuses on the seeds. They also highly recommend that after an order, you can still plant your seeds up to three years after. This is also something that is beneficial to most people who want to order.

They have fast growing seeds that will pop out a solid weed plant in a matter of days. They have feminized seeds with great quality. I49 has a policy of destroying seeds that are in stock for longer than the period they should be.

This is also a major issue with other seed suppliers, they hold the seeds too long and become insolvent. The best are medical cannabis, this is really helpful for people with pain, sleeping disorders or even cancer.

However, there is a lot of controversy regarding the seed quality and genetics of the i49 seed bank. Many customers believe that they cannot make the seeds sprout or achieve the expected yield.

But there are also a lot of customers who are satisfied with the i49 seed bank genetics besides that. Personally, I bought Girl Scout Cookies Fem, Durban Poison AUTO, Grandaddy Purple Fem and many more. I can say that 70% of the seeds I bought work well and the rest do not sprout at all.

In my personal opinion, it can be said that the i49 seed bank has good quality seeds but genetics is not stable, leading to a different experience among customers.

#Germination Guarantee

The I49 seed bank offers up to 80% germination guarantee. That means if the seed you receive has a germination rate lower than 80% then the i49 seed bank will replace you with other seeds with a higher germination rate. These new seeds will of course be based on your original order.

The new seeds, however, are those of a strain that are different from the strain you ordered. Many people do not expect to receive other seeds instead of their favorite cannabis strain on the original order.

The customer also needs to prove that the seed that cannot germinate is due to the fault of the i49 seed bank and not due to cultivation level factors. You will have 90 days after receiving the goods to request that i49 exchange your new seeds.

Besides, the i49 seed bank will only accept to exchange you new seeds when you purchase their own lines. If you purchase other regular seeds, they will not accept any request to exchange seeds from you.

And one more thing, calmly and politely raise the issue of seeds to the staff of the i49 seed bank. There is a high risk of rejection if you are “rude” to these employees.

#Authentic Genetics Guarantee

The I49 seed bank also offers “100% Authentic Genetic Assurance” and they make sure the seeds are never surreptitiously replaced with seeds of unknown origin.

I49 seed banks promise that they are not like other ugly seed banks that do not do well. But many customers report that they delivered the wrong seed, which the customer received was different from the original order.

We have not seen this yet but we think it is not the case that the i49 seed bank is swapping the seeds. In this case, we are inclined to the reason the order packing staff mistakenly packed the seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

The price of seeds at the i49 seed bank can be said to be quite cheap compared to other seed banks in the US. Sharp prices and the best quality. If we compare their prices with other seed suppliers they have market conform prices.

They have not much sale seeds, but now and then they offer some deals. They have prices that are some times 2 times cheaper then seed suppliers which sell with a 30% discount. The price perception of I49 is very good. T

he variety is also nice. Because their price is already very compatible, we suggest comparing them with other seed banks. You will note that their packages are actually very affordable.

I49 offers bonus seeds and this will be give to you depending on the order quantity. When you spend for example a $100 you will get 2 bonus seeds for free (for money orders). For buying with Bitcoin you even get 3 bonus seeds and wire transfer also 3 bonus seeds.

Customers can pay through many different payment methods. They are the few online seed banks that offer the widest variety of payment options to their customers, and this is their big plus that we are very pleased with.

Customers can pay by money transfer, check, bitcoin, bank transfer, ACH and some credit cards. They offer some discount when you pay with ACH.

We have ordered all i49 seeds with different payment methods. They are very generous in providing information about the payment.

If you transfer the money by wire transfer, they will inform you as soon as the money has reached their office. Bitcoin is done within a few minutes and they are very discrete with credit card information.

Shipping & Return Policy

The I49 seed bank only ships its seeds to states in the US but not to other countries. If customers outside the US want to order i49 seeds, you can buy them from other seed banks that distribute i49 seeds.

The i49 seed orders will be shipped through USPS from our Los Angeles headquarters. Customers in the US do not have to worry about their orders being held at customs. Seed shipping cost from 10 dollars, you can pay more for other shipping services.

