Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains Review 2023 [My Experience]

One of the great things about cannabis is that it never gets old, and you can discover new things about cannabis every day. The world of cannabis isn’t just packed with Indica or Sativa strains, but there are hybrids and more.
Hybrid cannabis strains are an innovative choice when sativa or indica strains are already so popular and familiar. Nowadays breeders also tend to focus more on creating the strongest hybrid strains. These hybrids will carry the most dominant genetics of the parent strains, and there are now countless such hybrids on the market.

#1 White WidowOverall
#2 Blue DreamSativa Strains
#3 Gorilla GlueHigh THC
#4 Sour DieselMost Popular
#5 AK-47
for Frst-time Grower
#6 OG KushIndica Strains
#7 Girl Scout Cookiesfor Flavor
#8 Jack Herer
for Resistant to Diseases
#9 Gold Leaffor Highest Yield
#10 Cherry Pie
for Fast Flowering

Growing these hybrid cannabis strains will also bring a new experience, and growers can also satisfy their personal preferences. We have compiled a list of the best hybrid strains based on our personal experiences. Hopefully through this list you will find the hybrid cannabis strain that suits you best.

What are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

Hybrid cannabis strains are simply the result of a combination of several strains of cannabis. It may contain the genetics of two or more strains of cannabis that are distinct in their origin and characteristics. Usually, hybrid strains are a combination of Sativa and Indica strains.
Each hybrid strain will be different in genetics, properties, effects, flavors and more. It depends on the genetics of the parent strains that determine the genetics of the hybrid cannabis strain. As a result, there are now countless hybrid cannabis strains available on the market and the number is constantly growing.
Breeders often combine the best traits of the parent strain to create the best hybrid cannabis strain. So there are many cannabis hybrids that are even more famous than the parent strains.
However, not all cannabis hybrid strains have the most optimal genetics. So growers should research carefully before buying seeds. And growers should buy hybrid cannabis seeds from reputable, quality seed banks to ensure good germination, healthy growth.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains Review 2023

#1 White Widow – Best Hybrid Strain Overall

White Widow is a cannabis strain that won the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 1995, and was bred in the 1980s. This balanced hybrid is derived from Brazilian sativa x an unknown Indica strain of South India. It contains 60% Indica 40% Sativa.
White Widow is, in our opinion, the most potent hybrid cannabis strain available today, and it’s also really popular. If you go to coffee shops in Amsterdam, there is certainly not a place that does not offer this strain of cannabis. White Widow is so popular that it’s a must-try in Amsterdam’s coffee shops.
This Indica-dominant cannabis strain has a fairly high THC content of up to 19%, so it can create a strong mental buzz right out of the box. However, it will not dominate completely and does not create a feeling of heaviness. It will bring a calm, open mind and mild paranoia.
White Widow is an easy-to-grow hybrid cannabis strain and even beginner growers won’t find it really challenging. The plants are quite compact, about 2-4 feet tall, so White Widow is also considered the best indoor hybrid strain. You can also grow it outdoors if you want.
This hybrid cannabis strain loves the sun. So if you grow it indoors, make sure to provide the necessary amount of light so that the plant can grow healthily. Besides, this plant is quite resistant to pests and diseases, so growers do not need to take care of too much detail and special.
However, providing preventive measures against pests and diseases, or supplementing with nutrients and fertilizers is essential for the highest yield of plants. With good care, growers can yield 250 grams of buds filled with thick, white resinous granules.

#2 Blue Dream – Best Sativa Hybrid Strains

Blue Dream is an 80% dominant Sativa cross and this cannabis strain is really famous in the US. Blue Dream has been dubbed the cannabis strain with a West Coast vibe, and with its unique flavor and effects, this hybrid cannabis strain is even more popular.
We consider Blue Dream to be the most potent sativa hybrid cannabis strain available today. It contains high THC content up to 21% and that’s why you will feel energized, relaxed and happy with these smokes. The sweet taste of berries and soil is sure to make you smile with satisfaction.
In addition, Blue Dream is known for its healing effects. It has a sedative effect and depression, insomnia patients can use this hybrid cannabis strain to support their treatment.
Blue Dream can grow well both indoors and outdoors. However, outdoor plants will be much larger in height than indoor plants. So if growers want to avoid prying eyes from neighbors, we recommend growing it indoors.
A subtropical or Mediterranean climate is the most ideal for this hybrid cannabis strain to grow. If growing indoors, growers need to pay attention to adjust the temperature and humidity to suit the growing room.
And growers really need to pay attention to the issue of prevention, preventing the attack of insects and pests. Blue Dream is a cannabis strain with a sweet aroma that makes it very attractive to insects. So make sure you can control those visits.
This cannabis strain also does not require growers to have special technique or experience to achieve remarkable yields. Growers just need to pay attention to pruning and supporting the plant. With good care, growers can yield 21 ounces of good quality buds per plant.

