Sonoma Seeds Review: Canadian seed banks that ship globally(Ship To US From Canada)

When it comes to elite cannabis genetics, the best Canadian Seed bank could help you out there with their refined strains that would grow throughout the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. The growers love to write Canadian Seed Bank reviews for their speedy seed delivery and discreet packing and the quality of multiple strains they possess from around the world. New Cannabis cultivars dominate both Indica and Sativa blood in their veins which are ancestors of all present-day cultivars in the world. The cannabis growers know well that both these species originate from the Central and parts of the Eastern Asiatic regions where they grow naturally. If Sativa makes refreshing drinks in India, the Indica produces the ever finest and superior hash in Afghanistan.


Sonoma Seeds Canada works on both species for producing several hybrids, feminized, high CBD, and THC-rich strains that grow in a variety of growing conditions with early and late maturing features for the world. If you’re looking for truly selected cannabis genetics, Sonoma Seeds could be the right option to choose from their splendid catalog to bring to your garden. Since Sonoma Seeds assure you of both quality and freshness packed at one place and ready to be dispatched all the world, wherever you want a stealth shipping.


Sonoma Seeds is among the list of the best Canadian seed banks that ship globally. Buy any strain of your choice using multiple payment options with tracking codes and get a speedy response from the consumer services department regarding your buying queries and the guidelines to grow these strains.


They also offer several discount options and the Sonoma Seeds coupon code could retrieve from their business site and later posted to the relevant box to enjoy variable discounts that could reach up to 10%. Additionally, they wave off shipping charges if your consignment value exceeds US$200. If it exceeds US$420, you would get 10 additional seeds, free and stealth shipping.

Sonoma Seeds

#1 Autoflower

Sonoma Seeds Autoflower cultivars are ready to push your yield with their viability and outstanding performance in all sorts of growing conditions. Auto-flowering strains are often growers’ choices for their ease of farming and highest productivity. The newbies could save a lot of money and time and could easily grow without the typical expertise needed for growing cannabis hybrids and elite genetics. Breeders seeds always more productive and fresh that is what you could have from Sonoma Seeds breeders.

#2 Chocolope

Sonoma Seeds Chocolope is the result of crossing Cannalope Haze with Chocolate Thai and is considered one of the strongest mood booster. Its flavor resembles chocolate with traces of vanilla and coffee aroma. This Sativa strain recently arrives from the Netherlands with possessing a higher amount of CBD, THC, and yield potential that could go up to 400 grams per plant if sown outdoors. It could flower within 55 days of sowing but could take longer outdoors.

#3 Blueberry

Sonoma Seeds Blueberry possesses a distinguishing blueberry taste with high CBD that makes it an ideal pain dismissing remedy that considerably reduces inflammation as well. Users are often overjoyed and relaxed with a bit of confusion in minding steps during a walk. Its outdoor yield is more promising than indoors farming and it could yield nearly 600 grams per plant. Several times Cannabis Cup Award and Indica dominant cultivar from Spain.

#4 Purple Kush

Sonoma Seeds Purple Kush is a cross between Purple Afghanis and the Hindu Kush that originated in California. Its higher dose could take you to sleep immediately after smoking or taking a soothing drink made from the leaves. Highly effective in acute muscular pain with a long-lasting effect in improving digestion as well. It’s a long maturing strain with a yield potential of 250 grams per plant if grows outdoors. It could take 70 days or more to flower.

#5 Bruce Banner

Sonoma Seeds Bruce Banner is a hybrid feminized cultivar that tastes like berries with a diesel smell coming from Sativa dominating species. It is a late-maturing variety with the highest yields of up to 500 grams per plant outdoors whereas the yield could reduce if grown indoors. Flowering is possible on the tenth week that could further delay outdoors. But, outdoors growing produces superior tasting buds with THC up to 23% or more. It’s a hybrid of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.

#6 Northern Lights

Sonoma Seeds Northern Lights is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa that makes it a super hybrid ever made with high THC. It was also inducted from a Netherland plant source that exhibits the feature of a late-maturing variety with an average of 70 days to flower where the growers could achieve a yield potential between 500-550 grams per plant. Due to a unique high, the same source is used for creating several legendary hybrids in the cannabis farming industry. Its brilliant features and ease of cultivation make it a star strain in North America.

#7 Strawberry Cough

Sonoma Seeds Strawberry Cough derives its name from tiny red hair and the fruitiest smell that arises from the smoke it exhales. The buds are densely arranged in this beast which gets you high due to its parental cross between Afghan Kush and Blackberry. It was crossed in Spain and grows excellent in outdoor growing conditions where it could take more than 70 days to flower.

It is important to note that all Sativa dominating strains are either low or medium yielders. The growers can’t expect higher yield potentials even if they grow under ideal conditions. Contrary to Indica strains that need low maintenance and care and still they are high yielders. Both of these strains could flower in late September or early October at the start of Autumn or when night temperature drops considerably. Similarly, Sativa is often short in stature compared to Indica strains and late in maturing than Sativa. Often, dominating purple is an indication of maturity in the majority of Sativa cultivars.