Tracked shipping is available with an option of starting at $ 9.99. This shipping service will give you more peace of mind that you can track your order remotely, and can schedule a delivery date.

They also offer stealth shipping for customers who value their privacy even while living in states where cannabis is legalized. They will wrap the seeds in a crush-proof container, then transport them discreetly along with something like a souvenir.

I49 carefully takes care of their shipment procedure. I49 has reliable shipment partners which have been working together for several years. Again their shipment policy is not cheap, but they do get the job done, with a very low rate of failed shipments.

They do not offer refunds. They only take final orders and confirmations. Be sure about what you offer, if you want to change something it is hard but doable. They will again, not assure any returns on your order.

One thing to keep in mind, the i49 seed bank sends their seeds every two weeks so that’s why it can take you several weeks to receive your order. We fell into the same scene when it took us more than 4 weeks to receive the seeds we ordered.

Customer Service

As the i49 seed bank client, we really didn’t have a good experience with their customer service. But to get the most out of our readership, we took a tour of the cannabis forums to gather opinions from other buyers.

And the conclusion is that most of our customers feel the same way we do. It is difficult for customers to contact employees whether by email or their phone number. They seem like they are always busy and do not have time to respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Receiving pre-written responses also happens very often. No customer wanted their individuality to be underestimated, and there were a lot of people who got angry.

If the i49 seed bank wants to grow stronger, they should really invest more and renovate their staff and customer care services.

But lately the i49 seed bank has also seen some positive changes in customer service. We found that their drafted questions were significantly reduced.

Website & Promotions

Different from customer service, we value and give another plus point to the i49 seed bank website. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and is filled with essential information for their customers.

They arrange neatly and clearly divided sections so that customers can easily find the information they need. They offer many strains of cannabis but none of them are neglected because the large lists cover them all.

This website has a simple but pretty nice interface (in my opinion). The streamlined layout makes it easy for even beginners to find something for themselves.

They also have cannabis farming tutorials and other farming tips that we think will be of great help to newbies. The I49 seed bank also provides nutrients for the cannabis plant, which will help you harvest a significant amount of yield, and have a strong resistance to pests and diseases.

Regarding promotions, customers can find them easily on their website as soon as they visit them. They make promotions that are very prominent for customers to participate in.

Although there are not as many promotions as other seed banks in the US, but we recognize that the i49 seed bank is offering more and more incentives to customers. It seems that they are slowly changing their image in the US cannabis community.

Some famous cannabis strains of i49 seed bank (Must try)

#1 Top 5 Strains in Fem

  1. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/girl-scout-cookies-x-jack-herer-fem-marijuana-seeds
  2. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/gorilla-glue-4-fem-marijuana-seeds
  3. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/blue-dream-fem-marijuana-seeds
  4. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/white-widow-fem-marijuana-seeds
  5. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/purple-kush-fem-marijuana-seeds

#2 Top 5 Strains in Auto

  1. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/auto-gorilla-glue-4-fem-marijuana-seeds
  2. https://i49.net/all-cannabis-seeds-usa/auto-bruce-banner-fem-marijuana-seeds
  3. https://i49.net/product/auto-northern-lights-x-big-bud-fem/
  4. https://i49.net/product/auto-white-widow-x-crystal-meth-fem/
  5. https://i49.net/product/auto-blueberry-x-big-bud-fem/

#3 Top 4 Strains in Regular

  1. https://i49.net/product/gorilla-glue-reg/
  2. https://i49.net/product/gorilla-glue-x-zkittlez-reg/
  3. https://i49.net/product/bruce-banner-reg/
  4. https://i49.net/product/critial-mass-reg/

I49 Seed Bank conclusion

Summarizing about i49 seed bank, we can say the following. They have great genetics. They provide only seeds, no CBD oils. The lifetime of their seeds is very high, they created seeds that last 2.5-3 years after your order. But we would be happy if their genes were of more uniform quality.