#3 Gorilla Glue – Best High THC Hybrid Strains

Gorilla Glue is certainly not an unfamiliar name and the 50% Indica 50% Sativa balanced hybrid cannabis strain is a top popular cannabis strain. Gorilla Glue is a combination of three top-notch cannabis strains: Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb.
Gorilla Glue contains a very high percentage of THC, up to 28% and that’s why it delivers really impressive effects. Gorilla Glue has a rather pleasant scent but it is so strong it can deliver impressive hits even with a small sip of smoke.
This hybrid cannabis strain has an effective sedative and anxiety-reducing effect. It will help you get rid of stress, pain and put you into a deep sleep. Gorilla Glue is suitable for use in the evening, after a stressful and tiring day at work.
Besides, Gorilla Glue seeds are fairly easy to grow, and average growers can control this strain well. It can grow well indoors, but growing outdoors will give a higher yield.
Plants will grow quite tall and bushy, so growers need regular pruning to get the right amount of shoots. Plants will grow well under high light intensity, full sun. However, try to keep them away from rain and frost. Other than that, growers will not need to pay special attention to the care of this strain.

#4 Sour Diesel – Most Popular Hybrid Strain

Sour Diesel, or Sour D, is the most popular cannabis strain available today and is loved by the cannabis community. Sour Diesel is an 80% Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, however its true origin is still a matter of controversy.
The THC content of this cannabis strain is quite high, it contains about 20-25% THC, and so it has quite powerful effects. Its fuel-like scent is the most unique floating feature, this fuel smell is quite unpleasant and strong at first, but later there is something sweet and attractive.
Sour Diesel brings a focused, creative and relaxing effect to smokers. It does not control the body strongly, but it makes the body lighter with a pleasant relaxation. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain has obvious recreational and medical effects.
The buds of this hybrid cannabis strain are quite round in shape, not too big but very thick. These buds are covered with red hairs and that is the pistil. If you break these buds apart, you will find them filled with sap and trichomes inside. And especially, these buds have a very strong fuel smell and it can attract insects.
Growers can grow Sour Diesel seeds both indoors and outdoors, but growing them indoors makes it easier for beginner growers to control. If grown outdoors, the Mediterranean climate is ideal for healthy plant growth. However, growers need to establish measures against pests and insects.
Growing Sour D seeds indoors is easier to control. Since it is sativa dominant, the plant will have the appearance of a typical sativa plant. So bending and pruning early in the vegetative phase will help the plant be the right size for the limited space in the house.

#5 AK-47 – Best Hybrid Strain for Frst-time Grower

AK-47 is a cross between Colombia (Sativa), Mexico (Sativa), Thailand (Sativa) and Afghanistan (Indica). It is a 65% Sativa dominant cannabis strain and contains up to 20% more THC. The AK-47 offers a soothing, peaceful, uplifting effect, in contrast to its violent name.
This cannabis hybrid strain relieves stress and fatigue with its calming effects. Many patients with bipolar disorder, depression and other mood disorders have received good help from this cannabis strain in treating their moods. It is suitable for use in the evening, or when you need a deep sleep.
The AK-47 is a hybrid that has received numerous awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup. The taste combines well between earth, pungent, sour, and sweet that many smokers love. This cannabis strain also appears quite commonly at coffee shops in the cannabis capital, Amsterdam.
AK-47 is suitable for growers of all technical levels, especially first-time growers who can completely control this hybrid cannabis strain. You can grow this strain of cannabis both indoors and outdoors, it does not require maintaining a special habitat to grow well.
If grown outdoors, the mild climate will bring the most optimal yield for the plant. And when grown indoors, growers strive to maintain room temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for the best quality buds. With good care, growers can harvest about 500g/m2.

#6 OG Kush – Best Indica Hybrid Strains

OG Kush is a cross between Hindu Kush and Chemdawg (Chemdog). OG Kush is also known as the Original Gangster of Kush, it has been widely loved since its arrival in Los Angeles in the early 90s.
This 75% Indica dominant cannabis strain offers a particularly powerful and dramatic effect to smokers. It can produce powerful punches from the first puff, so we recommend new smokers to try small sips for the first time. You will really be surprised with the powerful effect that OG Kush brings.
OG Kush has a rather spicy, intense, earthy, lemon, pine, and woody flavor. Many people liken the taste of this hybrid cannabis strain to a wet forest in the morning and that is truly delightful. These smokes will initially bring comfort, increase energy, then euphoria.
In addition to recreational effects, OG Kush also has a high medical value. It can participate in the treatment of chronic, long-lasting pain. Thanks to its mood-enhancing properties, OG Kush also works well for patients with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. This cannabis strain is also effective in improving anorexia.
This cannabis strain is suitable for the average technical growers. OG Kush can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but if growers don’t want to attract the attention of neighbors, growing indoors will be much more secure. OG Kush seeds will grow into quite tall plants and especially, its buds have a very strong smell that your neighbors can totally smell.
Temperatures around 55 degrees F to 75 degrees F are ideal for plants to grow. If grown outdoors, the tropical climate and full sun will help the plant produce the best quality buds. With good care, growers can harvest 450-500 grams.

