[Personal Experience] Herbies Seeds Review 2023: Great Spain Online Seed Bank With Top Notch Cannabis Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a reputable and safe place to buy seeds for all growers in the world, especially Spain and EU growers. Herbies Seeds is a Spain seed bank and this seed bank is really trustworthy and they offer top notch cannabis seeds.

Herbies Seeds is also a popular name on cannabis forums. They have many advantages to being a top seed bank on your priority list. But they also have a lot of room for improvement.

We have purchased seeds at Herbies Seeds quite a few times, and we will rate them based on these real-life experiences. Hope the following article will help you decide whether to buy seeds at Herbies Seeds or not.

www.herbiesheadshop.com is their official website and major deals are done here.

About Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a Spanish seed bank founded in 2000 by experts in the field of cannabis. These professionals are passionate about cannabis and besides developing Herbies Seeds, they are also actively involved in promoting the legalization of the cannabis plant.

Herbies Seeds formerly operated as Herbies Head Shop, they provided premium quality cannabis strains to the Spanish cannabis community in particular and the world in general. Herbies Seeds also receive a lot of positive reviews from customers on cannabis forums.

This seed bank has good service and stable genetic resources. They are also very active on the cannabis forums and do not hesitate to share their knowledge of the cannabis plant with other growers.

In general, when buying seeds at Herbies Seeds you can be assured of the quality of your seeds and experience. This seed bank is worth your investment of trust and budget.

Is Herbies Seeds Legit?

Absolutely yes! And I don’t have to doubt my answer.

This is a question of many customers who are hesitant to choose this seed bank. We can answer that they are a reliable partner and have excellent customer service. The reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot are very positive.

As we mentioned above, Herbies Seeds have been around for a long time and they have a lot of experience in the seed market. Their seed sources are also of guaranteed quality so you can consider them a reliable partner.

When you want to buy seeds on a website, the most important thing that you should be aware of is choosing a place that is safe and reputable. Surely you will not want to be caught in the act of accepting the order you placed.

For countries that have not yet legalized the cultivation and use of cannabis, ordering is even more dangerous. So choosing a safe and reputable address is essential.

Herbies have a lot of experience and they are confident in providing the best service to their customers. Their goal is customer satisfaction and that is the goal that they have been aiming for during the past decade.

It is with those successful sales that they today have become one of the largest online cannabis seed shops where you can find any of your favorite strains there. There is no reason that a seed shop with no quality, no guarantee, no credibility can last for decades and serve a lot of customers, right.

With any form of delivery, they ensure customers are anonymous and guaranteed not to reveal any personal information. Besides, they also ensure minimal risk with your order.

If you are looking for a reputable seed bank ship to USA, Australia, Canada or Spain, don’t go far. They ship to most regions of the world with a guarantee that many other seed banks cannot afford.

Herbies Seeds Review 2023

As mentioned above, we have prepared the most unbiased review of Herbies Seeds through our real experience. We have divided this review into several separate sections for your ease of understanding.

But first, we will list general reviews of Herbies Seeds. Or to be more precise, the pros and cons of this seed bank.


  • Impressive cannabis seed collection
  • Top notch seed quality
  • Great customer service
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Positive customer response
  • Actively legalizing cannabis


  • No guarantee of germination
  • Seed prices are quite high
  • Some seeds can’t germinate

Those are the pros and cons of Herbies Seeds. You can refer to the detailed information about this seed bank below.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

When you visit their website, you will see lots of seeds from different strains. These strain seeds are carefully selected for quality and selected.

This website provides you with dozens of strain from all kinds of outdoor seeds, feminized seeds, seeds auto, regular seeds or CBD seeds. In particular, they also have other impressive seeds like bulk seeds, mix and match seeds, sensi seeds or single seeds.

They sell a full range of the most popular strains available today. From Sativa, Indica to any Hybrid strain you can find at this website. These strains have the characteristics of rapidly flowering, giving large yields and strong vitality.

