Best Autoflower Strains: Top 8 Best Auto Strain for Yield

Cannabis strain is commonly known as two strains, Indica and Sativa, but there is another less noticeable strain called Ruderalis, also known as autoflower strain.
When Ruderalis combined with Indica or Sativa will produce a strain that can automatically flower regardless of the light source. This also implies that these plants don’t require 12/12 amount of light cycle as with other cannabis strain.
Autoflower strains are easy to grow, extremely suitable for beginner growers or growers who cannot provide the best environment for cannabis plants. Therefore, it has gradually become a popular choice for growers.
Below we will provide a list of the best auto strain for yield. Based on this list, growers can choose the most suitable strains to have bumper crops.

Top 8 Best Auto Strain for Yield

#1 Northern Lights Autoflower – Best Overall

Northern Lights is an extremely famous Indica strain and its automatic flowering version has also become popular. Northern Lights Autoflower contains 70% Indica, 20% Sativa and 10% Ruderalis. It is a strain with a very unique aroma and flavor and is hard to ignore.
Northern Lights Autoflower has a very short flowering time, only about 8 weeks without any strong light source. This strain can grow quickly both indoors and outdoors.
In general, growing Northern Lights Autoflower indoors or outdoors does not make much difference. Both help to achieve dense frosted buds with an intense honey scent. The biggest difference is yield.
When grown indoors, growers can gain more than 250g and when grown outdoors, that number is 150g. It is suitable for any purpose of growers, whether for commercial purposes or to satisfy with mouthfuls of smoke, Northern Lights Autoflower are suitable candidates.

#2 White Widow Autoflower – Best Rated

White Widow is a leading strain today and it is famous for its long-lasting, delicious aftertaste and high THC content. It is also a strain topping the menu in coffee shops. So, an automatic flowering version is what is needed to perfect the strain.
With this strain, Indica dominated by 60%, the remaining Sativa accounted for 30% and 10% was Ruderalis. White Widow Autoflower contains very high THC content, about 21.10% and CBD content about 0.7%. This is the factor that brings the strong high and hardcore buzz that rare strain can bring.
This strain completes flowering in about 8 weeks. Without any assistance from 12/12 amount of light cycle, this strain will give growers bumper harvests.
White Widow Autoflower can grow up strong indoors or outdoors. Growers can acquire 150g outdoors and about 250g indoors. New growers can also take care of this strain easily without much experience.
Growers should pay attention to pruning so that their buds are not attacked by mold and pests.

#3 Candy Cane Autoflower – Best Flowering Time

Candy Cane is a strain appreciated by its sweet fruity flavor and makes instant happiness from the first sip of smoke. In particular, the automatic flowering version of Candy Cane is famous for a record short flowering time.
Just 7 weeks, Candy Cane Autoflower was able to complete its flowering process. This is a remarkable short time, helping growers shorten harvest time, thereby increasing yields for the next crop.
This strain dominates Indica with 60%, besides Sativa at 30% and 10% Ruderalis. Candy Cane Autoflower contains a fairly high THC content of about 17%, providing excitement and happiness that pervades the fine, lingering smoke for smokers.
Candy Cane Autoflower is also a super easy strain to grow, even new growers can harvest bumper crops without having to have a lot of techniques. All growers need to do is provide them with the essential nutrients and water them.
If taken good care of, Candy Cane Autoflower can yield about 100g outdoors and higher when grown indoors with 200g. The buds of this strain are full of resin and very dense.

#4 Early Miss Autoflower – Best For New Growers

Early Miss is a strain between two extremely famous parents, Big Bud and White Widow. Thanks to the outstanding advantages of the parents, it becomes a strain with a charming scent and a strong relaxing effect.
Early Miss dominates Indica and the combination of 10% Ruderalis forms an automatic flowering version that makes this strain even easier to grow. In particular, Early Miss Autoflower is also very suitable for new growers.
For this strain, growers can grow them anywhere in the house and outdoors. There is also no time limit and growers can be grown in any season. And after only about 7 weeks, growers will harvest thick and quality buds.
This strain does not depend heavily on any light source to grow. What plant needs is proper nutrition, water, and temperature. Growers just need to make sure their surroundings are always above 10 degrees Celsius.
Without the need for any complicated techniques, growers just need to keep the plant environment ideally suited to achieve the highest yield. Growers can harvest about 200g indoors and 100g when planting them outdoors.