#7 Girl Scout Cookies – Best Flavor Hybrid Strains

Girl Scout Cookies seems to come with what you might expect from a hybrid cannabis strain at its best. Girl Scout Cookies is also one of the top popular cannabis strains available today and it really delivers amazing effects and flavors.
This variety just came out a few years ago (circa 2011) and caused quite a stir in the cannabis world! This breed causes a lot of controversy, and not just the name. An ongoing debate about the origin of the variety has resulted in many believing that the origin of the variety stems from OG Kush x Cherry Pie, while others believe that GSC is an F1 product. (of a breed without a hybrid reference frame) x Durban Poison x a Kush genetic variety.
Whatever its origin, we cannot deny its wonderful taste and effects. It has a fresh scent of lemon, combined with diesel, earth and herbal scents. This combination brings something a little spicy, but quite sweet, very stimulating.
This hybrid cannabis strain contains up to 21% THC, and it relaxes the whole body, with a head full of creativity. You will feel soar, relaxed and happy with these sweet smokes.
Girl Scout Cookies grow better if grown indoors. Growers can grow hydroponically to shorten the growing time for plants. This cannabis strain is easy to care for, requires no special techniques to yield significant yields.

#8 Jack Herer – Best Resistant to Diseases Hybrid Strain

Jack Herer is a classic hybrid cannabis strain and it is not an unfamiliar name to the cannabis community. This sativa dominant cannabis strain is really popular and it offers both recreational and medical value. The psychoactive power that this cannabis hybrid strain offers far exceeds what other cannabis sativa strains can offer.
Jack Herer really helps with both mental and physical ailments. This cannabis strain provides euphoria, energy and happiness to smokers. This euphoria is so soothing that your whole body becomes relaxed and refreshed, while keeping your mind sharp and creative.
This hybrid cannabis strain contains up to 20% THC content. It does not control mind or body completely, nor does it tire the body. It really helps in regulating the mood and gives the body and mind a rest.
Jack Herer seeds can thrive whether grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. In particular, this cannabis strain has strong resistance to pests and diseases, so it is easy for growers to grow large quantities. And beginner growers will also find it easier to control this strain of cannabis as it is less prone to disease, mold and mildew.
However, to be able to harvest the highest yield, it still needs experienced growers hands. This strain grows well in the Mediterranean climate and is suitable for commercial cultivation.

#9 Gold Leaf – Highest Yield Hybrid Strain

Gold Leaf is a 60% Indica dominant hybrid, and if you are looking for a high yielding hybrid then Gold Leaf is the ideal choice. This cannabis strain not only has good genetics but it also offers a lot of value to growers.
This cannabis hybrid has quite a strong psychoactive effect, but is not completely dominant. It can help you cope with pain, anxiety, and stress. With high concentrations of both THC and CBD, Gold Leaf is considered a cannabis strain with both impressive medicinal and recreational value.
Gold Leaf will bring a relaxing and euphoric effect to the whole body. It also leaves strong mental echoes and has the effect of eliminating stress and anxiety for the patient. These fine smokes have a rather sweet taste and a hint of pungentness.
Growers can totally count on this hybrid cannabis strain. Gold Leaf is quite easy to grow, it is suitable for growers of all levels. In particular, this cannabis strain has a rather short flowering period but offers a remarkable yield.
Gold Leaf seeds are easy to germinate, the plants are easy to control, so beginner growers can expect a successful crop. When growing indoors, growers should pay attention to implement some techniques to keep the plants from growing too tall and large. As for growing outdoors, the plant will grow best in a sunny climate.

#10 Cherry Pie – Fast Flowering Hybrid Strain

Cherry Pie is a combination of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. This hybrid cannabis strain is 80% Indica dominant and it exhibits the characteristics of a very distinct indica plant. It will bring you great value in a short time.
Cherry Pie is not only a good name, but it also offers great effects and flavors. These smooth, sweet, citrusy, blueberry-scented smokes will help lift the smokers’ energy, spirit, and improve their mood.
With a high THC content of up to 26%, Cherry Pie will help you feel relaxed and excited right from the first sip of smoke. It does not completely dominate your body or mind, but it gently elevates your energy and creativity, so that you can quickly complete your project.
Besides, Cherry Pie is an easy-to-care hybrid strain and you can harvest quickly in just 8-9 weeks. This quick flowering time will help growers to optimize their crops. It only took a few weeks for the growers to be able to harvest a fairly high yield of buds filled with sap.
However, growers should note that Cherry Pie needs a warm environment to grow healthy, especially it needs intense light during flowering. Growing outdoors will be more suitable for highly qualified growers for good control in harsh climates.
For beginner and intermediate growers, growing Cherry Pie seeds indoors is much easier to control. But growers need pruning and proper technique to keep the plants the right size. Remember that Cherry Pie will grow especially tall during the flowering period.

Final Verdict

The cannabis world isn’t just about Sativa and Indica strains, so growers challenge yourself with hybrid cannabis strains. Renew yourself with these hybrid strains that will leave you feeling excited and excited to experience strains with different flavors, effects and growths.
These hybrids all carry the best genetics of the parent strains, so they are also very beneficial for your portfolio. The knowledge of cannabis is vast and hybrid cannabis strains appear more and more every day. It would be interesting if you could also learn a lot about these new strains of cannabis.