These quality seeds are selected from over the 125 best breeders. So you do not have to hesitate about your investment and take that focus to choose the strain you like the most.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

In our opinion, seed prices at Herbies Seeds are quite high. However, you can still buy seeds from this seed bank at a more favorable price by applying discount codes and buying seeds in bulk.

If you want to order from Herbies, the fastest way is to order directly through their website. They have a website with a friendly design and an enthusiastic customer care team so ordering is almost no problem.

All you need to do is select your favorite seeds to add to your cart. Next is to fill in the necessary information such as receiving address and payment options to complete.

Then check your order and confirm. If there is any problem with your order, customer service will immediately reconfirm with you to clarify the problem.

Once your order has been successfully initiated and there are no problems with the payment method, you will receive your order within 24 hours.

This seed bank integrates many different payment methods and it is a good sign for foreign customers. You will have a lot of options for paying your bill.

They accept payment by cards, Bitcoin and bank transfers. You should note that they do not accept payment by Paypal, so please use one of the three payment methods above to pay for your order.

For card payment, you need to pay in euros, not in your country’s currency or in dollars. Besides, you also need to check the currency exchange rate on their website for the most accurate conversion.

They accept payment in Bitcoin and they also do not charge any fees for this form of payment. It is also a secure and completely anonymous payment method.

For bank transfers, they divide into several areas to ensure customers do not encounter many difficulties and cost a lot of transfer.

In general, this seed bank always wants to create many favorable conditions for customers’ orders. With foreign customers, they want you to have the best experience without having to headache about the form of payment for your orders.

Shipping & Return Policy

The key to any online order is shipping. And for this special item, the more you should know the information about the shipping process as well as the policy from your partner.

This seed bank makes great efforts so that all orders are delivered to customers in the fastest and safest way. They ship to many parts of the world and these orders are safely camouflaged.

Your order will be placed in a brown envelope without any information attached. Inside the envelope is a plain DVD case to avoid attention. Your order will be completely anonymous and no information about your order will be made public.

To make sure your order will not be seized when customs opens your package, you can select ‘stealth’ option. With this option, your order will be placed in a ziplock bag to disguise itself as something you order on Aliexpress.

However, they cannot guarantee 100% safety of your order. If the order is not luckily seized, this seeds shop will not be responsible for the order because they have tried their best.

We can say, the delivery time of this seeds shop is pretty quick. For local customers, your order will be delivered within 24 hours after your order is created and paid for successfully.

For foreign customers, the delivery time will of course be longer, but certainly not drive you crazy about waiting. Delivery times vary between regions of the world.

In regions of Europe, for example, customers will receive their orders within 5 days of successful payment. That time will be up to about 8 days for orders shipped to USA (need signature of the receiver).

And for other regions of the world, the delivery time will be about 7-10 days. Of course, the delivery time does not include holidays.

However, given the complicated situation of COVID-19, delivery times may be slower and they may only be able to deliver to certain areas not severely affected by the disease.

Customer Service

We rate Herbies Seeds for great customer service. Their staff is well trained and has a good knowledge of the cannabis plant. They are also very enthusiastic to advise and support their customers.

They are also very active on cannabis forums to collect customer opinions about their seed bank. Negative comments are also well received by them for improvement and correction.

They also have a loyalty program for their customers to buy seeds at a more favorable price. Besides that, Herbies Seeds also provide free seeds for qualified spending.

Overall, we have not had an unpleasant experience buying seeds from Herbies Seeds. And we also get the very enthusiastic support of the Herbies Seeds team.

Website & Promotions

The Herbies Seeds website has an impressive and user-friendly design. The site is easy to navigate and it’s packed with neatly organized information.

Herbies Seeds design a website with many cool features that you will enjoy when you experience it. They have a chatbox that pops up as soon as they enter the site, which makes it easier for customers to reach the Herbies Seeds team, but it also makes many people feel uncomfortable.

Herbies has a lot of promotions and promotions will take place in a certain time. You will have a lot of benefits with these promotions and there is no reason to refuse to use this promo code.

The coupon code will be updated fastest on their website. And to get these deals, you need to update them daily so you don’t miss any discount codes.