#5 Train Wreck Autoflower – Best Sativa Dominant Auto

Train Wreck Autoflower is a rare Sativa-dominant strain on this list. With 60% Sativa and the remaining 30% Indica, 10% Ruderalis, Train Wreck Autoflower retains the outstanding advantages of strain parents while making it easier for growers.
Train Wreck Autoflower has a citrus scent mixed with a hint of pepper. It is a relaxing remedy and improves a tiring working day. With just a few sips of smoke, your body will become softer and more excited. It also has analgesic effects, especially for headaches and has a calming effect.
Train Wreck Autoflower is not a difficult strain, it can thrive in any area. Because it does not depend on a certain light source for flowering, growers can grow it outdoors and indoors.
This strain will flower after about 8 weeks. If provided with enough nutrients, they produce dense and resinous buds.
Despite its modest size, the productivity of this strain is not modest at all. Growers can harvest 250g indoors and about 150g outdoors.

#6 Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower – Best Outdoors Growing

Gorilla Glue # 4 is the dominant strain of Indica, it is famous for its strong sedative effect and special diesel smell. Gorilla Glue # 4 is suitable for use in the evening, helping you relax after a long tiring day with a good night’s sleep.
This strain also helps relieve migraines, arthritis, and relieves the symptoms of nausea, epilepsy or PMS. Not only is it popular in cannabis stores, but it is also widely used in clinics.
The auto-flowering version of Gorilla Glue # 4 retains the most prominent characteristics of strain parents, combined with Ruderalis making growing a lot simpler. Therefore it is also a good choice for commercial scale.
This strain will automatically flower after about 8-10 weeks. Plants have a height of about 60-120cm depending on the growing environment. This strain particularly thrives when planted outdoors.
Gorilla Glue # 4 Autoflower is also rated as a highly productive auto strain. Growers can harvest up to 600g / m2 indoors and that number is even higher when planted outdoors. About 300g / plant is the number that growers can gain outdoors.
Growers just need to be aware of stress training, Gorilla Glue # 4 Autoflower doesn’t seem to have too many responses to this technique.

#7 Jack Herer Autoflower – Best Indoors Growing

Jack Herer is a leading candidate in cannabis stores, it is also the respected strain and the preferred strain of many growers. Jack Herer has a THC content of about 16.25% and a low CBD, which brings a light and cheerful euphoria, helping you eliminate troubles immediately.
Jack Herer Autoflower is a version that automatically flowers without a light source every day. With this strain, they will automatically flower when the growth stage is appropriate, they also do not require a lot of complex care techniques.
The Jack Herer Autoflower version accounts for 70% of the Sativa, 20% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis. They are quite compact in size so they are suitable for indoor growing, but they also grow well outdoors.
This strain flowers quickly after about 8 weeks and has a high yield. In it, growers can gather about 400g / m2 indoors and a little less outdoors. The buds are quite thick and very quality, they are also resistant to mold and some pests.
However, growers should still provide plants with marijuana fertilizer and plant protector to achieve the highest yield.

#8 Haze XL Autoflower – Best Quality

Haze XL is a hybrid of Jack Herer and Haze 2.0, the combination of these two legendary strains creates an extremely quality strain. Haze XL is praised for its uplifting and mind-raising effects of positive thinking.
When Haze XL was combined with Ruderalis, the Haze XL Autoflower version was born and brought relief to growers. Especially, it also brings absolute satisfaction to new growers and those who do not have much skill in caring for plants.
This strain can also thrive both indoors and outdoors. Like other automated flowering strain, Haze XL Autoflower automatically grows and flowers when it reaches maturity.
Growers do not need to change too many different lights to suit each stage for flowering plants. Although the flowering period of this strain is quite long, about more than 10 weeks, it is worth the wait for resinous and thick buds.
When grown indoors, it has a yield of about 500g / m2 and about 200g / plant outdoors. So it is an option for personal experience and growers just need to give it insecticide and mold to ensure the quality of buds.

What Are The Pros Of Autoflower Strains?

Why would we recommend these autoflower strains to you? Is there any special reason behind that?
Of course, autoflower strains are becoming more and more popular among growers. They are strains that still retain the genes from their parents strain while making it a lot easier for growers.
This strain does not require a special lighting system suitable for each growth stage of plants. They also do not need a separate room equipped with many devices to support the flowering process.
So growers don’t need to make as much effort as before to make plants flower. It is also not necessary to take care of and meet the techniques for flowering. Growers only need to provide them with the necessary nutrients, water and some type of anti-pest.
It is also a cost option for growers when you do not need to invest in equipment to support the flowering process of plants. Growers also do not need to spend too much space on them.
Besides, this strain is extremely suitable for commercial growers when you can harvest flowers all year round without depending on a certain crop. With conventional seeds, growers can only harvest in a certain season when lighting conditions permit.
With autoflower strain, taking care of hundreds of plants will also be much simpler and more leisurely. Growers also no longer have to worry about the sudden changes of weather affecting the development process.