They have a wide range of seeds and a great stock on hand. Payment options are almost everything; we did 10 trial orders and no order was rejected. They have high shipping costs per shipment.

But the shipment procedure is discrete and of high quality. They do not offer refunds, but we think this is no problem because not 1 reliable supplier of weed products we know does this.

I49 seed bank needs to improve its service to make its image more positive and reputable.

We gave them a solid rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD oils, hemp, growing, and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. I49.net is one of them.

The contact information

The contact information of I49: [email protected] or call them at 1-888-441-4949.
[email protected] is connected to a Support Team and each email turns into a ticket. All tickets wil be reply.
https://i49.net/contact-us/ – this also creates a ticket
1-888-441-4949 – hours vary and effected by Stay at Home order in California
If clients have a germination issue they need to fill out this form https://i49.net/gr-form/

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  1. Sure seems to be a lot of bad reviews about i49…I for one am sick of being ripped off by seed sellers! We all should be!!

  2. I49 is bad news! Took over a month to get my order with no communication. The seeds I received are worthless, immature and some with cracks/damage to the shell! Never again!

  3. I49 is in Canada and they have shit seeds. They are a huge scam and use shady SEO tricks to rank in search results.

  4. I have had nothing but good experiences with I49 in California. 4 orders, no issues. I would recommend them.

    • I too have had good dealings with I49 and it only took 2 weeks and I had my seeds. Everyone germinated and all were female. You can tell they are different strains from 10 ft. Away. I dont know how much more your supposed to expect maybe a c-note to come in the envelope with the seeds man people expect too much out of everything

  5. I order a big order from i49 Canada over 5 months ago. I have proof of payment and everything. So now I can’t get ahold of them. And the USA i49 is saying that they don’t have anything to do with the Canadian sits. ( even know all they’re number emails and connection and customer service all are the same.
    So i49 ripped me off and set me way back!
    And are saying oh sorry about your luck there’s nothing we can do!!!
    I just want everyone to know not to go to them!! It’s a bad business.!!

    • The same thing happened to me Jessie! I had an order with I49 in Canada and then it was shut down. I thought I was screwed but my package showed up. I don’t think the businesses are the same though. They always had two different websites and different review accounts at Trust Pilot. Who knows! I blame the RCMP for sticking their nose where it is not needed and doesn’t belong!

  6. I just got my package in 10 days shipped to LA. Seems like a decent company so far. The payment was easy using Zelle and the selection was awesome. I haven’t cracked the seeds yet but taken down some girls next week and getting started again. Excited to see how it goes.

  7. I had a great experience with I49! got my seeds in a week, all germinated. have made 3 orders now with no issues!! and the customer service is unreal.

  8. So I never got to try the strain. I was over charged by a hidden ACH fee and I called to inquire. I was getting the run around as usual but on my receipt it showed a $9.22 convenience fee under the discounts section of the receipt. I did not know I was getting a discount and I only used ACH because of the “free” 3 seed offer. Well sure enough, after calling about 20 times and getting hung up on several times, I was informed that yes, it does say “discount” but it is actually a fee that is not reflected on the receipt. I was also informed that they are aware of the problem and that they are trying to fix it but for now they will continue overcharging people and ignoring their calls. (Unless you call enough to become a pain in their ass and get a refund.) And of course, they never shipped the seeds 10 days after I ordered and I will probably have to call my bank to get my money back. Go somewhere else and save yourself the headache.

  9. Yeah so I poped my seeds as any of us do as in what I know as standard rule of thumb in the wet paper towel and so on right it takes almost a week and a half to germinate issue #1 right so I did 8 seeds 5 total shit show 3 make it ok for what I was seeing. So I contacted them and explained how they didnt make the cut and because I didnt have a picture of a 2week old plants still on wet paper towel I just get the good old automatic message shit I didnt want my money back or nothing I just wanted to speak with a breeder that knows his products he is putting out there total shit show I’m gonna make it known how they just dont give a fuck about helping or owning there mistakes

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