Currently, the discount code 2023 from this seed bank is also being updated on their website. There are two promotions that you will receive from this seed bank.

For every order over 100 euros, you will get a 5% discount, over 200 euros will get 10% off and over 400 euros will get a 15% discount. Meaning that the bigger your bill, the more discount you get.

Besides, you will get free seeds for your bill. Free seeds and gifts will depend on your budget bill.

There is currently no autoflowering seeds discount code or pick and mix seeds discount code, however, you can get free seeds.

With an invoice, you’ll get free Gorilla Glue Auto. More attractive, you will get the option of adding a free nut if your bill is over 20 euros. Those bonus seeds are one of the Delicious Gorilla Glue Auto, Mouthwatering Zkittlez, Heavenly Sweet Auto Gelato, and Citrusy Amnesia Lemon varieties.

If you are unable to decide the type of bonus seed, this seed shop will randomly choose for you.

There are some reviews that free seeds are not germinating. However, the fact that they are not germinating depends on many factors such as humidity, technique, etc. So don’t worry.

Some famous cannabis strains of Herbies Seeds (Must try)

Herbies seeds have a lot of the strongest seeds and they all have very good quality and germination rates. If you have had a lot of problems growing seeds then why not try these good quality seeds.

In a lot of seeds available on their website, have some outstanding seeds and get lots of positive reviews from customers. Here are some of the top-notch seeds reviewed by our objective reviews.

#1 Grandaddy Purple (Blimburn Seeds)

This is Indica dominant with an extremely high THC content of 25-35%. It only takes about 60 days to flower indoors and yields about 450 – 500 g / m² indoors. You can also plant it outdoors and the flowering time falls in late September.

She is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, suitable for growing in confined spaces and an ideal choice for beginners who do not have much experience.

To get the greatest yield, you should maintain humidity below 60% and temperature below 32 degrees Celsius.

#2 Stardawg Auto feminized seeds

This strain is also an excellent option for new growers. It doesn’t require a lot of care or technical effort to get your XL productivity.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It will flower after about 56-63 days and give an excellent yield. Growers will get about 400 – 600 g / m² indoors and approximately 300 g / outdoors.

Plants will produce dense and long buds however you should be careful because they grow quite dense.

#3 Amherst Sour Diesel feminized seeds

This strain is known as a monstrous yield strain that not all strains can achieve that number. It can give the highest yield up to 3000g / plant outdoor and about 400 – 600 g / m² indoors.

This Sativa dominant contains extremely high THC content up to 27%. It will flower after about 65 – 70 days under temperate and warm climates.

We recommend using a low-stress training and main-lining technique to get the highest yield.

#4 Tutankhamon feminized seeds

This 60% Sativa dominant hybrid strain is known for its extremely high THC content of up to 30%. Besides, it is also a strain that can give a significant yield.

It will flower after about 60 days when planted indoors and mid September when outdoors. Yield can reach about 500 g / m² indoors and about 1500 g / plant outdoors.

When growing indoors, we recommend using 600W lights for her to grow best.

Besides these strains, Herbies are also known for picking mix seeds. There is also an interesting option for growers.

Herbies Seeds Conclusion

Choosing Herbies Seeds to buy seeds is a wise choice for not only growers in Spain but also other international residents. They have a large seed collection with hundreds of different cannabis seeds. Moreover, the seed quality is very good.

This seed bank also has active customer service and an impressive website. But their seed prices are quite high. However, you can still apply discount codes with many other promotions.

For those reasons, we give Herbies Seeds 4.6 stars out of 5.

The contact information

The new address is PURE ATMOSPHERE S.A.M. SL C / San Vicente, 20 – 1º Alicante Spain. Or you can contact them via Whatsapp: +34 633 32 60 20.

Besides, there are many other social networking channels such as Instagram (@herbiesheadshop_com), Facebook (Herbies News), Twitter (@HerbiesSeeds). Their Youtube channel is called “Herbies Seeds”.

Don’t forget to email them [email protected] if you have any problems.