[Personal Experience] Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Review 2023: Great Canada Seed Bank With Germination Guarantee

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is a veteran seed bank in Canada and they have many years of experience with cannabis plants. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds has many factors so that you can rest assured to invest in your crop.

In Canada, there are many Canadian seed banks but Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is always in the top of the trusted seed banks. This seed bank has many strengths to be your premier Canadian seed bank.

We purchased seeds from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds many times and we also get an overview of them. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds have many advantages but at the same time they also have many things to improve.

Please take a moment to read an unbiased review of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds below to see if they’re the seed bank for you.

About Dr. Greenthumb Seeds

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is a veteran seed bank in the smoke industry in Canada. They appeared early in 1996 and keep growing to this day. It is this long experience that makes them a reputable and trusted address for many growers.

“Growing and breeding best cannabis” is their motto. So they provide growers with lots of quality seeds and help growers get the highest rate.

With 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, Dr. Greenthumb Seeds have received certain achievements. They have a high reputation and also have a very good knowledge of cannabis. So the reviews about this seed bank are very positive and they also have a high reputation.

In Canada, although there are many seed banks out there, there are still many people who choose to buy seeds at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. Simply because they offer only high quality seeds, high buyer ratings and they are very reliable.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds always aim for the best customer experience and they do a good job of it. So this seed bank is always on our list of favorite seed banks.

Is Dr.Greenthumb Seeds Legit?

Sure! You can completely trust Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. Buy seeds at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are very safe and reputable.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds offers Guaranteed Germination, Guaranteed Shipping, as well as Order Tracking, SSL certificate integration. So buyers can completely capture their orders without fear of being exchanged or lost.

That is also the reason why many Canadian growers still come back to buy seeds from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds after purchasing seeds from other seed banks.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds guarantees no unauthorized use of customer information. They also provide safe and completely secure payments to their customers. All information related to the transaction is never disclosed.

Additionally, buyer ratings for Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are also high so that is also a factor that makes Dr. Greenthumb Seeds become safe and reliable. They have quite a large loyal customer base and that is an advantage.

In general, customers buying seeds at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds can be completely assured. They will not have any fraudulent behavior or dirty business that makes you disadvantaged.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Review 2023

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is a reputable and experienced seed bank in Canada. However, as we mentioned, they also have many factors that need to be improved to become better.

As actual clients of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds, by our experiences, we have drawn a review of this seed bank. Thereby, we found that Dr. Greenthumb Seeds have:


  • Various cannabis strains collection
  • Great seller of disease-free cannabis seeds
  • High-quality yields cannabis seeds
  • Germination Guarantee
  • Eminent shipping
  • Good customer care
  • Well-experienced seed bank


  • The website needs a lot of improvement
  • Limited payment methods
  • Not much promotions

Those are our general reviews of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. We also prepared other detailed reviews below and if you have some free time, feel free to go through them a bit.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds maintains a huge amount of cannabis seeds in its inventory. These seeds are guaranteed to germinate, do not contain diseases and are of good quality.

When you visit their website, you can easily find lots of different cannabis strains. You can also choose regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto flower seeds to suit your growing purposes and farming characteristics.

The common feature of these seeds is that they are certified disease-free. This means that they are resistant to disease-causing threats from viruses, bacteria and mold.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds offers only the highest quality cannabis strains to its customers and is carefully selected by experts. The experts of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds carefully select seeds by hand to ensure that all seeds can germinate and produce high yields.

Besides, Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is also constantly updating and offering the latest cannabis strains, the most popular ones and their homemade strains. These cannabis strains are also completely selected based on the working criteria of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds.

We bought many seeds from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. Some of our favorite strains from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds include Freedom 35, Blue Dream, Bubba OG, Bubba cheese, G13, and Jazz.

Some of their new strains are also worth trying like Carnage, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon Pie Thai and Panama Red. They have a lot of other cannabis strains that we are sure you will find a good one for yourself.

The cannabis strains from them are of exceptional quality, with a high germination rate and remarkable yields. The seeds that we bought from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are germinating and give high yields, which we have no complaints about.

Germination Guarantee

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds offers germination guarantee to its customers. This is a big plus that we love about any seed bank.

Our personal view is that a certain seed bank that provides germination guarantees to its customers means that this seed bank specializes in providing high quality seeds.

That is similar to Dr. Greenthumb Seeds only supply quality seeds and they are very confident in the germination rate and the quality of the seeds. We think this is something you should look for in any seed bank.

If a customer discovers that the cannabis seeds they purchase cannot germinate, Dr. Greenthumb Seeds accepts replacements for customers with new seeds.

This seed bank is very easygoing and they almost accept replacing any seed that cannot be germinated from the customer without the customer having to answer too many complicated questions.

You just need to immediately contact the customer care team to have this problem resolved for you. Remember to contact them as quickly as possible to receive the replacement seeds within the allotted time.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

The seed price that Dr. Greenthumb Seeds offers can be said to be reasonable compared to the quality of the seeds. They have a wide range of prices for different strains of cannabis but are generally not expensive compared to the market.

