[Personal Experience] Neptune Seed Bank Review 2023: Top US Seed Bank that Ship to USA and Canada

Neptune Seed Bank is a pretty popular US seed bank. This seed bank has a sizable seed stock, filled with unique and impressive cannabis strains. They also work with over 100 other reputable breeders to provide seeds to customers.

The Neptune Seed Bank has many elements to make to be an impressive seed bank on your priority list. They source quality genes at affordable prices and trade worldwide.

Although there are many plus points, but Neptune Seed Bank still has many factors that need to be overcome. We bought seeds from Neptune Seed Bank, enough to recognize their strengths and limitations.

Below is our unbiased review of Neptune Seed Bank.

About Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed Bank is not an established seed bank, but they have long been considered one of the top US seed banks. Since its establishment, Neptune Seed Bank has maintained a large customer file and a large number of loyal customers.

Neptune Seed Bank is based in North America and they serve customers worldwide. They have a team of seasoned staff, top experts with a good knowledge of the cannabis plant.

This seed bank is also known for its huge seed stock. They work with over 100 breeders around the world to offer the widest variety of cannabis seeds. That is why their pervasive power is no joke.

Neptune Seed Bank’s mission is to provide the highest quality seeds to customers at the lowest possible price. They have been doing it well.

Neptune Seed Bank supplies and distributes only good quality cannabis seeds to its customers. They also have selected breeders and only work with breeders who have a good reputation in providing quality seeds.

Overall, Neptune Seed Bank is not a veteran seed bank in the cannabis industry, but they have enough knowledge and professionalism to stand out. This seed bank is the ideal choice for US growers and the world cannabis community.

Is Neptune Seed Bank Legit?

100% Yes! We have purchased seeds from Neptune Seed Bank many times and we do not have any doubts with this answer.

Neptune Seed Bank is a widely known cannabis seed distributing business founded in 2009. This seed sank operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to get their seeds delivered in an orderly fashion.

There are rumors currently circulating around the web about whether or not Neptune Seedbank is a legitimate business. The answer is that yes, they are a business that works with multiple top seed breeders to distribute their goods to potential customers.

All in all, you don’t have to hesitate to buy seeds at Neptune Seed Bank. This seed bank has a good reputation and they do not have any fraudulent business practices. You also do not need to worry about them swapping the seeds you have placed.

They also build completely secure and secure shipping and payment methods. All customer information will be kept confidential and never disclosed. Neptune Seed Bank does not illegally use customer information

Neptune Seed Bank Review 2023

Despite having many advantages, Neptune Seed Bank also has many disadvantages that coexist. And even the biggest seed banks in the world can’t be perfect.

Through our actual seed purchases at Neptune Seed Bank, we have also drawn our evaluations of them. These are just our personal opinions so it may not be the same as some other reviews.

We found that, in general, Neptune Seed Bank has:


  • Large seed stock with thousands of cannabis strains
  • Distribution of seeds from over 100 reputable breeders
  • Seed quality is high and quite stable
  • The seed price is reasonable
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Tracking Shipping
  • Free seeds


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Poorly designed, unimpressive website
  • No Germination Guarantee

Above is what we generally evaluate about Neptune Seed Bank. It may disagree with many people’s opinions but we have based on our actual experience to make that assessment.

We have also prepared more detailed information and reviews regarding Neptune Seed Bank. If you have some free time, take a look at this review of ours.

Hope they will help you in deciding if Neptune Seed Bank is the right seed bank for you.

Cannabis Seeds Quality & Selection

Neptune Seed Bank is a seed bank with a large seed collection. Their seed inventory contains around 2000 different strains of cannabis and whether you are a beginner grower or a seasoned grower, Neptune Seed Bank has something for you.

It is the large seed stock that is the reason many growers choose Neptune Seed Bank. This collection also helped them gain popularity and fame in the US cannabis community. You’re sure to find a strain for yourself as Neptune Seed Bank almost offers it all.

Neptune Seed Bank works with over 100 reputable breeders and they only source seeds from breeders with good genetic resources. That is why Neptune Seed Bank’s seed quality is always stable and of high quality.

Some of the Neptune Seedbank Cannabis brands are Archive Seed Bank, Cookie Fam Genetics, Seed Junky, Relentless Genetics and Mass Medical.

Archive Seed Bank is a well-known breeder provided by Neptune. Some of the various strains include Crazy Hazey, Corn Cob, Ice Cream Cone and Burnt Orange.

