The 4 Best Digital PH Meter 2023 – Accurate, High-End, Pocket Sized Reviews

Top 4 Digital PH Meter 2023 Reviews

#1 Best Accurate pH Meter: VANTAKOOL PH Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quality Tester

As hydroponic growing requires you to grow your cannabis plants in water, it is necessary to have an accurate method of checking the pH levels of that water. The pH level of the water needs to be at around 6.0 and if it goes to high over this or under this your plants are in danger of nutrient deficiencies as it makes it difficult for them to absorb any goodness you are putting in the water solution.
With this Digital pH meter from Vantakool checking the pH levels of your hydroponics has never been more straightforward. After removing the cap, simply dip the meter into the water solution and press the button. The pH level will then appear on the digital screen. The one con of this product is that it can be a little tricky to calibrate, but with the details instructions provided you will soon have it working.
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#2 Best Pocket Sized pH Tester: Jellas Pocket Size pH Meter Digital Water Quality Tester

If checking the pH level of your hydroponics with a litmus strip doesn’t appeal to you then why not try a more 21st -century method. As hydroponics need to have their pH levels checked regularly it would be worthwhile to invest in a digital method and this pocket-sized digital pH meter from Jellas is the perfect solution.
It is incredibly simple to use – just remove the cap, place the electrode in the water, click on and then check the reading on the digital screen. You will then know if your pH levels are too high or too low and can take steps to adjust them to keep your plants to thrive. The one con of this product is that it is a little delicate – especially the glass probe – so make sure you handle it with care and make sure to give the probe a wipe when you’re finished with it.
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#3 Best Value Digital pH Meter: Water Quality Test Meter Pancellent TDS PH EC Temperature 4 in 1 Set

With hydroponic growing regularly checking the pH can be a strain if you are using the traditional method, but you can now purchase a digital meter to do the reading for you which is both easier and more accurate. This Water Quality Test Meter from Pancellent will do just the job, within 5 seconds of dipping the meter into your hydroponic solution it will give you the pH reading which is accurate to 0.01 pH.
Another great feature of this digital pH meter is that it is great value – so you don’t need to splash the cash to invest in some modern technology. It also has an auto shut off should you forget to turn it off, so the battery is maintained. As with other digital pH meters it has been reported that calibration can be a little tricky – so make sure you read the instructions carefully.
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#4. Best High-End Digital pH Meter: Bluelab 716441 Combo Meter for Plant Germination

For a state of the art digital pH meter then look no further than this Combo Meter from Bluelab. As hydroponic cannabis growing requires regular checking of the pH levels to keep plants healthy, Bluelab have created a product that makes this as efficient and painless as possible.
This product not only measures the pH levels of your nutrient solution, but it also takes a reading of the conductivity and temperature and let you know if they are at a suitable level to create the optimum environment for your plants. The only real con of this product is the price, it is a little on the expensive side but for this, you are getting a top quality digital pH meter that will benefit your plants in the long run.
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