Best Smell Proof Grow Tents 2023: How to smell proof a grow box

What is the phenomenon behind smell

During the process of food assimilation, in response to photochemical reactivity, the plants release different Volatile Organic Compounds which, produces smell or odor in any growing environment. Technically speaking, Volatile organic compounds mean “Any compound of carbon, excluding carbon monoxide, CO2, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium carbonate, which participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions.”

Where does it come from?

Since growing plants in a controlled environment do not let escape these compounds from the cabin if there is an unsatisfactory arrangement to excrete them from the indoor environment. One can’t stop plants from releasing Volatile Organic Compounds that produce odor since it is the part of their physiological process that gives taste or aroma to any plant on maturity. The problem arises when this smell keeps trapped in the growing environment in a low concentration, and growers perceive it by their sense of smell.Homemade grow box ideas 3

The smell emitted from a Rose and Jasmine is caused by their typically compounds that we call a fragrance. A smell feels ugly in a growing environment when air crosses the bed of activated carbon. Since the fans installed for ventilation pull air through a carbon filter, these compounds get stuck with the pores in activated carbon filters and produce a grow tent smell. Sometimes, it comes out of the grow tent that appears ugly to our sense. Its solution lies in choosing the desired carbon filter, or to grow in a smell proof grow tent.

Top 7 Smell Proof Grow Tent 2023

#1 Oasis-Hydroponic Light & Odor Eliminating Plant Grow Tent

#2 Indoor Plant Grow Tent Complete Kit 4″ Inline Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting Combos, 24H Timer, Hangers

#3 TopoGrow-2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent 600D High-Reflective W/2-Tiered for Lodge Propagation and Flower Plant Growing

#4 Hongruilite-2-in-1 Grow Tent Room w/Waterproof Indoor Plant Grow Tent Kit

#5 TopoGrow-Grow Tent Kit Complete Hydroponics Indoor Plants Accessories Growing System

#6 BloomGrow-Grow Tent + 4” Fan Filter Duct Combo + 600W LED Light + Hangers + Hygrometer + Shears + 24 Hour Timer

#7 MARS HYDRO-Grow Tent 5’x5′ 1680D Canvas 100% Reflective Mylar Grow Tents

However, it could readily resolve by installing a deep carbon bed with additional activated carbon. Deep carbon beds are durable and keep the smell away for longer. Also, ensuring that connected filter and fan match spigot size and with fan’s diameter. Other options include using a reducer for controlling smell in the grow environment. A smaller carbon filter spigot could hinder the flow of the fan as the air comes in direct contact with filter carbon to eliminate the smell. Overall, the dust, polluted water, delayed maintenance, and late replacement could result in the accumulation of a smell in a grow tent.

How to smell proof a grow room?

Different approaches help controlling smell in a grow room. But, the priority is correcting air circulation in a growing environment. The purpose of proper air circulation is expelling out used CO2. Another factor is the heat produced by high intensity grow lights. Plants are adaptable to varying amounts of temperature and humidity at different growth stages. It is a basic necessity to install an oscillating fan for circulating air in the grow room at some suitable location depending on its shape and makeup. It helps to keep the air clean and expels smell from the grow room when paired with exhaust and air duct.

#1 Installing a Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter also removes nearly 90% smell from the grow room. Some kinds of smells also attract grey mold, spores, dust, and hanging particles that could cause a fetid environment.

#2 Ozone Generator

An ozone generator is another operative measure to remove the smell from a grow room. These machines are expensive and suit to commercial growing facilities for decontaminating pests, molds, bacteria, and odors.

#3 Installing Air & Surface Purifiers

These are also among the effective techniques to remove odor and impurities from the grow room that suit large grow rooms, especially, corporate farming facilities, to bring smell to a bearable level.

#4 Odor Absorbing Gels

Odor absorbing gel might be an excellent odor-controlling option for some growers but, not for all. The reason behind this mystery is that some gels possess aroma that may not be a fragrance for all. Anyhow, the gels are effective at large, and growers feel a better environment after their application. A smell proof grow room allows users to perform their cultivation operations in a better way,

#5 Maintaining Grow Room Temperature & Humidity

Grow room smell has a direct relation to heat and humidity. Since plants need different levels of humidity and temperature at varying stages, the smell becomes more prominent during the flowering stage if a similar level of humidity observes which we maintained during the vegetative stage. Similarly, the higher the temperature of the grow room, the higher is humidity and smell both. Growers need to decrease humidity at the flowering stage by around 50%. The best procedure is to regulate both temperature and humidity levels when the plants enter into flowering from the vegetative stage.

How to make a smell proof grow box?

Here is the stepwise guide on how to make odor proof grow box or a smell proof grow box along with the accessories and tool;

Step 1:

Calculate the right space according to the need of your plants before utilizing the stuff available to you. The essentials for developing a grow box are primarily a used wooden cabinet, exhaust fans, air ducts, grow light, Mylar coated sheet, drippers, inline fan, thermostat, and the tools you need only drill, square, tape measure, circular saw, knife, and a tape measure. You don’t need to cut or readjust the wooden cabinet instead of needing holes for placing all accessories inside a cabinet.

Step 2:

Make one window for viewing and another for passing the electrical cords on the upper side of the cabinet. Another hole or a small window will allow you to cross the water line for drippers.

Step 3:

Install Mylar sheet on the inner side of the cabinet. It will seal the entire cabinet for moisture and will reflect light along with maintaining heat during winter. Another cheap alternative to Mylar is Styrofoam or a used aluminum foil.

Step 4:

Install the common fans and a thermostat and program it for the predetermined temperatures according to the requirements of the plants. You can simply use a USB that doesn’t need wiring. You also need to dig a hole near the base corner for air intake 6″ from the bottom. Create another hole in the opposite direction to the first hole to expel warm air from the box. Two fans were installed in the opposite direction to each other, one for sucking fresh air from outside and throwing in the box and another to serve for throwing air out of the box. For electrical wiring and power supply, it is better to take advice from videos on YouTube.

Step 5:

For Temperature control, connect the thermostat with the master control switch. The thermostat contains a small probe to connect it with the switch and pass the wiring through the small after drilling near the bottom of your grow box.

Step 6:

LED Light will need a small hole for passing a wire on the rooftop of your grow box. Cut this wire bit extra so that you get ease while adjusting light during the vegetative and flowering stage. Preferably, use LED lights as it will keep them box cool for they generate less heat compared to ordinary lights. LED light capacity depends on the light requirements of your selected plants.

Step 7:

Install the drippers and work water sources out of the box. The number of drippers could vary depending on the watering needs of your plants. Usually, it’s fine to install one dripper per square foot area of cultivation. That means the Cannabis or Tomato plant would need one drippers only. If the planting area exceeds or the number of plants exceeds this limit, you could install another. The size and frequency of droplets would adjust according to plants watering needs as well.

Step 8:

Installing a carbon filter could help you to absorb odor in the grow box and changing the carbon filter after two cropping cycles is preferable. Otherwise, only place a few pieces of activated charcoal in a dish at the bottom of the grow box that will absorb any sorts of odor generated by the plants or any other materials used in the making of the grow box.

You are done and can grow any sort of plants including Cannabis, vegetables, and herbs in your grow box. If you still don’t feel confident that you could develop a state of the art grow box, here is a list of some Best Smell Proof Grow Tents;

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