Neptune Seedbank Cookie Fam Genetics is currently out of stock in Neptune Seed Bank. However, they still have a very decent collection of cannabis seeds that includes Sunset Sherbet, Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Those are also the strains that we usually buy.

Seed Junky is another popular product that is out of stock in Neptune Seedbank’s page. In addition, Relentless Genetics is another brand found on Neptune’s page. Some of their seeds include Cold Smoke, Frost Dub and Dawg Bank.

Neptune Seed Bank Mass Medical are plants that are grown organically without any additives. This is a popular cannabis brand that has a high following on social media.

In 2023, Mass Medical’s Pu Tang strain was nominated first in Top Ten Strains in High Times Magazine. On Neptune’s website, some of the strains listed are Triangular Pupils, Praying Mantis, Prayer Pupils, Katsu Pupils and etc.

No Germination Guarantee

Unfortunately, Neptune Seed Bank does not provide any guarantee of germination. Maybe it’s partly because they distribute seeds from so many different breeders that they can’t interfere with the seed germination rate.

Neptune Seed Bank will not offer any alternative assistance or refund to customers if the seeds they purchased fail to germinate. That is a big regret that we hope Neptune Seed Bank can improve to make its service more optimal.

If you want a 100% germination guarantee then we recommend ILoveGrowingMarijuana. They are the big seed bank and will have the maximum guarantee of their seeds. They have a large seed stock in the United States and global delivery.

As for the Neptune Seed Bank, if the seed you purchased cannot germinate, they will encourage you to contact the original breeder. This seed bank will assist you in conversing with the breeder so you can get an alternative solution.

But in general the seed quality at Neptune Seed Bank is very good and stable. They provide seeds with top germination rates and genetics to their customers. You can even find many unique cannabis strains that are not available in other seed banks.

Cannabis Seeds Price & Payments

Regarding the Neptune Seed Bank seed price, there have been many customer controversies and we all take note of these opinions. Many customers believe that the seeds at Neptune Seed Bank are quite expensive compared to the general market, but others think that they provide seeds at a cheap price.

In our opinion, both of these opinions are correct and neither is completely wrong. This controversial issue is probably due to the fact that Neptune Seed Bank has too many seeds and these seeds are in different categories.

Neptune Seed Bank offers high-end quality seeds, but they also have popular seeds at cheap prices. So the price range of this seed bank is very wide.

In our opinion, Neptune Seed Bank offers seeds at a reasonable price. Their cannabis strains are priced to match the quality and this price adjustment is appropriate.

But if customers want to buy seeds at a cheaper price, you can apply promotions and choose a payment method with a discount.

Neptune Seed Bank accepts payments through a variety of methods. Since they ship globally, these payment methods are also very convenient for international customers to transact easily and securely.

Customers can pay through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash and Bitcoin. These payment methods are all secure and transactions are safe. Neptune Seed Bank does not disclose nor illegally use customer information.

However, we also want Neptune Seed Bank to be able to add some other popular payment methods like bank transfer or some cryptocurrencies. The diversification of payment methods will help them reach more customer sources.

Shipping & Return Policy

There are four different shipping options that Neptune provides. The first is Standard Shipping, in which a package is shipped across the United States in a total of five to ten days. The next shipping option is called Discreet Shipping.

Discreet Shipping is considered priority shipping with double packaging and takes two to three days to arrive at its designated destination.

Signature Shipping is similar to Discreet Shipping because of its double packing. However, it requires a signature for delivery. This option is used for situations where a package is delivered in areas with high theft.

The last shipping option is called Guaranteed. Guaranteed Shipping is prioritized shipping that takes 2-3 arrive at its designated destination. If this package is lost while being delivered, Neptune reships it with no additional charges.

Neptune ships orders to the countries, USA and Canada. They even ship internationally to Australia and UK. The payment options are through debit or credit card.

Neptune Seed Bank’s delivery service is rated as fast and comes with an affordable price. Fast delivery times will also ensure a higher germination rate of seeds and will also give customers more time to receive timely assistance.

However, Neptune Seed Bank does not offer any guarantee that customers can return seeds when they do not germinate. They do not guarantee seed germination and this is a pity.

However, we also acknowledge their efforts in trying to connect the customer with the original breeder to resolve the backlog issues.

Customer Service

We don’t overestimate Neptune Seed Bank’s customer service because they are flawed. However, we acknowledge the positivity and efforts of Neptune Seed Bank’s customer service staff.

They have a very enthusiastic staff. Although Neptune Seed Bank does not accept returns or exchanges of new seeds for customers, the staff are still very supportive in linking customers with the original breeders.