Rarer cannabis strains will cost more, more popular strains will cost less. But these prices are not too different. In general, you can buy seeds in bulk at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds without worrying too much about the budget.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds offers high quality seeds at an affordable price. When buying more seeds, customers will receive a more favorable price.

However, we do not appreciate the payment methods of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. They still use the old payment methods and these methods still have a lot of limitations.

Their payment methods are not so advanced. They are all quite old but can still work effectively.

Customers can pay their orders through money orders, bank drafts, and checks. These payment methods are quite popular and easy to trade.

And of course, all payments by Bitcoin, credit card and some other modern methods are not accepted. This may also be a disadvantage of this seed bank when dealing with foreign customers.

So many customers want Dr. Greenthumb Seeds can diversify payment methods so they have a better buying experience. They also expect to be paid in cryptocurrencies because they are very secure and have many discounts.

And customers also note that when ordering seeds at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds is synonymous with ordering via mail, unlike other online seed banks.

Shipping & Return Policy

To ensure that a customer’s order is delivered safely, this seed bank puts great effort into its shipping policy.

All orders are complied with “stealth packaging”. This means that the seeds will go with anything to camouflage. It’s like buying something ordinary on an e-commerce site.

They also will not post any information about your order publicly. They ensure your privacy and it also makes your order safer to ship through customs.

Besides, they also try to deliver the goods to you as quickly as possible. For Canadian customers, you should be able to pick up your order within 24 hours of placing an order. Usually, the shipping fee will be free for normal orders.

Canadian customers have the option to track their order for $ 30.

For foreign customers, the delivery time will be longer, but it will not take too long. The shipping fee will depend on the region.

Customer Service

We assess that Dr. Greenthumb Seeds has pretty good customer service and they are doing well in their business. The staff of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are very experienced and they are also very professional, they are always ready to answer your questions.

You can contact them by email, but the fastest way to contact the staff is by phone. They will operate during office hours and international customers should note the Canadian time zone when calling them.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds also provide very useful information about their cannabis strains. Below each strain, there are pictures and information that customers need to know about that strain.

Customers do not need to worry too much if you are a newbie grower. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds provides detailed instructions on how to germinate cannabis seeds with clear descriptions.

If there is any problem with your order, you can contact this seed bank via hotline 613-330-2404 or mail [email protected] for further resolution.

For orders that get lost or take too long, they’ll ship you a new order. Totally free, of course.

In the event that your order is confiscated by customs, you may also receive assistance from this seed bank (as long as you can prove it). Once confiscated by customs, they will remove the seeds and continue to allow shipping of the accompanying item. They will then put some papers on that order.

All you need to do is send these documents to Dr Greenthumb to prove that the seeds have been confiscated by customs. Once authenticated, they will send you new seeds for free.

However, be aware of your local laws about marijuana in order to avoid serious trouble.

For seeds that cannot sprout, it is completely free to receive new seeds from this seed bank. This breeder is willing to give you the best experience with your crop.

Website & Promotions

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds really has many advantages to being the top seed bank in Canada, however unfortunately their website design and layout is really a problem.

Once you visit the website of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds, you will notice that it is very old and lacks information. That makes Dr. Greenthumb Seeds became more unprofessional, and that was exactly our first impression when visiting their website.

The outdated design along with the overly simplistic layout made us lose a lot of excitement. What you will see on their website are the strains of cannabis they have, along with some other information about Dr. Greenthumb Seeds.

We hope Dr. Greenthumb Seeds cares more about their image. And of course, taking care of your website will also bring a better experience to your customers. When the customer experience is good, they will also be willing to recommend to their friends and family.

Taking care of the image is also considered an effective marketing method for the seed bank. Any impression will lead to contagions, only depending on whether the contagion is good or bad.

And Dr. Greenthumb Seeds also does not have many regular promotions and offers for its customers. Although their loyal customer base is quite large, we believe they will want to receive more attention from Dr. Greenthumb Seeds.

Those are the two biggest shortcomings of Dr. Greenthumb Seeds and we really hope that they can improve it. Because really Dr. Greenthumb Seeds have very good seed quality and many other factors that make them stand out in the Canadian and international cannabis markets.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Conclusion

As we mentioned above, this seed bank is a reputable and safe seed buying site for many Canadians. So there is no reason that customers from other countries can question their reliability and safety.

With this seed bank, you can rest assured to choose your preferred seed without fear of wasting your investment. Do not forget that they have 25 years of experience in the industry and what they have built during that time is respectable.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds has many ingredients to be a top seed bank, but they need to improve their website along with adopting more payment methods to enhance the customer experience.

For those reasons, we rate Dr. Greenthumb Seeds with 4.5 stars out of 5.

The Contact Information

If there is any problem with your order, you can contact this seed bank via hotline 613-330-2404 or mail [email protected] for further resolution.