We have purchased their seeds many times but have never encountered a lack of cooperation or bad attitude of the staff. I’m sure they will be tired from working all day but they still maintain a very professional attitude.

On cannabis forums in the US, we also receive mostly positive reviews about their customer service. But we hope Neptune Seed Bank pays more attention to customer policies. Because after all, the second purpose of Neptune Seed Bank is to bring the best experience to customers.

Website & Promotions

The website of Neptune Seed Bank is the biggest regret point. Their operational purpose is to provide the best customer experience, but it is their poor and unimpressive website that is one of the causes of the reduced experience for customers.

Neptune Seed Bank’s website design isn’t too old-fashioned, but it uses low-tech and unimpressive organization.

The aesthetics of this web is also an issue. There are too many things on it but it is not arranged neatly and logically. So it can lead to customer discomfort.

Furthermore, some items are not easy to navigate making the customer experience worse. We hope that a seed bank with a large seed collection like Neptune Seed Bank should focus more on its website.

But in return, Neptune Seed Bank deploys a lot of incentives and promotions for customers. They regularly offer discount codes to customers on their website so that customers can buy seeds at a cheaper price.

Through “Last Chance” seeds, “Best Selling” seeds, “Clearance” seeds, and “On Sale” seeds, customers can purchase these seeds at a discounted price. And customers should never miss Neptune Seed Bank’s free gifts.

Neptune Seed Bank offers free seed packs to its customers and these seed packs all have good genes. It’s not that they offer free seeds that are poor quality seeds, so it’s a good deal for any grower.

Some famous cannabis strains of Neptune Seed Bank  (Must try)

Neptune Seed Bank distributes various products from many popular breeders known in the cannabis community. These strains are Autoflowers, Feminized Seeds, Slurricane Seeds, Relentless Genetics, Cookie Fam, Seed Junky and Mass Medical.

#1 Autoflowers

Neptune provides a large selection of autoflowers. Autoflowers are strains that bloom automatically based on a period of time instead of external factors like changes in temperature. Auto flowers cannot be cloned and grow efficiently in a short time frame.

Another fact is that autoflowers cannot be trained and are in full bloom all year round. Some of the autoflowers that Neptune provides are Night Owl Seeds, Bubba Diagonal x Purple Punch, North Cheese Haze Hollow and G – Roc.

#2 Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds are seeds that only produce female plants. To create feminized seeds it requires getting pollen from a female plant with only XX chromosomes.

Neptune’s best selling feminized cannabis seeds are from the breeder, In-house Genetics. Neptune Seed Bank In-house Genetics has the following products on sale: Frozen Grapes, Frost Bite, Orangehead Stash, Tacky Glue and Sherba Frost.

#3 Slurricanes

One of Neptune’s famous strains is the Slurricane Seeds. Hurricanes are bred from a combination of Archive Seed Bank’s The NorCal Cut of Dosidos and SuperNova Garden’s Alpha Cut of Purple Punch. Having the lineage of Dosidos allows Slurricanes to be powerful and easy to grow for breeders.

On the other hand, having the lineage of Purple Punch allows Slurricane to be embroidered with rich colors, intricate nug structures and a great smell. Neptune provides multiple selections of Slurricanes however the recommended items would be #22, #7 and #44.

The reasoning behind these claims is attributable to the fact that #22 has more qualities of a Dosidos if a customer is into sweet flavors and light colors. #7 would be considered an even blend of both Dosidos and Purple Punch. Finally, #44 has a lot of Purple Punch’s characteristics with a grape candy smell and taste.

Currently, Neptune is auctioning various high-quality items for any customer or breeder. The current bid amounts for the cannabis items range from as little as $60.00 to $400.00. These items include Slyme Cookies’ Sin City Seeds, Dying Breed’s Zmothie and Lit Farm’s Coco Pebblez.

Neptune Seed Bank Conclusion

Overall Neptune Seed Bank is a reputable and safe seed bank. Growers in the United States and internationally can buy seeds with confidence at this seed bank because they have a large seed collection, high quality and reasonable prices.

There will be a bit of inconvenience regarding Neptune Seed Bank’s website and policies, but it is still a seed bank worth the investment. And if Neptune Seed Bank can fix these problems, they will become even stronger.

That’s why we give them 4.5 stars out of 5.

The contact information

Neptune Seed Bank is located in Long Beach, California. Their full address is 1218 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA.

They can be contacted through Instagram, phone and email. Neptune Seedbank’s Instagram is @neptune.seed.bank, and @neptune_seed_bank_eu. The best phone number to reach Neptune is 714 – 326 – 0061.